Apresentação do ISS pelo Prof. Leo de Haan


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Slides apresentados pelo Prof. Leo de Haan, Reitor do ISS, em 29 de novembro de 2010, durante encontro com coordenadores de pós-graduação da UFF, em Niteroi.

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Apresentação do ISS pelo Prof. Leo de Haan

  1. 1. ISS is the international Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
  2. 2. MissionISS aspires to be a research-led, teaching based and societally relevant graduate school in the social sciences on global issues of international development and equity
  3. 3. Core Activities• Research• Teaching• Capacity Development• Public Debate
  4. 4. ISS becomes University Institute• As of 1 July 2009 ISS is a University Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)• ISS focus is on global issues of international development and equity• ISS is located in The Hague.
  5. 5. ISS and Brazil• A joint history for over 30 years• Over 80 alumni in all major Brazilian cities: researchers, politicians, civil society leaders• Guest lectures at ISS by eminent researchers, politicians and civil society leaders from Brazil• Currently 2 MA students and 3 PhD students• Seven joint projects in education and research projects ongoing or in preparation• Professor Patricia Almeida Ashley holds the prestigious Prince Claus chair in Development & Equity
  6. 6. ISS and BrazilJoint projects in education and research projects ongoing or in preparation:• Professor Almeida Ashley: Stakeholders Social Responsibility (UFF, UFAM)• Global logistics, value chains and social inclusion (PEABIRU, FGV Sao Paolo)• Children and Youth (FUSP)• Social networks in university-business incubators (Corradi)• Between law enforcement and public health (Rigoni)• Social movements, leadership and social and env. Justice (Barbosa)• MoU with UFF and UFAM. Some others in preparationISS would like to develop further its cooperation with Brazil through education and research
  7. 7. Teaching Programmes• four-year Doctoral Programme• 15 months Master of Arts Programme• Diploma Programmes• Executive courses• Refresher Courses for alumni
  8. 8. ISS 55th Anniversary
  9. 9. Masters ProgrammeMaster of Arts in Development Studies with fifteen specializations: • Agriculture and Rural • International Political Economy Development and Development • Children and Youth Studies • Local Development Strategies • Conflict, Reconstruction and • Population, Poverty and Social Human Security Development • Development Research • Poverty Studies and Policy • Economics of Development Analysis • Environment and Sustainable • Public Policy and Management Development • Women, Gender, Development • Governance and Democracy • Work, Employment and • Human Rights, Development Globalization and Social Justice
  10. 10. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes• Children, Youth and • Migration and Human Security Development • Universalizing Socio-Economic• Governance, Democratization Security for the Poor and Public Policy • Sustainable Local Economic• International Health and Policy Evaluation Development
  11. 11. International evening
  12. 12. Students 2010 - 2011• MA 180• Diploma 67• PhD 55
  13. 13. Doctoral Award
  14. 14. Alumni (> 11,000) Europe 14% North America Africa 3% 31%South America 11% Asia & Australasia 41%
  15. 15. ISS Research• 4 main themes
  16. 16. ISS is research-led: MA students on field trip to Egypt
  17. 17. The ISS Building Located in the centre of The Hague
  18. 18. Facilities• The Auditorium seats 300 people and is fully equipped for multi- media presentations
  19. 19. Facilities• The Atrium in the heart of the building houses the restaurant and bar.
  20. 20. Annual Cricket Match
  21. 21. Facilities• Classrooms are equipped with video and projection equipment
  22. 22. Facilities• Student and visitor accommodation is located around the corner from the ISS building
  23. 23. New Library• focus on social sciences• 100,000 books• 650 journal subscriptions• reference collection• on-line databases and cd-roms
  24. 24. Contact us through • info@iss.nl • student.office@iss.nl • www.iss.nl