The SoMoLo Imperative:Social, Mobile, Local Shopping Reaches the Tipping Point

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Social, Mobile, and Local shopping behaviors have become a permanent fixture in the lives of many consumers, and to date there has been little research available to truly define the impact of SoMoLo …

Social, Mobile, and Local shopping behaviors have become a permanent fixture in the lives of many consumers, and to date there has been little research available to truly define the impact of SoMoLo shopping on today's retail operations. This presentation summarizes the results of a new benchmark study from that was designed to shed new light on the ever-increasing number -- and expectations -- of SoMoLo shoppers, and reveal how businesses around the globe are adapting their strategies, marketing, supply chains, and sales operations to capture these lucrative and demanding customers.

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  • 1. The SoMoLo Imperative Social, Mobile, Local Shopping Reaches the Tipping Point#CommerceInMotion
  • 2. Join theConversation! #CommerceInMotion 2
  • 3. What is aSOMOLOShopper? #CommerceInMotion 3
  • 4. SOCIALMOBILELOCAL #CommerceInMotion 4
  • 5. Why Did We Study These “SoMoLo” Shoppers? #CommerceInMotion 5
  • 6. Because They’re Everywhere… #CommerceInMotion 6
  • 7. Research ApproachObjectiveTo pinpoint the expectations of today’s SoMoLo shopper, andhow B2C and B2B businesses are responding and adapting tothese wants and needsStudy ConductedDecember 1 - 18, 2011282 RespondentsRevenue Breakdown$100M - $500M: 59%Greater than $500M: 41% Specialty Electronics Grocery Big Box CPG Other #CommerceInMotion 7
  • 8. ScanThis!! Got Local??? Shopper Demands Keep Escalating… #CommerceInMotion 8
  • 9. 57%expect discounts sent to their phone46%expect to place orders via their phone Mobility Matters #CommerceInMotion 9
  • 10. 40% expect to use QR codes to access content on their phone #CommerceInMotion 10
  • 11. 50%expect to shop via tabletTablets AreTriumphant #CommerceInMotion 11
  • 12. (Only)38% expect to use socialsites to browse, shop, and buy Social: Sizzling, Or Fizzling? #CommerceInMotion 12
  • 13. 28% expect department-specific messages and offers to be sent to their phones when they are inside a storeLocking In on (Micro) Local #CommerceInMotion 13
  • 14. The Great Divide #CommerceInMotion 14
  • 15. Retail Has a Long Way to Go to Meet SoMoLo DemandsA Long Road… Customers Expecting Retailers Delivering 46% Place Orders via Smartphone 38% 42% Availability and Pricing on Phone 30% 44% Order Status Updates on Phone 30% 40% QR Code Access to Product Content 33% 38% Browse/Shop/Buy via Social Sites 22% 26% Location-Specific Offers via Phone 20% 13% average 28% Dept-Specific Offers via Phone 12% gap #CommerceInMotion 15
  • 16. 33% Lack of Corporate Commitment36% New Channels Inability to Integrate36% Across Channels Limited Inventory Visibility25% Support New Challenges Stores Unable to SoMoLo Roadblocks #CommerceInMotion 16
  • 17. Order on Phone---------------------------------------------- 38%Product Availability/Pricing on Phone--------------- 30%Order Status and Updates on Phone----------------- 30%QR Code Access to Content on Phone-------------- 33%Push Local Offers to Phone When Near Store---- 20%Department-Specific Offers Inside a Store--------- 12%Browse/Shop/Buy App via Social Network--------- 22% Good Intentions… #CommerceInMotion 17
  • 18. 50% Currently have no specific mobile commerce strategy and/or are just experimenting30% Currently have no specific social commerce strategy and/or are just experimenting64% Currently have no specific local commerce strategy and/or are just experimenting Strategic Shortcomings? #CommerceInMotion 18
  • 19. 1. Retailers must adapt to meet the escalating demands of the increasingly social, mobile, local shopper2. As a whole, it appears that the industry feels the pressure to react3. Executive commitment, clearly defined strategies, and technology plans need to evolve quickly to close the gap Conclusions & Takeaways 19
  • 20. Full Study Available Online #CommerceInMotion 20
  • 21. Coming Soon: B2B Study Results 50% of B2B executives indicate that buyer purchasing behaviors closely mirror those of consumers What Does this Mean to their Selling Strategies? #CommerceInMotion 21
  • 22. Thank