Making Ads Suck Less (or why brands should be more like Bill Murray)


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Making Ads Suck Less (or why brands should be more like Bill Murray)

  1. 1. Making Ads Suck Less (or why brands should be more like Bill Murray)
  2. 2. Bill Murray’s Transformation 1980 1988 1996 2004 2012
  3. 3. Consistent Unpredictability He knows his “brand” allows flexibility. He has a gut reaction to a situation. He responds to the situation the only way he knows how (his brand voice). He does not pass up an opportunity to do something awesome.
  4. 4. “No one’s ever going to believe you.” Frat Party Dish Washer Karaoke Enthusiast 1-800-Bill-Murray DJing with Wu Tang The Bill Murray Brand
  5. 5. It’s not real-time. It’s not experimental. It’s not emerging media. It’s a larger, but simpler idea than that. The key is being able to recognize a unique set of circumstances that compliment who your brand is, and reacting to those circumstances. Brands can’t afford to shy away from doing something awesome Everything you do in life is essentially an ad (whether or not you show up to a party drunk or if you’re a huge brand that donates 250k to charity.) People react a certain way when you do things in life. Brands should have an “awesome shit” budget. Seriously.
  6. 6. Inspired by one man’s love of rainbow, sugary goodness: $1,300 Nike: Something awesome, just do it. The shoe we’ve all wanted for 25 years: $10,000
  7. 7. Timely responses to current, and the occasional controversial event Spirit Air: Relevancy, F*ck Yeah! Stepping outside of their comfort zone IS their comfort zone Real time relevance
  8. 8. Fathead: Turning crisis into opportunity
  9. 9. ...and then going above and beyond
  10. 10. Oreo: Advancing the human race It was incredibly clunky, high pressured, and a logistical nightmare A bunch of decision makers in the same room at the same time preparing for the unknown When it happened they recognized the opportunity and reacted And every brand/agency in America went to work the next morning and said “How can we do that?”
  11. 11. Awesome Shit Budget ACTIVATED
  12. 12. But what would Bill Murray do? Bill Murray would light a cigarette in the face of the unknown. Embrace going outside of your comfort zone. If you know your brand you can take the leap. Bill Murray wouldn’t stress out about it. There are successes and failures in any endeavor, the question is “Hey man, did I make my point?” Bill Murray would keep it simple. Is it awesome? Cool let’s figure it out. Is this kind of lame? Let’s move on.
  13. 13. Thanks for coming. XOXO Mike