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Standard Operating Procedure
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Standard Operating Procedure


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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IT Operations

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IT Operations

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Red Pineapple Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template, v0.2Prepared by: Thinking problem management! TOC o " 1-3" u Title of SOP PAGEREF _Toc210571211 h 2Dates PAGEREF _Toc210571212 h 3Issue date PAGEREF _Toc210571213 h 3Effective date PAGEREF _Toc210571214 h 3Document history PAGEREF _Toc210571215 h 3Approvals PAGEREF _Toc210571216 h 3Description PAGEREF _Toc210571217 h 3Purpose and background PAGEREF _Toc210571218 h 3Scope PAGEREF _Toc210571219 h 3Definitions PAGEREF _Toc210571220 h 4Operations PAGEREF _Toc210571221 h 6Maintenance PAGEREF _Toc210571222 h 6Projects PAGEREF _Toc210571223 h 8Business justification and project request form PAGEREF _Toc210571224 h 8Project Lite methodology (mini projects) PAGEREF _Toc210571225 h 8Large projects PAGEREF _Toc210571226 h 8Fulfilment PAGEREF _Toc210571227 h 10Example - Video conferencing PAGEREF _Toc210571228 h 10Quality and targets PAGEREF _Toc210571229 h 10Vital functions affected by this SOP PAGEREF _Toc210571230 h 12Lessons learned PAGEREF _Toc210571231 h 12Record and Document Management PAGEREF _Toc210571232 h 12References PAGEREF _Toc210571233 h 12Standards PAGEREF _Toc210571234 h 12Images PAGEREF _Toc210571235 h 12Diagrams PAGEREF _Toc210571236 h 13Equipment, hardware and software lists PAGEREF _Toc210571237 h 13Labelling and naming standards PAGEREF _Toc210571238 h 13Checklists PAGEREF _Toc210571239 h 13Installation PAGEREF _Toc210571240 h 13Configuration PAGEREF _Toc210571241 h 13Testing PAGEREF _Toc210571242 h 14Financial PAGEREF _Toc210571243 h 14Budget exception / deviation PAGEREF _Toc210571244 h 14Risk PAGEREF _Toc210571245 h 14The CRAMM Risk management methodology PAGEREF _Toc210571246 h 15Meerkat Risk Methodology PAGEREF _Toc210571247 h 17Information Security PAGEREF _Toc210571248 h 18Physical security PAGEREF _Toc210571249 h 18Service Continuity PAGEREF _Toc210571250 h 18Risk evaluation and control PAGEREF _Toc210571251 h 19Business impact analysis PAGEREF _Toc210571252 h 19Develop continuity strategies PAGEREF _Toc210571253 h 19Emergency response and operations PAGEREF _Toc210571254 h 19Developing and implementing the BCP PAGEREF _Toc210571255 h 19Awareness and training program PAGEREF _Toc210571256 h 19Maintaining and exercising the BCP PAGEREF _Toc210571257 h 20Standards and guidelines PAGEREF _Toc210571258 h 20Escalations PAGEREF _Toc210571259 h 20Roles and responsibilities PAGEREF _Toc210571260 h 20The Uberfingers team leaders dashboard PAGEREF _Toc210571261 h 21Shifts PAGEREF _Toc210571262 h 21Training PAGEREF _Toc210571263 h 22Monitoring requirements PAGEREF _Toc210571264 h 22Change PAGEREF _Toc210571265 h 22Stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc210571266 h 22Request for change PAGEREF _Toc210571267 h 23Apply for testing PAGEREF _Toc210571268 h 23Configuration management database PAGEREF _Toc210571269 h 23Impact and risk assessment PAGEREF _Toc210571270 h 23Change Advisory Board (CAB) PAGEREF _Toc210571271 h 23Installation in testing PAGEREF _Toc210571272 h 23Test installation review PAGEREF _Toc210571273 h 23Testing in progress PAGEREF _Toc210571274 h 23Operational acceptance phase PAGEREF _Toc210571275 h 24Ready for live PAGEREF _Toc210571276 h 24Implementation in live PAGEREF _Toc210571277 h 24Go Live acceptance PAGEREF _Toc210571278 h 24Live PAGEREF _Toc210571279 h 24Integration with Service Desk PAGEREF _Toc210571280 h 24Change types PAGEREF _Toc210571281 h 24Vendors PAGEREF _Toc210571282 h 25Review and evaluation of vendors PAGEREF _Toc210571283 h 25Maintenance PAGEREF _Toc210571284 h 26Warranty PAGEREF _Toc210571285 h 26Handling Incidents and Troubleshooting procedures PAGEREF _Toc210571286 h 26The Expanded Incident Lifecycle PAGEREF _Toc210571287 h 26Service review PAGEREF _Toc210571288 h 26Meetings PAGEREF _Toc210571289 h 27Previous period PAGEREF _Toc210571290 h 27Performance review PAGEREF _Toc210571291 h 27Current issues PAGEREF _Toc210571292 h 27Peripheral issues PAGEREF _Toc210571293 h 27Grading of service desk interaction PAGEREF _Toc210571294 h 28Grading of service desk escalation PAGEREF _Toc210571295 h 28Checklist for SOP PAGEREF _Toc210571296 h 29Addendum PAGEREF _Toc210571297 h 29Service catalogue PAGEREF _Toc210571298 h 29Title of SOPDatesIssue date<dd/mm/yy>Effective date<dd/mm/yy>Document history<List of document modifications and changes>Approvals<Table of approvers of SOP including last name, first name, job description, date>Description<Description><Example - The SOP lies at the heart of the Standard Change. The SOP defines when (and when not), where, how, by whom and under what circumstances the Standard Change occurs.>Purpose and background<Purpose and background><Example - The purpose of this document is to define the standard operational procedures associated with the service (including task, changes, deviations and reporting). It is intended to provide a clear, concise description of the service management processes as established, along with the associated responsibilities. A brief overview of the various operational areas is also provided including respective functions, inter-relationships, and contact information.>Scope<This section should identify the intended audience or specific activities where the SOP may be relevant, and specific operations covered by the SOP>< Example - The principal goal of this document is to ensure effective and efficient communications, coordination, and decision-making between the operational areas and the business units, particularly in regard to service (including task, changes, deviations and reporting). Clear communication is essential to provide quality services to business unit customers.The nature of our business now requires an increased ability to work across areas, generating requirements that, by their nature, are best met at the corporate level. The shift in how information and knowledge are generated, used and managed when coupled with the competition for limited budgets dictates a more strategic approach to providing information infrastructure services across the enterprise. There are a number of specific drivers for approaching IT systems more strategically. These include:Improving the enterprises’ IT infrastructure to meet the vision and strategic plan.Positioning the IT infrastructure to support corporate applications such as enterprise risk management and integrated messaging.Ensuring availability of integrated services across areas.Supporting a robust collaborative program and management environment.Achieving reduced cost of services to IT customers.Improving security.Delivering consistent, quality services to IT customers.Fundamental concepts involved in providing and receiving quality IT services include classes of service with varying levels of service delivery and restoration priorities. Additionally, services are supported by technical architectures with varying degrees of redundancy and survivability, depending on the class of service. We operate a service desk, with primary responsibility for particular classes of service. We also operate multiple availability management areas and coordinate the escalation and support activities of numerous service providers, carriers and manufacturers. The processes governing these areas are critical to successful operation and management of services. The procedures and responsibilities defined in this document are applicable to IT operational areas and customers. They refer to all types and classes of services. Refer to the Addendum for the Services Catalogue, which contains a full description of classes of service.>Definitions< This section should highlight and define frequently used terms and provide additional and/or relevant information needed in order to use and understand this SOP><24 X 7 - Time period that extends for 24 hours each day of the week.><8 X 5 - Time period that extends for a typical 8 hour work day Monday through Friday.><Availability - Ensure the availability of IT services as specified by the customer in service level management.><Back-Out Plan - Defines the action required to abort an activity and return to original condition.><Barrier - A physical device or an administrative control used to reduce risk of the undesired outcome to an acceptable level. Barriers can provide physical intervention (e.g., a guardrail) or procedural separation in time and space (e.g., lock-out-tag-out procedure).><Best Effort - Scheduling of a change at the most appropriate time period so that it has the least impact to services.><Capacity - Ensure resource available to meet agreed customer requirements economically.><Cause (Causal Factor) - An event or condition that results in an effect. Anything that shapes or influences the outcome.><Change - The carry out of changes in a timely manner with minimal risk and within cost constraints, Refers to any planned operational, maintenance or upgrade action associated with a service that has the potential to produce a temporary interruption of service.><Condition - Any as-found state, whether or not resulting from an event, that may have safety, health, quality, security, operational, or environmental implications.><Configuration - Provide up to date information on elements in use, Manager Definitive Software Library (DSL).><Continuity - Safeguarding the performance and continuation against any eventuality based on planning and preventative measures.><Contributing Factor - An event or condition that may have contributed to the occurrence of an undesired outcome but, if eliminated or modified, would not by itself have prevented the occurrence.><Event - A real-time occurrence describing one discrete action, typically an error, failure, or malfunction. Examples: pipe broke, power lost, lightning struck, person opened valve, etc…><Financial - Economic control, financial planning, and cost accounting.><G-24 Hours - A time period of 24 hours prior to Go Live of a major project.><G-4 Hours - A time period of 4 hours prior to Go Live of a major project.><Incident - Restore the service as soon as possible while minimizing any negative effect on business processes.><Known Error - Exists after discovering the root cause of a Problem.><No Comment Acceptance - If a report has been distributed and the affected IT areas do not respond with questions, comments, or concerns within a five working day period, the report will be considered acceptable.><Organizational Factors - Any operational or management structural entity that exerts control over the system at any stage in its life cycle, including but not limited to the system’s concept development, design, fabrication, test, maintenance, operation, and disposal. Examples: resource management (budget, staff, training); policy (content, implementation, verification); and management decisions.><Problem - Undiagnosed underlying cause of one or more incidents or potential incidents. Prevent and reduce incidents and provide quick resolution to ensure structured use of resources, Turning unknown errors into known errors, Provide workaround scenarios, Raise change requests.><Proximate Cause(s) - The event(s) that occurred, including any condition(s) that existed immediately before the undesired outcome, directly resulted in its occurrence and, if eliminated or modified, would have prevented the undesired outcome. Also known as the direct cause(s).><Release - Successful planning and control of hardware and software installations.><RFC – Request for change.><Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - A structured evaluation method that identifies the root causes for an undesired outcome and the actions adequate to prevent recurrence. Root cause analysis should continue until organizational factors have been identified, or until data are exhausted.><Root Cause(s) - One of multiple factors (events, conditions or organizational factors) that contributed to or created the proximate cause and subsequent undesired outcome and, if eliminated, or modified would have prevented the undesired outcome. Typically multiple root causes contribute to an undesired outcome.><Security - Confidentiality is reserved, Integrity of information is assured, Availability secured, Compliance with regulations / contracts.><Service desk - Central point of customer contact within technology, Attempt resolution from knowledge base, Provide initial assessment of all incidents, Regular status updates, Keep customers informed, Report on service support activities.><Service level management - Draw up, monitor and control the service level agreements and their underlying service quality.><Standard Change - a change to the infrastructure that follows an established path, is relatively common, and is the accepted solution to a specific requirement or set of requirements.><TOP - A prearranged gathering of specialist technical support staff from within the IT support organization brought together to focus on specific aspects of IT Availability. Its purpose being to monitor events, real-time as they occur, with the specific aim of identifying improvement opportunities or bottlenecks which exist within the current IT Infrastructure.><Work request: A defined set of work that has been requested either via standard operating procedures/changes or via a project task or action.><Workaround - Way of preventing or resolving an Incident or Problem. Workarounds can be used to temporarily resolve an issue, or steer the user toward another solution. Situations that require expedited action be taken in order to effect restoration of impacted services, or to mitigate a potential service impacting condition.>OperationsOverview of Infrastructure operationsMaintenance<List of maintenance tasks to be completed and frequency><Example – Active Directory Maintenance tasks ( Server Maintenance tasks (>ProjectsBusiness justification and project request formsProject Lite methodology (mini projects)When operational projects are small in scope, then a full blown methodology is an overkill, and a small or mini version would be better, a so called “lite” methodology. Large projectsIntentChoose a well-skilled and respected project leader. Project leaders do not make operational or technical decisions but rely on the team.Recruit the right project team and ensure that team members are competent.Adopt tools and techniques that can manage complexity (sound management practices).ScopeDetermine deliverables and encourage business unit user involvement.Feasibility study. Determine if the project is possible and finance creatively. Use multiple funding resources.Value analysis including benefits. Settings goals and expectations. The expectations should be realistic.Top management review/decision. Sell the project to decision makers (based on project benefits).PlanningLook for existing similar projects that have succeeded and use these as a baseline for modelling.Business unit user requirements. Understand and improve (business) processes before you apply technology. Make certain that the requirements are clearly stated.Prototyping and test plan. Use prototypes to ensure understanding and agreement about design.Accounting plan. Provide schedules on expenditure.Resource planning. Make optimal use of vendors.ExecutionSystems development. Use industry standards. Choose a capable pilot site.Inspections. Abide by pre-determined standards.Integration with Change management.Systems acceptance testing and audits. Integrate with related processes and practices.Implementation. Match the technology to the job.Documentation. Provide simplistic and clear instructions/guides.Training development. Make sure all Business Unit users are trained thoroughly.Management review and approval. Review and evaluate performance (compare system’s actual operational performance to expected benefits.ControlCommunication of information around the project is constant. The project manager ensures that communication occurs effectively, clearly & in a timely manner between the team leaders, team members & stakeholders. Going " dark" for any significant amount of time is simply not allowed.Simplicity encompasses all factors of the project being completed and described in the simplest possible terms. All activities must contribute a measurable value to the project. Measuring the value of a project is the role of the stakeholders & the project manager and is done by asking what the value of specific tasks or deliverables is.Continuous feedback is the primary tool for defining & sustaining projects.Change is part of any realistic IT project as requirements evolve over time. Dealing with the consequences of change or discarding the outcome when the decision is proven inadequate requires courage. The stakeholder understanding of the requirements will change over time as the project progresses. Stakeholders may change their point of view, which in turn will change the goals and success criteria of the project.Humility: The best project managers acknowledge they don’t know everything. The stakeholders, project participants and customers all have there our area of expertise and add value to the project. An effective approach is to assume that everyone involved with the project has equal value & therefore should be treated with respect.Incremental Change. Make the project milestones smaller. The project can still be considered a failure even when the team delivers a working system to customers. Part of fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders is to ensure that the system is robust enough to be extended over time. The pressure to get it right the first time can overwhelm the best project manager. Instead of futilely trying to develop an all encompassing project plan from the start, put a stake in the ground by developing a small portion of the system, or even a high–level model of a larger portion of the system, and evolve this portion over time. Or simply discard it when you no longer need it in an incremental manner.Closure (Post-mortem)Post-implementation refinement.Post-implementation review and audit.Metrics analysis.FulfilmentExample - Video conferencingPlanningClear purpose of conferenceUnderstand deliverablesDetermine number and length of sessionsAgree on contentTechnical pre-setupChecklistsISDN numbers.Names of sites.Names of participants.Mobile phone numbers of participants for backup.Technical troubleshooting: Sound, video, dial tones, feedback, batteries & cameras.Address bookSession protocolIntroductions & formalities (location, time, weather).Focus of conference & procedural information (muting)." Talk naturally, at an even pace, with expression and clarity (emphasize pitch, tone, volume pausing and pacing)." Remember that an animated, energetic, enthusiastic presence is critical when motivating, holding attention & emphasizing points.Look at the camera, not the screen.Share tasks across the sites & encourage participation.Do not talk for more than 30 minutes without a breakAfter the session email participants, thanking them for their participation & include opinions & issues.Room setupClothing: Wear shades of blue or gray. Avoid green, red or orange.Sounds & movements: Avoid tapping on the desk, shuffling papers & whispering to other participants. Avoid rocking in your chair or moving from side to side. Use hand and arm movements.Speaking & eye contact: Position the camera above the monitor.Look directly at the monitor & create the perception that you are addressing the remote participant as if they were in the same room.Manage motion & sound delay: Allow for delays as interruptions in a video conference are different for remote participants as opposed to local participants.Quality and targets<Monitor service quality, Analyze service quality, Improve service quality, Report service quality performance, Create service performance deviation report, Track and manage service quality performance deviation, Determine SLA transgressions, Analyze SLA modifications, Close service quality deviation report><Metrics being measured><The service will be available x% of the time during business hours and x% of the time during non-business hours. Any outage in excess ofx minutes (or x outages with 24 hours) is considered a deviation>.<x% of service transactions should have x seconds or less response time, defined as the interval from the time the user sends a transaction to the time a visual confirmation of transaction completion is received.><The service support team will respond to incidents that affect multiple users (> 10) within x minutes, and will start diagnosing with x minutes. Incidents that affect a single user will be responded to within x minutes, and will start diagnosing in x minutes. Updates will be given every x minutes.><The service team will respond to non-critical inquiries within x hours, and deliver an initial answer within x hours, and update status every x hours. A noncritical inquiry is defined as a request for information that has no impact on the service quality if not answered or acted upon promptly.><KPIs><Availability – Productive time lost by customers and IT resources, Income lost, Overtime required by support teams, Materials consumed, Penalties for contract non-performance, Lost business opportunities, Customer satisfaction impact.><Capacity - Workload of IT services, Buffer, Number of bottlenecks, Capacity utilization rate, Cost and economic use of resources, Ability to meet deadlines for provision of capacity.><Change - Number of successfully introduced changes, Ramifications of unsuccessful changes, Process costs, Track record for meeting deadlines.><Configuration - Completeness of data, Quality and currency of data, Degree of availability to other processes, Process costs.><Continuity - Time delay and data loss in the event of a situation, Investment and maintenance cost of recovery solution, Successful business continuity tests, Process costs.><Financial - Adherence to budget, Degree of cost coverage, Liquidity, Process costs.><Incident - Response rate, Adherence to agreed service level (Response rate, Resolution rate), Cost of the process, Customer satisfaction.><Inquiry response times, answer times and status updates.><Percentage of transaction response times more than x seconds.><Problem - Reduction and absence of incidents, Increased service availability and performance, Great customer satisfaction, Process costs><Release - Process costs, Stability of solution, Number of fault free roll-outs<Security - Internal and external audit compliance, Number of security incidents, Extend of damage caused as a result of security incidents, Process costs.><Service Availability as a Percentage of Normal Business hours. ><Service desk - Increased customer satisfaction, Reduction in complaints<Service Incident (affecting multiple users), Service Incident (affecting single users), Response times, resolution times and status updates.><Service level management - Number of deviations from the agreed services, Extent of service coverage, Customer satisfaction, Availability of service, Performance of services, Service process costs.>Number of errors found, Customer satisfaction with features and benefits.>Reduction in service costs, Improved coordination with internal and third parties, Highly motivated service team members.>Vital functions affected by this SOP<Vital business functions>Lessons learned<Lessons learned>Record and Document Management<Details of records to be maintained>ReferencesStandardsPCI Data Security Standard<Other SOPs><Supplementary Documents - The title of any forms available or used in this procedure should be listed here. Any documents included in the appendices should also be included here><List of OLA’s (Operational level agreements) that cover the service described in this SOP><List of UC’s (Underpinning contracts) that cover the service described in this SOP>Images<Digital pictures of equipment being used in data centre, front and rear views of cabinets><Digital pictures of location where services are being provides><Example – server images>Name<Name>Row<XX>Cabinet<XX>Position<XX>Patching<Network cable>, <Backup cable>, <Fibre Cable>, <Power cable>Asset bar codesDiagrams<Diagrams of environment><Naming scheme and labels>Equipment, hardware and software lists<Equipment, hardware and software lists>Labelling and naming standards<Required labelling><Naming standards>Checklists<Daily availability checklists><Schedule of administrative and maintenance tasks>ExamplesAir handling units checklistConceptual Architecture ChecklistData centre operations checklist - useful softwareDMZ checklistElectrical checklists from the US ArmyFCAPS checklistHVAC checklistInfrastructure business case checklistInfrastructure maturity checklistInfrastructure risk assessment checklistITIL implementation checklistNetwork architecture documentation checklistSOX checklist (Ernst and Young)Standby generator checklistSwitch security checklistSystems design checklistTechnical design checklistThird party assessment checklistVirtual meeting checklistVirtual teams checklistInstallation<Special preparation instructions><Full screen movie of install process using Camstudio or Wink.>Configuration<Full system configuration><Checklist of components><Serial numbers of all equipment providing service><Physical network - map of the building, network devices (routers, switches, hubs, access points, and firewalls), main network cable segments, internal settings used by switches, routers, access points, fire walls><Servers - hardware inventory, drivers, TCP/IP settings, network segment, size, location, and format of partitions><Server applications - service pack level for applications and operating systems, critical application settings, such as the path to databases and transaction logs, DNS server and settings, WINS and DHCP, services used ><Active directory - Domains included within the forest, domain controllers responsible for performing Active Directory roles, external trust relationships, site links, bridgeheads, OU and the computers, servers, and groups they contain, rights assigned to each group, location and filename of each group policy, settings within each group policy>Testing<Testing plans>Financial<Costs><Charge back/recovery models>Budget exception / deviationsRisk<Risks related to people, process and technology.><Risk mitigation actions>The CRAMM Risk management methodologyInterview the stakeholders; value the data and infrastructure by the impact/cost resulting from loss of Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability; and by replacement cost. Consider the impact of the following attributes:Confidentiality -- impact of or sensitivity to disclosure to non-authorized parties, e.g., “employees,” “contractors,” etc. Use confidentiality requirement categories of public (0), restricted (1-5), confidential (6-9), and secure (10).Integrity -- impact of unknown or unauthorized modification e.g. “data input errors,” etc. Use integrity requirement categories of low (1-3), moderate (4-7), high (8-9), and very high (10). Availability -- impact of the asset being unavailable for various time frames, e.g., “less than 15 minutes”, “1 hour”, “1 day”, etc. Use availability requirement categories of low (1-3), moderate [OK to recover in days] (4-6), high [hours] (7-8), very high [minutes] (9), and mandatory [cannot be down] (10).For each of the above, have the stakeholders choose a category, then a value within the category. For example, for Integrity, have them choose first from low, moderate, high and very high. Then, if they chose moderate, in this case, ask them to rank the impact on a scale of 4 to 7. Identify any existing measures already in place to control risks.Review and agree deliverables. Determine how likely each risk is by asking questions of support personnel, experts and others using prepared questionnaires to try and asses the likelihood that the identified risks could actually occur. Consider hackers (internal and external), viruses, failures (applications and infrastructure), disasters, and adverse issues (people, process or procedure). Create a column for each threat. Use a categories of none (0), low (1-4), moderate (5-7), high (8-9), and very high (10).Calculate the Risk entry by multiplying the Impact by the Vulnerability. Based on the risk score (impact X vulnerability) assign a label of low (1-33), medium (34-67), or high (68-100). Update for each item. This is an agreed list of the most vulnerable areas and is then agreed to by the business.Review and agree deliverables. Begin to identify and select countermeasures for those items with the highest risk level. Consider countermeasures and ways to mitigate the threats. Focus on the higher-level threats first, but don't overlook quick, easy or cheap fixes to lower level threats. Implement countermeasures for low level as well as high level threats. Give precedence to those countermeasures that: protect against several threats protect high risk assets apply where there are no countermeasures already in use are less expensive to implement are more effective at preventing or mitigating threats prevent threats rather than detecting or facilitating recovery can be implemented quickly, easily and inexpensively (even for low risk)Meerkat Risk MethodologyThe following is a scaled down version of CRAMM, known as Meerkat Risk Methodology: Risk impact (Mark with a X) Dashboard designation = IEvaluate the data and information that is directly effected by the incidentConfidentiality (Information is accessible only to those authorized)SecureConfidentialRestricted*PublicIntegrity (Safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information)Very highHighModerate*LowAvailability (Authorised users have access to information when required.)MandatoryVery highHighModerate*LowRating Taking into account the above please rate the Risk impactCriticalMajorModerateLowRisk vulnerability (Rate as either low, moderate, high or major) Dashboard designation = VRate the vulnerability in the following categories of the information or data that is affected by the incidentLoss<low, moderate, high, major>Error<low, moderate, high, major>Failure*<low, moderate, high, major>Rating Taking into account the above please rate the Risk vulnerabilityCriticalMajorModerateLowCountermeasures Dashboard designation = CMWhat measures are in place to mitigate any risks identified with the information or data affected by the incident<Due diligence>Rating Taking into account the above please rate the Risk CountermeasuresCriticalMajorModerateLowThe risk ratings are then aggregated into a dashboard. The dash board calculation is performed by assigning the ratings a value:Critical = 4Major = 3Moderate = 2Low = 1The maximum score is 12 so the risk management dash board value is that combined aggregated ratings score worked out as a percentage of 12.Risk Management Example (84%)ImpactVulner.Counter442Information Security<Infosec policies relevant to this service>Physical securityMaintenance and access scheduleThis table is stored in a plastic sleeve attached to the cabinet door in the data centre.When this table is full this sheet needs to be filed and another template printed.Date stampPersonReference and detailsService Continuity<Disaster recovery plans><Methods for recovering and restoring data>Risk evaluation and controlDefinitions of threats, risks and assetsRisk assessment and managementCompliance issuesCritical component failure analysisRisk areas: Security and sitesBusiness impact analysisBusiness process matrix, time window for recovery & critical success factorsOutputs, deliverables, activity categorisation and key performance indicatorsReview of documentation, questionnaires and interviews.Financial JustificationDesigning an Impact Matrix and Simplified Impact AnalysisDevelop continuity strategiesVital materials and back-up.Business continuity strategy, recovery options and timescalesContractual arrangements for recovery servicesLateral and creative thinkingInsuranceEmergency response and operationsTypes of emergenciesCoordination with authoritiesPublic relations, media management and crisis communicationCommunication with stakeholdersSalvage and restorationDeveloping and implementing the BCPPlan Introduction & identify teams.Roles and responsibilitiesTasks, Actions and FunctionsAlternative Locations (Standby Locations)Contact Details for Internal & External ContactsResource requirementsAudit trail, reporting processes and requirementsDocument configuration and version controlInterim measuresAwareness and training programEstablishing objectives and components of the awareness programDeveloping the training methodologyAcquiring or developing training aids including external training opportunitiesMaintaining and exercising the BCPBusiness continuity plan, audit and reviewExercise strategy and methodsExercise checklistPost exercise reportingStandards and guidelinesAdopt standards on disaster/emergency management and business continuity programs.Measured compliance with standards.Escalations<Surname, First name, job description, vendor/team name>Roles and responsibilities<Key Personnel – clearly identify key personnel that will have a primary role in this SOP and list their responsibilities as it relates strictly to this SOP. If necessary, include any contact information. If the ‘key personnel’ roles have not been assigned, provide additional information about who can take on the listed responsibility>The Uberfingers team leaders dashboardShiftsDescription of shiftExample - This is for shift work for the data centre located at 1984 Pineapple Avenue. The shift duties will comprise operator duties during the day and standby during the nights.Shift workExample - The shift period is 6 days on and 2 days off. The shift starts at 08h00 on day 1 for a period of 8 hours (16 hours standby) and finishes at 08h00 on day 7. The 2 days off commences at 08h00 on day 7 and finishes on day 9 at 08h00 when the next shift starts.PaymentExample - Payment for shift will be made at 1984 Pineapple on completion of shift. DutiesExample - The care duties are as follows:Server backupMonitoring day end processesWagesExample - The employee will be remunerated at Rx per day for on shift days and receive no remuneration for off shift days. Standby work will be remunerated at Rx per hour.OvertimeExample - No overtime is calculated or remunerated.Work on SundaysExample - No extra remuneration for a Sunday is calculated.Public holidaysExample - No extra allowances are made for a public holiday. A public holiday can be substituted for an off shift day.TransportExample - The employee will receive Rx for transportation for each shift.ClothingExample - The employer is not required to provide any uniforms or clothing.Meal intervals and breaksExample - The employee shall be granted a 1/2 hour break after not more than 5 hours of work on any day that she works. The employee will prepare her own meals and the employer will provide pause facilities. A break of 3 hours per shift can be taken upon mutual agreement of a suitable time.LeaveExample - 1.5 days leave per month is available after which any other leave taken will be unpaid.Sick leaveExample - The employer shall grant the employee who is absent from work through incapacity, one working day's sick leave on full pay in respect of every 5 shifts completed for which he/she has been employed by such employer. Any additional sick leave will be unpaid.NoticeExample - The employer or the employee shall give the other 2 shift's notice to terminate this agreement, which notice must be given on or before the 1st day of the shift.Training<This section should describe how to obtain information about any available training (i.e. web-based, classroom, training guides, etc.)>Monitoring requirements<This section should define the need, frequency, and methods of conducting required assessments and/or monitoring such as physical analysis of a covered process or internal and/or external inspections>Change<Freeze schedules>Stakeholders<Relationship between services>Request for changeChange requestor initiates process and role players in change identified.Standards and quality criteria established for the raising of changes.Change evaluation and assessment process.Apply for testingAll upgrades or growth procedures should be fully validated in the lab environment prior to first application in the field.Collect all data necessary for further evaluation of RFC.Develop deployment plan.Deployment manager initiates process for testing change.Configuration management databaseExtend CMDB by new Configuration Items (CI) & relations that are inherent to the new change.Defines relevant CIs and their relation to other CIs (logical and physical interdependencies).Impact and risk assessmentAssessment of impact and risk on technical level.Assessment of impact and risk on business level.Change Advisory Board (CAB)Functions and purpose of change management has been communicated within the enterpriseApproval of changeConduct final assessment of requested change and issue approval/denial.Installation in testingPre-installation MeetingPerforms installation as described in Deployment PlanAttend and support the installationTest installation reviewReview installation of testingFeedback on testing installationFormal declaration of testing phaseTesting in progressConduct a pre-defined set of basic integration tests (as defined by the Deployment Management)Conduct functional testConduct user acceptancePrevention of interference with existing live systemsOperational acceptance phaseAcceptance testing checklist and operations readiness signoffService integrated into existing productive environmentReview test resultsReady for liveVerify all tests completedService desk informed and trainedCustomers informedFormal declaration of liveImplementation in liveImplementation performed as described in deployment plan.Support and supervision of implementation.Go Live acceptanceSuccessful integration in live environmentDecide back-out strategiesQuality assuranceReview implementationLiveServices provided to customersSLA measured and achieved.Integration with Service DeskIntegration with incident managementIntegration with problem managementChange typesChange Request DescriptionAuthorized byExampleStandardCommon, accepted procedurePre-approvedResetting passwords, adding a security patch to a serverMinorLow impact, small amount of resources neededSenior team members, ManagersFixing a minor bug in an applicationSignificantPossible adverse impact, some risk, more resources needed to implementManagersInstalling a new software application requested by Business UsersMajorRisk of change adversely affecting users or infrastructure, major effort required to build and implementBusiness Unit headsReplacement of a production server running applicationsEmergencySignificant impact if not implemented immediately, requires quick decision makingTeam leaderA core router is malfunctioning and must be replacedVendorsReview and evaluation of vendorsThe following evaluation provides a means of assessing a vendor’s current performance. The vendor score consist of four sections each with a maximum score of 4. The maximum possible score is thus 16 and the vendor score is represented as a percentage of this maximum possible score.Each section scores as follows: (0) Unacceptable, (1) Low, (2) Average, (3) High and (4) ExceptionalThe four sections are: Support, Delivery, Operations and Financial and the criteria evaluated as described.SupportAssessment of service and support, respond to support calls on first contact, resolves issues during support calls, reports defects before customer discovers them, provides patches and fixes that work, and provides accurate documentationDeliveryAssessment of account team, provide clear points of contact for sales, support and service related issues, responds to questions in a timely fashion, understands company’s specific needs and requests.OperationsAssessment of technical quality, deliver products that perform as expected, deliver maintenance services that meet requirements, assessment of innovation, communicates information regarding new product timeframes, and provides unique technologies, features, capabilities.FinancialAssessment of procurement process, meets process deadlines, meets requested customization to product or service, estimates statement of work accurately, assessment of billing and reconciliation, deliver accurate invoices, resolves invoice discrepancies quickly.<Example>NameServices providedEvaluation<Vendor><Service>Rating (x%) ((a+b+c+d) / 12))SupportDeliveryOper.Fin.<a><b><c><d>Maintenance <List of maintenance tasks to be completed and frequency>Warranty<List all relevant warranty information>Handling Incidents and Troubleshooting proceduresThe Expanded Incident LifecycleIncidenthh:mmDetectedhh:mmDiagnosedhh:mmRepairhh:mmRecoverhh:mmRestorehh:mmWorkaroundhh:mmResolutionhh:mmOpportunisticKnownProgressService deskStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementIT customersWorkaroundhh:mmResolutionhh:mmStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementWorkaroundhh:mmResolutionhh:mmIT customersStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementWorkaroundhh:mmResolutionhh:mmService deskIT customersStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementWorkaroundhh:mmResolutionhh:mmHot ticketPotential majorDeclaration / planProgressNormal operationsHot lineNotification / feedbackService deskStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementIT customersService deskStakeholdersEscalation: Problem managementReporthh:mmMetricsRiskOutageClass.AnalysisRiskOutageClass.RiskOutage<Troubleshooting procedures – remember to fully state expected problems><Create service trouble report, diagnose service issue, Correct and resolve service issue, Track and manage service issue, Conduct service consequence analysis of service issue, Close service trouble report and submit to knowledge base>Service review<Regular service reviews are conducted every x months.>MeetingsPrevious period<What went well><What did no go well><Changes to service level><Issues resolved><Outstanding issues still to be resolved>Performance review<Successes><Requirement for new or different measurements><Queries around performance or deviations><Explanation of deviations or changes to service demands>Current issues<Projects><Downtime><Increased demand>Peripheral issues<Changes in team and individual responsibility><Contract issues><Business events or news><Increases in call volumes to the service desk><New technology being used by IT or business><Requests for change by the business group><Requests for change by the IT group>Grading of service desk interaction<Example – survey of random calls>Service desk interaction gradingReference: 55540470%ItemDescriptionPoints1Did the agent correctly greet the caller and identify themselves?☼2Was the IT customer shown empathy?☼3Was a reference number supplied?4Was the agent able to correctly identify the issue and service being used by the IT customer?☼5Was the interaction correctly recorded in the service desk database?☼6Was a suitable workaround supplied or alternatively correctly escalated?☼7Did the agent use language that was understandable to a business person?☼8Did the agent keep any commitments that were made9Was the interaction in conformance to the SLA time periods?10Was any value add information or assistance provide by the agent?☼Total Points7Grading of service desk escalation<Example – survey of random calls>2nd line escalation gradingReference: 55561460%ItemDescriptionPointsClassification1User information correctly captured and logged☼2Configuration item correctly recorded and service identified3Type of call correctly assigned☼4Urgency, Impact and Priority correctly assessedDescription5Description within call is fully described and it understandable in business terms☼Actions6Detail added during expanded incident lifecycle7Regular updates and follow ups☼8Correct and detailed closure (escalation – SLA)9Correct technical documents attached (or described)☼Times10Start and end times recorded☼Total Points6Checklist for SOPHave you addressed all the following:WhoWhy?What?When?How?Where?AddendumService catalogue<Services including classes of service.>StandardsIBM Essential infrastructure standards table<br /> </li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> <aside id="side-panel" class="small-12 large-4 columns j-related-more-tab"> <div class="mediumRectangleAd"> <div id="topRightAd" class="j-top-right-div top-right-fillin"> <script type="text/javascript"> slideshare_object._adQueue.push({ tile : 5, zone : 'slideview', dart_code: '%3Bkw%3DBusiness%3Bkw%3DManagement%3Bkw%3DDocument%2BManagement%2BSystem%3Bkw%3DRisk%2Bmanagement%3Bkw%3DRisk%2Bassessment%3Bkw%3DStanding%2Boperating%2Bprocedure%3Bkw%3DBusiness%2Bcontinuity%2Bplanning%3Bkw%3DService%2BDesk%3Bcat%3Dtechnology', width: 300, height: 250, appendTo: 'topRightAd'}); </script> </div> </div> <dl class="tabs related-tabs" data-tab> <dd class="active"><a href="#related-tab-content" data-ga-cat="bigfoot_slideview" data-ga-action="relatedslideshows_tab">Recommended</a></dd> <dd class="j-more-tab " 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Enseñanza</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">9,096 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="3052880" data-ssrank="22" data-algo-id="21" data-score="56.1479" class="j-related-impression" title="Afstudeerverslag" href="/jpputs/afstudeerverslag"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Afstudeerverslag" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Afstudeerverslag</div> <div class="author">jpputs</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">5,122 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="43798176" data-ssrank="23" data-algo-id="21" data-score="56.1446" class="j-related-impression" title="Afscheidsrede van Heuven_as published" href="/VJJPvanHeuven/afscheidsrede-van-heuvenas-published"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Afscheidsrede van Heuven_as published" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Afscheidsrede van Heuven_as published</div> <div class="author">V.J.J.P. van Heuven</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">365 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="29914589" data-ssrank="24" data-algo-id="21" data-score="56.1007" class="j-related-impression" title="Como elaborar un buen proyecto" href="/Colectivodr/como-elaborar-un-buen-proyecto"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Como elaborar un buen proyecto" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Como elaborar un buen proyecto</div> <div class="author">Colectivo Desarrollo Reg</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">814 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="27858958" data-ssrank="25" data-algo-id="21" data-score="56.0634" class="j-related-impression" title="Veiligheid en burgerschap in een netwerksamenleving" href="/socialmediadna/veiligheid-en-burgerschap-in-een-netwerksamenleving"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Veiligheid en burgerschap in een netwerksamenleving" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Veiligheid en burgerschap in een netwerksamenleving</div> <div class="author">socialmediadna</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">2,160 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="1702025" data-ssrank="26" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.9827" class="j-related-impression" title="De markt van Integraal Facility Management in beeld gebracht" href="/Camalia/de-markt-van-integraal-facility-management-in-beeld-gebracht"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="De markt van Integraal Facility Management in beeld gebracht" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">De markt van Integraal Facility Management in beeld gebracht</div> <div class="author">CAMALIA Technisch Vastgoedmanagement</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">9,752 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="24282401" data-ssrank="27" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.9789" class="j-related-impression" title="Rapport woninginbraken" href="/socialmediadna/rapport-woninginbraken"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Rapport woninginbraken" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Rapport woninginbraken</div> <div class="author">socialmediadna</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">1,139 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="12538927" data-ssrank="28" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.9758" class="j-related-impression" title="Unidad i la empresa a" href="/esemerol/unidad-i-la-empresa-a"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Unidad i la empresa a" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Unidad i la empresa a</div> <div class="author">Ray Galindo</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">2,904 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="10973657" data-ssrank="29" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.9621" class="j-related-impression" title="Intranet Stad Antwerpen (pdf)" href="/AichaC/intranet-stad-antwerpen-pdf"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Intranet Stad Antwerpen (pdf)" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Intranet Stad Antwerpen (pdf)</div> <div class="author">AichaC</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">5,404 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="42219797" data-ssrank="30" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.9264" class="j-related-impression" title="Kansen voor sport en bewegen in het sociale domein" href="/Gezondheidsdienst/kansen-voor-sport-en-bewegen-in-het-sociale-domein"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Kansen voor sport en bewegen in het sociale domein" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Kansen voor sport en bewegen in het sociale domein</div> <div class="author">Gezondheidsdienst</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">767 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="16403942" data-ssrank="31" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.8564" class="j-related-impression" title="ken uw klant -de kunst van het omarmen en behouden" href="/WTTinsights/ken-uw-klant-de-kunst-van-het-omarmen-en-behouden"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="ken uw klant -de kunst van het omarmen en behouden" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">ken uw klant -de kunst van het omarmen en behouden</div> <div class="author">WTT Insights</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">6,060 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="11367295" data-ssrank="32" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.748" class="j-related-impression" title="Metodologia de la investigacion cientifica" href="/luiseduardorico/metodologia-de-la-investigacion-cientifica-11367295"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Metodologia de la investigacion cientifica" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Metodologia de la investigacion cientifica</div> <div class="author">Luis Rico</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">7,816 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="4946159" data-ssrank="33" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.7316" class="j-related-impression" title="Boekje Zorg Na Intensieve Gezinscoaching Het Recept Van De Warme Overdracht" href="/marafrank/boekje-zorg-na-intensieve-gezinscoaching-het-recept-van-de-warme-overdracht"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Boekje Zorg Na Intensieve Gezinscoaching Het Recept Van De Warme Overdracht" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Boekje Zorg Na Intensieve Gezinscoaching Het Recept Van De Warme Overdracht</div> <div class="author">Mara Frank</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">2,229 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="16251162" data-ssrank="34" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.7314" class="j-related-impression" title="Theory u-samenvatting" href="/R3nske/theory-usamenvatting"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Theory u-samenvatting" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Theory u-samenvatting</div> <div class="author">Renske van Grinsven</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">5,756 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="24249426" data-ssrank="35" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.7278" class="j-related-impression" title="SGBO De klok rond. Onderzoek naar de meest optimale inzetduur van een Staf Grootschalig Bijzonder Optreden (Okkersen)" href="/socialmediadna/sgbo-de-klok-rond-okkersen"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="SGBO De klok rond. Onderzoek naar de meest optimale inzetduur van een Staf Grootschalig Bijzonder Optreden (Okkersen)" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">SGBO De klok rond. Onderzoek naar de meest optimale inzetduur van een Staf Groo……</div> <div class="author">socialmediadna</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">1,127 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="5923188" data-ssrank="36" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.6585" class="j-related-impression" title="Recursos Humanos" href="/52jorgeeduardo/recursos-humanos-5923188"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Recursos Humanos" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Recursos Humanos</div> <div class="author">52jorgeeduardo</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">9,031 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="8648202" data-ssrank="37" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.6185" class="j-related-impression" title="Perfil de lider empresarial" href="/orozcofernando/perfil-de-lider-empresarial"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Perfil de lider empresarial" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Perfil de lider empresarial</div> <div class="author">Fernando Orozco</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">26,015 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="9532555" data-ssrank="38" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.5851" class="j-related-impression" title=" El" href="/letypk/el-9532555"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt=" El" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title"> El</div> <div class="author">Leticia E. Martinez B.</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">2,927 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="7065602" data-ssrank="39" data-algo-id="21" data-score="55.5647" class="j-related-impression" title="Physical Assessment Handouts" href="/MarkFredderickAbejo/physical-assessment-handouts-7065602"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb" alt="Physical Assessment Handouts" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Physical Assessment Handouts</div> <div class="author">MarkFredderickAbejo</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">29,447 views </div> </div> </a> </li> </ul> <div id="j-related-sponsored-content-template" class="hide"> <li class="related-ad" style="display:none"> <div id="{{id}}" data-position="{{position}}"></div> <span class="divider"></span> </li> </div> <ul id="more-tab-content" class="content no-bullet notranslate " ab_variant="none"> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="41055898" title="Root cause analysis" href="/redpineapple/root-cause-analysis-41055898"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Root cause analysis" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Root cause analysis</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">214 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="40827887" title="Professional Journey - Ronald Bartels" href="/redpineapple/professional-journey-ronald-bartels"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Professional Journey - Ronald Bartels" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Professional Journey - Ronald Bartels</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">209 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="38485661" title="MEF briefing" href="/redpineapple/mef-briefing"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="MEF briefing" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">MEF briefing</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">37 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="38485363" title="Broadband policy" href="/redpineapple/broadband-policy"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Broadband policy" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Broadband policy</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">88 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="38478081" title="iburst overview" href="/redpineapple/iburst-overview"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="iburst overview" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">iburst overview</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">65 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2992565" title="Incident Consequence Analysis" href="/redpineapple/incident-consequence-analysis"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Incident Consequence Analysis" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Incident Consequence Analysis</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">807 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2992554" title="Major Incident Draft Template" href="/redpineapple/major-incident-draft-template"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Major Incident Draft Template" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Major Incident Draft Template</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">9,285 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2981664" title="Budget exception form" href="/redpineapple/budget-exception-form"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Budget exception form" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Budget exception form</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">520 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2981550" title="Project Request Form" href="/redpineapple/project-request-form"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="Project Request Form" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">Project Request Form</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">3,999 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2116437" title="HSTR seminar" href="/redpineapple/perspec7"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="HSTR seminar" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">HSTR seminar</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">186 views </div> </div> </a> </li> <li class="j-related-item"> <a data-ssid="2116417" title="HSTR Seminar" href="/redpineapple/hstrseminar"> <div class="related-thumbnail"> <img class="j-thumbnail j-lazy-thumb j-lazy-thumb-click" alt="HSTR Seminar" src="//" data-original="" /> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="title">HSTR Seminar</div> <div class="author">Ronald Bartels ☁</div> <div class="j-related-views view-count">440 views </div> </div> </a> </li> </ul> </div> </aside> </div> </div> <div class="footer-leaderboard-ad" style="text-align:center; padding-top: 15px;"> <div class="transcriptAd"> <div id="transcriptAdHolder"><script type="text/javascript">slideshare_object._adQueue.push({ tile : 4, zone : 'slideview', dart_code: '%3Bkw%3DBusiness%3Bkw%3DManagement%3Bkw%3DDocument%2BManagement%2BSystem%3Bkw%3DRisk%2Bmanagement%3Bkw%3DRisk%2Bassessment%3Bkw%3DStanding%2Boperating%2Bprocedure%3Bkw%3DBusiness%2Bcontinuity%2Bplanning%3Bkw%3DService%2BDesk%3Bcat%3Dtechnology', width: 728, height: 90, appendTo: 'transcriptAdHolder', lazyLoad: true});</script></div> </div> </div> <footer> <div class="row"> <div class="columns"> <div id="smt-lang-selector"></div> <ul 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\u2601","is_author_premium":false,"ss_url":"","facade_slide_url":"","iframe_url":"//","embed_sizes":{"presets":{"preset3":{"size":{"height":612,"width":572},"displaySize":{"height":66,"width":60}},"preset4":{"size":{"height":714,"width":668},"displaySize":{"height":77,"width":70}},"preset1":{"size":{"height":408,"width":382},"displaySize":{"height":44,"width":40}},"preset2":{"size":{"height":510,"width":477},"displaySize":{"height":55,"width":50}}},"config":{"defaultPreset":"preset2"}},"clip_counts":{},"form_after_slide_number":null},"facebook_app_id":2490221586,"version_no":"1424189573","userimage_placeholder":"//","top_nav":{"get_url":"/top_nav"},"analytics_api_enabled":true,"totalSlides":30,"category":{"featured":0},"gam_cat_name":"technology","useHttp":1,"beacon_url":"","asset_id":"c04c2fe631a31424dbf2dcd1e2b35a8219fb5752","stats":{"url":""},"user":{"member_type":"non-member"},"default_tab":".svMoreAuthor","li_bar":{"get_url":"/li_bar"},"relative_static_origin_server":"//","jsplayer":{"player_type":"document","image_ready":true,"disable_minishare":true,"fullscreen_bgcolor":"jsplBgColorBlack","mode":"image","id":2981426,"show_related_content":"1","html_eotfont_url_suffix":"-eot.js","timestamp":1424189573,"lastscreen":{"related":[{"author":"Piet van den Boer","author_login":"pvandenboer","url":"/pvandenboer/het-effectvanachtergrondmuziekinmerkwinkelsopdewaargenomenmerkpersoonlijkheid","title":"Onderzoek: Effect van achtergrondmu...","thumbnail":"//","views":3536},{"author":"Ayman Sarhan","author_login":"101ayman","url":"/101ayman/body-language-how-to-read-others-thoughts-by-their-gestures-allan-pease","title":"Body Language - How To Read Others ...","thumbnail":"//","views":104376},{"author":"Raju Nair","author_login":"m9821735856","url":"/m9821735856/marketing-research","title":"Marketing Research","thumbnail":"//","views":61415},{"author":"aireen clores","author_login":"cloresaireen","url":"/cloresaireen/total-quality-service-management-book-1","title":"Total Quality Service Management Bo...","thumbnail":"//","views":58452},{"author":"Swati Chandak","author_login":"pinky_m43","url":"/pinky_m43/cultural-change-presentation","title":"Cultural Change","thumbnail":"//","views":197247},{"author":"fathima habeeb","author_login":"fathima_sy","url":"/fathima_sy/globalisation-its-challenges-and-advantages","title":"Globalisation, its challenges and a...","thumbnail":"//","views":103338},{"author":"Emmanuel Chulin","author_login":"simplementeEMM","url":"/simplementeEMM/sociologia-5804463","title":"Sociologia","thumbnail":"//","views":29053},{"author":"UMP","author_login":"afifmuneer","url":"/afifmuneer/standard-operating-procedure-11759663","title":"Standard operating procedure","thumbnail":"//","views":4827},{"author":"Gorani dhaval","author_login":"gorval227","url":"/gorval227/strategic-management-1984904","title":"Strategic Management","thumbnail":"//","views":52857},{"author":"Smartgames PERU","author_login":"LansXero","url":"/LansXero/psicologa-social","title":"Psicolog\u00eda social","thumbnail":"//","views":238134},{"author":"Richp3rf3ct","author_login":"Richp3rf3ct","url":"/Richp3rf3ct/el-liderazgo-28100886","title":"El liderazgo","thumbnail":"//","views":2351},{"author":"daanloohuis","author_login":"daanloohuis","url":"/daanloohuis/scriptie-marketing-trends-idm","title":"Scriptie marketing trends Identitei...","thumbnail":"//","views":9462}],"url":""},"slide_count":30,"is_private":false,"fullscreen_url":"/fullscreen/redpineapple/standard-operating-procedure","start_slide":1,"render_links":"default","has_video":false,"html_ttffont_url_suffix":".js","next_slideshow_pos":null,"replayscreen":{"html":"\u003Ca href=\"#\" class=\"j-replay-button replay-button\" \u003E\n \u003Ci class=\"fa fa-refresh\"\u003E\u003C/i\u003E\n View again\n\u003C/a\u003E"},"image_bucket_location":"//","iframe_code":"\u003Ciframe src=\"{iframe_url}\" width=\"{width}\" height=\"{height}\" frameborder=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\" scrolling=\"no\" style=\"border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px; margin-bottom:5px; max-width: 100%;\" allowfullscreen\u003E \u003C/iframe\u003E \u003Cdiv style=\"margin-bottom:5px\"\u003E \u003Cstrong\u003E \u003Ca href=\"\" title=\"Standard Operating Procedure\" target=\"_blank\"\u003EStandard Operating Procedure\u003C/a\u003E \u003C/strong\u003E from \u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"\u003ERonald Bartels \u2601\u003C/a\u003E\u003C/strong\u003E \u003C/div\u003E","has_lead":false,"wp_code":"[slideshare id=2981426\u0026doc=rpsopt-12643520082506-phpapp02\u0026type=d]","author_id":22269100,"stripped_title":"standard-operating-procedure","meta_error_template":"\u003Cstyle type=\"text/css\"\u003E\n .jsplayer-slide-error {\n background-color: #000;\n padding: 20% 0 13% !important;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error div {\n text-align: center;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error img {\n height: 79px !important;\n margin: 0 0 10px;\n width: 80px !important;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error .slide-error-body {\n color: #eee;\n font-family: 'Lucida Grande',Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;\n padding: 0 !important;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error .slide-error-body p {\n font-size: 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href=\"/signup?\u0026amp;from=favorite\u0026amp;layout=foundation\u0026amp;\" \u003E\n \u003Ci class=\"fa fa-heart fa-lg\"\u003E\u003C/i\u003E\n \u003C/a\u003E\n \u003C/div\u003E\n \u003Cdiv class=\"j-action-faved action-faved\"\u003E\n \u003Cbutton data-tooltip aria-haspopup=\"true\" class=\"removeFav delete j-tooltip has-tip\" title=\"You have liked this \" rel=\"nofollow\" href=\"#\"\u003E\n \u003Ci class=\"fa fa-heart fa-lg\"\u003E\u003C/i\u003E\n \u003C/button\u003E\n \u003C/div\u003E\n \u003Ca data-tooltip aria-haspopup=\"true\" class=\"j-tooltip j-download action-download has-tip\" title=\"Save this \" href=\"/signup?\u0026amp;from=download\u0026amp;from_source=%2Fsavedfiles%3Fs_title%3Dstandard-operating-procedure%26user_login%3Dredpineapple\u0026amp;download_id=2981426-cefe57341a54decd8ca33a632df8a1eb6674f193-slideshow\u0026amp;layout=foundation\" data-target=\"#login_modal\" data-placement=\"top\"\u003E\n \u003Ci class=\"fa fa-download fa-lg\" style=\"margin-top: 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@redpineapple","video_slides_count":0,"page":1,"inpage_full_screen":true,"disable_eagerload":true,"is_only_private":false,"next_prev_experiment":true,"spinner_url":"//","ppt_location":"rpsopt-12643520082506-phpapp02","player_bgcolor":"jsplBgColorBigfoot","slideview_url":"/redpineapple/standard-operating-procedure","beacon_url":"","disable_share":false,"has_new_lead_form":false,"autoplayOnEmbed":false,"share_text":"Standard Operating Procedure by Ronald Bartels \u2601 via slideshare","twitter_recommended_users":"@redpineapple","use_ssl":false,"preload_after_pageload":true,"slide_error_template":"\u003Cstyle type=\"text/css\"\u003E\n .jsplayer-slide-error {\n background-color: #000;\n padding: 20% 0 13% !important;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error div {\n text-align: center;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error img {\n height: 79px !important;\n margin: 0 0 10px;\n width: 80px !important;\n }\n .jsplayer-slide-error .slide-error-body {\n color: #eee;\n font-family: 'Lucida Grande',Verdana, Arial, 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style=\"margin-bottom:5px\"\u003E \u003Cstrong\u003E \u003Ca href=\"\" title=\"Standard Operating Procedure\" target=\"_blank\"\u003EStandard Operating Procedure\u003C/a\u003E \u003C/strong\u003E from \u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"\u003ERonald Bartels \u2601\u003C/a\u003E\u003C/strong\u003E \u003C/div\u003E","iframe_url":"//","related_position":0,"embed_sizes":{"presets":{"preset3":{"size":{"height":612,"width":572},"displaySize":{"height":66,"width":60}},"preset4":{"size":{"height":714,"width":668},"displaySize":{"height":77,"width":70}},"preset1":{"size":{"height":408,"width":382},"displaySize":{"height":44,"width":40}},"preset2":{"size":{"height":510,"width":477},"displaySize":{"height":55,"width":50}}},"config":{"defaultPreset":"preset2"}},"container":"svPlayerId","spinner_url_fullscreen":"//"}}); </script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { var $el = $('#svPlayerId'); var classMap = 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numItemToDisplay = Math.floor((mainContentHeight - 200) / sidePanelItemHeight); $("#side-panel .tabs-content .content").each(function() { $(this).find(".j-related-item").slice(numItemToDisplay - 2).remove(); }); var loadAdditionalFunctionality = function() { e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = '//'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); }; $(window).load(function() { loadAdditionalFunctionality(); }); // Load more atb when clicked $('.j-lazy-thumb-click').lazyload({ event : 'more-tab-clicked' }); $('.j-more-tab').on('click', function() { $('.j-lazy-thumb-click').trigger('more-tab-clicked'); }); // Load additionnal css $(window).load(function() { loadCSS("//"); }); }); </script> <noscript> <img height="1" width="1" alt="" style="display:none;" src="//" /> </noscript> </body> </html>