Polar Bear Tracks      EDITION          III       SEP 11                           F O R T D R U M, N Y   Drawing by SPC M...
FRSA News       Date to Remember                          Volunteers in the Spotlight17 DEC — 2 JAN—Holiday Block Leave   ...
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                                                Page 3                         HHC “HEADHUNTERS”     S...
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                                                                       Page 3                       HH...
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                                                                   Page 8           ALPHA COMPANY “IMM...
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                  Page 9         BRAVO COMPANY “BLACKHAWKS”
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                    Page 10               CHARLIE COMPANY “ROCK”
F O R T D R U M, N Y                                                                                Page 9               D...
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F O R T D R U M, N Y                    Page 10              FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX”
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Polar Bear Tracks Dec 2011 - Holiday Edition
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Polar Bear Tracks Dec 2011 - Holiday Edition


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Polar Bear Tracks Dec 2011 - Holiday Edition

  2. 2. FRSA News Date to Remember Volunteers in the Spotlight17 DEC — 2 JAN—Holiday Block Leave September 2011 December 20116 JAN — Contest of Champions IV & FRG Con-cessions @ Magrath Gym @ 1000 Charla Huff Tracy Shannon A-Co FRG LDR D-Co FRG Co-LDR October 2011 4-31 Volunteer of the Month 25 November 2011FEB — 22nd Annual Polar Bear Diphttp://www.riverhospital.org/popups.php?page_ID=16 Anna Harris HHC Key Caller November 2011 Angie Smith D-Co FRG LDR Jessica Sabo B-Co Key Caller
  3. 3. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 3 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” HHC Commander Robert A. Parsons Headhunters and Headhunter families, it’s been another great quarter of training for HHC, which included two Brigade training events and a number of Soldier moves in the Company. We said goodbye to our Company Executive Officer, CPT Dean, replacing him with CPT Beaver. We also gained 1SG Montgom- ery, formerly the D Co. First Sergeant. SFC Garber was selected for Master Sergeant and will soon leave the Scout Platoon for a First Sergeant job. Finally, PFC Thomas came back after success- fully completing Ranger School. These Soldiers will be critical to the unit success as we prepare for another winter of training here at Fort Drum. January and February will be spent focusing on rifle and machine gun marksmanship in- cluding firing from vehicles. This training will pave the way for a successful rotation to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Fort Polk, LA. JRTC has the added benefit of giv- ing us the whole month of March away from the freezing cold of Fort Drum. Our most impor- tant task as we prepare for JRTC will be to ensure our Headhunter families are well taken care of as their Soldiers leave for a month of intense training. With our strong FRG and the great Soldiers and families I have met throughout the formation, I have no doubt JRTC will be a huge success for the Headhunters and the Polar Bears.
  4. 4. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 3 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” ―HHC Medics‖ Last quarter proved to be beneficial to the Polar Medics of 4-31 Infantry in the areas of accomplishment and training. The Medics distinguished themselves early on in the quarter through their par- ticipation in the Brigade Best Medic Competition. Although pitted against 15 other teams, the Medics were able to take 1st and 5th place amongst their competitors; displaying their superior compe- tence and expertise on the battlefield. Shortly thereafter, the week- long Commando Field Training Exercise allowed the Medics to further demonstrate their support capabilities with the line compa- nies as well as in a Role I Battalion Aid Station (BAS), while also bolstering their technical skills under the thorough tutelage of the Battalion Physician’s Assistant (PA). Later on in the quarter, a se- lect number of the Medical Platoon were able to broaden their knowledge base and physical toughness through their attendance of the Rough Terrain Evacuation Course at the Army’s Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, Vermont. As this was progressing, the leadership of the Platoon was able to develop, in reference to task organization and administrative preparation through their participa- tion in Low Density Medical Occupational Specialty (MOS), train- ing which occupied an entire week. On a final note, the end of the year will conclude with the EMT-I certification of 5 Medics, as well as the graduation of 2 Medics from the Pashto Language course. The up- coming year appears to be even brighter from a training aspect as well as from the home-front, particularly with the arrival of newborns in the Pellett and Scott families.
  5. 5. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 3 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” ―HHC Scouts‖ Over the last quarter the Reconnaissance Platoon has been hard at work. We have conducted numerous complex LFXs, honed our Land Navigation and Reconnaissance Skills and supported the Companies during the Brigade FTX. Additionally, we have spent time learning the capabilities of the Jieddo keyhole kits; a new reconnaissance kit with state of the art thermal optics, laser range finders and high tech cameras capable of sending digital pictures over radios. Additionally, we have spent a great deal of time developing our Sniper Section. We sent three Soldiers to the High Angle Marksmanship Course in Jericho, VT where they learned how to shoot accurately down from the top of mountains. Go- ing forward the Reconnaissance Platoon plans on working more closely with the Line Companies so that our capabilities are fully understood, allowing us to be utilized properly during our upcoming deploy- ment. Lastly, there are three new additions to the Scout family; SST Woods, SPC Farrington and PVT Scott all welcomed new children to the world. SGT Tripple providing isolation of the objective during Squad LFX
  6. 6. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 3 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” SSG Milne leading one of his Teams during a CQB LFX SSG Bearor observing rounds, while SGT Tripple fires the M107 Barrett 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle.
  7. 7. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 5 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” 4-31 IN BN Mortars Battalion Mortarmen conducting night LFX on OP5 19 Sep This quarter has found the mortarmen focused on the technical aspects of their MOS. During this time we attended train- ing on the new GPS guided 120mm mortar. This improved round allows mortar crews to accurately place rounds within 10 meters of the target. Additionally, crews have trained on the Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS), a digital mortar system that drastically increases the probability of first round fires for effect. The Mortar Platoon also conducted a Mortar Live Fire in September and crew served and small arms training in August and October. 2012 has the Mortarmen continuing training on the elec- tronic and digital capabilities of our systems and further integrating our training and efforts with Battalion Fires as we prepare for future deployments.
  8. 8. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 3 HHC “HEADHUNTERS” December Birthdays Ann Marie Wallace Amber Daugherty Heather Crino Tina Forrester Jennifer Beilby Lakota Miller Jacki Beaver Amy Walton Michaela Johnson Ingrid Tripple Megan Johnston Lauralyn Rolland Alyssa Brown December Anniversaries The Little Family The Horton Family The Matthews Family The Huddleston Family The Graham Family The Thomas Family The Rolland Family The James Family The Minnick Family The Braun Family The Daugherty Family The Crino Family The Fernandez Family The Workman Family The Herbert Family Ladies T-Shirt Fundraiser T-shirts will have: Front— 4-31 HHC Back— Lady Headhunters w/ symbol Can order in any color. $12.00 per T-shirt Contact Danielle to order—danielleparsons@yahoo.com
  9. 9. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 7 ALPHA COMPANY “IMMORTALS” A Co. 4-31 IN Immortals. Since August, the Soldiers of Alpha Company have participated and showedgreat distinction in several large scale training events. Whether it be live fire training ina mock city, air assault operations, or acting as the Brigade quick reaction force, ineach of these training missions and the subsequent evaluations, the soldiers of AlphaCompany demonstrated the tenacity and determination that epitomizes an Infantry Ri-fle Company. The first of these events that Alpha Company conducted was training for op-erations in an urban environment. This event consisted of soldiers learning how to en-ter and clear rooms and move as part of an element through an urban environment, andutilize different assets such as Military Working Dogs. These few days of intensivetraining culminated in a live fire exercise which tested Soldiers’ ability to conduct allof their newly acquired skills in a simulated combat environment while using live am- Are you an A-CO Familymunition. member or spouse, who has not yet connected with us, The second major event the Company endeavored upon was a Company de- and would like to stay in-ployment to Fort Hood, Texas. The mission at Fort Hood was to support a deploying formed?Combat Aviation Brigade which was shortly set to deploy to Iraq. The Company ac-complished this by each platoon conducting upwards of five day and night air assault Join our email distro:missions. These operations focused on conducting a mission based on movement to polar_bearsfrg@yahoo.comand from an objective with either the UH-60 Blackhawk or CH-47 Chinook helicop- &ters. The culmination of this deployment was a Company raid on a four story mock Connect with us onhotel in order to retrieve a high value target. Throughout this deployment, for which Facebook at:Alpha Company was selected above the rest of the Rifle Companies in the Battalion; www.facebook.comsoldiers of Alpha Company performed to a standard that exceeded the expectations ofthe Combat Aviation Brigade it supported. Search for A.CO Immortals.The final major training event that Alpha Company participated in was the 2 nd BrigadeCombat Team Field Training Exercise. During this 36 hour event, Alpha Company wasgiven the role as the Brigade Quick Reaction Force. As the Quick Reaction Force, theCompany was given an impromptu raid in order to locate and detain two high valuedindividuals in a local mock town. The company was extremely successful in its task tolocate both of the High Valued Individuals and detain one; especially considering thistask was completed at night and under poor weather conditions. This again displayedthe strength and drive to succeed that is represented in every Alpha Company Soldier.
  10. 10. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 8 ALPHA COMPANY “IMMORTALS” Alpha Company conducts Air Assault Operations at Fort Hood, Texas. A. Co conducting a ruck march. A. Co conducting Urban Environment training and learning how to utilize the military work-
  11. 11. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 9 BRAVO COMPANY “BLACKHAWKS” POLAR BEAR TRACKS With the year of 2011 behind us, the Bravo Company Blackhawks can look back on a busy, yet prolific training cycle. A cycle which seemed to be summed up in only five words- Training, Training, and more Train- ing! When it came time to prepare for military room clearing techniques, possi- bly the most important aspects of Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), the Blackhawks asked themselves: ―How can we replicate the real life stress of MOUT, with the complications that come to troops who are as tired and exhausted as we have be- come accustomed to in combat?‖ The answer was simple, and the Blackhawks successfully and safely began a fast-paced live-fire MOUT training exercise, and continued this fast pace for the next 24 hours without rest, ensuring that every Blackhawk was not only efficient at his tasks, but also able to do so with little energy and zero sleep. Blackhawk Grenadiers said goodbye to their decades old M203 Grenade Launchers, and said hello to the new M320 by taking advantage of its mounted/dismounted abilities in every opportunity which has pre- sented itself. One such opportunity was the Squad Live Fire range where grenadiers, riflemen and the leadership alike sharpened the skills which every Blackhawk knows, but none can feel satisfied. This was followed by GI Jane Day II which once again allowed all Lady Blackhawks the opportunity to experience a day in life of their Soldier and walk a mile in his shoes… or should we say a ruck a mile in his boots? If you missed it then don’t despair, we’ll look forward to seeing you when we do it again… Possibly the highest note of the training cycle came during 2 nd Brigade’s Field Training Exercise (FTX) when the Blackhawks once again shone brighter than all others. They did this by by not only completing all tasks asked of them to include, but not limited to; the perfection of inner and outer cordons of village, the proper reactions to enemy contact on all fronts, and the successful building clearings which accomplished the company’s mission and the Battalion’s intent. Not only did they accomplish this, but they did it faster than any other company in the Battalion. The Blackhawks had always claimed they were the best, and the FTX was gave them the opportunity to prove it. Now that the holiday months are here, the Blackhawks can look forward to some well deserved time- off, and have been encouraged to spend it visiting family and friends, both here at Fort Drum and all around the United States. The Blackhawk have spent countless hours in training over the past year and while it is expected of them to continue to strive for perfection, it has not been lost on us that such endeavors would be impossible without the support that comes from all members of the Blackhawk Family… a family that extends from every Blackhawk Soldier to each one of their family and friends whose support makes his service possible. To them we say enjoy the holidays and the time you have with your Blackhawk, you have both definitely earned it.
  13. 13. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 CHARLIE COMPANY “ROCK” Families and Friends of Charlie Company 4-31 IN, We want to say how thrilled we are to serve as the new command team for Charlie Company. We have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity for the past several years, and we are excited about getting to know you, and preparing with you for C Company’s deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation En- during Freedom. First some background on us: Jason is from Pennsylvania, and graduated from West Point in 2004 (so, yes, he is one of “those people…”). He has served in the Army for 7 years in Korea, Alaska, and here at FT Drum, NY. He has been a rifle and mortar Platoon Leader and has served in various staff posi- tions to include Operations and Civil Affairs. He took command of Charlie Company on 02 De- cember 2011. Cathy grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a Masters in biology from the University of Cincinnati and has been teaching at Onondoga Community College in Syracuse. We have been married for 2 years and do not yet have any kids (although we do have a dog). Our inter- ests include cooking, hiking, cycling, and generally being out of doors (and Cathy has picked up a new hobby of knitting). We have found northern New York to be a wonderful place to get out and experience new and different forms of recreation. What we expect from the company: C Co Mission: C/4-31 IN trains for full spectrum operations, focusing on counterinsurgency operations (COIN), in order to deploy for overseas contingency operations. O/O, Charlie Co deploys and conducts operations in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF). Commander’s Intent: The purpose of our training is to produce trained Squads and proficient Platoons capable of executing any mission throughout the full spectrum of operations when and where directed. Endstate: Fit and lethal Squads and Platoons, proficient in day and night operations, and capa- ble of teaching tactical operations to partnered forces. COIST capable of employing both lethal and non-lethal assets against selected targets. Company CP capable of Command and Con- trol of the Company fight while maintaining situational awareness of the Battalion battle space. Family Team prepared and capable of supporting the deployed force. We feel privileged to be Charlie Companys new command team. We look forward to meeting all of you.
  14. 14. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 CHARLIE COMPANY “ROCK”
  15. 15. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 9 DELTA COMPANY “PUNISHERS” Throughout the summer and fall Delta Company has been very busy with field training. We started out the summer after coming out of block leave by focusing on individual Soldier skills such as zeroing and qualifying with our M4 and M16 rifles. We were also able to conduct a stress shoot utilizing those weapons along with shotguns and M9 pistols. This was a great opportunity for us to learn how to transition between weapon systems and use two weapons that we do not get the chance to fire very often. Soon after that our Senior NCOs attended a week-long course given by the Army Marksmanship Unit out of Fort Benning, GA where they learned Close Quarters Marksmanship and room clearing techniques. The following week they taught the skills and lessons learned to the entire company with a culminating event of each squad conducting a live fire room clearing in a shoot-house. That same week, we were issued the Army’s new grenade launcher the M320 which replaced the decades old M203. Select soldiers from each platoon were given the chance to take these out and become familiar with firing techniques of this new weapon system and give their feedback to the com- pany and battalion in order to determine the best way to utilize that system. Shortly thereafter, over twenty drivers were given the chance to become certified on the MRAP and M-ATV, the mine resistant vehicles we will be using in combat. These trucks are much larger than the HMMVWs that are normally driven. The drivers spent one day in the classroom and a full day and night trying their skills at Fort Drum’s Advanced Driver’s Course, taking their vehicles over different types of terrain both on and off-road in daylight and under night vision devices. The following week, after the company received the Army’s new .50 caliber rifle, the M2A1, gunners were able to zero them and fire them from the MRAP and M-ATVs used the previous week in our Crew Gunnery. During this week driver’s skills were tested on off-road terrain while gunners on the M2A1 and MK-19 Grenade Launchers engaged multiple enemy targets at distances up to 600 meters at day and night. Truck Commanders were able to try their hand at standard gunnery commands and trained as realistic as possible as though they were in combat. PFCs Washek and Gillis of 4 th and 1st platoon were the top gunners in the company on the .50 cal and MK19 respectively. After Crew Gunnery we moved to the CACTF and participated in the Brigade Field Training Exercise. This counterinsurgency-focused operation started with a Brigade-level operation order to the company commander and ended with an execution with the whole company, a platoon from B Com- pany 4-31, and numerous attachments from support units across 10th Mountain Division. The execu- tion of the mission was a great learning opportunity for all members of the company and resulted in Delta being recognized as the only company in the brigade to complete the mission with that many per- sonnel on the ground. Once we recovered from the Brigade FTX, 4-31 IN moved into Red Cycle for the month of No- vember where we participated in numerous details needed by the Brigade and Division including the Division level change-of-command, welcoming Major General Milley as the new 10th Mountain Division Commander and wishing MG Terry goodbye.
  16. 16. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 9 DELTA COMPANY “PUNISHERS” Our FRG has been active as ever through the countless vol- unteer hours given each month. For December, Mrs. Angie Smith was the 4-31 IN Volunteer of the Month for her extraordinary efforts in supporting Polar Bear families. We also must tell Thersa Reichel and Tracy Shannon goodbye, as they will be leaving us at the end of the year. The upcoming year holds great excitement for the company and the battalion as we have close quarters marksmanship training and heavy weapons qualification in January and a battalion level gunnery exercise in February in which Delta Company will lead the way. We will soon be receiving the new Improvised Targeting Acqui- sition System (ITAS) and will be focusing on training this new system in March, culminating in a live TOW shoot for the first time in over a year. As we bring 2011 to an end, we welcome new Soldiers and children to our formation. Staff Sergeants Kernan and Keesler have become two new section sergeants and Sergeant Kain came to 1 st Platoon as a new squad leader. Captain Pickett left Delta to attend the Captains Career Course and was replaced with 1LT Boyer. 1LT Minghella of 3rd Platoon became a Troop Executive Officer in 1/89 Cav and 2LT Graham took over for him. We also had several births within the company. Staff Sergeant Keesler and Sergeant Martin became proud fathers of baby boys while PFC Sarcos and his wife have a baby girl.
  17. 17. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX” October 1st, 2011 - January 1st, 2012. Commander: CPT David S. Ferstl First Sergeant: 1SG Shawn Dorty This fall was an exceedingly busy time for Fox Company in our mission of supporting the Polar Bears. It con- sisted of: a typically ambitious 4-31IN training schedule, the tail end of Alpha Companies training exercise at Fort Hood (which included 8x personnel from Fox), the Brigade Field training exercise, Logistics Academy, Commando Summit, and Red Cycle Taskings. And we also had a problem that is not altogether a bad thing, which is a lot of time off of work. Soldiers had extra time with their families this fall with Halloween off (three day weekend), and having two, four day weekends in November for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. So, while everybody enjoys the time off, it means you have more things to do, and less time to do it in while at work. In this newsletter you will be updated on big events in Our Soldiers lives during this timeframe, and gain some insight into the type of training that we have been conducting over the last couple of months. Births: Emmanuel D. Shar: Son of Odell Bestman (Mother), and PFC Morris Shar (Father). DOB: 8NOV11 weigh- ing in at 7.5lbs. Cristiano Michael Hopping: Son to SPC Eric Hopping. DOB: 15OCT weighing in at 8lbs Fox Couples who celebrated Wedding Anniversaries during the 1 st Fiscal Quarter of 2012: SGT Hall, Raleigh & Heather Hall: 28NOV11 SGT Planck, Kent & Sheila Planck: 11OCT09 SGT Combs, Dion & Sherice Combs: 9NOV07 PVT Brumley & Nicolas Brumley: 5OCT03 SPC Clark, Kendrick & Amanda Clark: 4OCT10 SSG Froisland, Dwana & Adam Froisland: 2NOV09 SSG Hernandez, Michael & Shirley Johanna: 27OCT10 New Wives /Newly Weds: 1SG Shawn Dorty & Ally Dorty: 2SEP11 PFC Roberts & Carol Montelongo-Roberts: 16NOV11 PVT Jackson & Heather Richard-Jackson: 22NOV11 PFC Taylor, Kody & Erica Marie Taylor: 18NOV11
  18. 18. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX” October: FOX FRG participated in food sales/fundraising at the BDE Haunted Hotel. November: Fox Company had a bowling night at the ―The Pines‖ lanes on-post. 15DEC11: FRG Potluck/meeting F CO Motor pool 6JAN11: Contest of Champions IV (Mixed Martial Arts) – Fundraising (Chicken Wings) Thousand Island Winery Fundraiser currently selling Fox bottles (see picture). Call or visit their web- site to order: 315-482-9306 / www.thousandislandswinery.com Fox ―In Action‖
  19. 19. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX” Training: Distribution Platoon Brigade Field Training Exercise (BDE FTX): From 17OCT2011 to 22OCT2011 the Distribution Platoon of Foxtrot Company deployed to Range 24/Training Area 14C in support of 4-31 IN BN’s deployment and STX Lanes. During the week prior to the exercise, Distro PLT meticulously planned and prepared by conducting user level maintenance and dispatching all vehicles deploying to the FTX, con- ducted rock drills, and rehearsed Tactical Convoy Operations. Deployment was divided into three vehicle serials with a total of 13x M1078s, 2x M1083A1s, For- ward Water Point Supply System (FAWPSS), 3x Load Handling Systems (LHSs), 2x M1076s, 2x M1084s, 7x M1082s, 5x M1097s, and 2x HEMTT Fuelers. In the initial push out to Range 24, we transported F Company, B Company, C Company, and detachments from HHC. During the BDE FTX, Distro PLT transported all types of blank ammunition and explosives and participated in the STX Lanes for A,B,C, and D Company supporting them with Drivers, TCs, and LMTVs. Fox Forward Support Company coordinated daily Fuel and Water resupply with A Company, 210 th BSB to support the fuel necessities for 4-31 and the DFAC sec- tion. Logistics Academy: From 28NOV2011 to 02DEC2011 The Distribution Platoon instructed Soldiers of 4-31IN BN on Sling-Load Operations, and Ammunition Handling procedures. Soldiers were taught how to prop- erly sling load a 3KW generator with a 5K Cargo Net as a single point load, a 10KW generator with 10K Sling Set as a single point load, and an M3 Flatrack Crop with a 25K Sling Set as a dual-point load. Team Leaders and above were given instruction on the Ammunition issue and turn-in process in order to broaden knowledge on Fort Drum Ammunition Handling Procedures. Maintenance Platoon September: Fox Maintenance Platoon had 26 soldiers participate in the Division COC. BN also received 90x new M320 (grenade launchers) which were all fired in September at Range 23 and 35D. Fox Maintenance BN Armors SPC Jung, SPC Lowery, and SPC O’Bryan all provided field maintenance at the ranges for all companies during the shoot. Also accompanying the companies to the field, all Maintenance Support Teams (MSTs) were located on –site at the range to provide field maintenance support to rolling stock. Staying on site throughout the duration of the range, the MSTs were also able to qualify with their M320s. Fox Maintenance qualified 6x soldiers on the M320 while providing field maintenance support to the their assigned companies. Also during September Fox Maintenance PLL Section provided VSAT and SAMS box field set-up training IOT prepare for BDE LFX in Oc- tober. Fox Maintenance also participated in a Fox Co .50 cal Convoy range where 3x soldiers qualified on the .50 cal.
  20. 20. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX” October: Fox Maintenance Platoon Sergeant SSG Strawder conducted Snow Blower and Snow Thrower training class to all soldiers in the BN in preparation for the Ft. Drum winter. Fox Maintenance also conducted a Comet Team lead training for all 4-31 Company XOs to learn the proper procedures to conduct SAMS and Property Book Scrub in preparation for the Comet Team Inspection. Fox Maintenance was in- volved in a Comet Team Inspection to prepare for a November FORSCOM Inspec- tion. Again the PLL clerks performed superbly in ensuring all paperwork and SAMS boxes were correct. During the BDE LFX Fox Maintenance deployed with all equipment including newly fielded Forward Repair System (FRS), and Electronic Shop. With this new equipment FOX Maintenance was able to sustain the BN dur- ing training operations. Also the Fox C&E Shop was able to complete A Co. NVD services while in the field showing ability to conduct repair operations while training. Due to the PLL Section’s training in September the VSAT and SAMS box daily FTP went well with no problems, being among the first to have all systems opera- tional. November: Fox Maintenance Platoon also participated in BDE led low density training, which included: SAM’s 1E training, MSD Troubleshooting, Vehicle Battery Services, Power Generation Electrical Troubleshooting, Weld- ing/Cutting, VSAT OPS, BFT/NVG/ Radios/ ASIP, M120/ M224/M2/240B/M249 Armor training. Fox Mainte- nance conducted the 5988E class for the BDE Low Density Training event. Fox Maintenance was also inspected by FORSCOM for the BN maintenance program. Again, due to the mechan- ics high work ethic and the support given by the company operators all services were on-time as well as exceed- ing the standard. Fox Maintenance celebrated Thanksgiving as a PLT on 22 November by frying 1 turkey in the bay and bringing in a baked turkey. All NCOs brought sides and desert IOT have a Thanksgiving meal as a PLT. Starting on 28 November through 2 December Fox Maintenance participated in Logistics Academy conducting classes on Generator Training, Wheel Change and MATV Recovery Operations. The purpose of the Training was to provide knowledge at the operator level for the Battalion. PT TEST: Fox Maintenance also conducted a PT test on 10 November where 28 out of 28 soldiers passed.
  21. 21. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX” Scheduled Services Complete Since September 1st Fox Maintenance Completed over 240 unscheduled services on rolling stock, 71 scheduled services on rolling stock, over 400 scheduled and un- scheduled service on armament equipment, and over 52 pieces of C&E equipment. This high level of services scheduled and unscheduled was due the wheel mechanics, Fox Co. Armors, and Fox Co. C&E dedication and high work ethic. Without their dedication and determination to perform the BN would not be able to maintain a 97% readiness rate on all equipment. Fox Maintenance has completed all BN NVD Services, starting the last company in B Co on 29 NOV. Fox Main- tenance completed 5 out of 6 Companies annual WPN services, with C Co. scheduled for completion in Decem- ber. Recovery Operations Fox Maintenance conducted 2x recovery operations in October. Fox Maintenance Recovery Team recov- ered an LMTV from training area wash rack and the BN Field Kitchen trailer from BDE LFX. All equipment re- turned to 4-31 MP and is now FMC. Top Fox Performers During training week 5 of October PFC James Sheppard was ―student of the week‖ in his Dari foreign language class. This title is earned by having the highest total test scores for the week. In December the follow- ing NCOs were promoted. SSG Daniel Delrosario was promoted to Sergeant First Class (SFC), CPL Cory Bab- cock was promoted to Sergeant (SGT), and SPC Dion Combs was promoted to Sergeant (SGT). Congratulations, to the Fox Company Leaders who stepped it up this month, and got a well earned promotion/pay raise. Who is leaving? SGT Daniel Kim who was a stand-in Supply Ser- geant/Clerk and a 92Y Quartermaster ninja had received orders to transfer to Korea (PCS) and left us in December. SSG Michael Hernandez is leaving in January 2012 to PCS with his wife to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. SSG Hernandez will be assigned to 3BCT of the 82nd Airborne Division following his Airborne Training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Training: Logistics Academy (pictures above) - November
  22. 22. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 10 FOX COMPANY “POLAR FOX”
  23. 23. F O R T D R U M, N Y Page 13 CHAPLAIN ASSISTANT NCO. The Holidays are Here Again! Hello, 4-31 IN BN Soldiers, NCOs, Officers, and family members. As you all know, the Holidays are here again; be it if you are going on leave across the world to visit your loved ones or just staying back in the New York area to celebrate tradition family holiday events like eating a Christmas meal as a family, going to the movies as a married couple without children, or just waiting for the New Year to be brought in by watching the ball drop. There are many of traditional events to attend such as Fort Drum Worship Services, Community events, and holiday events on post. I just want everyone to know that it is a good thing to always have a New Year’s resolution. I am not encouraging you to drink as much beer as possible until you pass out, but have a resolution that may help your career, your spiritual walk, or even your family relations. The good news is that we will have a new Battalion Chaplain that is reporting mid-December. He is com- ing from Germany and I feel that he will be a great addition to the ―Polar Bear‖ Team. I ask that you as families and Soldiers in the unit welcome him with open arms and come to him with Chaplain related situations. I, as an NCO, will always be here to answer your questions and help resource as a Battalion Chaplain Assistant. I do know that the Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major wish that everyone will use their sense and remain safe throughout the Holidays, but they know that things happen and not everyone remembers to think. I, as a Noncommissioned Officer, ask all of you to try to do the right thing, even when no one is looking or paying attention to you specifically. The holidays are sad and depressing times for some people, but it shouldn’t be because 9 times out of 10, there is a Mountain Buddy there to help see you through these times and help lift you up when needed. I am one of those Mountain Buddies and Leaders that am here when you need someone to help you through those difficult times. Please also know that we have a Married Couples Retreat coming up in January that thirty couples are going to learn how to better their mar- riages and their communication and relations within their families. In closing, remember that the Unit Ministry Team is here to guide and/or direct you to do the right thing. Yours truly, SSG Johnathan Howington 4-31 Chaplain Assistant NCO