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My gold plan

  1. 1. PresentsMarketing Associate
  2. 2. Index Journey of Gold Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP) Why RMGP? Benefits of RMGP MPG verses other Jeweller Schemes Structure of RMGP Definition Product Details Process Note
  3. 3. The Journey of Gold… Considered a symbol of security and sign of prosperity Gold is ancestral and passed down from generation to generation Most of the Gold collection generally begins in an Indian family from the "Godbharai” ceremony itself, to getting bracelet & anklet of black & white colored beads to protect the child against the evil eyes It is common for parents of a child to start collecting gold jewellery for the child’s security, exigency & marriage
  4. 4. The Journey of Gold…Significance of Jewellery in the Life of Women in India Gold possession is embedded in the customs and the traditions that carry significant importance to women Ornaments, such as mangalsutra, nath (nose ring) and toe rings, quintessential for married Indian women Jewellery gifted to women at the time of her marriage is called stridhan i.e.wealth of women, which in short is symbol of wealth, power and femininityGold has Traditional Values It is believed that buying & wearing new gold jewellery on Akshaya Tritiya Gudi Padwa & Dhanteras, brings prosperity & success to an individual & his family The festival redefines Gold in all its facets from jewellery adornment to portfolio diversification Indians consider occasion as an apt time to buy, wear andcelebrate gold
  5. 5. The Journey of Gold…India’s Gold Offering to God Tirumala is the richest religious shrine in the world with an annual revenue of Rs.1,200 crore and gold reserves of almost 250kg that are made up of small ornaments thrown in thehundi. On an average, the temple receives about 2kg of gold in the hundi every day Shirdi’s Sai Babas Gold Crown Worth Rs.12.5 Lakhs. He resides on a throne of gold weighing 94 kgs Lalbuag cha Raja collected a record Gold offerings from devotees in 2010 The Golden Temple main dome is gilded with 100 kg of pure gold
  6. 6. The Journey of Gold…Commercial Usage of Gold The undying fascination towards the yellow metal is evident in its use currently for making watches, medals, shoes, cufflinks, tie, pins, pens cars, saries, buttons and so on Collecting watches is one of the most costly hobbies in the world but very interesting and sometimes really profitable. Currently, the fascination is towards real gold diamond studded watches Around 8,000 sq m of 22-carat gold leaf have been used in the decor of the lobby and the restaurants of Burj Al Arab
  7. 7. The Journey of Gold…Gold is stored all over the world… Gold was not selected arbitrarily by governments to be the monetary standard Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best money; as the commodity providing the most stable and desirable monetary medium Gold is stored all over the world in various formsGold has Edible and Medicinal Values Ayurveda gifted us Suvarnaprashan to improve immunity of Child ‘Suvarna’ means ‘Gold’ & ‘Prashan’ means ‘to lick’ Lasers incorporating gold coatings are making dramatic progress in the treatment of cancers, sealing battlefield wounds in the field, emergency injury treatments in hospitals & previously inoperable heart conditions & tumors Today gold flakes and gold dust can be found in many confectioneries and dessert items throughout the world Gold can be consumed in the form of chocolates, wine, fruits etc
  8. 8. The Journey of Gold…Gold - It’s a Standard Great achievements are often rewarded with gold – Olympic Gold Best periods of Prosperity of Civilizations around the world are referred to as Golden Age Best among equals gets Gold – Golden Bat for best batsman, Golden Ball for best Bowler and Golden Boot for the best footballer
  9. 9. The Journey of Gold…A Safe Haven Asset Recognized as a form of a tradable liquid asset A hedge against – inflation, rupee depreciation, and social insecurity Over 1, 3 and 5 year period Gold has been less volatile than all major equity indices Gold is less volatile than equity as an asset class and thereby helps to stabilize portfolio returns Gold has been a consistent performer and has given over 17% return across time period for the given time period
  10. 10. Gold related investment behaviour of Indians Gold is viewed as auspicious and intrinsic to weddings Gold is universally recognised as a source of wealth and prosperity Largest consumer of gold but low per-capita consumption In India it is about “Savings” & “Accumulation” & not about “Profit Bookings” Sticky consumption High awareness of price movements Gold savings’ conversion to jewellery primarily for weddings© 2012 RMPML and World Gold Council. All rights reserved. Proprietary and confidential. 10
  11. 11. Reliance My Gold PlanReliance Money Precious Metals (RMPM) presents Reliance My Gold Plan(RMGP), in association with World Gold Council.Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP) lets you start buying gold for as low as Rs.1000/-per month. It lets you accumulate gold in small amounts every day over sustainedperiods through a Average Pricing Methodology (APM).APM allocates each monthly Subscription amount into 20 parts thereby protectingyou from the daily price fluctuations.RMGP Accumulated gold grams can be converted into gold coins or jewellery frommultiple outlets across the country. OWNING GOLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN
  12. 12. Why RMGP? Lack of Human discipline in accumulation of Gold Limited range of gold investment/ savings products available to consumers Issues around Purity and Quality of Gold supplied by Jewellers Current Gold Saving Schemes have only an option to redeem in Jewellery Concerns around Credit Worthiness of Jewellers Scams and other fraudulent practices in gold schemes Steep rise in the price over the past few years making bulk purchase unaffordable High inflation results in physical security concerns
  13. 13. Benefits of RMGP • Accumulation of Gold with small amounts over sustained periods forObjectives a larger grammage / meeting up with ones savings, goals or Objectives thought of like daughter’s wedding, etc. • Allows the customer to average his price on Gold over a period ofCost Averaging time resulting intoGuaranteed Purity • 24 karat with 99.5% purity or more • 100% secure and backed by physical Gold for every gram issued toSecure & backed by physical Gold customers • Independent Trustee appointed for management of bank andZero Default Risk safekeeping of gold • Partnered with World Gold Council, globally recognised organisationAssociation of the gold industry, including global mining companiesSafe Keeping • Gold stored with specialised security agencies having vaults as per RBI specifications.
  14. 14. MPG verses other Jeweller Schemes Reliance Features Gold ETF Gold Savings Fund Jeweller My Gold PlanBacked by Physical Gold Yes Yes No NoFulfilment Mode Gold Coins/Jewellery* Cash Cash Own Jewellery only Price of Gold at each Price of Gold at the endAllotment Net Asset Value Net Asset Value Subscription of the tenure Cheque / DD / ECS /Mode of Subscription Stock Exchanges ECS / Cheque / DD Cash Cash**Average Pricing Yes No No NoMethodologyImpurity Risk No Not Applicable Not Applicable YesDefault Risk No No No YesFlexibility to buy gold Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable Nofrom other JewellersFulfilment Centres Across India Not Applicable Not Applicable At his outlet*Work in progress**Will be offered in future, work in progress
  15. 15. Structure of RMGP… Trustee RMPM Investor Distributor Reputed Specialized Back Office Safe Provider Keeper Fulfilment Partner
  16. 16. Product Details Who can Invest ? Resident & Non Resident Indians including minors, HUF Minimum Monthly Investment Rs.1000 and in multiples of Rs.500 thereafter Investment Mode Cheque/DD/Pay Order/ECS/Auto Debit/Cash* Tenure 12/24/36/48/60 months with options to extend Customers have an option to make lump sum purchases. Such additions will not be Additional Subscription adjusted against any monthly dues . Average Pricing Methodology will be applicable on such additional purchases. Gold Micro Grams MPG gold grams credited customers account in 4 decimal (rounded down) All "Clear Funds" from investments (Fresh / Monthly / Additional) will be invested in Average Pricing Methodology gold over the next 20 business days in equal tranches and Gold Micro Grams allotted at "Beginning of Day" prices declared by Reliance Money Gold price (upto 2 decimal points) would be calculated and declared by Reliance Gold Pricing Money for all business days Lock-in Period 6 months. (Redemption not allowed during lock-in period) 1.5% of Initial/Monthly Subscription Amount and is a non-refundable fee paid to the Administrative Charges RMPM towards setup/administration costs 2.5% of the accumulated amount will be payable if gold grams are fulfilled prematurely Pre-Termination Charges (i.e after 6 months but before the agreed tenure of the plan) 0.50% per annum on the total value of subscription paid, applicable ONLY when the Demurrage / Safe Keeping Charges customer does not take delivery of the gold coins /jewellery within 60 days of fulfilment. Fulfilment 99.5% Pure (or more) Coins in denomination of 0.5/1/2/5/10/20/50 grams/ jewellery*Work in progress
  17. 17. Product Details…contd These charges need to be paid before delivery of gold coins • Payment to round off to the nearest incremental 0.5000 gramsFulfilment Charges • Pre-Termination Charges (if applicable) • Demurrage (if applicable) • Coin Making Charges as applicable • VAT, Sales Tax and other statutory levies RMPM will enter into tie-up with reputed coin suppliers at various cities for theFulfillment Locations purpose of encashing R-MGP gold grams in form of coins. The updated list of coin fulfillment outlets will be hosted on the website for reference.Clear Fund Clear funds refer to funds available for purchase of gold grams A Business Day means any day other than: 1) Saturday / 2) Sunday / 3) A day declared as holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881Business Day 4) A day on which normal business could not be transacted due to storms, floods, bandhs, strikes, riots or any other events as RMPM may specify from time to time 5) Please refer to for the non-business day list Statement of Holdings will be issued only by email on a quarterly basis every quarterStatement of Holding ending June | Sept | Dec | MarchDesignated Point of Acceptance All official points of acceptance Email: and Contact Toll Free Number: 1800 200 2267
  18. 18. Process FlowDistributor/Customer / •A/C Opening Form Verifies information and Scan and submit relevant POS •KYC Documents enters in Online Portal document to Back office •Initial Subscription and banking of Service Provider •Subsequent Subscription Instrument Back Office Provider •Monthly Statement t of Allocate Subscription •Customer Adoption Fund Credit Holding on a monthly into 20 equal parts and •Creation of Customer ID Identification and basis to Customer inform RMPM 1/20th part •Dispatch of Welcome Kit reconciliation •Other Communication daily for purchase of Gold Bullion Trader & Custodian On Redemption RMPM book gold gram Store Gold with Safe instructions of RMPM with Bullion trader Keeper gold grams to be released Fulfilment partner Gold Coin Jewellery
  19. 19. Thank You