Digital marketing for estate agents


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This slide deck is from a seminar that we ran in conjunction with Property Jungle and Growth Track, aimed specifically at estate agents. It offers a broad overview of the main areas of digital marketing:

- Responsive website design

- Website maintenance and what you should be doing to help SEO

- Social media: so much more than just a property listing

- How to create content that attracts buyers and sellers

- Details about a brand new Facebook property app

- Branded emails

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Digital marketing for estate agents

  1. 1. Digital Marketing For Estate Agents • • • • • • Responsive web design SEO Social media Content marketing Facebook app Branded emails
  2. 2. Introductions Mike Smithson – MD – The Property Jungle 32 years in and around Estate Agency IT Career since 1992 Building Web Sites for 17 years Founded The Property Jungle in 2002 Built over 1,000 web sites
  3. 3. Introductions Dave Colgate – SEO Specialist – Vertical Leap Strong web development background Content Management Systems Ecommerce Systems SEO, Design & Build of Property Sites Subject - Maintenance & SEO
  4. 4. Introductions Simon Jenkins– Head of Social Media– Red Rocket Media 4 years in social media marketing Expert defining digital marketing success measures Heads up strategy and planning for social media Regular speaker within the social media industry Subject – Social Media – more than a listing
  5. 5. Introductions David Howells – Brand Journalist – Red Rocket Media Not the golfer and also known as Dai Strong professional background in writing Magazines and Web Sites Regularly presents on brand journalism & content Subject – Content that attracts buyers and sellers
  6. 6. Introductions Stephen Phillips – Founder – Growth Track 25 years in Estate Agency Built and sold award winning Estate Agency Provides innovative technology tools Successful consultant to a number of agencies Subject – Leveraging Facebook & the Power of Email
  7. 7. Responsive Web Design What is it? Where has it come from? How does it work? What’s the point? What should I do next?
  8. 8. RWD – What is it? Responsive Web Design – not Rear Wheel Drive A design technique to allow for the creation of one set of content that has the minimum amount of panning, zooming or scrolling, irrespective of the device being used to view it. “One content fits all sizes”
  9. 9. RWD – Where has it come from? The Web Design Challenge in 1996 • 800 x 600 the new max screen size • IE, Netscape, AOL & Opera browsers • Google Didn’t Exist • Only 100,000 web sites in the world • Dial up connections max 33.6Kbs Simpler times, simpler targets, Simple technology “Designed for the screen”
  10. 10. RWD – Where has it come from? The Web Design Challenge in 2013 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Desktop, Laptop & Mac between 1024 x 768 and 2560 x 1440 Nexus 7” & 10” Android Tablet Kindle Fire HD Windows Phone • Chrome, IE, Firefox, Webkit, Safari, Opera iPad Mini • Landscape, Portrait & Widescreen variants iPad 2+ iPhone 3, 4, 5 • Google dominance (67% at 13billion pm) HTC Android Blackberry • 785,293,473 sites (18 million more pm) Nexus 4 Xbox • Circa 1/3 Rightmove visits by mobile device PS3 Smart TV • Peak 82% mobile Rightmove visits in evening Wii Microsoft Surface “Designed for the device”
  11. 11. RWD – Where has it come from? The Web Design Challenge in 2014+ • Wearable Devices • Galaxy Gear, Google Glass, Google Watch… • Pervasive Computing • “Things that think” • Augmented Reality • User controlled interaction with the point of view • Smart TV • Extension to “couch commerce” – “on-demand” “Design for any display”
  12. 12. RWD – Where has it come from? Responsive Web Design stops us from designing for a target screen or device and obliges us to design for any display – future-tolerant. • Design for the screen • Design for the device • Design for any display
  13. 13. RWD – How do we do it? Media Queries – how big is the screen and which way round is it? Here’s a few things we can do using media queries: 1. Test for portrait or landscape orientation. 2. Hide or show content dependent on size of screen. 3. Move and resize content for optimal viewing on a variety of screen sizes. In essence a responsive web design “responds” to our devices and adapts to create an enjoyable user experience. This happens in real time as you turn your device or resize your browser window.
  14. 14. RWD – So What’s the point? Introduces major opportunities for business improvement 1. EASE OF MAINTENANCE One set of content and only one place to maintain it. 2. IMPROVED USER EXPERIENCE Consistent information, no synchronisation issues 3. GOOGLE PREFERRED More efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content with just one URL – ranking implications 4. GREATER PERFORMANCE VISIBILITY Consolidate analytics and reporting – whole body view of all traffic across all devices
  15. 15. RWD – So what should you do next? • Adoption rates – Sample of 200,000,000 sites – 0.55% adoption today* • Foxtons have it already. • We resisted it while standards evolved – now ready and need is present. • • • • Your existing sites still work Expect 15%+ of agency sites to be RWD in 2014 Expect 50%+ of agency sites to be RWD in 2015 Expect 50%+ of all traffic from mobile devices in 2015 • RWD requires more planning. Can’t just start. • RWD can take slightly more time to build. • RWD can be less flexible on design. * Source MeanPath
  16. 16. RWD – So what should you do next? • It is a more intelligent build approach – device capable and future tolerant. • Business benefits in customer experience, search engine ranking, content maintenance, traffic and performance measurement. • Plan for your next generation of web content to be RWD. QUESTIONS thankssss
  17. 17. SITE MAINTENANCE AND WHAT YOU Site maintenance HELP SEO SHOULD BE DOING TO and what you should be doing to help SEO #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  18. 18. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? Actions you can perform now Create a channel through the fog Positive actions on your website with consistency Website maintenance is the foundation of good SEO #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  19. 19. DEPENDENCIES WITHIN YOUR SITE ADMIN What do I mean by dependency? Like a child is dependent on their parents? #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  20. 20. DEPENDENCIES WITHIN YOUR SITE ADMIN What do I mean by dependency? Kind of … #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  21. 21. DEPENDENCIES WITHIN YOUR SITE ADMIN What do I mean by dependency? You make a change. And that impacts or changes something else #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  22. 22. DEPENDENCIES WITHIN YOUR SITE ADMIN It depends on your website software … #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  23. 23. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS What is a title tag? • • • • Title of the page Every page on a site has one Seen in the browser tabs Sits in some code on your page #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  24. 24. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS What is a meta description? • • • • Every page on a site has one User doesn’t usually see this Sits in some code on your page Seen in search results #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  25. 25. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS Title Tags • No more than 65 characters (incl. spaces) • No need for brand mention on every single page • Be descriptive about the page • Use as much of character limit as possible • Make each one unique Meta Description • No more than 160 characters (incl. spaces) • Remove keywords repetition • Describe the page, why should I click? • Entice them to click through to the page • Make each one unique #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  26. 26. KEYWORDS If you’re a plus size girl and want a plus size prom dress, we have a lot of plus size prom dresses. We have blue plus size prom dresses, black plus size prom dresses, yellow plus size prom dresses, green plus size prom dresses, white plus size prom dresses, aqua plus size prom dresses, mint green plus size prom dresses and many more plus size prom dresses for plus size girls. This particular plus size prom dress is sleeveless and has a pretty sash in the back. If you’re a young lady who needs a dress a little bigger than what you can usually find, we’ve got a great selection for you! From blue to black, green, yellow and every colour in between our plus size prom dresses are made just for you. This specific dress which is ideal for a prom night is sleeveless and features a stunning sash on the back. #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  27. 27. CONTENT DUPLICATION Duplicating content is bad practice for SEO = Internally duplicated on multiple pages Google’s notice that there’s duplication #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  28. 28. CONTENT DUPLICATION Make sure everything is unique = Avoid ‘boiler plating’ copy Tailor the copy on each page to the targeted reader #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  29. 29. REMOVING PAGES & RE-DIRECTING Whenever you delete ... Re-direct #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  30. 30. PAGE NOT FOUND “Page not found” = page users see when the page they’re trying to find doesn’t exist Really important to both optimising for search engines and providing a good user experience. Here’s a good example of how your error page shouldn’t look … #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  31. 31. Page not found
  32. 32. PAGE NOT FOUND What you need for a great error page: • Branded page – same template as your website • Title tag – “Page Not Found – Error 404” • Content – Why and How • Link to the home page, sitemap • Search functionality • Make it interesting or entertaining #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  33. 33. IMAGES WITHIN ARTICLES Alternate text or “ALT” text Title Tag Resolution Optimised for size Filename (Less than 100kb) #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  34. 34. LOCAL SEARCH PRESENCE The ‘local pack’ A ‘local’ search which includes a location returns local results Google also knows where you are #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  35. 35. LOCAL SEARCH PRESENCE If you’re not already – get your brand on Google+ Create a local business listing Include locations in your page titles and page content Business directories and government directories local to you #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  36. 36. INTER-OFFICE TRAINING Hugely important aspect of site maintenance and consistent SEO #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  37. 37. TO FINISH OFF Many, many more things you can do Keep content up to date Don’t remove pages without redirecting Don’t go overboard with keywords #property @SEODave @RedRocketMedia
  38. 38. Social Media… More than just a listing of properties #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  39. 39. It’s only natural… It’s totally natural for a brand to link to their own products across Social Media. Don’t believe blogs that tell you to NEVER post self-promotional content. #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  40. 40. One size fits all… The key is to get the right balance of ‘selfpromotional content versus non-selfpromotional content. The ‘one theory fits all’ in Social Media shouldn’t exist. This is particularly relevant when talking about Estate Agents. #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  41. 41. The boring bit… Vs. Low involvement High involvement #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  42. 42. The boring bit… “Buy these Bananas – they’re good” “The benefits of the juicer include” #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  43. 43. Notch on the bed post… Two years ago it was fine to say to a client, “we got you 25 new followers on Twitter…” However, the industry has moved on… #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  44. 44. So what do we do…? It’s unrealistic to think we can track a Social conversion that has purchased a house directly… #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  45. 45. Listing of properties… Think about the consumer journey… What do consumers consider when buying a house Local authorities Local Schools Local business Pubs Travel links Things to do Restaurants #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  46. 46. It’s a bull ring… It’s a fiercely competitive market. Brand awareness can by the key differentiator HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE Listing house after house will not get you noticed HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  47. 47. It may surprise you… One of my Estate Agent clients hasn’t linked (publically) to one of their properties in 8 months #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  48. 48. Instead… it’s simple! We follow local businesses: from start-up’s to shops; from barbers to baby-care centres We engage with these people about the local area… i.e. what’s going on? Future developments etc. They converse with us, often piggy-backing our sentiment and increase our reach to a targeted / relevant audience #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  49. 49. What did we do… The main objective of this campaign was to raise the brand awareness of the agency We did this by creating a list of potential local Influencers that we could engage with… …alongside them boosting the reach of our content: News > Blogs > Infographics #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  50. 50. The results are in… Achieved a reach of 477k across Social Achieved a 515% increase in Social referrals to their website Increased returning visitors to the site by 47% Increased the average time spent on site by 2mins Without listing one single 42secs property #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  51. 51. So what about… Social platforms have become native playgrounds You can’t trick people by occasionally dropping in sneaky link to a property People are increasingly using Social Media as a research tool You need to build trust before offering them the product #property @SimonJenkins09 @RedRocketMedia
  52. 52. CREATING CONTENT THAT ATTRACTS BUYERS AND SELLERS #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  53. 53. ME #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  54. 54. CONTENT MARKETING 101 #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  55. 55. TWO ASPECTS #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia Picture credit: Shutterstock
  56. 56. MODERN BUYING CYCLE Identify a need Research Shortlist Seek word of mouth references Find reviews online Speak to a sales person Buy #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  57. 57. Writing for search engines Creating keyword-rich content Cramming in external links #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  58. 58. SHORT FORM - NEWS Offer fresh perspectives Regularly updated Keep search engines happy React fast to breaking developments Infinite #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  59. 59. WHAT IS LONG-FORM CONTENT? •Blogs •Articles •White papers •Email content > 300 words Picture credit: #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  60. 60. GOOGLE PRIORITISING LONG-FORM Sprout Social Picture credit: #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  61. 61. Yield Void period Conveyancing LTV Completion Stamp duty Negative equity Break clauses Rack rent Sold STC Picture credit: #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  62. 62. HUMMINGBIRD FUNNEL Browsing Shortlisting Buying What is...? How does...? How to...? Benefits of...? How much...? Help with...? #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  63. 63. BROWSERS • • • • • • FOR EXAMPLE What are the benefits of renting? How do I let my house? How much does buying a house really cost? Is ‘location, location, location’ really the best maxim? How much rent can I afford? What is it like living in...? SHORTLISTERS • • • • • How to find the right estate agent What are the benefits of using a letting agent? How much rent should I charge? What is an EPC? What should you look for on a property viewing? BUYERS • • • • What do I need to do to my property before letting it? What happens with problem tenants? #property What should a tenancy agreement cover? @DavidJHowells What paperwork does a landlord need? @RedRocketMedia
  64. 64. HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN TOPIC IDEAS • Google Analytics – although more difficult because of ‘not provided’ data • FAQs • Ask staff (they can contribute as well) • Ask customers • Update old content #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  65. 65. BUILD A BRAND • “People buy people” • Look for key differences • Target your audience Picture credit: #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  66. 66. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 1. Create a blog, FAQ or guide section on your websites 2. Promote this to new users and drive visits 3. Write a list of potential topic ideas 4. Create an editorial calendar 5. Re-purpose content 6. Remove or update outdated content #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  67. 67. THANKS FOR LISTENING! #property @DavidJHowells @RedRocketMedia
  96. 96. Ho w c a n I best u se Gr o w t H Ma Il ? WWW.GROWTHMAIL.CO.UK