FRSA Flash 13 JAN 2011


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FRSA Flash 13 JAN 2011

  1. 1. 4-31 FRSA Flash Polar Be ar Dat e s t o Re m e m b e r JANUARY 13, 20112 0 JAN —D-Co FRG MTG—Lad ie s Cof -f e e @ An g ie ’ s Hom e @ 1 9 0 02 7 JAN —Fr ie n d s of t h e Riv e r Hos-p it al Fun d r aise r @ Pr iv at e e rHocke y Gam e @ Bon n ie Cast leAr e n a @ 1 9 0 0 . Br in g Vouch e r , p g 3 .2 9 JAN —HHC FRG MTG @ Dr y Hill,Wat e r t ow n @ 1 0 0 02 FEB —Gr oun d Hog Day6 -9 FEB —Mast e rRe silie n ce Mar at h on @ACS @ 0 9 3 0 -1 4 3 02 0 -2 4 FEB – Local Sch ools Win t e rBr e ak2 7 FEB —JRTC Pr e -De p loy m e n t Br ie f@ 1 8 0 0 @ MPA2 9 FEB —JRTC Pr e -De p loy m e n t Br ie f@ 1 0 0 0 @ MPA2 5 FEB —An n ual Polar Be ar Dip @Ale x an d r ia Bay — e n t Be n e f it s t h e EvRiv e r Hosp it al. Thank You SSG Fisk for supporting the Lady Polar Bears1 0 MAY —GI Jan e Day —Th e Tr ilog y during the GI Jane Events! UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO
  2. 2. DATES TO REMEMBER January 20121/13-16 DONSA/MLK Jr. Birthday Weekend1/13 Trip to Lake Placid Departs 1400 Parks & Recreation1/13 Veterans Information Day 0900-1600 Dulles State Office Building1/18 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons1/20, 25 Military Free Lift Ticket Days All Day Snow Ridge1/21 Basketball Tournament All Day Magrath Gym1/24 Fort Drum ACAP Career Fair 1000-1400 The Commons1/26 Mountain Remembrance Ceremony 1630-1700 Main Post Chapel1/27 Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 Multi Purpose Auditorium1/27 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons1/28 BOSS Trip to turning Stone Casino BOSS Building1/28 Ice Fishing Trip Parks & Recreation February 20122/1 CLIF 1000-1100 The Commons2/4 Saturday Opening, Off the Beatin’ Path 1000-1300 OTBP Gift Store2/16 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons2/17-20 FORSCOM DONSA/President’s Day Weekend2/20-24 Local Schools Winter Break2/23 African American/Black History Month 1130-1300 The Commons2/23 Mountain Remembrance Ceremony 1630-1700 Main Post Chapel2/24 Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 Multi-Purpose Auditorium2/24 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons March 20123/3 Saturday Opening, Off the Beatin’ Path 1000-1300 OTBP Gift Store3/7 CLIF 1000-1100 The Commons3/14 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons3/16 ESC Women’s Conference 0900-1600 The Commons3/17 ESC Women’s Conference 0900-1400 The Commons3/29 Women’s History Month Observance 1130-1300 The Commons3/29 Mountain Remembrance Ceremony 1630-1700 Main Post Chapel3/30 Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 Multi-Purpose Auditorium3/30 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 2
  4. 4. ACS is recruiting for the ACS Volunteer Coordinator position.Duties include:- Assist programs in recruiting volunteers and in determining types of training needed. - Interview potential volunteers and make recommendations for placement that best match their interests andabilities with programs’ needs. - Conduct follow-up assessments of referrals to ensure both volunteers and programs are satisfied. - Track number of registered volunteers and total hours volunteered in the Volunteer Management InformationSystem (VMIS) and report to the Army Volunteer Corps Program Manager (AVCPM) on a monthly basis. - Coordinate volunteer recognition for ACS annual volunteer recognition and installation sponsored recognitions. - Serves as Liaison to the Army Volunteer Corp Program Manager. - Inform the community of volunteer opportunities through publicity, i.e., emails, VMIS, the Mountaineer, localradio, the command channel, community updates, newsletters etc. - Act as liaison between volunteers, programs and Commanders/Directors. - Develop publicity material such as flyers, brochures, handouts etc. to attract new volunteers and inform thecommunity about volunteer services available to them. - Provide training to volunteers and volunteer managers. - Establish and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date resource library for volunteers and volunteer managers.A minimum of 6 month commitment is needed for a maximum of 4 hours a week.If you are interested, please contact Jane Bresko as 772-2899 to schedule your interview. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 4
  6. 6. Fort Drum Enlisted Spouses Club presents2012 Fort Drum Women’s ConferenceFri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pmSat: 9:00 am - 2:00 pmDescriptionThe Fort Drum Womens Conference 2012 is being hosted by the Enlisted Spouses Club. The conferencewill take place March 16th and 17th at the Commons on Fort Drum. We are having over 25 workshopsthat range in topics from Flower Arrangements 101 to Hidden Casualties of War and Extreme Coupon-ing. Our hope is that the Women’s Conference will “educate, activate and empower” an array of womenin the... Fort Drum and surrounding community.The Fort Drum Enlisted Spouses Club is a means for military spouses to meet and participate in commu-nity resource projects in a social, cultural, and educational atmosphere. Our organization is founded onthe ideal of supporting the community and each other. We are proud to give 80% of all money raised atour fundraisers back to the Fort Drum community as well as the local Jefferson County community inefforts to improve the lives of our military families.Price Range$$ (10-30)Email: ESCFtDrum@yahoo.comPhone: 315-408-0919Facebook: UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 6
  9. 9. Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) Need To Talk To Someone? Weekly eNewsletter. Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) 2BCT MFLC Marsh Caraway 315-955-4823 Financial MFLC Rick Bertsch (315) 489-2466 Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) provide solution-oriented consultations to individu- als, couples, families, and groups. The Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program is designed to provide support and assis- tance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & Re- serves, military Family Members and civilian per- sonnel. Military and Family Life Consultants can help people who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life. Official 4-31 BN Facebook Page 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry “Polar Bears”!/pages/4- 31-Infantry-Polar- Bears/239135106115186 POC for FRSA Flash Newsletter BN FRSA 315-772-8416 Contents of this Newsletter are compiled from multiple military family news sources and local area event sources. Material presented does not represent the views or endorsement of the 4-31 IN, 2BCT or the Army. This material is for personal use by the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 9