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Location Based Marketing & Social Media
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Location Based Marketing & Social Media


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A short overview given to some non-profit and small business folks on social media and the use of location based services in marketing to drive foot traffic.

A short overview given to some non-profit and small business folks on social media and the use of location based services in marketing to drive foot traffic.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Evolution of Social Media & Am I an addict?Or is my parents investment paying off? Shane Lennon @VirtualCMO
  • 2. My Social Media Profiles shane lennon > @VirtualCMO + @redshaneIf lost access Support my life Utility from Testing but > Old DormantGo into time to time –Meltdown Makes life easier I have another 50 on the web plus about 100 more on my iPhone
  • 3. h"p://­‐Ng&feature=player_embedded#!    
  • 4.  2000    2004    2007    2010                                                                                                                                                                                     Share photos,  Share what Share where  Share ideas  updates you’re doing  you are
  • 5. • What’s causing this change in social media?       GPS-Enabled Smartphones
  • 6. Smartphone Affordability
  • 7. Smartphone popularization 2004 2010
  • 8. Smartphone usage to exceed  flip phone in 2011
  • 9. What is a Check-In?
  • 10. Check-ins are social location  broadcasting and sharing
  • 11. Check-ins connect friends and  venues
  • 12. How to Check-In
  • 13. Download a check-in application  to your smartphone
  • 14. What applications (location-based  services) offer check-ins?
  • 15. Check-in at restaurants, stores
  • 16. Share check-ins on Twitter,  Facebook
  • 17. Meet friends
  • 18. Discover new venues
  • 19. Earn badges
  • 20. Become the mayor Foursquare Mayor: Customer with the most days checked into your venue over the last 60 days
  • 21. Redeem Check-In Specials
  • 22. Why check-in?        üSocializeüEarn badges; Become the mayorüReceive offers
  • 23. Location-BasedMarketing Overview
  • 24. Check-Ins for Business Check-Ins Are: Customer Visits       Free Advertising     Customer Data    
  • 25. Why do check-ins matter?                              5 million users          + 150,000 new users aweek      Facebook opens2,500 media mentions check-ins to 500weekly million members
  • 26. Brands marketing through  location-based services Restaurants Retailers
  • 27. What is location-based marketing? Location enable marketers to target customers  according to real preferences at the right time
  • 28. Goals of location-based  marketing+ Repeat customer visits+ New customer visits+ Word of mouth awareness+ Smarter marketing
  • 29. Location-based marketing is  data and insights• Where your customers are• Where else do they visit• How many friends they have• Who they are (demographics)
  • 30. Can you harness location data?
  • 31. In other words … Timeliness + Personalization Customer Loyalty + Word of Mouth Marketing
  • 32. What location-based marketing is not
  • 33. 5 Tips for Starting WithLocation-Based Marketing
  • 34. 1. Claim venues and offerspecials to nearby customers
  • 35. 2. Deliver timely, relevant   messages to customersMessage customers whenthey check in  • Goodwill• Promotional / Bounce backs• SMS/Email/TwitterBenefits• Affinity• Future visits• Retweets / Awareness
  • 36. 3. Automate personalized   marketingBased on check-ins,    Examples  create personalized      messages for:   Send thank you messages and   special rewards to best   customers (that must be shared     – buy one get one free)  • Frequent customers         If a customer hasn’t visited in• New customers   last 60 days, automatically send coupon or offer.• Lapsed customers
  • 37. 4. Identify your potential customersMarket to potential customers that visit competitors’ locations
  • 38. 5. Measure. Rinse. Repeat.
  • 39. Bonus: Incorporate location data in  other marketing effortsSend the right offers to the right people based on their check-in history
  • 40. Thank you to the guysat forallowing me to use some oftheir slides and information –now for 2 slides on PlacePunchCheck them out!
  • 41. PlacePunch connects your brand to  customers through location check-ins Your Brand
  • 42. PlacePunch enables marketers to: ü Build check-in loyalty programs     ü Send timely, relevant messages     ü Build email list ü Learn about