Teleriscaldamento - Kick-Off Smart Reflex
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Teleriscaldamento - Kick-Off Smart Reflex



Meeting di Kick-Off del progetto sulle piccole rete di tele riscaldamento/raffrescamento (District H/C). Il progetto è coordinato da Ambiente Italia (Riccardo Battisti).

Meeting di Kick-Off del progetto sulle piccole rete di tele riscaldamento/raffrescamento (District H/C). Il progetto è coordinato da Ambiente Italia (Riccardo Battisti).



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  • Obiettivi. Darvi elementi per capire che: <br /> ragionare sul nuovo paradigma energetico è la maggiore opportunità di riscatto dei vostri territori, come di tutta la nazione <br /> solo voi – oggi - potete fare qualcosa per la vostra comunità. il mercato può poco o nulla <br /> che se “non fate” il danno è maggiore di quello che potete fare sbagliando una singola mossa <br /> che se volete fare dovete mettervi in gioco direttamente e far mettere in gioco la collettività <br />

Teleriscaldamento - Kick-Off Smart Reflex Teleriscaldamento - Kick-Off Smart Reflex Presentation Transcript

  • Setting up the task forces SmartReFlex Kick Off meeting Alessandro Rossi – Alessandra Cavalletti ANCI Emilia Romagna – Energia, innovazione e sviluppo sostenibile Newsletter energia: 1KO SmartReFlex Canale youtube ANCI-ER Cartella Google Drive GdL Energia Slideshare ANCI ER 15-4-2014
  • Relevant policies • National level: – 2012/27/CE adoption «work in progress» • Regional level – 2011: Energy regional plan coherent with 20-20-20 – 2012: Covenant of Mayors as local policy to implement regional plan • ANCI (THE Association of municipalities) – 2012: signed as supporter of Covenant – @2012 only about 35 municipalities signed Covenant 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 2
  • 2014 Covenant in Emilia-Romagna 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 3 Signed SEAP Approved ~ 300 / 340 Municipalities ~ 97% inhabitants
  • Governance 9 Provinces 340 Municipalities 21 > 30 Kab 319 < 30Kab!!!! 15-4-2014 4KO SmartReFlex
  • Nome Cognome ~ 40 aggregations of municipalities 9 Cities ====================== Tot < 50 entities «more capable» Supported by: Region, Anci-ER, Provinces, ARPA … Other local players (Local Energy Agencies, in-houses….) Multilevel governance 15-4-2014 5KO SmartReFlex
  • Why Covenant? • In Italy municipalities don’t have any role in energy policies – planning, – regulation, – tariff…. • The process of SEAP definition is important to be able to define a new role in local energy policies: – economic development – sustainable energy, – safeguard to energy poverty… 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 6
  • ANCI ER strategy • Agreed with Emilia Romagna region the adoption of Convenant as the tool to involve and committ municipalities to the energy issue • SEAP is the beginning of a capacity building process on energy policies (i.e. bringing municipalities to be more and more active on sustainable energy actions) 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 7
  • ANCI ER strategy • Act at territorial level (municipal committee/council more than 40/year) • Permanent Energy working group involving all actors of the regional territory with focussed «think tank» (around 10 WG meetings per year) • Dissemination: – NEWSLETTER (1500 members, over 40/year) – Info days, meetings, synergies with other projects • Education and training – Energy management for municipalities – Support to implement PPP and new financial tools 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 8
  • District H/C • «chaothic» legislative assett at national level • No regional sectorial plan for district H/C • Many different «case study» in Emilia Romagna – At City, town, and village level – Managing actors: utility, cooperatives, municipality, PPP…. – H/C size: few hundred kW…GW – Sources: natural gas, CHG, biomass, geothermal, – solar H/C, residual industry heating…to be investigated 4-15-2014 KO SmartReFlex 9
  • WP 2 – WP 3 – WP 4 (Initial brainstorming) • Start from local level to build the regional framework (bottom up approach starting from exhisting projects) • case to study and case study and are used to work on WP2-3-4 • One single approach is not possible: – We need to define different models for different situation • Small district biomass H/C in the Appennnines • I2I: Industry to industry symbiosis • I2C: Industry to city symbiosis • … • Our aim is to build up processes and not working on single event, single model, …. (not what but how) • Social acceptance at the basis of any process • Numbers come afterwards 4-15-2014 KO SmartReFlex 10
  • Distribution of natural gas 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 11 From 340 municipal management To 12 large aggregation management (start today and complete in 4 years)
  • Our goal 1. In Emilia Romagna we have one of the largest (and oldest) natural gas grid. 2. Only few areas have no natural gas grid. 3. The new 12 aggregations are responsible of the ng grid developement. Questions to be answered (elevator talk): Where shall we build district H/C? In area with no exhisting ng grid? In area where old grid needs to be replaced? …… Using which technical, economic, regulatory, and social evaluation models? (shared with operator, collectivity…)15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 12
  • THANK YOU 15-4-2014 KO SmartReFlex 13