GPON-Extender (eng)


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Presentation of the GPON-Extender

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GPON-Extender (eng)

  1. 1. Making possible The Information Society GPON Extender Adolfo García Yagüe ~ Versión 1.0 ~ Noviembre 2009 © 2009 TELNET-RI
  2. 2. Features 1:1 GPON signal Range Extender to up to 60km – Version 1:1 – Version 1:4 (New) Regenerates 1310nm and 1490nm signals and amplifies 1550nm lambda Can work in standalone mode Supports in-band management via OMCI Alternative to RSOA technology-based PON extenders It is possible to chain several repeaters in cascade EDFA optical amplifier with low noise factor EDFA configurations in booster and preamp mode 1:4 © 2009 TELNET-RI
  3. 3. Cascade topologies ONT Splitter ONT >20km Increase OLT ONT Splitting Ratio ONT ONT Increase Splitter >20km 0-20km ONT >20km OLT Distance ONT ONT ONT Distance Splitter >20km >20km ONT >20km OLT + ONT Splitting Ratio ONT © 2009 TELNET-RI
  4. 4. Parallel topologies ONT ONT Splitter ONT >20km Extend OLT Splitter ONT ONT Post-Splitter ONT 0-20km ONT ONT Splitter ONT 0-20km ONT Splitter >20km Parallel OLT ONT Extenders ONT 0-20km Splitter ONT ONT © 2009 TELNET-RI ONT
  5. 5. Hybrid topologies ONT Splitter ONT 0-20km ONT >20km >20km Splitter OLT ONT ONT 0-20km Splitter ONT ONT ONT © 2009 TELNET-RI
  6. 6. Benefits of GPON-Extender Technical Business Increase GPON distance Reduce the number of plants with Improve signal quality OLT equipment Extends1550nm CaTV/IPTV Covering more customers with the signal same infrastructure Increase Splitting Ratio > 256 Reduce network CAPEX Parallel and cascade Increasing the number of configuration possible subscribers per OLT WDM => Reduction of fiber in Reduce PON deployment costs Trunk PON Ability to reach second phase deployments faster OVERSPLITTING! © 2009 TELNET-RI
  7. 7. OMCI management ONT chip embedded in GPON Extender GPON – Interoperable – No need for complete provisioning – OMCI Channel – Dedicated entities – Does not reduce sensitivity of regeneration components: Electronic interconnection, not optical OMCI management supported – According to ITU-T G.984.4 Amd 1 – Reach Extender entities – Entities present according to configuration of the equipment © 2009 TELNET-RI
  8. 8. GPON Extender 1:4 TDS= 10ns uP Latency values GPON TUS= 3ns SFP Control (insertion, Txon, PowTX, PowRX) Aggregator + Combiner Extender Box (OMCI managed) 4 PON branches, at full power 1 Splitter saving No splitting losses  Service from 1 Extender to 256 clients © 2009 TELNET-RI
  9. 9. SFP/SFF Optical components Two modes of supply – SFF Modules (optical parts welded) – SFP Modules (removable optical parts) (Identical optical characteristics of sensitivity) Advantages of using SFPs – Facilitates evolution to1:4 (reuse of SFPs) – Modularity, response to component failures – Flexibility in change/evolution of lambdas – Single-fiber/bi-fiber – Modules manufacturer independent – B+ or C+ optics – DWDM in PON Trunking © 2009 TELNET-RI
  10. 10. DWDM PON Trunking ONU Splitter ONU ONU OLT OLT λ1 ONU λ1 Mux DWDM Mux DWDM Splitter ONU λ2 OLT OLT ONU I I λ2 N T T E E N T T E E FR R F FR R F 2A 2A Z Z 2A 2A Z Z ONU DWDM λ3 Splitter ONU (Up to100Km) λ3 OLT OLT ONU ONU Splitter ONU ONU Allows the operator to maximize the use of fibers in the PON network backbone Integrated GPON-Extender/DWDM solution with TELNET equipment © 2009 TELNET-RI
  11. 11. GPON Extender Physical Specs Timing Parameters Parameter Symbol Min Typ. Max Units Comment Ratio Hi/Lo Hi/Lo 15 dB Depends on ONT signal quality Interpacket Space Tg 25 ns Guard time depending on Hi/Lo ratio Burst stabilization Ts 8 Ns Depends on Hi/lo y Tg time GPON Extender Tds 9 ns Latency Downstream GPON extender Tup 2 ns Latency Upstream Tx & Rx Parameters Parameter Value Comments RX Downstream Sensitivity -28/-8 dBm BER @ ONU = 10E-12 RX Upstream Sensitivity -26/-10 dBm BER @ OLT=10E-10 Downstream Tx Power +2dBm Uptream Tx Power -6/-3/+1 dBm Configurable on SNMP Upstream Extinction Ratio > 20dB EDFA Parameters Parameter Min Typ. Max Units Comments Output Power +10 dBm Nominal Gain 20 dB SNMP Configurable Input Range -30 -4 dBm Noise Factor(NF) 5 dB © 2009 TELNET-RI
  12. 12. GPON Extender Family GPON Extender Management Optical modules WDM EDFA 1550 1:1 SFF OMCI/SNMP/No SFF No No 1:1 SFP OMCI/SNMP/No SFP Yes No EDFA 1:1 SFF OMCI/SNMP/No SFF No Yes 1:4 SFF OMCI/No SFF No No 1:4 SFP OMCI/No SFP Yes No Micro SAE 1 GPON Extender MetroSAE 12 GPON Extender (x4) TriSAE 3 GPON Extender © 2009 TELNET-RI
  13. 13. Making possible The Information Society Thanks for your attention. © 2009 TELNET-RI