4-31 FRSA Flash 12 OCT 2012


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Unit and Community Information 12 OCT 2012

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4-31 FRSA Flash 12 OCT 2012

  1. 1. 4-31 FRSA Flash DATES TO REMEMBER October 12, 201221 OCT — Ball Gown Swap hosted by2BCT @ Parks & Rec @ 1300-160022 OCT — HHC FRG MTG/Pumpkin Polar Bear Volunteers Needed forCarving @ Hillside Lodge @ 1800 the Haunted Hotel26 OCT — Fort Drum Haunted Hayride 27 OCT 2012@ Remington Park 1700-220027 OCT — 2BCT Haunted Hotel Event Volunteers are needed to run and4 NOV — Daylight Savings Time Ends — control the Admission Line to theTurn Clocks Back 1 Hour. Haunted Hotel & to work the 4-3110-13 NOV — Veteran’s Day Holiday Concession Stand.Weekend14 NOV — GI Jane Day IV Please contact the BN FRSA - Tracey.m.jones1@us.army.mil20 NOV — 4-31 Turkey Bowl or 315-772-8416.22-25 NOV — Thanksgiving Day HolidayWeekend29 NOV — Battalion Ball @ The Com-mons @ 1700 *All Volunteers need to attend an9 DEC — Battalion Holiday Party @ upcoming meeting for the event.Monti Gym @ 1300 19 OCT 2012 1000 @ Fox Company11 DEC — FRG Symposium @ The Com-mons 10/11/2012 UNCLASSIFIED /FOUO
  2. 2. Still Looking for a Gown for the Polar Bear Ball??????Stop by the Ball Gown Swap, You may find the Perfect One! 10/11/2012 UNCLASSIFIED /FOUO 2
  3. 3. DATES TO REMEMBER October 201210/16 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS10/16 Clothing Giveaway 1000 ACS10/18 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons10/19 Coping with Deployment Class USO10/20 Toyland Grand Opening PX10/20 BOSS 5K Run Magrath Complex10/22-26 AFTB Fall Fun Marathon 0900-1630 ACS10/22 Budget and Account Management ACS10/22 Computer Lab: Resume Writing ACS10/23 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS10/24 Fort Father’s Only ACS10/25 BOSS Halo Fright Night Gaming Tournament BOSS10/25 Family Wellness Support Group 1000-1100 ACS10/25 Remembrance Ceremony 1630 Memorial Park10/26 EFMP Halloween Party ACS10/26 Daytreat 0930-1500 Po Valley Center10/26 Division Retirement Ceremony 1600 MPA10/26 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons10/26 Haunted Hayride Remington Park10/27 2BCT Haunted Hotel (Open to the Public) Old Post, Nash Blvd10/27 Teen Karaoke Contest Youth Center10/30 Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS10/30 Trunk-or-Treat 1700-2000 Heritage Center10/31 Halloween- Trick or Treat 1700-2000 Post Wide10/31 BOSS Zombie 5K November 201211/1 Dress A Turkey Contest McEwen Library11/2, 3, & 5 Used Book Sale McEwen Library11/9 New Youth Center Grand Opening Youth Center11/22 BOSS Home For The Holidays BOSSThe Dates to Remember is not an all inclusive list of the wonderful events happening here on Fort Drum. Please take advantage of using the Preview,the Mountaineer, the 10th Mountain Division, MWR, ACS Facebook pages, Fort Drum website and other various avenues to learn about all the happen-ings here on Fort Drum. 10/11/2012 UNCLASSIFIED /FOUO 3
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  11. 11. Resources10/11/2012 UNCLASSIFIED /FOUO 11
  12. 12. Resources Need To Talk To Someone? Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) 2BCT MFLC Dona Kingsley 315-955-4823 Personal Financial Counselor—PFC-MFLCMobilization and Deployment Classes (315) 486-5770 FRG Leader 9am-1pm 7 NOV Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) provide solution-oriented consultations to individu- als, couples, families, and groups. Key Caller 10-11:30am or 2-3:30pm The Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC) 13 NOV Program is designed to provide support and assis- 12 DEC tance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & Reserves, military Family Members and civilian Advance Key Caller 1-2:30pm personnel. Military and Family Life Consultants 15 OCT can help people who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life. Informal Funds 2-3pm 7 NOV Official 4-31 BN Facebook Page Care Team 9am-12:30pm 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry 6 DEC “Polar Bears” https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/4-31- Infantry-Polar-Bears/239135106115186 Army Family Team Building (AFTB)- 9—4pm 22-26 Oct — Fall Marathon POC for 4-31 FRSA Flash Newsletter BN FRSA tracey.m.jones1.civ@mail.milOPSEC Safety for Families 10:30am—12pm 315-772-8416 10 DEC Contents of this Newsletter are compiled from multiple military family news sources and local area event sources. Material presented does not represent the To register for training, please call views or endorsement of the 4-31 IN, 2BCT or the 772-0470 or 772/2848. Army. This material is for personal use by the readers. Childcare is NOT available. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines. 10/11/2012 UNCLASSIFIED /FOUO 12