The relationship issue


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Language Development Slideshow - The relationship Issue

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The relationship issue

  1. 1. The Relationship Issue Presenters : Doreen, Sofea, Angely & Cynthia
  2. 2. Obstacles In Relationship
  3. 3. Modern Families • Parents are always busy at work, they spend less quality family time at home. • When childrens are lack of care, attention and love from parents, it may affect the child‟s emotion and also the family bond / relationship between family members
  4. 4. Teen Love • Most parents will oppose their teen child‟s love relationship • For parents these days, teen love is unimportant (puppy love) • They rather stressed on education in order to get a good „life partner‟ in future • Teenagers indulge themselves in a relationship for sexual satisfaction/ money/ fame /fun (recreational dating) – therefore never experience true love between a man and a woman
  5. 5. Friendship • People change. Childhood friends usually don‟t last forever • Mantaining a friendship is tough especially when tension, conflicts and dilemma occurs in a friendship – what‟s worst is when a person can‟t handle the situation • Nowadays, honest and real friends are hard to find – fake friendship / become friends for benefits
  6. 6. Teacher – Student Relationship • Dealing with problematic students, - patient is needed • Teachers failed to understand students – emotion, educational or personal problems affected a student‟s behavior • Lack of proper interaction between both sides – shy , bullied, depressed , disable students interact less in class
  7. 7. Ways To Build Relationship
  8. 8. Learn To Listen And Understand • Family, friends or partner • When you listen attentively, they will feel more comfortable and glad that we care • Focus on what‟s being said and do your best to understand the problem(s) • Then, you can give some good advices – might be helpful
  9. 9. Honesty Is The Best Policy • Don‟t hide / fake your true self or personality – people can accept the way you are , so don‟t worry • Honesty is very important in order to form a strong bond (family, friends, team mate, teachers, anybody) • Never let people lose trust in you , therefore, don‟t cheat! (But in gaming, there‟s no harm to cheat)
  10. 10. Love Others Like You Love Yourself • Hug or *kiss* usually a way to express or symbolize love • From the angle of couples/ life partner, sincere love is the key to maintain a lifelong relationship • Teachers - love your students (and also your job) • Love your friends - support each other, never leave your friends behind, guide them when they‟re lost
  11. 11. Trust, an Important Element • If you do not trust others, others also cannot trust you. • Trust – you are not afraid to be hurt, but afraid to hurt people around you. Means, you are sincere to be in a relationship/friendship with someone • If you‟re always afraid to trust, means you‟re always worried. You might think negatively about what others are doing and saying when you are not around.
  12. 12. Signs Of Strong Relationship
  13. 13. Between Teachers & Students • Quality and good communication / interaction between both sides • Teacher – shows and teaches the value of respect in classroom, and shows interest in teaching • Establish a positive relationship in a classroom, between students • Strong cooperation and participation in learning activity
  14. 14. Between Members Of A Family • Care and love each other – fair and square • Showed or can be expressed through words, deeds, and actions. • Parents spend quality time with children - talking and listening to their children‟s problem and understand what their children is feeling behind the words. Help in solving their problems , give support. • Appreciate family members – gather in a birthday celebration
  15. 15. Importance Of Relationship
  16. 16. Achieving Joy & Happiness In Life • A happy and joyful life is more meaningful • Positive relationships - live life happily ,happy people create more positive relationships. • Healthy in the aspects of mental and physical health, increase longevity. • Achieve life satisfaction
  17. 17. Source Of Strength • Our relationships (any type of relationship) become our source of strength in tough times. • Our loved ones fill us with the feeling of courage and hope. • And in good times these people share our happiness and joy and make our life more beautiful. • Able to be heard - release stress, feeling better. Glad that we have a place to express our sadness and a shoulder to cry on
  18. 18. Sharing Experiences • Most of the time we share our experiences (bad or good) with family and friends. • “sharing is caring” – shows our appreciation to other s • Sharing experiences can improve our life knowledge and at the same time , can feel the beauty of a good relationship • Through sharing, meaningful experiences become firmly cemented in our memory bank.
  19. 19. Financial Success • Whatever profession or career you choose will always require healthy relationships with your colleagues or coworkers for a good working environment • If you are in business sector, you need to have a healthy relationship with your clients or you won‟t get any further
  20. 20. End Of Slide Thank You For Your Attention 