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 666 – The Beginnings of a Book of the New Age Song of which Christians Might Call the Awakening of the Enlightened Beast
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666 – The Beginnings of a Book of the New Age Song of which Christians Might Call the Awakening of the Enlightened Beast


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. 666The Great Beginnings of a Book of the New Age Song which Christians Might Call the Great Awakening of the Enlightened Beast 2012
  • 2. TABLE OF BEASTLY CONTENTS1. Prince of Darkness2. Roses and Thorns3. Flowers of Creation4. Dictionary5. SOUL6. Art7. Words8. Cops9. State of the One World Religion10. The True Militia11. The Matrix Philosophy12. Universities
  • 4. 27. CHRISTIAN LIBERTY 28. FREAK SHOW 29. LIGHTPrince of Darkness
  • 5. PrinceOf LoveTo beautyWho isn’t afraidTo carry the SwordOf the God of all TruthIs why I love being an AmericanWho finds in the Enlightened SwordThe Blade to protect that of the RainbowOf this Republic that will always shine of BeautyEve may be left to wonder what I may be ThinkingBut that is why I love the Darkness of the Holy MysteriesBecause I see how in Gold and the Heart all Love is revealedWhich leaves me to feel like a Prince who so loved the RepublicEven though the Mistress of the Empires may wish to challenge meAnd if it does I will just laugh the entire way knowing how she is a WhoreTo those who dwell in the Idea of Government when I find love in the RepublicIn that of the Hearts of Gold of the People who make that of the Nation the GreatestFor I as a Prince of the Darkness will carry the sword to fight for the very Nation blessed by GodSo that you will all never have to fear that of the Satanic Entities that may wish to steal this Nation from youBut I just you know to know that I do this as a Patriot because I no way in shape or form want to be declared a KingBecause my Love is in the People of America to bring through their Hearts that of Brighter TomorrowSo that all Future Generations can enjoy that of the Fruits of this Greatest Nation that arose on EarthI so loved the White Light of God that I will always and forever fight to make that of America betterAs I will never become a sell out to Money unless I can earn it righteously through True CapitalismIn which if I so acquire some I would use it to brighten up that of Live all around the CountrySo that everyone with that of Dreams can know what a Golden Heart is truly all aboutFor that is all I ever wanted to do even though I am just left to cry everydayKnowing how the Root of all Evil has corrupted that of this very NationWhere that of Millions never was enough to others that want TrillionsSo here I sit just feeling what it is like to be a Prince in AmericaWho would have given life to the otherwise forgotten HeartsSo that they could while in this Country shine foreverLike that of the Cross that is as beautiful as the SunBut since no one believes in myself I just sit hereSeeing that of a Life where I mean so littleTo those that would rather in their questFor that of that of Global AmbitionsSell out that of those True HeartsThat found in that of a SoulThe True Prince of GodWho wasn’t afraidTo lend that of aHelping HandOut to othersTo free thisVery EarthFrom thatDarkness
  • 6. Roses and ThornsRoseOf beautyWhether oneOr by the DozenMaybe I am lovedBy God and OthersFor only loving BeautyIn that of Heart and SoulI really don’t know ne moreFor I was told I would be richWhich if that was the very caseI would have spread it around to allSo that Citizens can shine of CreationOn that of my very path that of DreamsThat money does bring to People in this LifeHappiness so long as it is used so righteouslyWithout having to embrace usury in the PracticeAs I believed in Words like God, Gold, and the TruthFor I sometimes really do wonder who really cares for meConsidering they say in Life that we can be all we want to beAnd since I never wanted to beg to the Government for that of my BreadIs why I loved America when it was associated with that of Sound Money CapitalismI really do wonder what it takes to be a God of Money on this Earth to spread around to allTo acquire some of the Root of all Evil so that both Demons and Angels on this Planet can bring to us a RenaissanceSince the America of Yesterday was filled with Corruption as the Federal Reserve stole from us our TreasurySo it leaves me to wonder what does happen to one in America when they speak about Common SenseWhere Words once again have that of meaning like God versus all this Babel, Debt, and Lies sold to usAlong with that of the Funny Ties that are worn by the Bankers, Politicians, and Globalist PowersWhere they write the Laws to benefit their own while rewarding from the Treasury their FriendsAnd don’t forget to mention that of the 21st Century Surveillance State that is arisingEven though for many years they have been doing it secretly as they are like GodSince they who have wealth or granted power are a different class of CitizensWhich is why they threw out the Founding Documents to protect it allIt just leaves me to see the New America that is arising around usWhere one needed that of God and that gift of the ConscienceVersus a set of Eyes watching over you twenty four sevenI really truly do wonder what this “New Age” will bringConsidering nothing of Truth is spoken of anymoreWhere that of Soundness once existed in AmericaWithout the need to spread that of Lies aroundTo protect that of what was once a RepublicWhere Government was of all the PeopleAnd where God meant everything to usWho came to this Nation to embrace itSo it leaves me to truly wonderIf the New World Order hereWas looking for someone
  • 7. As beautiful as myselfTo sacrifice at theirRitualistic AltarOnly to wear aLovely CrownOf DevilishThorns
  • 8. Flowers of CreationFlowersOf ColorsSo prettyHeavenlyOrgasmicLight to allIn their SpellsLike that of a WitchWho practices the CraftIs why I in that of my SoulAs I melt away in the GodWho is responsible for CreationAm able to find that Flower PowerLike that or a Mario turned Pink and WhiteOr that of a Luigi who does seem truly so GayTo that of the Cult of the Earth of those PlantersWho finds beauty in that of the Love of associated with God’s WondersI sometimes feel as if I have been gifted with the Curse to cleanse the EarthFrom that of those Man Made Diseases that plague the Planet in the name of ReligionsBecause at least in the Craft I am writing leads Creation to know that a Man does have a HeartWho finds in that of Flowers the beauties of Heaven to unite that of all this Gayish America as OneAs I do sometimes feel like the Greatest of all Heavenly Wonders in those that Love the Flowerish BeautiesI may not be the most beautiful of all Earthly Creations made from that of the Elements of this EarthBut at least when I look in the Soul I have from God who so loves me I see how I am truly beautifulLike that of the Flowers in that of Red, White, Blue, Pink, Purple, or other Heavenly ColorsThe Greatest thing I love about the Flower Power is that I hope others see a SoulSo filled in the Wonders of God that it leaves them to just melt away in this LifeAs they find within that of their Existence the very Rainbow that radiatesWithin their Hearts that reflect the Colors that create a prism from GoldI really do welcome being that of the Son of God here on this EarthBecause I see how a Soul in love with God can feel like a PowerAs beautiful as that of the Flower one might give to EveBy that of an Adam who may pick them in the GardenOr buy them from a Shop to send to that of his LoveFor I have fallen in Love with the Nature’s ReligionAs my Soul in love is filled with a Flower PowerThat I cannot even explain anymoreAs I for one in that of this BodyAm falling more and moreIn that of Love with GodWho leaves me to seeIn that of the FlowersTo Trees and BeesThe MysteriesOf this HolyWonderfulHeavenly
  • 9. GloriousCreationDictionaryIDoWonderIf I shouldBreak out thatOf a DictionaryAnd write about thatOf every single WordAssociated with HumanityFor I will make it all beautifulJust like a Heart of Gold that means everythingFor when I talk about People and Hearts and the Republic and Local Governments leads me as I type thisTo see how even in Words a Voice in love with the God of Music can overcome the very Lows to sing High Like a TenorAnd even if America is transcending into an Empire I still do find that of Love in the Dictionary of American EnglishWhere I can take that of Words only to leave them to dance as I type them into Music into those MindsWho if they are Poor or Rich will lead them to see a Heart to share with that of those Young and OldTo turn it into that of the most Beautiful of all Mosaics that have ever graced the Faces of this BookA Dictionary is so beautiful but a Thesaurus is what is that of the Hidden Gift of these WondersWhere things like Gay and Happy can be interchanged to bring to Humanity the LanguageOf that of which one can find when they look into the Gods filled with simplicityBut of which leaves a Beautiful Mind to still find that Love in a DictionaryTo love that of the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the TreesFor when one sees how a Book can if one looks into that of itTo lead one into a World outside that of their perceptionIs when the True Gothic Renasorial America will ariseFilled with Hellish and Heavenly BeautiesOf Nazi and Rainbow colored FlagsAnd that is why I love EnglishAs found in a DictionaryBecause in it I can seeThe beauty of theEmpirical TongueSpoken by theVery PatriotsWho are theGreatest
  • 10. SOULIMeYouLoveIs whyDa SoulLives onThis EarthBecause oneShould they lookInto that of the LifeThat can be found in itWill see how it is beautifulLike a Comet that is to collideWith that of this Earth that is LostWithout the Knowledge of God who LovesThat of anyone who finds within a Soul a BeautyWhich turns that of Words into Music from the HeartAs from that “Eye” one can see how in Love the World can ChangeFor that of all Humanity who sees in that of others the True Worth of a SoulWriting like this Leaves me to wonder why one would ever want to embrace the DevilLeaving one to just continue sinking in that of this World that seems filled with Darkness and HateBut in that of Love one can find the Soul that is more beautiful than any of all this Earth’s CreationsWhich is why in that of God is the Knowledge that leaves a Human to melt away in that of very HeavensThat will never be found in a Textbook or in that of the Devil because a Soul is what means everything on EarthWhich is why I am happy just falling away from that of the many Religions on Earth that have looked to drown me outLike that of which they say once occurred in the Great Flood when God was supposedly so upset with that of HumanityReligions to me are a beautiful thing for others to so embrace even though I fear that of a Leader whose Heart is BlackBecause should Individuals embrace such a Pontiff it will lead to that of the Dark Ages to arise like in the Old WorldAnd that is why I talk about Gold and Hearts because this Earth is left to wonder what could arise if a Pope ruledUnless it was that of one like myself who stood atop the Holiest of all the Churches that finds love in a SoulTo me the greatest love of America was that of those Christians and Patriots who loved their GodWho would do that of anything to protect the very Principals associated with the RepublicFor America is a Rainbow and in that of Gold one can find it even if Babel surrounds itWhich is why when one ventures in the depths of the Soul they find a HeartThat is more precious than Gold whether in Fiat or Sound MoneyFor a Soul is worth more than that of which any Money can buyAnd that is especially True if it owes its Allegiance to GodWho is the Source of all the Light in the Cosmic UniverseFor a venture into the Soul leads one to see a BeautyThat’s more colorful than of which exists on EarthAnd that is why I love the very Soul of Creation
  • 11. Otherwise in the Devil I am left in a Black HoleWanting to embrace the True Love of GodThan to worship one like SatanWhich is why I love the SoulThat means everythingIf one looks into itTo see that youOne of and allMean to meEverything
  • 12. ArtCreativityIn Thine HeartIs why Enlightenment shinesTo Free Entirely that of the MindWhere you don’t have to believe ConspiraciesIn that of a True New Age Movement to shine over the WorldFor just because you have an Art Degree doesn’t make you an ArtistAnd the same goes with that of anything which is why you don’t need an EducationBecause in a Currency backed by Gold and where Hearts leads the way is where True Beauty residesFor in that of insanity is when all the Heavens and the Wonders built on Earth can bring forth creativityVersus listening to Politicians and Religious Whackos and those who say they are smart because they have DoctoratesWell let the Truth be known that Greatest Master of the Arts is a Heart of Gold enlightened by the RainbowInstead of worrying about that All Seeing Eye that the Devil stole from God that once watched over youBut it’s all fine and dandy since so long as Hearts of Gold unite is when all our Gay Rights will flourishOf what it means to be united in this Garden that should People see the Heart will see their HeavenSo that the Insanity within a Mind can unleash a Light so powerful upon a Darkened WorldFor when one is all alone to ponder that of everything that is seen on this EarthSo to bring about the Unification once again of America like we had beforeBut of which can eliminate the Enemies in the State that do steal SoulsBecause God is all you need to believe in so long as you aren’t EvilUnless you see that of True Evil happening is when BewareFor the wrath of the God and all the powers of HeavenWill cast upon thy Mortal Flesh thee Holy White LightThat should in the Future leave any Dark Soul to fearWhat an Enlightened People will do to those SoulsWho sought out the path of the very Hellish DevilWhen we as one are God’s Rainbowic PeopleWill leave for you to fear those Hot FiresAssociated with that of Hell’s AngelsWho will leave you ElectrifiedWhile lost in the ThundersOf those Stars around usWho are once againIntent on restoringTheir God’s ReignSo that togetherAll of us in himCan live as oneTogetherForeverAlwaysIn His
  • 13. GloryWordsWordsThat springFrom those onesCreating a true harmonyCan be found by embracingThat of a True American PatriotBecause in that of a Mind like my ownI can pick that of a Word from the DictionaryAnd turn it into a Melody of a True Golden LegendJust like the Bankers did when they undermined your TreasuryLeaving you as Individuals in this Nation to have your Depository stolenFor one used to be able to find simplicity on this Earth before Greed destroyed itWhere Dollars replaced that of Pennies just like Trillions now have replaced ThousandsDoes no one else see how that of the Debt from the Elasticity of Money leads to enslavementWhile those in bed with the Federal Reserve prosper while as they expand it leads to you to sink deeper into their WordsWhile they sell to you that of their Promises through endless Propaganda through that of their numerous Media OutletsAnd don’t you all ever just wonder what really happened to America as it all became nothing more than a True JokeWhen this Republic used to be sound and beautiful when this Nation embraced Hearts and where Gold circulatedBanks all across the Countryside had we’ll say $2,000 to $10,000 in that of their Vaults of True Sound MoneyAnd in that People found happiness knowing a Penny today will buy the same amount in the very futureBut what we have now in America is a Nation that rewards only those in bed with the Central PowersWith that of Special Favors and you might even be lucky to get a few extra Credits at Tax timeI mean a Bank 100 Years ago was self sufficient with $2,000 of Sound Money in their VaultsBut what would that be worth now I wonder as that of the Bankers Fiat World lives on$2,000,000, $20,000,000, $200,000,000, $2,000,000,000, $2,000,000,000,000The point is the Bankers have destroyed this very Nation of AmericaWhere if you aren’t lucky to win the Powerball with a Golden TicketThen you are left begging for a Handout for your Bread and WineThose who sleep with them will continue to get their MoniesBut good luck getting that of a Million Dollars from themBecause you aren’t in their White Collared Fascist ClubIf we had Caesar in America and that of Sound MoneyIt would be totally different in that of this NationBut we are left with the Bankers in this RepublicAnd that of the Central Government MatrixWhich is why I wonder what the Key isTo destroy the internet foreverIs it to attach Words like mineTo that of every Word aliveWith my Name they hateFor telling the very TruthAbout what was done
  • 14. To take from youThe RepublicOf AmericasOnce lovedAnd veryGloriousPastCopsCopsTo meAre so veryPretty IndeedAs they wear a BadgeDressed in that of UniformsTo protect that of the ConstitutionAt least I so hope that is what they doAlong with the People that Trust in themAnd that is why my Heart is so very Gay to thoseWho through Alien Technology can cleanse the EarthFrom that of those True Evil Doers that plague this SocietyWhile protecting those who just want to live together as OneIn that of this New Age where all our Minds will bring to this Planet EnlightenmentWhich is why if even if I don’t donate to a Fraternal Order I will still support you through Tax DollarsFor being that of the Sexy Beasts that you are as you look so cute in those Uniforms that support an Enlightened OrderAnd that is why I will always love you forever and ever and will until the end of time call you my FriendAs I as well had that of Family who wore a Badge even though they didn’t possess Alien TechnologyTo seek out like that of God whom reigns from above the might within him upon those Evil DoersWhich is why I am so very Gay for all of you so long as you protect those associated with LightSo that all of us who are united together can destroy forever the forces of EvilWhich is why I will always protect and serve you as I wish to be a DirectorTo create that of Epic Hollywood Productions to show to the PeopleAs to what it means to be a Alien Cop in God’s New World OrderWhere all of our Souls if united can always and foreverEliminate that of the Works of SatanSo we can all rest in this GardenWhile bringing Peace to MindsAnd Truth to those HeartsWhich is why I Love youAnd will always do soTo that of the EndSo long as youDo not forgetWhat it TrulyMeans toBe a GayHumanAlien
  • 15. State of the One World ReligionReligionHow darkOr EnlightenedIs it I truly wonderAnd who controls itThrough Lies and PropagandaAs to what True Enlightenment really isWhere that of Satan continues to corrupt the PlanetIs it that of which is painted White only to be ruled by those Men in BlackOr is it one of which is ruled by those who find in Darkness that of the Beauties of GodAnd that is why in those Forty Days and Forty Nights will lead me to wonder about the CrossAbout the beauties of God and whether it is True American Christians with a Heart of Gold that doOr if it is some other Darkened Power so powerful and subtle that not many raise their Voice to question itBecause what is said now Days in the Tower of Babel is only that of what State or Corporate Propaganda wants heardWhich is why we in America through the Digital Network are becoming isolated even in a World Wide WebYou really would be amazed as to how censored stuff in America really and truly is on these DaysLeaving one who only wanted to seek out others to make a difference to feel so very LittleBecause we truly are living now in a State Sponsored Iron Curtain Communist NetworkAs the Days of the Old American Republic are truly dying in this Society of oursFor we don’t have any more that of Ballots and Zip Locked ContainersThat if watched over by the People would bring Truth to the ElectionFor now we are truly seeing that of the Dark Ages in this EmpireWhere Truth Seekers and Speakers will be kept silentBecause that is what the very Military Complex isWhile Agencies are now owned by the StateAs we enter the Age of Banking GlobalismWhere Globalists now mean everythingAs the People continue to mean lessTo those who worship GreedOf which Leads to a PowerSo corrupt and very subtleWhich is why the RepublicIs getting to the very pointWhere the Days of LibertyAnd that of FreedomAre being corruptedWhile God aboveHas been trulyReplaced bySatan
  • 16. The True MilitiaAmericaWas onceA Nation ofEnchanted LandsWhere you could hereSee it different over thereA Nation of Township BeautySpoken in that of many TonguesFree from the reign of a Dick-TatorBut always true to the very GovernorWho if they saw a threat arise in this LandWould see Patriots come together in their KingdomTo raise the Sword to defend the God that unites themAmerica truly was at a time that of the Gayest of all NationsWhere a Rainbow truly existed in that of Fields across this LandTrue to their Ancestors and always holding their People close to HeartWhich is why it is breaking that of my Heart to see us become an EmpireBecause all the beauty that once existed in the Hearts is being lost to CentralizationWhere People now look up to the President for Answers versus in their Neighbors to find SolutionsWhere the New America is one of Materialistic Cravings wondering how you can get it from the People’s TreasuryAll the while those who speak of the Republic, Guns, God, Gold, Truth, and what now will soon be called the TerroristsBut don’t worry fellow Americans because your Savior that sits atop the Presidency will be your new American IdolPainting that of his Pretty Image of an American Utopia where we are seen as one and the same through his EyesLiving in an Empire while they centralize everything is that of the Greatest Tragedy to that of this CountryBecause now you are either with them or you are with the Terrorists or whatever it is they are calledThe Days of Independence and Local Beauty as found in the Rainbowic Hearts of all of us PatriotsIs one that has been replaced by the MTV Era of Soap Operaish Drama that so many worshipEverything about Cultures is being erased along with that of the Life once found in AmericaAnd one that wanted only to find Truth in Honest Capitalism is just left to drown in TearsKnowing how everything about this Nation that once existed when you talk to the EldersIs becoming nothing more than an English Nation where those atop this Pyramid SchemeWho through control of the Centralization of Banking and Globalism are our RoyaltyAll the while Towns across America perish as the rise of Surveillance State continuesI loved the reading about the Old America where Guns an Militias meant somethingWhere Mystical Lands existed within every Town in this Nation free from EmpireI’m not putting it down and I hope you realize that because I still do find in itThat of beauty even if those who stand atop the World could really care lessAs they worship that of Money and Global Ambitions versus Hearts of GoldI would love to see the Day in this Republic where I can stand atop the TreasuryAnd give rise once again to the Great Militias that will restore that of beauty to AmericaThat won’t be used to fight that of Foreign Wars unless some Dragon looked to come hereIn which we would slaughter them in a Heartbeat by the Millions for coming upon our Republic
  • 17. Because the Most Beautiful Gift about America that is found in Gold is that the People with HeartsWho matter more so than anything else which is why I love the 1st Amendment as Words are TruthTo that of the reasons why America was created to show to that of all of you what Freedom is all aboutI found in the Old America where in the Country one can be that of an Individual who loves his very PrivacyWho worked for a Dollar that he only hoped wouldn’t be corrupted by those Individuals called Money ChangersBecause even though I now while typing this leaves you all to know that I have the Gayest of all the Gay Souls hereLeaves me to hope that I only started writing this all to show you how Words mean everything as the Empire now arisesI just wanted to restore that of something to People and that was a belief that you do mean something in this RepublicEven if those who have otherwise sold out that of Nation seemed to have abandoned everything about AmericaI was told I was the Son of God and that I would be the Perfect Sacrifice and if that happens I will just embrace itBecause I so loved that of this Nation even though everything about it over the Years has been forgotten aboutI will probably not be seen as a Saint which is fine with me but I still do love that of their Heavenly WordsAnd if I am so chosen to die I will welcome being an American Martyr to fly to Heaven upon a CometI just loved everything about America from that of its founding to the diversity that now exists in itWhich is why if some Dick-Tator looked to overtake this Republic is when I would sacrifice his LifeAt that of the Militias Altar that represents that of the Gayest of all the Souls alive in all of usI just know America wants that of something more than some Idealistic Nation we now seeWhere if you say something out of context it could be used against in you some TribunalBecause centralization of Wealth and Power is that of the worst thing that can happenAs it will lead to an Empire like that of Rome who will most likely rule with an Iron FistEven though the Great Diversity that once existed in America may be that of LostI still do believe that within Communities there are Individuals that treasure itAnd those are the People I cared for more than anyone else in this LifeBecause those who love History to me are that of People I so loveWho are rich in the Arts and the beauty found in the very MindThat found the Greatest Treasures in America close to themEven if that of everyone else is lost in that of MaterialismI know I may have gone off topic but who really caresFor the point I am trying to make is that I love the RepublicI love everything about the Gun Holders to that of the Peace HippiesI love the Individuality that exists in the Heart that once shined in all CitiesI believed that the Greatest Utopia of all would arise by those who love PeaceI never wanted to raise a Gun unless I like a True Militiamen saw a Threat so ariseI really am that of a Frenchman at Heart who if I had Money would build a Tower of LoveThat brought out the beauty in all those Minds versus hoarding that of wealth to themselvesBut I am a German who believes in Power but one that so respects that of diversity in this RepublicWho does find that of a love in the Nazis even though I would never embrace an Ideology of his AgendaI sometimes even wonder why I write what I do because I see that it doesn’t even matter anyways since it is censoredBut at least I know what it feels like to be that of a God who so loved Money to make that of a difference in this SocietyFor I do fear the Militia in America as it brews so deep in that of the Hearts of Individuals that have seen this NationAbandon that of everything about its founding to protect such an Ideology now at the Heart of National SecurityAnd it is truly one of the scariest things to even fathom as the Government now wants to know everythingAbout that of everything you do in that of this Life as the centralization of Power continues to occurFor we really and truly have in this Nation become succumbed to the realities of a Dick-TatorWho eloquently speaks to give rise to the very Principals behind that of National SocialismI could if I were to be given a chance to speak on that of National Television do the sameBut I would do so believing in the Republic of America and in the God that unites us allLoving that of the Militias who hold that of the Guns but loving as well the very CitiesBecause the Militia to me is what is the very core of what holds this Nation togetherAnd that is something I would protect to the very end to fight off a Foreign PowerI wouldn’t lie to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction or that of other thingsBecause the only time I would ask the Governor to join me in such a pursuitTo ask of those Militias in the Townships to follow a path to that of War
  • 18. Is when I saw a True Threat arise that could devastate that of AmericaFor that is what the Wars are all about versus what we see now DaysWhere a simple stroke of a Pen through an Executive OrderCan lead to Missiles now to fly all over the WorldTo me the Greatest Thing about that of our RepublicWas that of the Gift of Congress to keep in line the Executive BranchWho if they so saw a threat could vote to issue that of a Declaration of WarIn which the Governors would be called upon to call raise that of the True MilitiaAnd if such a Passion in that of the Hearts of Men led for them to join in the CauseIs when they would abandon their State of Peace to join in the cause for a Nation now at WarBecause America before the Federal Reserve was a Utopia filled with many Empires within its BordersThat were True to the Homeland that led for us all to say the Pledge of Allegiance as we were united under GodWhich is why I would be the Perfect Chairman of the Federal Reserve as I find Gayness in all versus just those at the TopI truly do sometimes feel like that of the Greatest Millennial Militiamen as I love all of the Americans here at HomeAlthough I despise those who through Lies leads for them through their pursuit of Greed to lie to us allAnd that is why as the Head of the Militia I will sacrifice any of those Individuals that can’t embraceThat of the most beautiful of all American Ages that could arise by finding America in the HeartFor 1st and 2nd Amendments will be protected against all costs in that of a New American AgeAnd I will open the Gates up to the Coliseum so you can enjoy the Bloody EntertainmentOf us all raising up that of our Hands while the People roar around me to send to BeastsNot that of Christians or Militias or those of whom are True to the American RepublicBut it will be that of the True Terrorists who will die in the Ring of Hellish CreationsOh it will be beautiful and that is why I would make the Perfect New Age CaesarFor I wish only to restore to you all your beautiful Republic built on LoveBut within that of a Heart possessed by God I wish only to scare SatanWho should he fuck with this Nation will leave him to meet all of usIn the most glorious of all Creations while we surround your BeingAs you in the Center of the Coliseum will be forced to dieAt the Hands of Gladiators or at the bite of Black PantherAnd all of us in the Militia will cheer and shout to GodFor allowing us to see a Soul burn in the Ring of HellAnd we will eat Chicken with our HandsWhile drinking unholy amounts of BeerKnowing that if you fuck with GunsOr that of the Mighty RepublicThat you will be sacrificedTo the Great White LightOf the American PeopleWho in that of a MilitiaCan be so beautifulIf they find in GodThe WondersOf the TrueHeavenlyRepublicRainbow
  • 19. The Matrix PhilosophyPrivacyMeans nothingTo those in chargeOf Surveillance State 2012Continues in that of its pursuitsTo engulf America into the ChainsOf what is now a true Centralized RegimeThe might put up a Black Building with their AgentsTrying to seek someone out who may speak against their AgendaWhile putting a Couple Knicks and Knacks there thinking you are a part of a CorporationWhere that of Job Listings is really nothing more than a Bug in your Computer implanted by the StateAnd that is especially true considering how those who speak about Gold and the Republic are the ones sought outFor America really truly has become that of a Hoodwinked Nation who in Secrecy has from Eisenhower monitored usBecause what you thought was Enlightened was that of Minds who are as Dark as Satan that have abandoned GodWhich is all cool and dandy if you are behind a Matrix Grid seeking out a Person of Interest that has a Heart of EvilBut if you are one of those who owe your Life to God than you really truly should have nothing at all to fearAs we are now seeing in America that of the Rise of Globalism and the True Military Industrial ComplexThat might fill you up with Code Words while believing that you are doing a service to themThat will leave their Agents seeking to corrupt the American Heart worth its weight in GoldFor we are truly living in the Day and Age where it is that of only Big Money that mattersVersus that of which I once talked about in Governments representative of thee PeopleWhere you didn’t need that of a Doctorate or Graduate Degree to be called a LeaderSo long as you had a Heart of Gold and were Truthful in your very Business PracticesBy making that of Dreams a reality to those of whom only had Dreams growing upVersus leaving that of their Minds to hear Messages of Sex, Drugs, and ViolenceAnd this is why I hate America because that is what you hear in the CitiesWhere this shit matters versus listening to one with a Heart of GoldFor rather than reaching out that of their Hand to IndividualsLeaves for only that of Entertainment Industry to prosperWhich could leave one to be called very Mental PatientEven though they have for years covertly watched youAnd if they didn’t like you would seek to frame oneFor only speaking about that of the God of TruthsAs we are now living in the Dark Ages of AmericaWhere our DNA is truly that of the sameWhich is why Television is a Great LieAs Covert Measures is the nameWhile privacy means nothingIn this so very intense GameWhich is why I will tellThat of the very TruthEven if it leads to meIn that of the End
  • 20. Where ReligionsOf Good and EvilHave drivenMe TrulyInsane (All in a Good Peace and Loving Way of Course!)UniversitiesPossessedIn UnderstandingThat of EverythingAbout all of HumanityIs why I am just like a DoctorWho is telling everyone hereThat Common Sense is the KeyTo restore that of the RepublicStanding at the Enlightened GatesOf what it means to be the Golden ChildWho Feels so Weighed Down by the Devil’s GoldAnd where those on the National Scene of This GovernmentCould care less about helping others who only had that of DreamsWhere a Look into the Heart of My Mine is one that may seem BeastlyBut of which is in all reality that of one who secretly loves that of God’s GracesEmbracing the Light with an Enlightened Mind while Darkness surrounds these very SkiesIs why I am happy being a True American versus pursing a Life where a Doctorate supposedly makes you the SmartestBecause the Good Lord only knows that when you Look into Gold is why I hate that of the State of this NationFor so many of your Students who get their Degrees most likely don’t even get a Job in that AreaWhile those who always keep learning eventually become corrupted by the Devil in SachsWhen I for one believed so much in Gold and in the Great Library of the CitizensThat did lead to a Republic of the People’s Pyramid that was as solid as GoldWhere the Human Mind was free like a Bird that flies in WildernessOf which led to those Governments built on that of Common SenseAnd where People through Sound Money controlled their DestiniesWhich is why in God there is a Light that will set any Soul FreeThat will open the Minds that have seen their Country stolenFrom that of the Individuals that corrupted our CurrencyOnly to leave us with Minds that look at only one thingWhen really there is so much more that can be foundIn the Book of this Beast so you can find knowledgeTo not only believe in yourselves again to changeThat of this World so a True Difference is knownVersus that of one filled with Babel SpewersOf this State Indoctrinated EducationWhere if these supposed StudentsIf they only united as that of oneIs when in Gold you see TruthAlong with the RepublicWhere Greed isn’t allUnder the AlmightyWho truly has been
  • 21. Otherwise plaguedBy that of theUniversitySystemDon’t worry though! I still love all of you Professors from back at State! This is like my dissertation where I look back tothe simplicities found in Hearts and Gold by only finding in the Soul the Key to restoring the American way of Life!SATANIC GRIDImagineThe SourceOf Satan’s IntelligenceWhere Light to him means conquering the WorldTo raise up around him that of the Gods to rule over youWhich in America today is Centralized Powers while those outside the Metropolises are screwedBecause the wealth of the World through Banking Powers ends up in those Hands of those at the TopFor you so were the People that lived in God’s Graces while the Matrix brought their Code to the CitiesOf which Leads them to now as to as they have their Agents to hunt out anyone in that of their expanding GridAnd that is especially true if they are a Golden Child that wishes to end their Reign of some Satanic TerrorWhich is why I so loved the Country because one could be Free despite what the Centralized Powers doUnless they look to track you with the Chip of the Beast or with that of your Electronic DevicesWhile I wouldn’t even doubt if it they go so far as to put in that of a Light Bulb a DeviceThat will leave for them as the Rulers of their Grid to collect every Word you saidFor Satan so wishes to corrupt the Light which is why God now is nonexistentSince you never know what Form he may take to know everything about youHe may try to play all stupid and tempt you with that of Earthly PleasuresBecause he only does so since he is the Planetary God of all KnowledgeFor him he knows No Boundaries as this Earth is his PlaygroundWhere Humans truly are that of his Ultimate Test SubjectsHe who controls the Money cares not about LawsWhereas Satan things he is above everythingWhat one may call Acts of Treason withinLeads for those he sleeps with to admireThat of the Matrix which protects themShould one arise to question himIs when those of whom soldThat of their Souls to himCould very well beProtected as theyMay seek out toDestroy youThroughSilence
  • 22. BEFORE N AFTEROnceBefore thatModern Age TimeWas the Creation GodWhere Light Shineth in HeavenAbove the Earth which was a GardenWhere Beasts were Beasts and Humans were HumansWhile in that time there that of the Grand Architect of LightWhere one could roam Free knowing that Satan wasn’t tracking themWhich led for a Conscience to Rule over those Hearts of Gold in that of HumanityThis of course was a Time where Trust meant everything while Truth meant everythingAnd should you have forsaken that of a Neighbor is when you very well could become the Sacrifice at the AltarBut what we now have in America is that of a 21st Century Military Industrial Complex Control GridWhere Electronics are bugged in the name of National Security to root out those Words of othersOf course the Rulers who created it don’t want you to venture too deeply into Alien TechnologyFor that is when the Devil will have given you the Knowledge of what it feels like to be a GodIn such Hands there is a Threat of Tyranny should that force be used against God’s PeopleWho may be down to Earth Citizens who never thought anyone would create such a thingSince Satan is the bearer of all knowledge no matter whose name he hides behindIs why he is quick to protect himself even if it means the Death to a ProphetBut my question leads myself to ask God if he’s for America or ForeignersWhich is why I at least love to venture into the Tree of Goodness and EvilSince I know that I could be the Gayest of all the Swastika PromotersExcept I wouldn’t use a Force against those Hunters of the BeastsAs I instead would use it against those that bring hate to PeopleSince if I controlled it I could be the Ultimate CIA/FBI AgentTo hunt out that of Terrorists here and abroadWhile protecting that of the American PeopleWho are so very gay in their own loving wayGod’s Kingdom is all about Black and WhiteWhere as in Satan’s lies a Grave DangerFor seeking out God in the MatrixThat is so filled in Earthly BabelFor what one sees at the EndIs that of the Great MysteryIf they like you than go LiveShould they not than dieIn the Ultimate CodeLies the Very SourceOf Heaven and HellIn that of DarknessWhere one beginsTo question thatOf Satan foreverAnd that of GodIn their ownSo Very GayEnlightenedArtisticSoul
  • 23. SPACESHIP RIDERideUpon thatOf a SpaceshipTo see a New AgeThat is as sturdy as a TempleAnd as beautiful as that of a RepublicOne where Individuals Matter in this SocietyVersus that of one that worships only that of MoneyFor such a ship will make a reality of those Dreams that seem lost in SpaceOf this Tower of Babel that has been built up around that of the Citizens of the WorldFor such a Day will lead to the True America to look once again like a GardenVersus looking up at those Skylines only to see that same old SkyscrapersFor such a Ride will lead you back down to the Earth where Hearts areVersus in the Clouds above the Sky that the Elites play inFor the Game of Star Wars is about to change foreverAs the Citizens see within them their God PowersAnd with it I hope their Words strike fearIn those who have abandoned usWhich leads me to hope youHop on the Golden BullTo join us in thee rideThat leads you to seeThose True AmericanChristian LovingPatriotsA TO ΩAlphaTo BetaOff to GammaFollow me to DeltaAnd you than comes EpsilonDon’t you dare forget about ZetaSince the greatest works come from EtaBut where is the Miraculous Wonders of ThetaIn the Universe that radiates from those Eyes of IotaSomewhere along the way lies the Mysteries in that of KappaWhere you will see as you venture off to the Races the Secrets of LambdaBut in the mix of such an Alphabet you will find that of Mu along with Nu and their Buddy XiWho must have just came home from a Party put on by that of Omicron
  • 24. There you will see a Math Wizard who enjoys 420 along with PiWhile from there you may hop in a Boat to end up with RhoWhile in the wilderness is a sign made by that of SigmaWhich may lead you off to that of the House of TauThat is always surrounded by those UpsilonsIn which those Individuals from that of PhiAre happy joking about ChiWhile those from PsiWorshipOmegaIDEAS vs CENSORSHIPIdeasFoster CreativityWhile we cruise on SpaceshipsOnly to be seen as that of Unidentified Flying ObjectsBut I find comfort in that of the Greeks who are Free SpiritedThat believe in the Minds of many coming together to free us from IndoctrinationAnd that is why I know that we as the Messengers of the People can free this CivilizationFrom that of those Secret Societies that have otherwise sold us out to that of those Bankers and Elite like in EuropeFor within the Greeks I have come to know is a Connection as beautiful as the CosmosWho always sought to seek out that of Positions of Power to benefit HumanityThat is something I have always and forever held close to my Human HeartEven though I respect those who are all about those Good Old PartiesBut we all know that the America today is far from that of the PastIn which I hope that together we can bring that back to usAll that while respecting of course our CulturesOf that of which is found in our MembersFor Words mean more than anythingAs they can conquer that of a SwordYielded by those who are EvilBut in our Bond can conquerThose of whom wishOf some societyGuided uponCensorship
  • 25. SWEET FREEDOMGreatTo PowerfulUpon the BullThat finds the TruthWhere Minds unite in loveWhile respecting those beauties of DiversityFearful of that of those who follow the path of AlphaWhile the beauty of the Spaceship unites us as IntellectualsIs why that of Humanity through our Connections ought to thank usSince we all know that Religions mean heresy when put against the MindAs we want only to make sure the American Republic will shine on foreverFrom dem der Hills we come while others are from that of the Ghettos of the WorldLeaves for us as a True Brotherhood wanting to unite that of the Sisters amongst all of usFor the World of the unknown that leads for all of us to say that we are HumanIs that of what truly brings us together as they sell to us some Masonic IdeaWhich is why we are the True Intellectuals as we aren’t afraid to talkTo not only come up with Ideas to better that of our own HousesBut that of the Nation and World as a WholeFor the Grand Architect of the UniverseHas led us to see God in each of usWhere we stand together as oneKnowing that should evil ariseThat our Hearts of GoldWill reshape the WorldSo that the PeopleWill know LibertySo they too willForever remainUntil the EndOf TimeRemainFreeTHE GREAT LIE BENEATH DA SUNLiesIs whyThe Twin SurvivesTo protect the CommunistsThat are now aligned with the FascistsWho will do everything to control the MoneyEven if it means deceiving the Public all the wayThat will gladly promote that of Facebook on the NetworkBut Heaven forbid they aid that of a Dreamer on its very Pages
  • 26. Who might have otherwise brightened up a Community in AmericaBecause this Nation is so sick which is why they will do everything they canTo promote that of their Lies when we once had a Republic built on Common SenseWhere God meant everything to those Individuals in Society and where a Boy could find a PrincessTo live a life free from Satan in the Graces of God’s Country where one can Truly under the Light of GodBut what we are now succumbing ourselves to in America is that of a Centralized GovernmentThat will do whatever they can to seek out others who will gladly sell out to their very IdealsWhen if one just looks into the Heart and the beauty of the Mind they can see what I seeWhich is why I so believed in the Individuals in America to brighten up this very NationAnd that is so especially true when it comes to those who are honest in the HeartlandBecause why we need a Central Government leaves me to cry this very DayWhen I so believed in that of those Souls to find in the Rainbow an IdeaThat on the other side of it was a Heart of Gold versus Agents of LiesWhere Fathers and Mothers trusted their Sons and DaughtersAnd of which leads to Neighbors to look out for one anotherWhere Goodness above all else to conquer those EvilsIs why I always wanted to be surrounded by GoodEven if no one else cares to listen to myselfLeaves me to hope those Special AgentsCan surround that of my very BeingTo seek out all those IndividualsThat do bring Evil to the EarthOr Satanic Acts of ViolenceWhere that of Dark MindsMay wish to corruptThat of AmericaThat otherwiseFound in GodHeartsTruthAndTheSunDEMONIC PAIN vs HEAVENLY PLEASUREPainOf SatanWhere Fiat ReignsWhile Christians are deceivingIs why I find comfort in the True Religion
  • 27. That is as beautiful as the Stars in HeavenWhere Martyrs Words Sing and Saints still ShineAbove that of a World that is so plagued in DarknessFor in the Most Holy Word and the God whom is my JudgeIs why my Heart lies in that the Truth of your Uncorruptible MessageI will never abandon you God even if Satan torments me in the Flesh of my ExistenceSince I so loved you as I always prayed silently even though there were Times I found myself on the FloorCrying out to you for guidance in that of a World that otherwise found so much Pleasure in that of DarknessYou God have led for myself to see the most beautiful thing about creation and I thank you for thatBecause I know that even if there are Wolves howling in the Wilderness you will be there for meTo comfort me and guide me even if it means me following the Cross to the Eternal PeaceAs you have shown to me the Truth in Gold that leaves me to melt away in my HeartI will God until the end proclaim that of my Love for you forever and everSince I know that Satan can take the Form of a Lion or a SheepWhich is why God I find comfort in you being the LightEven if am sacrificed at the Altar of the DevilFor no amount of Pain God outweighsWhat you have laid forth in the TruthThat even if Satan tortures meLike those Saints and MartyrsWill lead me to professAll the way to the endThat you are myOne and OnlyLove andPleasureGAYISHLY HAPPYGayTo meIs the TruthAnd in that LoveBelieving in the WordThat sets any Soul free foreverTo be with their True Love in HeavenOr with those Peacemakers on the EarthWho can be as one together in this GardenThis is why despite all else I love the CreatorWho so said if I believed in him leads me to see how I can conquer Satan foreverAnd this is why in God I find the Truth even if this Earth is ran by that of Demonic SoldiersBecause I know that at least in Heaven there is better Kingdom
  • 28. Even if Earthlings paint me as that of the Christian DevilSince I have been told I was going to be the SacrificeFor so exposing to them the Light of the TruthThat leaves me to welcome the CrossWhere I can put on that of a DressTo be the Perfect BrideTo find my GodThat leaves meInside so to beEternallyFulfilledAnd soHappyLOVE TO DROWN OUT HATELoveTrue LoveHearts of LoveMinds that lead to LoveSouls that drown in Ecstasy’s LoveA Body of which isn’t afraid to die in the name of LoveA Soul who isn’t afraid to under any threat abandon the God of LoveLeaves me to know that beneath this skin is those Skull of Bones while Blood within me leads to LoveWhich is why God you are and always will be as your were from the beginning that of my Alpha that leads to the OmegaFor I God never wanted to wear that of your Armor only to raise up a Sword that leads to a World of HateWhich is why in the Name of Love just to bring about an End to Darkness will follow you to the CrossSince at least in you God leaves for me to find comfort in the Truth even if Satan controls it allAnd that is why God for the Eternal Peace I find in Heaven will follow to the CrossSince this World hates that of the Freedom of Speech I have come to knowBut in you God I find the Truth even if those on Earth call me the DevilAnd will under that of Torture always profess my Love for youFor when I read the Words of those Saints and MartyrsI find that of a Life filled with only Mortal PleasuresWhereas in Heaven lies that of the True LoveThat leads for any True Christian to seeThe Love that always led me the CrossAnd to that of the Eternal KingdomWhere Truth means everythingTo those Hearts that follow itAll the way to the EndAs God in HeavenLeads one to seeA World FreeFrom HellishHate
  • 29. DUSTY WINDDustTo ClayTo bricksTo bodiesCreated a WorldOf those Devilish TemptationsWhere Truth lies in that of the UnknownWhich is why True Prophets are always silencedEven if they come to you in the name of Love believing so much in Sound MoneyBecause that of Satan is the Ruler of the World where God’s Kingdom is above the StarsOf what truly is a Heavenly and Hellish Gothic Renasorial Planet where Satan reigns upon this EarthSell your Soul to him and he may always and forever until that of the end reward youBut owe your Existence to that of God and you will see Satan in its True FormThat looks to corrupt others like the Bankers have done with our MoneyAll for his attempt to be seen as the Ruler of the New Dark AgesWhere Truth Speakers will be that of the First Ones sought outAnd of which unless they change their ways to be persecutedBecause that is the New Reality of this American GameAs Hearts of Gold are associated with Sell OutsWhich is why those Christians will be foundAnd brought to the Light of the TruthThe leads my very Soul hereTo love the God in HeavenEven if that of my FleshGets torn into PiecesOnly to end upBlowingIn theWind
  • 30. COSMIC ★☆★☆★s vs SATANIC IDOLSStarsOf CreationLeads my SoulTo Love the CrossFor in what other BeautyThat can be made into an ArtWhich will truly lead one to GodIs why my Heart melts in such a LoveKnowing that in the Theatre of this LifeI can find in Heaven that of my Gay God foreverThat leads me to welcome the one and only ParadiseWhere Stones are not needed to worship the True God in HeavenFor in that of the Body which if you think about it is truly that of a TempleLeads for one should they venture into the depths of a Soul to see that it is only God that mattersWhy one would worship that of Satan is to me a Mystery that does plague this WorldBut I don’t really care because God to me meant everything from the beginningAnd even under that of Torture will lead me to Love him to the EndFor I know that Pains are Temporary as the Greatest Joy is HeavenThat has left me to see how God is the Cure to all EvilsWhich is why I will always love him forever and everAs he has left my Soul to feel so very Gay insideFor not only that of the Mysteries of CreationBut of which does lie in the Truth to cleanseThat of this Earth this is plagued in BabelBrought to us through the Eyes of SatanWhere God means that of everythingTo the Souls enlightened by himWhich is why I embrace TruthOf that of Heaven and HellBecause when this EarthNo longer is a HeavenLeaves me knowThat in GodI can be setFree fromIts veryIdols
  • 31. HEAVEN’S GANGIPrayEverySingle DayHoping OnlyThat I didn’t hurtAny Good PeopleBut no one told meThat of any Real TruthI hope you can forgive meAs I truly had you all in my HeartAlong with that of America as a wholeWhich is why I hope that I can create on EarthThat of a Heavenly Gang with all of you includedTo lead that of Hollywood to be forgotten about foreverAs you were to me that of the True Stars on that of this EarthFor I so believed in all of you to conquer that of the DarknessTo restore to America the Republic that God above gifted to us allAnd I spent my entire Life reading and dreaming to make it that of a RealityEven if nobody else throughout my Days seemed to really cared about myselfBut I truly did hold that of every Individual in that of this Nation close to my HeartWho hunt and fish who sing and dance to draw or write about Heaven and Hell’s FateI so loved the People I met in my Days whether they were from the Cities doing their WorkWhether walking in the Park to running in a Parade to watching a Show in that of a Broadway ShowingAnd that is why the Heavenly Gang I wish to create is one that unites us all who want to eliminate that of Satan foreverWhich includes that of the Cops who most likely get even drunker than most others in the Bars in this CountryTo that of the Lawyers who owe their Lives to the Founding Documents of this Great Nation called AmericaTo that of the Laborers who ought to have their rights protected and paid honestly in a Sound CurrencyTo the Judges who don’t interpret Laws their own way just because of some Religious CommitmentTo the Teachers who try their very best to teach that of Kids all that of what leads to KnowledgeTo the Farmers who were always to me the most down to Earth Citizens I have ever truly metTo those who run the Small Businesses of the Earth where one can meet that of the OwnerTo that of the CEO’s of Corporations that I hope never forget where they came fromTo those Religious Leaders who to me no matter what were an inspiration to meTo Neighbors who if I needed guidance or aid lent that of a True Helping HandTo Strangers even if I met them in Dark Places could say that of Hello to meTo the Bullshitters that lead me to love them for saying very strange thingsTo that of Friends I hope are my Friends even though my Life was weirdIn that of these previous years since that of the beginnings of 2008Even though I am fucking pissed about the many of things I heardBut of whom coming from a Small Town led me to see Real TruthAs you read about them in that of Newspapers or WebsitesWho do that of Good Things to brighten up the CommunityNo matter how big or little it is in that of Other’s EyesBut it was you who always meant so much to meThat even if nobody else seems to care or noticeLeaves for one to know in the Heart it was goodAs helping others to me is the Greatest JoyAnd that is why I owe my life to you allAs that is who I so loved in my Days
  • 32. Even if I may seem whackedIn that of my many WritingsBut it brings freedomTo that of my MindAs I want to seeHere on EarthThe Arise ofHeaven’sGangWAR MONEYWarBloodHatredBankingGlobalistsFiat and LiesOil and GoldMiddle EasternCold Warish FibsVietnam ConflictGlobal DominationDoes anyone begin to wonderWhy we have become entangledIn that of those International AlliancesWhen our Republic was built on Golden HeartsThat led others to that of this Nation united under GodDoes nobody else see the World that has been pulled over youWhile those Global Bankers are looking to destroy more NationsAll because of Money as they run their own Currency is in their Nation’s HandsVersus seeing it in that of others who are so intertwined in the of Worldly AffairsVietnam was the First War of the Military Industrial Complexes pursuit to rule the WorldFor the 1960’s was truly that of a Time like that of the first prosecutions of the ChristiansAfter they murdered Kennedy at the End of the Old Millennium as they overtook the RepublicBecause those who were Peace Loving Hippies were told that we had a conflict in Southern AsiaAnd that we needed to help those People since heaven forbid they fall victim to that of the CommunistsBut does anyone ever wonder who it was that really benefited while when the War ended so did the Gold StandardWhere 50,000 Soldiers perished in that conflict only to come back to a Country that continued to destroy the RepublicOil, Fiat Money, Bankers, Globalism, Politicians, Babel, Wars, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cold Wars, Scandals, CorruptionIs what we have seen arise in this Great Tower that has been built up around our America since EisenhowerBut the story doesn’t end there oh Heavens no because after Foreign Wars they brought a Covert One hereTo build up that of Great Alienic Technology through the interconnectedness of the World to watch youRecord, Monitor, Track, Harass, Stalk, Silence, Blackmail, Lie, and to rape that of your very MindsWhich is sad to me because that is not what a Republic under God is to be all about in AmericaThe American Temple was once about the Words of beauty that shined over the very DevilLike Gold, Truth, Honesty, Hearts, Fairness, Taxes, Republic, God, Love, Peace, EternitySoundness, Life, Liberty, Happiness, Freedom, Prosperity, Glory, Allegiance, Honor
  • 33. For all those that wanted to live as one as we came here from the Four CornersOf this World to call this Nation our Home under the Founding DocumentsFree from that of all the Tyrants of the Old World that existed in PlacesUnder Governments and Religions that always looked to conquerWhich is why America was set up as a Temple with God’s MoneyBecause if it belonged to those with the Hearts of Gold hereIt would become a Nation that would last forever and everAs wealth and the Brightest Minds would stay in this LandSo it just leaves for that of myself to wonder on this DayWhy we ever separated from Golden CertificatesOr abandoned those very coveted Silver DollarsWhile in the meantime a Tower was built upAround that of all us a powerful as GodTo be ran by the Secret GovernmentThat has for so long in this NationSold to you their PropagandaFilling our Minds with ImagesOf God and that the DevilTrillions in Debt we areBases all over the placeFuture Wars brewingTo benefit who I askWhy not talk TruthOf the RepublicWhere that ofGod led toThe HeartMoneyCHRISTIAN LIBERTYCatholicsAre the reasonI truly love thoseVery Wonders of GodBecause they span from all overWhich is why I owe that of my Life to youAs I so believed in God who would grant that of LightIn that of this Republic that I thought was led by those with Hearts of GoldFor I never realized that the Christian Devil of this World was so full of DarknessWhich is why I truly did believe in the Tree of Liberty in this Republic that was Free from ReligionsWhich is why I will walk humiliated to find my Redemption upon the Cross for only believing in God versus that of IdolsLove of the Gospel of Truth where we hear so much of that of Hell in what has become a Nation plagued with LiesIs why I so believed in a Government that those with the Hearts of Gold could truly and always truly understandVersus owing your allegiance to those who go to College thinking they are so smart like that of a True Doctor
  • 34. Or by becoming a part of some Political System that sells to us that of the Military Industrial ComplexBecause our American way of Life has been destroyed by those who practice in that of secrecyThe very Acts of Satanism that leads to a World filled with Liars, Hypocrites, and those IdolsVersus returning this Nation to a Sound Money Government built on Common SenseWhere People that want to make a difference can find that of a God to aid themOr that of those True and Honest Businesses who never lied to get aheadUnlike that of the Bankers who sell to us their System of UsuryThat undermines the very Principals that made this NationWhich is why you really can never kill that of the BeastYou might temporarily hurt it but it will keep on goingAs its ability to regenerate is why it will never dieBecause he will just use Debt to get even largerEven if it means enslaving the Whole WorldAs those Masters of Finance look to createA One World Banking System through FiatSo to be seen as that of the Rulers of it allLike the Black Nobility is doing in EuropeEven if it makes the Planet into SlavesFor they don’t care about BoundariesOr those Lives that speak the TruthUnless someone arises on EarthTo make People realize thatOf which a Heart of GoldIs truly all about todayUnless the kill themBefore he can sayWhich is why IAm not afraidTo be that ofThee FirstNew AgeChristianMartyrFREAK SHOWTheVeryReasonI so LoveAmericaIs becauseIt is a ShowRun by FreaksAlive in all of usWho love Freedom
  • 35. In pure Liberty FormWorking for the DollarThat should forever be SoundFor what would you all so do hereIf you found yourselves possessed by GoldI am sure the many of you would turn into a RainbowFilled with Freakish Desires of the most Heavenly DelightsBut I just talk about Gold because I know how it can better the PeopleWhether it is by taking away the Power from the Bankers in this NationAnd creating that of a Note that is backed by the Vault of the US TreasuryOr by simply saying the Hell to it all and create that of our own Currency hereUnless of course America lets me give Bernanke a Good old kick in the Rear End of HisSo that I can become the Greatest of all the Federal Reserve Chairmans that ever existedThe Freak Show is something I admire whether it is filled with Christians to those of the Hells AngelsWhether they are that of Swastika Wavers to those that would rather carry around the Rainbow FlagBecause I know that as you Chairman of the Federal Reserve or as the Head of the United States TreasuryThat I will bring about the Greatest of all the Freak Shows since at least my Polices will benefit the American PeopleLIGHTIInTheLifeI amLivingAlwaysBelievedIn that ofTrue LightIn that of allThe InstitutionsWhich are among usBelieving in the HeartsThat were worth their WeightIn that Gold I thought circulatedAll around that of the People hereBelieving that the American GovernmentWas one that was representative of the PeopleLike that of what the Founders intended it to so beWhere People like Jackson looked to protect all of usFrom the very Bankers that would want to enslave AmericaI so loved the Christians that came here to set up in the New WorldA Government that would always and forever be Free to love their God
  • 36. And I growing up loved that of the Catholic Church as so many of its MembersWere that of the Individuals I would have taken a Bullet for as they were People I admiredWhom I so Loved, Trusted, Glorified, Believed, and Dreamed about so I could be Perfect like the many of themBut Life leads one to see that the World really isn’t the prettiest of the Gardens one associates with their YouthWhich leaves me to truly wonder why in the Hell did this Nation become so Dark when it was the Light to the Free WorldMaybe the only Religion alive on this Earth is that of which is controlled by those who worship that of all the EvilI don’t know anymore because the God that I had believed in has led me to Religions that don’t enlighten meThey do but yet they don’t considering how when I loved the One True One I thought reigned over the PlanetHas left for me to peer into the Depths of History to wonder how Dark that of this World really and truly isAnd that is why my Heart is True to the American Republic and if Rome wants to join me they canFor if the Pope in Rome is Evil than I look forward to the Day when I can sacrifice him at our AltarSurrounded by that of those American Patriots that only believed in the Republic of this GardenWho believed so much in this New World that would have never led to Foreign PowersTo arise around the People in America that just wanted to be at Peace with each otherThe Catholic Church so enlightened me as a Child about what that of Freedom wasBut now I truly feel betrayed by that Institution that leads a Dark Pope to believeThat he is the Voice of all Liberty when I for one always loved the People hereWhom found in the Harbor the True Lady that led for all of us to love LibertyI just wonder how beautiful America is now Days considering how we areBehind the Scenes in those very Institutions I thought were EnlightenedBecause my Heart since I was a Child melted for that of AmericaWhere Freedom meant we could all enjoy that of our PrivacyWhile doing Good Works unto those others in this LandAs we lived out our Lives in this New Age GardenFree from those Old World Tyrannical PowersLoving the Mountains, Flowers, and the TreesTo the Songs of the Birds to the buzz of BeesSo as I sit here feeling like a Young CaesarLeads me love the Light and DarknessWhere I hope that Good PeopleCan raise me up to the TopOf this New World OrderSo I can eliminate EvilForever from thisRepublic thatWill belongTo the theeAmericanPeople