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How Great A Challenge Did Ww1 Pose To
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How Great A Challenge Did Ww1 Pose To



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  • 1. How Great a challenge did WW1 pose to the Liberal State? May 1915
  • 2. WW1
    • War broke out in July 1914.
    • In Italy
      • Who would support war and why?
      • Who would oppose war?
  • 3. Nationalists
    • Gabriele d'Annunzio - Poet and Nationalist.
    • Companions, here is the dawn. Our vigil is over. Our gaiety begins….After so much wavering the incredible has happened. We shall now fight our war, and blood will flow from the veins of Italy. We are the last to enter the struggle but will be among the first to find glory…..
  • 4. Futurists
    • Marinetti – war – “the world’s only hygiene”
  • 5. Socialists
    • PSI under Turati
    • Decided on a policy of neither support not sabotage.
  • 6. Mussolini
    • In "Avanti" he wrote “ "Let a single cry arise from the vast multitudes of the proletariat and let it be repeated in the squares and streets of Italy: down with war! The proletariat provides raw material, cannon fodder with which states make their history." 1915 April
  • 7. Mussolini
    • "It is to you, young men of Italy…..that I address my call to arms…..Today I am forced to utter loudly and clearly in sincere good faith the fearful and fascinating word – war!" Oct 1915.
    • Mussolini was expelled from the party.
    • "You cannot get rid of me because I am and always will be a socialist. You hate me because you still love me."
  • 8. Liberals
    • PM is Antonio Salandra opts for neutrality as the people are anti war and due to red week.
    • Giolitti is strongly anti-war. As is parliament.
    • But the Triple Alliance?
    • What are the risks of staying out of war?
  • 9. Risks
    • No spoils of any war come to those who have taken no part in it.
    • It is assumed on all sides that this war will end quite quickly, and Italy is hoping for a postwar expansion of her northern frontier - Italia Irredenta.
  • 10. 1915
    • The king and Salandra open talks with both sides.
    • Sign the Treaty of London in April 1915.
    • May – declare war on Austria-Hungary.