Abertura do Evento pela Coordenadora do Convênio na UFF

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  • 1. Reception of UFF to Prof. Leo de Haan,Rector of the International Institute of Social StudiesErasmus University RotterdamMeeting with Coordinators ofGraduate Programs at UFF withthematic interface with the MoUon development and equity studies 29th Nov 2010, 14h – 17h - PROPPI
  • 2. MoU UFF-ISS-UFAM in Development andEquity Studies• It aims the development of an International Program on Research, Graduate Courses, Innovation and Extension in the interdisciplinary area of Development and Equity, which includes aspects of economic, social, cultural, environmental, technological and institutional development, unfolding into activities among the Partners such as: ▫ 1. Collaboration on research, graduate courses, innovation and extension projects in the interdisciplinary area of development and equity within the research lines relevant to the skills of faculty and researchers from each institution;
  • 3. MoU UFF-ISS-UFAM in Development andEquity Studies ▫ 2. Cooperation for seminars and joint academic activities; ▫ 3. Interchange of relevant publications, academic materials and other information to be periodically agreed; ▫ 4. Interchange of academic and administrative staff; ▫ 5. Mutual promotion of programs and activities of post graduate courses, including sandwich- doctorate and specific future arrangements for various types of dual certification; ▫ 6. Missions.
  • 4. Funding possibilities• CAPES-NUFFIC annual call for doctoral courses with minimum grade of 5 (staff and students exchange) – March/April each year• CNPq and FAPERJ – general calls for research funding (no specific call yet for Netherlands)• FP 7 – European calls – launched yearly in July and deadlines usually by November to April each year (Marie Curie – individual funding; research programs – 3 countries in Europe at least)• Erasmus Mundus for International Doctorates• Other possible fundings for post doctorate, sandwich doctorate and collaboration in research, publications and events
  • 5. Some dimensions in Development andEquity Studies
  • 6. Afternoon meeting• Presentation of ISS by Prof. Leo de Haan• Presentation of a research profile of each graduate program ▫ Brief History and Goals of the Graduate Program ▫ Brief Profile of Academic Staff, Students and Graduates ▫ Highlights in Research Projects related to Development and Equity Studies• Concluding remarks by Prof. Leo de Haan
  • 7. Graduate Programs• 14:20 Psicologia • 15:50 Ciência da Informação• 14:30 Saúde Coletiva • 16:00 Ciência Política• 14:40 História • 16:10 Estudos Estratégicos• 14:50 Educação • 16:20 Geografia• 15:00 Antropologia • 16:30 Arquitetura e• 15:10 Economia e o Centro Urbanismo de Estudos em Desigualdade e • 16:40 Ciência Ambiental Desenvolvimento• 15:30 Serviço Social: Política Social; Serviço Social e 16:50 – Concluding remarks Desenvolvimento Regional by Prof. Leo de Haan
  • 8. Contatos na UFF: Profa. Patricia Almeida AshleyDepartamento de Análise GeoambientalInstituto de Geociências - UFFBlog de Notícias sobre o Convênio:http://convenio-uff-iss-ufam.blogspot.com