Using The Power Of Social Media


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Using The Power Of Social Media

  1. 1. Understanding the Power of
  2. 2. Puzzled over SOCIAL MEDIA? Red River Productions can put the pieces together for you.
  3. 3. Creating Innovative Technologies and Interactive Media and for over 16 years
  4. 4. iPhone Blackberry OR
  5. 5. SEO Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing SEM SMM Social Media Marketing Word of Mouth Marketing WOMM
  6. 6. Division of Media Consumption, More Consumer Control over Media, Declining Consumer Trust, New Internet Technologies
  7. 7. WOMM
  8. 8. A Definition of Social Media is the distribution of news and information through the "public access" of the internet. It represents all of the channels that "we the people" use to read, write, create, and share information with each other. Social Media is about categorizing content, rather than trying to capitalize on trends.
  10. 10. Conversions Sales, offer downloads, etc. Engagement Participating and/or listening to conversations Traffic Driving traffic to your site, i.e. landing page, hub page Branding Building awareness around your brand/product
  11. 11. Article Blog Posts Landing Page Core Content Group (White Posts Paper) Tweets Video Audio
  12. 12. Why is… Outbound Marketing
  13. 13. Why is… Inbound Marketing
  14. 14. Why is…
  15. 15. Why is… Outbound Marketing SOLICITES Inbound Marketing INIVITES
  16. 16. 3 Types of Social Media SHARE PUBLISH NETWORK
  17. 17. Anyone can promote ANYTHING to EVERYONE.
  18. 18. 3 Types of Social Media SHARE PUBLISH NETWORK
  19. 19. Everyone can publish ANYTHING for EVERYONE.
  20. 20. 3 Types of Social Media SHARE PUBLISH NETWORK
  21. 21. Anyone can connect with EVERYONE from ANYWHERE... SYNDICATION
  22. 22. 1. Participate in ALL areas of Social Media (Share, Publish, Network) 2. Maximize your exposure via two of the most popular Social Media sites: Facebook and Meetup. 3. Empowering your Connections and your Business Clients to share, publish, and network on your behalf.
  23. 23. Example: Facebook is a Social Media community that provides access to a wide array of people and organizations via forums, groups, blogs, fan pages, and personal profiles. Perfect for distributing information about your business or marketing events and getting "instant" feedback.
  24. 24. Social Media can be used to grow your existing network organizations and tap into referrals and business that you would not normally have been able to access. MORE PEOPLE… MORE REFERRALS.
  26. 26. Social Network Application - Utilities/Entertainment - “Lives” inside a social network - Based on Facebook or MySpace/OpenSocial development platform Benefits - Viral brand visibility within established friend relationships - Large reach and deep brand engagement - Generates web site traffic
  27. 27. Web Widgets - Utilities/Entertainment - HTML, Flash & Javascript - Copy/Paste on Web Site/Blogs Benefits - Brand visibility - Drive web site traffic - Brand engagement - Data acquisition
  28. 28. Example: Meetup is a Social Media presence that "pushes" your connections to ACTUAL meetings. This is perfect for inviting individuals who meet your sales criteria and/or demographics.
  29. 29. 1. Social Media creates a way to easily follow up and stay in contact with your visitors/clients. 2. You can become a resource for others in the Social Media environment and can help your business grow as a result. 3. People like to hear what others have to say about your BUSINESS before they decide to inquire about your SERVICES. Social Media helps you monitor this dialog and respond accordingly.
  30. 30. iPhone Blackberry OR
  31. 31.  Sign up for a Social Media account.  It's free to become a member!  There are thousands of potential referral partners in your geographical area that are already active and waiting for you to participate.
  32. 32. SHARE at least one thing about your business or organization via Social Media. PUBLISH at least one thing about your business or organization via Social Media NETWORK with at least one interest group within in the Social Media environment. Work to become a resource for that group and be looking for potential referral partners for your business within that group.
  33. 33. •Photo •Work/Edu Info •Networks •Interests •Applications
  34. 34. 1. News Feeds show updates on your and your friends’ activity 2. First thing you see when you log in 3. Your updates show on your profile “Wall” 4. Allow users to engage with you – Each activity can be shared with THEIR network
  35. 35. 1. Email your opt-in mailing list 2. Include link in your email signature 3. Blog about your Facebook Page 4. Post a link or badge on your website or blog
  36. 36. Determined by number of followers, fans, and friends and YOUR public search settings.
  37. 37. NOTE: you must be logged in to create an ad
  38. 38. Advertise a website or something on Facebook (Page, Group, or Event you manage)
  39. 39. Dan Fowler is A Fan of Red River Red River
  40. 40. Target by Location, Gender, Age, Keywords, etc.
  41. 41. Choose Pay Per Click or Pay Per View Pay Per Click is low on Facebook…Go PPC
  42. 42. YOUR AD HERE!
  43. 43. Integrated Solutions = Better Results Social Media Offline Paid Ads Search Organic Search
  44. 44. 1. Tap into Viral Marketing to sell more Kaiser Plans? 2. Get hands-on Coaching to get you started? 3. Personally work with Social Media Experts?
  45. 45. Social Media Maven and Representative of SEO Dominators
  46. 46. Elite Yelper, Blogger, CNN iReporter and Columnist for the Santa Ana Social Media Examiner
  47. 47. Social Media Marketing Manager for several hotels and restaurants and is a co-founder of ConnectOC
  48. 48. Online Brand Strategist, and co-author of the #2 best selling book on, “BusinessWise”
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