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  • 1.  
  • 2. Emma She is verry intelligent and a really good friend. She is quiet but nice and is always willing to help you.
  • 3. Michelle She likes being called Mich. She´s friendly, funny, and likes to make friends.
  • 4. Raquel She likes being called Raque or Raquel. She has a lot of friends and she is really funny. She is always happy.
  • 5. Esperanza She is a really nice girl. She has a sweet heart and a beautifull voice.
  • 6. Paulina
    • She is a great dancer, she loves to be with her friends and also is very loyal.
  • 7. Jorge
    • He is ver funny and relaex at the same time. He´s such a good friend and allways make people laugh.
  • 8. Marysol
    • She is a great cheerleader, she is also very creative and has a strong personality.
  • 9. Emmanuel
    • He is a very friendly boy, he loves to take pictures and is allways helping others.
  • 10. Erika
    • She likes to eat a lot, she is also smart, next schoolar year she will be in Mexico city.
  • 11. Rebecca
    • She loves cats, and also being called “Rebeccat” she is really funny and artistic, loves to paint and she is a really good friend .
  • 12. Tamara
    • She gets mad easily but then she smiles, we like to call her “pajarito”, thats the most important nickname she has.
  • 13. Mariana
    • Also known as “Marianita” she is a really good friend and funny, what makes you remember her is her “a veeeer” and “ay que groserito”
  • 14. Vinicius
    • He came from Brazil, he is a great friend and likes to party, he also likes to take vacations, great dancer, and loves to draw.
  • 15. Nicole
    • She loves to take pictures she is really good at it, she is also really nice. She is a honest person.
  • 16. Emanuel
    • When you tell him that he has to do something, he loves to accomplish the work the best way possible.
  • 17. Itzel
    • she is very friendly
    • She is always laughing
    • She plays basketball
  • 18. Miah
    • She is always happy
    • She is nice and friendly
    • she has a beautiful hair
  • 19. Jime
    • She likes to being called jime
    • She loves to draw
    • She is very creative
  • 20. Alvaro
    • He is very funny
    • He is very kind
    • He admires cristiano ronaldo