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The relationship issue
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The relationship issue


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Language Development Slideshow - The relationship Issue

Language Development Slideshow - The relationship Issue

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  • 1. The Relationship Issue Presenters : Doreen, Sofea, Angely & Cynthia
  • 2. Obstacles In Relationship
  • 3. Modern Families • Parents are always busy at work, they spend less quality family time at home. • When childrens are lack of care, attention and love from parents, it may affect the child‟s emotion and also the family bond / relationship between family members
  • 4. Teen Love • Most parents will oppose their teen child‟s love relationship • For parents these days, teen love is unimportant (puppy love) • They rather stressed on education in order to get a good „life partner‟ in future • Teenagers indulge themselves in a relationship for sexual satisfaction/ money/ fame /fun (recreational dating) – therefore never experience true love between a man and a woman
  • 5. Friendship • People change. Childhood friends usually don‟t last forever • Mantaining a friendship is tough especially when tension, conflicts and dilemma occurs in a friendship – what‟s worst is when a person can‟t handle the situation • Nowadays, honest and real friends are hard to find – fake friendship / become friends for benefits
  • 6. Teacher – Student Relationship • Dealing with problematic students, - patient is needed • Teachers failed to understand students – emotion, educational or personal problems affected a student‟s behavior • Lack of proper interaction between both sides – shy , bullied, depressed , disable students interact less in class
  • 7. Ways To Build Relationship
  • 8. Learn To Listen And Understand • Family, friends or partner • When you listen attentively, they will feel more comfortable and glad that we care • Focus on what‟s being said and do your best to understand the problem(s) • Then, you can give some good advices – might be helpful
  • 9. Honesty Is The Best Policy • Don‟t hide / fake your true self or personality – people can accept the way you are , so don‟t worry • Honesty is very important in order to form a strong bond (family, friends, team mate, teachers, anybody) • Never let people lose trust in you , therefore, don‟t cheat! (But in gaming, there‟s no harm to cheat)
  • 10. Love Others Like You Love Yourself • Hug or *kiss* usually a way to express or symbolize love • From the angle of couples/ life partner, sincere love is the key to maintain a lifelong relationship • Teachers - love your students (and also your job) • Love your friends - support each other, never leave your friends behind, guide them when they‟re lost
  • 11. Trust, an Important Element • If you do not trust others, others also cannot trust you. • Trust – you are not afraid to be hurt, but afraid to hurt people around you. Means, you are sincere to be in a relationship/friendship with someone • If you‟re always afraid to trust, means you‟re always worried. You might think negatively about what others are doing and saying when you are not around.
  • 12. Signs Of Strong Relationship
  • 13. Between Teachers & Students • Quality and good communication / interaction between both sides • Teacher – shows and teaches the value of respect in classroom, and shows interest in teaching • Establish a positive relationship in a classroom, between students • Strong cooperation and participation in learning activity
  • 14. Between Members Of A Family • Care and love each other – fair and square • Showed or can be expressed through words, deeds, and actions. • Parents spend quality time with children - talking and listening to their children‟s problem and understand what their children is feeling behind the words. Help in solving their problems , give support. • Appreciate family members – gather in a birthday celebration
  • 15. Importance Of Relationship
  • 16. Achieving Joy & Happiness In Life • A happy and joyful life is more meaningful • Positive relationships - live life happily ,happy people create more positive relationships. • Healthy in the aspects of mental and physical health, increase longevity. • Achieve life satisfaction
  • 17. Source Of Strength • Our relationships (any type of relationship) become our source of strength in tough times. • Our loved ones fill us with the feeling of courage and hope. • And in good times these people share our happiness and joy and make our life more beautiful. • Able to be heard - release stress, feeling better. Glad that we have a place to express our sadness and a shoulder to cry on
  • 18. Sharing Experiences • Most of the time we share our experiences (bad or good) with family and friends. • “sharing is caring” – shows our appreciation to other s • Sharing experiences can improve our life knowledge and at the same time , can feel the beauty of a good relationship • Through sharing, meaningful experiences become firmly cemented in our memory bank.
  • 19. Financial Success • Whatever profession or career you choose will always require healthy relationships with your colleagues or coworkers for a good working environment • If you are in business sector, you need to have a healthy relationship with your clients or you won‟t get any further
  • 20. End Of Slide Thank You For Your Attention 