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4-31 State of the Command & JRTC Brief

4-31 State of the Command & JRTC Brief






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    4-31 State of the Command & JRTC Brief 4-31 State of the Command & JRTC Brief Presentation Transcript

    • 4th BN 31st INF – Polar Bears Pre-Deployment Brief & State Of The Command
    • Agenda Support Agencies Chaplain Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Overview Rear Detachment and Family Readiness Group Information Deployment Checklist OPSEC State of the Command
    • Agency Information
    • Soldier and Family Short TermPre-Deployment Briefing
    • Agenda• Quick Reference Sheets• Red Cross• FRGs• POAs• ID Cards• ACS• CYSS• MFLCs• Questions and Answers
    • AMERICAN RED CROSS MESSAGESQ: What warrants an ARC message?A: Death or serious illness of an immediate Family member Who is immediate family? – Spouse – Parents or stepparents – Siblings or stepsiblings – Children or stepchildren – Only living relative – Grandparents (exception) – Fiancée (exception) – In-Laws – All others will be decided case by case
    • American Red Cross ARC Contact Information Toll Free: 1-877-272-7337 24/7 Ft. Drum Red Cross Office: 772-6561 M-F 0730-1600/ Clark Hall Many volunteer opportunities are available . . . Give us a call!!! Information Need•Service Member’s full name• Service Member’s SS # or DOB• Service Member’s unit (ex. 2-87 IN, 4-25 FA)• Unit’s current location (ex. Camp Victory Iraq, Ft. Polk for JRTC)•Authority to VerifyRemember:Red Cross will only send messages when a verification can be made.Emergency leave is granted by the military, not the Red Cross.
    • Family Readiness Group Get involved – Stay informed! FRGs welcome: Spouses, Civilian employees, Retirees, Soldiers parents, and single Soldiers… What FRGs Do:  INFORM AND REFER! Pass info from Command to Families  Help facilitate problem solving at the lowest levels  Provide the opportunity to make friends and have some fun! What FRGs DO NOT Do: Provide Long-term child care Perform snow removal or lawn care Serve as a taxi service Offer Financial assistance FRG is not the only resource for helping families, but the play a large part of the larger Army effort to help families adapt to Army life.
    • Powers of Attorney Types• General • Special – Grants bearer authority – Grants bearer authority for a specific use. to act in your name in all • Finance situations (Civilian). • DEERS/ID Cards – Not accepted at most • Vehicle Registration organizations on • Medical Care for Children Ft. Drum. • Mountain Community Homes – Move In/Move Out
    • For Wills and POAs Please Contact LEGALLocation: Room A2-68, Clark Hall (Bldg P-10720) Information Phone Line: 772-5261Hours: 8am-4pm for walk-in services (notary, POA) APPOINTMENTS Call 772-5267 at 1pm for next business day appointment.
    • DEERS/ID Cards By Appointment Only Please check expiration dates on your ID Cards! ID Cards - DEERS - Official Passports LocationClark Hall Bldg P10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd Room A1-19 Hours of Operation 7:45am – 3:45pm Monday through Friday Open till 6pm on Wednesday Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays Contact Information & Appointments Email: drum.dhr.idcards@conus.army.mil 315-772-5149 Fax: 315-774-3412
    • ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) Conway Road Bldg. P-4330 315-772-6557 1-800-826-0886 M-F: 7:30am-5pm
    • ACS DEPLOYMENT SERVICESWe invite you to visit and utilize the many services and opportunities provided to help Families handle situations during deployment. • FAMILY ADVOCACY – Stress Management classes – New Parent Support Program • A home visitation program for parents of children under the age of three. • FINANCIAL READINESS – ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF • Provides financial assistance (no interest loans and/or grants) to active duty military Families whose resources do not meet emergency
    • ACS DEPLOYMENT SERVICES• FAMILY READINESS – Army Volunteer Corps (AVCC) • Stay involved - give back to the community and make new friends – Army Family Team Building (AFTB) • Become empowered through personal and Family preparedness training – Mobilization & Deployment • Family Readiness Support – MilitaryOneSource.com 1-800-342-9647 ~ En español llame al: 1-877-888-0727• RELOCATION – Hearts Apart Support Group • Monthly support & fun-filled activity program for Families separated due to deployment, unaccompanied tour or extended TDY.
    • Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) Child/Children must be Registered with CYSS to use services• Registration is FREE Temporary Change of Station (TCS)/ PCS Unaccompanied Tour/TDY (90-170 days)• 16 hours free care per month/per child at Hourly Programming.• $2.00 per hour after 16 free hours of hourly care• Free Care for deployment briefings•• Free Care for FRG meetings•• $150.00 SKIES Credit (instructional) per yr.• $50.00 CYSS Sports Credit per year
    • Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Professional counseling consultants who support deployment related activities, and provide a rapid response team concept to assist Soldiers, Families and Civilians on military installations.Primary function: to assist Soldiers and their Families in … •Developing focused problem solving techniques •Recognizing early warning signs of possible stress and/or problems •Addressing reunion/reintegration concerns •Providing consultative liaison support with other military agenciesNo records kept (with the exception of Duty to Warn issues)An informal / anonymous structureAvailable to see children who are registered with CYSS (315) 212-6919 or call ACS (315) 772-6556 2BCT MFLC – Marsha Caraway – (315) 955-4823
    • Military & Family Life Consultants’ Scope Prevention thru education Stress Reduction Deployment and Reintegration IssuesParent Education Family DynamicsSupplement Existing Positive Coping Family Programs Mechanisms Outreach to Geographically Dispersed Families
    • 4-31 Chaplain
    • JRTCJoint Readiness Training Center Ft. Polk, LA
    • Rear Detachmentand FRG Information
    • 4-31 Battalion Rear-D BN Rear-Detachment Contact Information Battalion Staff Duty – 315-772-4396 Brigade Staff Duty – 315-774-2199  Battalion OIC: CPT Joseph Gouryeb  Battalion NCOIC: SFC Hector Gonzalez  HHC NCOIC - SSG Knode  HHC NCOIC OPS - SGT Rowe  A CO NCOIC - SSG Brininger  B CO NCOIC - SGT Rogan  C CO NCOIC - SGT Reaves  D CO NCOIC - SFC Stagnolia  F CO NCOIC - SGT Fuchs
    • HOW TO USE THE FAMILY READINESS GROUP CHAIN OF CONCERNWhat is a Chain of Concern?• You will be notified through the Family Readiness Group (FRG) Chain of Concern regarding important information pertaining to the unit and the FRG. The Chain of concern is your primary link with the 4-31 ,and it is a means to communicate official unit information. If you plan to leave the area during a deployment, please contact the company FRG leader with a telephone number and email address.How Does the Chain of Concern Work?• The FRG leader calls each of the company Key Callers, each Key Caller calls the FRG Members listed under him/her on the Chain of Concern and passes on the message/information. After all calls have been made, the Key Caller reports back to the FRG Leader with the outcome of the calls.• If you as a Family Member need assistance you would do the reverse. The Family Member calls the Key Caller (with a question or concern), the Key Caller (if he/she cannot answer the question) contacts the FRG Leader. IF YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER OR MAILING ADDRESS CHANGES CONTACT YOUR KEY CALLER TO LET THEM KNOW!!! REMEMBER THIS ROSTER IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND TO BE USED FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES ONLY!
    • Family Readiness Deployment Checklist Deployment Checklist• Family Contact Information• Financial• Medical• Legal• Automotive
    • Family Readiness Deployment Checklist
    • IMPORTANT HEALTH CARE TELEPHONE NUMBERS• Appointments ...................................................(888) 838-1303• Emergency/Ambulance………………………..........…911• Acute Care Clinic................................................772-5236• Behavioral Health Department..........................772-6890• Patient Representative.......................................772-4655• Prescription Refills..............................................772-3696• Poison Control Center........................................(800) 252-5655• TRICARE Service Center.....................................(888) 999- 5195• Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic.............772-2778
    • 4-31 Facebook Group Battalion (FRSA) Family Readiness Support Assistant Tracey M. Joneshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/4th-Battalion-31st-Infantry-Polar-Bears/239135106115186
    • FRG Events Calendar 16-17 MAR – ESC Fort Drum Woman’s Conference @ The Commons 19 APR – Fort Drum Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony @ Commons @ 1700 29 APR – LT Dan Band @ Magrath Gym 15 MAY – Fort Drum FRG Symposium 6 MAR – CARE Team TNG @ BN Classroom @ 0900-1230 25 MAR – Easter Egg Hunt @ Hillside Lodge @ 1400 12 APR – BN Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony @ BN Classroom @ 1000 19 APR – GI Jane Day III – The Trilogy 14 JUN – Polar Bear 5K Charity Event 1 MAY– 2BCT Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony @ Commons @ 1300 29 FEB – D-Co FRG MTG @ Pines Plains Bowling Alley @ 1300 5 MAR – A-Co FRG MTG @ Crescent Woods Community Center @ 1800 14 MAR – HHC FRG MTG/Potluck @ HHC FRG LDRS Home @ 1800 14 MAR – C-Co FRG MTG @ Hillside Lodge @ 1800 18 MAR – B-Co FRG MTG @ Hillside Lodge @ 1300
    • FRG Events
    • FRG Events
    • OPSEC
    • OPSECOperational security is about protecting information from theenemy that is potentially harmful to the mission, safety ofSoldiers, and safety of familiesSome information is “protected” – to include troop movements,schedules, and locations – and should not be shared on the phoneor via e-mailThe vFRG is the only authorized web site for sharing commandinformation and operational updates [protected web site]Unclassified information will be shared via BN FacebookPlatoon and company web sites and blogs that operate openly onthe world wide web are strictly forbiddenHow we practice OPSEC – »Cell phones forbidden outside of the FOB »Paper trash is burned or shredded »Documents are “classified” to control handling and distribution
    • Training HighlightsMARCH - JRTC 12-05 Fort Polk LA Your Time - Bataan Memorial Death March (WSNM)APRIL (13 FEB – 30 JUN) - Aco/Bco Change of Command - GI Jane Day III WORK DAYSMAY - HHC Change of Command DAYS DAYS OFF - EIB Train-up FEB 17 11 6 - EIB execution - Couples Retreat MAR (D) 31 31 0JUNE APR 30 17 13 - Scout PLT LFX - Singles Retreat MAY 31 21 10 - Army Birthday JUN 30 20 10 - BN Change of Command - Block leave begins last week of June TOTAL 139 100 39JULY - Block leave 1/4 of your Soldiers time is off; the time we Spend training and perfecting our - Mountain Peak skills is critical in this unpredictable world, plan accordingly.