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Using UbD to Train University Professors to Use iclickers in the Classroom
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Using UbD to Train University Professors to Use iclickers in the Classroom



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  • 1. The Road to Success: Using the UbD Instructional Model to train university professors to use i>clickers as a tool for instruction By: Catherine Murphy
  • 2. First, what is UbD? UbD stands for “Understanding by Design,” an approach to instruction in which we work backwards to obtain our desired outcome.... Beginning End
  • 3. STEP ONE: Set some goals for instruction...
  • 4. What do we want to accomplish in our training? 1. University professors' attitudes about using the i>clickers will become more positive 2. University professors will understand the benefits of i>clickers 3. Professors will be comfortable using i>clickers for instruction
  • 5. STEP TWO: Determine how we are going to get there...
  • 6. -Choose assessment methods that will show us our goals have been reached -Design our instruction so it will be apparent professors understand how to use i>clickers and are motivated to use them in their instruction
  • 7. STEP THREE: Plan our trip... Where do we want to go? - What knowledge do we hope professors will take away from our instruction? How will we get them there? - What are our methods of instruction? What activities will do on our trip? - What tasks will the professors perform to gain knowledge and enjoy the trip?
  • 8. Are we there yet??
  • 9. The professors seem happy! They have positive attitudes about using i>clickers for instruction! They are motivated to use them! They know how to use them!
  • 10. Our trip was a success! We made it to our destination!