2007 SIFE Annual Report


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This annual report was primarily designed for review by judges at regional and national SIFE competitions. The annual report highlights some of the DeSales SIFE team's projects from the 2006-2007 school year. After the competition, annual reports were utilized as a marketing tool.

I completed all aspects of the annual report, including design, layout, and writings. The design for the 2007 SIFE Annual Report was meant as an update on the 2006 version. Layout was re-designed every two years.

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2007 SIFE Annual Report

  1. 1. About DeSales: DeSales University, founded in 1965, is a private, liberal arts college of 2,500 graduate and undergraduate students located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. The suburban campus was formed by the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales and is affili- ated with the Roman Catholic Church. Its student body fea- tures representatives from 20 different states and nine other countries. In its first five years of existence, DeSales Univer- sity SIFE has become interna- tionally recognized. About DSU SIFE: National Competition 2003 Participants at Kansas City 2005 3rd Runner-Up in Semifinals 2006 Participants at Kansas City Regional Competition 2003 Champions at Philadelphia 2004 2nd Runner-Up at DC 2005 Champions at Philadelphia 2006 Champions at Philadelphia Special Honors & Awards 2003 Regional Rookie of the Year 2003 National Rookie of the Year 2004 DSU Club of the Year 2005 Top 20 Team in USA SIFE 2006 DSU Global Club of the Year 2006 Global Student of the Year Global > Leaders (who are) > Agile >Duty-oriented > Imaginative > Determined > Empathetic > Individual Topic Finalists Accountable > Team-oriented > Entrepreneurial > Responsible > Strategists 2005 Entrepreneurship  Established in 2005, we continue to direct the 2005 Market Economics PA competition program, Glad-Ideaters. 2006 Entrepreneurship  Challenged high schools to develop projects 2006 Market Economics involving market economics, entrepreneur- 2006 Success Skills ship, community outreach, global service, 2006 Sustainability civic engagement, & environmentalism. 2006 Financial Literacy  86% increase in interest of globalization.  Brought together a large number of academic departments & student organizations for the school’s Third Annual International Week to further campus awareness of globalization.  Interacted with elementary students at the South Bethlehem Neighborhood Center to teach them about exchange rates, marketing strate- gies, & the implications of false advertising through the use of a changing candy bar game.  Paved the way for the Glad-Ideaters Peru program, which will compete at an international level.
  2. 2. Business Advisory Board: Jim Banks District Manager  Cemented a relationship with Scott Mattingly, Director of Career Services, to execute and in- Walgreens crease attendance for events like Dining for Success & various success skill workshops.  Continued to educate the campus community by teaching 40 students, soon to enter the profes- The Hon. Charles Dent sional job market, the importance of proper etiquette and behavior in a fine dining atmosphere. Pennsylvania District 15  Increased attendance at Career Services events by 50% through the use of viral marketing. United States Congressman  Improved the knowledge & understanding of those attending undergraduate students by 68%. Mihaela Dinu Vice President Romanian-American University  Assisted in the preparation of Candidates Night debates, which were held in association with local station WFMZ TV Channel 69 and the Lehigh Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Dean Erlandson  Enlightened students & the local area on the platforms of state & federal election candidates. Vice President of U.S. Sales  Broadcasted in English & Spanish multiple times by WFMZ 69 both on TV & on its website. Crayola Dr. David Fischman  Accomplished a 73% increase in knowledge of legislation among local high school students by VP of Innovation & Develop. way of the third annual “Senator for a Day” program with PA State Senator Rob Wonderling. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias  Donated over 50 computers to the Fowler Children’s Technology Center in Bethlehem in an effort to teach underprivileged inner-city children the importance of computer literacy. Dr. Bill Hunter  Expect a new shipment of computers by end of 2007 to provide for sustainability of program. Director of International Study Lehigh University Michael Krajsa Director of Entrepreneurship Kutztown Innovation Center Megan Lewis Director, Mid-Atlantic Region Heifer International Sebastian Otero Senior Commercial Analyst AMCHAM Peru Fina Camet Piccone International Director Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Ardath Rodale Chairperson  Developed the DSU import/export project to include Peruvian goods such as textiles, handi- Rodale Press crafts, stone carvings, musical instruments, jewelry, clothing, & various decorative items.  Wired $2600 to IDESI microfinance organization for purchase of textiles & stone carvings. Harold Rosen  Arranged local buyers for these items & will finalize supply chain during Summer 2007 trip. Grassroots Director  Aimed to import goods at Peruvian prices, sell them in various domestic markets at U.S. dic- World Bank/IFC tated prices, then export supplies or low-interest microfinance loans for revenue & stability. William Stump  Working on plans to expand this project to include Romania & Germany for Summer 2007. Vice President of Innovation Rodale International  Developing model to sustain our work in Peru following the expiration of Federal BIE grants. Joe Tallarico  Enlisting the support of partner LVAIC universities by advocating their own grant writing. Director of Strategy  Working to plan &lead future trips to Peru involving students from local universities. These Unilever students will be expected to pay their own expenses plus a travel agent & tour operator fee.  Planning to extend model to include Germany & Romania upon expiration of that BIE grant. Tucker White Director of Business Develop. Maersk, Inc.  Assisted & mentored local entrepreneur, Dr. Ray Chase on developing a prototype package & the formation of marketing materials as he looks to have his product, A-Line Golf, licensed.  Exposed student entrepreneurs and promoted their work as part of Enterpreneurship Week.
  3. 3. Faculty Advisory Board: Dr. Martin Brett SIFE Faculty Advisor  Completed a two-week summer program with the Hispanic Initiative that taught high school & Sport Management Program middle schoolers about finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, CSR, & ethics.  Experienced 92% increase in knowledge of topics such as accounting & finance during HI. Rev. Joseph DiMauro, OSFS  Educated Bethlehem Catholic High School students via distance learning on the importance of Associate Dean setting financial goals, managing money wisely, and microfinancing third-world entrepreneurs. Student Life  Improved Becahi’s comprehension of the link between finance and globalization by 100%. Dr. Galen Godbey Assistant to the President  Devised the first Identity Theft Awareness Campaign, hosted by Quakertown Wal-Mart. International Globalization  Offered free shredding of all financial documents by utilizing an on-site shredding truck.  Provided packets containing identity theft awareness information in both English and Spanish. Doug Griffin Vice President for Technology  Destroyed over 800 pounds of documents. Planning new event at Bethlehem Recycling Center. Information Technology Dr. Tahereh Hojjat  Established an ongoing column in the DSU school newspaper, “The Minstrel,” during Spring. Associate Professor  Educated students on the importance and need to achieve financial literacy with topics like: Business Dept./MBA Program  10 tips for college freshmen on saving money  Tackling monstrous student loans to begin planning for retirement Gerard Joyce  Developed relationship with Minstrel staff to provide for continuation of column next year. Vice President Student Life Dr. Mohamed Latib Vice President MBA Program & Strategic Dev. Dr. Joe Lewis Chairman Business Department Scott Mattingly Director Career Services & Internships Rev. Bernard O’Connor, OSFS President DeSales University Peter Rautzhan Dean of Enrollment Mngmnt  Created three-week program including four SIFE members & two faculty board members. Enrollment Management  Focused on alleviating issues in South Africa such as poverty, malnutrition, & disease.  Worked with Order of St. Vincent de Paul to donate food parcels including a one month sup- Joyce Rhoads ply of goods such as soap, lentils, flour, rice, beans, and tea to families with the greatest need. Department Secretary  Identified a need for the construction of working hospice to help raise the overall quality of life Business Department for South Africans afflicted with diseases including HIV, AIDS, & Tuberculosis.  Working to obtain funding for a community garden to promote proper nutritional habits. Dr. Amy Scott Co-SIFE Faculty Advisor Business Dept./MBA Program  Emphasized DSU SIFE’s ethical responsibility of doing business and doing good in the world.  Took control of the Flex for the Troops program, giving DSU students the opportunity to use Dr. Douglas Turco their remaining flex money to purchase non-perishable items like beef jerky & Gatorade. Director Sport Management Program  Donated over $1000 worth of food to the U.S. Marines. Rescheduled for later in 2007.  Provided 12 lambing kits, 10 laptops, & vinyl for over 25 greenhouses to assist people in Peru. Linda Zerbe Dean of Students Student Life  Devised the first-ever Acts of Ethics event to educate students from the entire campus commu- nity on business ethics by constructing skits that depicted ethical dilemmas in the workplace.  Increased participating students’ knowledge of handling ethical situations by 68% as a result.
  4. 4. Efforts & Impressions: Candidates Night 32 SIFE Hours 6,000 People Reached Career Service Events 43 SIFE Hours 120 People Reached Fowler Computer Donations 52 SIFE Hours 258 People Reached Destination: South Africa 1,512 SIFE Hours 826 People Reached Glad-Ideaters/Peru SAGE 275 SIFE Hours 5,400 People Reached Import/Export Project 1,234 SIFE Hours 1,129 People Reached International Week 105 SIFE Hours 1,300 People Reached Peru Sustainability Projects 4,244 SIFE Hours 1,951 People Reached Senator for a Day 25 SIFE Hours 126 People Reached  Worked with Heifer International and the village of Cuchuma, Peru over the course of five trips in four years to provide vinyl for over 25 new greenhouses at a cost of $89 a piece. Service-Servicio  Yielded 300% per year increase in production, greatly improving the variety of agricultural 39 SIFE Hours products their climate is able to support in Peruvian highlands. Now harvest 4 times per year. 59 People Reached  Enabled families to generate approximately $120 per year in profits using Heifer Interna- Shredding Event tional’s crop division model of dividing 1/3 for families, 1/3 for sales, and 1/3 for neighbors. 66 SIFE Hours 82 People Reached  Involved in the third of a five-year mentoring relationship with Upper Bucks Vo-Tech to pro- Teaching Financial Literacy vide for the promotion & support of better animal husbandry practices for Cuchuman villagers. 37 SIFE Hours 94 People Reached  Raised money through Neusch grants to provide for lambing kits that include tools and sup- plies such as scales, ear-tagging devices, elastrators, vitamins, shearers, & instructional info.  Revolutionizing herding practices by increasing reproductive rates & improving genetic lines. Media Coverage: DeSales Magazine  Constructed 20 stoves out of adobe brick and mud for ProWorld & people of Yanaconas, Peru. 12,000 Circulation  Provided alternative that is cleaner burning, more wood efficient, and increases production. The Minstrel  Connected 2006 SIFE USA champions, Graceland University with our contacts at ProWorld. 6,000 Circulation Prevention Magazine  Established a common link between DSU, the Romanian-American University at Bucharest, 11 Million Circulation the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias in Lima, and the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in India. Service Electric TV2 News  Linked through advisory board members for academic, non-profit, and business relationships. 1.4 Million Potential Viewers WFMZ TV 69 2.2 Million Potential Viewers  Grants: $267,500 (Neusch, Federal Business International Education (BIE), State of Pennsyl- vania, Century Foundation, Walgreen’s, Student Government Assoc., HSBC, Trexler Trust) WLVT, PBS TV  Sales: $4,980 (Import/Export, Peruvian Note Cards, Glad-Ideaters Program, Fundraisers) 2.6 Million Potential Viewers YouTube Videos Dr. Joe Lewis Dr. Martin Brett Joshua Lee 1,185 Views Chairman, Business Dept. Sam Walton Fellow Co-President Men’s Health Magazine & Walgreens Official DSU SIFE Sponsors