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Task One - Unit one
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Unit One-Task One

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO BTEC Level 3 Diploma - Creative Media Production Task 1 - Understand Requirements for a specific media production
  2. 2. MUSIC VIDEO A Music video is a short film mixing image and music together, made for artistic or promotional use. A majority of modern music videos are used as marketing devices to promote the sales of the music themselves.
  3. 3. MTV was launched in 1981 and was the main source of watching/promoting music videos when they were first becoming popular in the early 1980s. Music Videos now use one of the widest range of film making techniques MUSIC VIDEO
  4. 4. MUSIC VIDEO Music videos can represent a storyline either based on the lyrics or based on a certain message, these videos can be entertaining to watch as you feel like a story is being told and a character or characters have meaning and grow throughout the video. Eminem - Stan
  5. 5. MUSIC VIDEO Music videos can be shown as artistic films to get a message across and to show individuality from the main stream and to set a band or artist apart. Hiring artistic directors can both make you more distinctive and bring you closer to your target audience Mia Doi Todd "Open Your Hear
  6. 6. FINANCE A Music video can be financed in a variety of ways. If a band or artist is signed by a major record label then usually the record label will finance the music video and pay for everything such as camera equipment, booking of the area or studio. Sony Music Entertainment the second-largest global recorded music compan
  7. 7. MUSIC VIDEO FINANCE A Music video can be financed by the artist themselves if the artist is unsigned or in the process of being signed by a record label. If the artist produces and pays for their own music video it is usually low budget due to the price of professional equipment and the hiring of crew. Little Comets - Adultery This music video was uploaded on september 17th 2009. The band ‘little comets’ were signed in january 31st 2010 so this music video wasn’t funded by the record label, therefore being funded by the band themselves
  8. 8. FINANCE A music video can also be crowd funded, this is when supporters and fans pay for their artists music video. Using websites like ‘wefund’ anybody can donate money to a music artist or any other form of creative artists Columbia - On The Run This music video was funded through wefund and has over 2000 veiws, which for an upcoming band is an achievement, for further details on the funding follow this link http://wefund.com/project/columbia-on-the-run/p11993/
  9. 9. Major Labels Finance for Band/Artist MUSIC VIDEO FINANCE Independent Labels Finance for Band/Artist
  10. 10. FINANCE The music industry on average to create a successful artist spends about US$1 million, spread across on the artists advance, recording costs, video production and promotional work. The average price for 3 music videos alone costs US$200,000.
  11. 11. FINANCE: CASE STUDY Silvertip Films are an independent Video Production Service, Covering music video production through to the promotion. Silvertip provide a range of services such as Pre- production, kit hiring, casting and location scouting. Silvertip take care of the entire process for the band/artist.
  12. 12. FINANCE Music Videos at Silvertip Films can cost from £1000 through to £10,000 sometimes even higher. Silvertip Films have been commissioned films to make for acts such as Woodzy, Chiedu, E.N.V, Some of which recieve thousands of ‘views’ on youtube everyday! Silvertip Films Music Video Show
  13. 13. FINANCE: CASE STUDY - COST GUIDE Half Day Shoots (Singers/Rappers) - From £1000 + Expenses •Shoot lasts 5 hours •1 day pre production •1 day edit
  14. 14. Full Day Shoots (Bands/Singers) - From £1500 + Expenses •Shoot lasts 10 hours •1 days pre-production •2 day edit FINANCE: CASE STUDY - COST GUIDE
  15. 15. Two Day Shoots - From £2500 + Expenses •20 hour shoot •1 day pre-production •3 day edit FINANCE: CASE STUDY - COST GUIDE
  16. 16. PROMOS In Music videos a commissioner is somebody who works for a record label or is contracted by the label and commissions a music video on behalf of the label. The copyright of the video would then belong to the record company.
  17. 17. Once the copyright of the video belongs to the record label they decide when the delivery date of the video itself is. The Delivery Materials and Format refer to the different formats you have to deliver the music video in. PROMOS
  18. 18. PROMOS In Music Videos the record label would arrange for the artist to attend a shoot if needed. The record company will pay for the costs if the talent doesn’t attend at a scheduled time.
  19. 19. A record label and ‘talent’ will have the rights to be consulted and to approve the production of the music video. The Record label also have to pay the producer a production fee to cover production costs of a music video. The producer will have to get hold of clearances and licences for all the materials used in connection with the video. PROMOS
  20. 20. EQUIPMENT HIRE In order to film our music video we need to hire suitable equipment at the best price. My crew and i will need a professional HD video camera and a 3 headed lighting kit
  21. 21. EQUIPMENT HIRE For a 1, 2 to 3 day shoot the lighting kit will cost a total of £62 , £124 to £186 Includes Dimmer Boxes and long extension cords
  22. 22. EQUIPMENT HIRE To hire the necsasary equipment i contacted VMI at www.vmi.tv in order to get hold of the lighting equipment and camera equipment i needed
  23. 23. EQUIPMENT HIRE For a 1, 2 to 3 day shoot the camera kit will cost a total of £90 , £180 to £270. Panasonic AF-101 HD monitoring, industry standard audio inputs and monitoring.
  24. 24. EQUIPMENT HIRE For 2 days editing in post production the editing facilities will cost a total of £400 Including Final Cut 7 and grade 1 broadcast monitors
  25. 25. PROPS For my music video i will be needing specific props to fit the mise-en-scene of my music video, to get these i will contact props hiring companys and find out quotes and hiring charges for the products i would like. These ‘Props’ are more technically called theatrical properties and is commonly used by actors on stage or on camera to further a plot and create the atmosphere of the piece.
  26. 26. PROPS LIST International AM/FM Mini Headphone Radio Game & Watch Multiscreen - Green HouseAkai AX80 - Analogue Synth Olympus om20 Camera 70s Chopper bicycle Retro Arcade Game Machine Panasonic TV Carrera 10 Dialatron BT 'Jade' Mobile Phone Here is an example of a list of the props i would be needing for my music video which will be based in the 80s and have a very retro feel.
  27. 27. DEADLINES Unit 29 Task 1: Deadline: Friday 21st September A written essay that explains the purposes of music videos. Task 2: Deadline: Friday 5th October A powerpoint that accurately describes the style, conventions and techniques of music videos Task 3: Deadline: Friday 26th October An individual folder that includes research. Task 4: Final Deadline: Friday 9th November Shoot and edit music video. Pre-Production Task 1: Deadline: Friday 28th September Understand requirements for a specific media production Task 2: Deadline: Friday 12th October Be able to prepare a pre- production documentation for a specific media production Task 3: Final Deadline: Friday 26th October Be able to apply pre-production planning for a specific media production
  28. 28. AVAILABILITY OF EQUIPMENT At school we have access to a majority of the equipment we will need to make our music video. Our group will need to fill out a booking for signing our names on the form to get the equipment for an allotted time Booking Forms
  29. 29. Our group will Book equipment such as a lighting kit, a HD video camera, tripod for recording the music video steadily and to make camera movement as smooth and clear as possible. AVAILABILITY OF EQUIPMENT The LEGRIA HF R28 camcorder has a full HD CMOS sensor, high resolution 7.5cm touch-screen LCD and a 28x zoom which makes the camera suitable for a low budget music video
  30. 30. Our group will also be able to use editing software on the Mac mini. Our group will need to fill out a booking for signing our names on the form to get the equipment for an allotted time AVAILABILITY OF EQUIPMENT IMovie processes HD videos from HDV camcorders for e.g the colleges LEGRIA HF R28. IMovie stores all the films made onto Quicktime player
  31. 31. AVAILABILITY OF PERSONNEL The size of my team will be 3 people (Myself, Kieren and Seb). I will be directing and shooting the music video, whilst Kieren writes the story and what happens in the music video, and Seb will be producing/assisting with equipment and such. Myself, Seb and Kieren have 12 years of media experience between us, and we all have strenghts in different areas that compliment eachother.
  32. 32. I did a years course in photography and have a good eye for framing and positioning of the camera and things within the frame. Kieren is a brilliant writer and has a broad imagination which helps in the writing of a music video. Seb has a natural talent for buying and hiring equipment/people for the best deal which will help when hiring key personel AVAILABILITY OF PERSONNEL
  33. 33. AVAILABILITY OF PERSONNEL Date Group Members Needed Time Location week 1 -Wednesda y Myself Seb Kieren 3.15pm To Be Confirme d week 2 - Tuesday Myself Seb Kieren 3.15pm To Be Confirme d Film Schedule
  34. 34. TIMESCALE FOR CLEARANCES I need to have all the unpaid collaboration contracts completed by the band. I also need to have a time scheduled with the band by November the 9th
  35. 35. COSTUME For my Music Video i will be needing set costumes for my characters, actors and talent to set a mood and represent the music video and band well. The term costume means your wardrobe and dress in general, it can also mean the individual style and dress of some people, a class or period.
  36. 36. MUSIC VIDEO COSTUME Hire Rates £26.00£26.00£26.00£26.00£42.00£42.00 Hire Price Fairy Godmother average hire price starts at £26 but can go as high as £50 depending on the costume Costumes cost £10 to deliver and will also cost £10 to send back to Fair Godmother via parcel force
  37. 37. MUSIC VIDEO COSTUME Hire Rates Masquerade Costumes over 10,000 costumes starting at £10 but can go as high as £40 depending on the outfit Costumes range from £25 + Vat upwards where as Childrens costumes from £10 to £20. Shoes, wigs and other selected accessories are an additional hire fee starting at £10 + Vat per item.
  38. 38. PROPS HIRE & QUOTATIONS This is an email i am sending to tvfilmprops and keeleyhire Requesting the quotes and hiring charges for the props for my period music video.
  39. 39. MICHAEL JACKSONS SCREAM MUSIC VIDEO Micheal Jacksons ‘Scream’ is in a league of its own when it comes to music videos, costing a total of $7,000,000. Designed by Tom Foden Who has designed music videos for the likes of Madonna, Nine inch Nails and Hanson. Fodens team was made up of Richard Berg, Jeff Hall, and Martin Mervel and assigned different sets to different people, describing it as a “military operation”
  40. 40. PRODUCTION OF MICHAEL JACKSONS SCREAM MUSIC VIDEO In the making of the scream music video there were five Studios used, housing a minimum of ten sets each. The crew helping to create scream was massive, using Janets circle of people and Michaels they ended up with multiple choreographers, Janets being Sean Cheeseman and Tina Landon, Michaels being Travis Payne and Lavelle Smith.
  41. 41. CGI; RAVEYARD - REMEMBER Directed by Charles De Meyer and co at Chuck Electric, The music video itself took three months to post-produce, including the time for research and development. The music video had been shot long before any ideas for cgi had even been thought of, 2d and3d were both tried and tested on a high end software pack “Maya”. De Meyer experimented with its particle and fluid systems and uses them
  42. 42. I wrote an email to the independent music video production company ‘EP!K MUSIC VIDEOS’, asking what specialists and experts are involved in the production of music videos. This email is one of three that I sent to different music video production companies. MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY: EPIK
  43. 43. This is the second of three emails I sent to the independent music video production companies. This email was sent to ‘LondonMusicVideo’s producer/director, Claire Pearce, as the website/company itself does not have a direct email address MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY: LondonMusicVideo
  44. 44. This is the third of the three emails I had sent out, this email was sent to ‘Phink.tv’ regarding specialists and experts that are involves in music video production. Nethier ‘London Music Video’ nor ‘phink.tv’ had a direct adress to contact them, in this case I had to contact Mark A. Wilson MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY: Phink.tv
  45. 45. Driven by a collective will to succeed, the jar family have formed a distinctive style. Phink.tv created a video for the jar family, for the song ‘In For a Penny’. Formed in 2010 the band is a collective of singer-songwriters max Bianco, Dali, Al Devon, Richie Docherty, Chris Hooks and Kieth Wilkinson THE JAR FAMILY BIOGRAPHY
  46. 46. FILM LOCATION RECCE Recce is a pre-filming term, meaning to visit a location to work out its suitability for shooting including access to necessary facilities and a health and safety overlook on the particular area.
  47. 47. Location Information Strengths Limitations Nork Park Banstead The park with its big open spaces in fields and such is perfect for an outdoor shoot but there is also some wooded areas that would look great on film The park is big so we can film in a variety of places instead of the same room/place which is more aesthetically pleasing. The park is public and therefore permission is not needed if i wish to film there The weather is unreliable and as it is a public space it would be easy to accidentally get members of public in shot Drama Studio (Beacon School) The Drama Studio is equipped with all the lighting equipment and staging that we would need for the video At the Drama Studio we have access to all the lighting equipment and staging that we would need. The drama studio is close to the media department where we we would be getting our camera equipment There are alot of wires which myself or team could easily trip over in the drama studio the video is secluded to one space Neither myself nor team do not have the training to use the lighting equipment provided correctly LOCATION BREAKDOWN
  48. 48. Production Title: Music VideoProduction Title: Music Video Location Manager: N/ALocation Manager: N/A RECCE FORM Date Scouted: 22nd Nov 2012Date Scouted: 22nd Nov 2012 Location: Nork Park BansteadLocation: Nork Park Banstead Very easyVery easy accessibleaccessible If it had been raining recently orIf it had been raining recently or raining it would be dangerousraining it would be dangerous to bring out electricalto bring out electrical equipment and or people canequipment and or people can fall overfall over N/AN/A Accessibility Health & SafetyElectrics This area would be deemed safeThis area would be deemed safe to film in if the ground is dryto film in if the ground is dry and it is not raining, thereforeand it is not raining, therefore this area is available to film ifthis area is available to film if need be. the sound can beneed be. the sound can be distorted by winddistorted by wind Evaluation Availability: Yes / No / PendingAvailability: Yes / No / Pending Dates:Dates: Hours:Hours: Permission: Yes / No / PendingPermission: Yes / No / Pending Granted by:Granted by: Date:Date:
  49. 49. Production Title: Music VideoProduction Title: Music Video Location Manager: Ms CroakLocation Manager: Ms Croak RECCE FORM Date Scouted: 22nd Nov 2012Date Scouted: 22nd Nov 2012 Location: Drama StudioLocation: Drama Studio Very easyVery easy accessibleaccessible My crew could easily trip overMy crew could easily trip over loose wires on the floor and theloose wires on the floor and the lights need to be checked theylights need to be checked they are correctly and tightlyare correctly and tightly fastened in place to avoid risk offastened in place to avoid risk of falling.falling. Studio Lighting &Studio Lighting & Screen wiresScreen wires Accessibility Health & SafetyElectrics This area would be safe to filmThis area would be safe to film and produce a music video, itand produce a music video, it has the correct amount ofhas the correct amount of space needed and the lightingspace needed and the lighting and sound is perfectand sound is perfect Evaluation Availability: Yes / No / PendingAvailability: Yes / No / Pending Dates:Dates: Hours:Hours: Permission: Yes / No / PendingPermission: Yes / No / Pending Granted by:Granted by: Date:Date:
  50. 50. MECHANICAL COPYRIGHT PROTECTION SOCIETY Mechanical Copyright Protection society is a UK collection society undertaking collective rights management for musical works. I would need to contact the society to become a copyright holder of my particular piece of work so that nobody else can “copy” what i have done
  51. 51. COPYRIGHT Copyright is a legal concept giving legal ownership over an original piece of work, holding exclusive rights over the piece. This gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work I would contact a copyright agency in order to assure nobody would use my music video without crediting myself/crew or band.
  52. 52. Public liability is part of law of tort which focus’s on civil wrongs.If a person is injured they are eligable to sue the owner or occupier based on the negligence and or damages that had’nt been treated. Ethier myself or crew would use the public liability law if the are in which we are we are filming causes me or the talent to harm themselves PUBLIC LIABILITY
  53. 53. The british board of film classification is a non governmental organisation funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the UK I would need to contact the bbfc to find out the rating and if my music video would need any censoring BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION
  54. 54. BECTU The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union is a trade union in the UK BECTU is financed entirely by individual subscriptions from members.
  55. 55. Element Details Of Costs Total Cost Materials Equipment Hiring Camera for 2 Days - £180 Hiring lighting kit for 2 Days - £124 Editing facilities for 2 Days - £400 £704 Personnel Talent Post-production Marketing Distribution Travel Contingency Other PRODUCTION BUDGET