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Red Digital credentials presentation (February 2012)
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Red Digital credentials presentation (February 2012)


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Credentials presentation of the social media and interactive engagement specialists, Red Digital.

Credentials presentation of the social media and interactive engagement specialists, Red Digital.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Company A specialist in generating interactive ideas throughgaming, social media management + application developmentand digital convergence to build a powerful online communityManaging over 5 million fans on social media for our clients!
  • 2. The Company A strong team of 51 experienced and digitally savvy professionals starting from content management to technology + ideation to art + digital brand management to product visualization + mobile to interactive television.A combined experience of over 115 years in the digital space!
  • 3. The Company + Operations and Business Development office in Gurgaon✔ Head office in Mumbai + Business Development center to come up in Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmeda bad and Kolkata shortly
  • 4. Social Services+ Custom Facebook Fan Pages + Web 2.0 Integration+ Foursquare Management + WordPress Site Development+ Social Media Optimization (SMO) + Blog Set-up and Design+ Social Media Marketing (SMM) + YouTube Channel Customization+ Campaign Management + Twitter Management+ Content Management + Twitter Background Design+ Account Management + Newsletter Design+ Social Media Strategies + Email Campaign Management+ Fan Acquisition + Social SEO+ App Development + Banner Design+ Complete Social Solutions + Facebook Ad Design
  • 5. Our Clients
  • 6. Why Red Digital We do everything in-house:  Unlike most other agencies we don’t outsource anything. All our work is done internally.  Applications, Websites, Games, Mobile, Design, Content, Advertis ing, Ideation, Strategy, Hosting and Execution.  Domain experts from every walk of a brand’s digital lifecycle.  Gives us more flexibility to experiment with a free hand without really thinking about paying someone to make a proto!  Execution time is shorter and deliverables are more accurate.
  • 7. Why Red Digital Very well defined team structure  Our social media experts are brand custodians  The one point of contact for everything social a brand wants to do online and offline.  Subject matter experts who can guide the brand manager on what’s the best approach and strategy.  Skills sets include:  Facebook  Twitter  Foursquare  LinkedIn  Ning  Google+  Google Buzz  Tumblr  Orkut  Wordpress
  • 8. Why Red Digital Very well defined team structure Head of Client Servicing Social Media Content Head of Technology SpecialistDigital Strategist Social Media Creative Technologist Expert/Account Manager Copywriter Client Designer
  • 9. Why Red Digital Experience of operating our own brand  The team has had the experience of operating its own brand,, a fantasy cricket game for the last 3 years.  Experience of managing winners, fraud protection, process of sending prizes, building a database and customer service.  The volume of prizes include those given away daily and for every cricket tournament.  Experience of sending awards entries.  Website security. Experience with https, payments and vulnerabilities.  was awarded with the Red Herring Award in 2011 for being among the top 100 tech start-ups globally.
  • 10. Why Red Digital Quality of reporting  Raw Data beyond insights  Posts which performed and not  Edgerank  Klout Score  Analysis of each parameter  A quick listing for the plan next week
  • 11. Social Services+ Custom Facebook Fan Pages + Web 2.0 Integration+ Foursquare Management + WordPress Site Development+ Social Media Optimization (SMO) + Blog Set-up and Design+ Social Media Marketing (SMM) + YouTube Channel Customization+ Campaign Management + Twitter Management+ Content Management + Twitter Background Design+ Account Management + Newsletter Design+ Social Media Strategies + Email Campaign Management+ Fan Acquisition + Social SEO+ App Development + Banner Design+ Complete Social Solutions + Facebook Ad Design
  • 12. Objective • Understand the positioning of a brand and its product to Listen develop an engagement strategy. • Build a community and personally connect with the brand and each other. Socialize with the community by tapping Engage into the viral nature of social networks. • Use the connect to influence your network towardsInfluence accomplishing your brand, campaign and business goals. Introduce the four pillars of social media
  • 13. Consumers sharing experiences • Build interesting • Long term focus content & as a consumer engagement Platform Applications FacebookOnline events Real time updates Foursquare Twitter YouTube • Real Time • Visual Impact Customer • Mobile connect Conversation Forum Engagement
  • 14. Our Clients
  • 15. The work we doTo give you a brief perspective on the work we have achieved for our partners over social networks
  • 16. Mumbai Indians
  • 17. Mumbai Indians Content objective: Product promotion & Fan Acquisition  Mumbai Indians is the 8th largest fan page on Facebook in India  The only IPL team to have over 1 million fans (24,50,000) fans. The next closest IPL team has 8,50,000 fans.  Average new fans a day: 8000  Crosslink with to promote sale of tickets for IPL4  Promotion of the Mumbai Indians website and the fantasy cricket platform present thereThe next step: we built an e-commerce platformfor the purpose of selling tickets and are buildinga platform to sell Mumbai Indians merchandizeon Facebook
  • 18. Mumbai Indians Mumbai Indians support badges, widely used during the IPLAnd many more…
  • 19. Mumbai Indians An independent study conducted by Ac Nielsen and McKinsey put Mumbai Indians on top of all other IPL teams on social media
  • 20. Slice (PepsiCo)
  • 21. Slice Content objective: Creating a buzz about their promo  Slice has never had any digital presence.  Slice was coming up with their new pre-season promo campaign called Katrina Ka Number, Crown Ke Under, where they wanted to increase consumption by getting more and more people to call their IVR and speak with Katrina.  We devised the social strategy for Slice to gain traction on social media and increase consumption.  The fan page currently stands at 75,000 and is growing steadily.
  • 22. The Slice Crown Town app created to increase consumption. We gave the promo an all new twist by introducing a crown collection angle to the campaign. Something which Slice never thought aboutGetting people to date Katrina… before thathelping them judge if they are good enough todate Katrina – The Date Quotient application
  • 23. EducompLittle Millennium
  • 24. Educomp Content Strategy: Re-branding of their pre-school Educomp decided to re-brand their pre-schools from Roots to Wings to Little Millennium. We suggested a rather unique and cost effective approach to target parents on Facebook. The page has over 30,000 targeted fans, primarily parents and in the age group of 25-50. The page is about parenting and how parents can lay the building blocks for their child’s future
  • 25. The nursery rhymes application has also been a big success on the fan page.A recipe contest for moms on the page. 138unique recipes in a span of less than 20 days
  • 26. Mirinda (PepsiCo)
  • 27. Mirinda Content objective: Generating awareness about Mirinda’s two new flavors Mirinda has had no digital presence till date. Mirinda was introducing two new flavors, Mirinda Orange Masala and Mirinda Orange Mango. This is the biggest thing Mirinda has ever done on its brand. We were given the mandate to build a digital presence for Mirinda primarily using social media. The fan page stands at 1,50,000 fans today.
  • 28. Flash mobs were turning into gimmicks where people weredancing over Bollywood songs! Enough said, lets get back therebellion that Flash Mobs were originally meant to be.We created TweetMobs. #MirindaIndia started trending in India!
  • 29. Results: TweetMob 1Mirinda featured amongst topics breaking globally whileMirindaIndia, #breathless and pagalpanti trended nationally.All of this in the backdrop of Valentine’s Day and anenthralling India versus Sri Lanka cricket match, which endedin a tie thanks to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s heroics. Results: TweetMob 2 Next Friday: #PagalPanti trended in India and was also featured among the topics breaking globally. THE TWEETMOB SAW OVER 5900 TWEETS IN 18 HOURS WITH OVER 0.7 MILLION VIEWS.
  • 30. Mobile augmented reality app which allows you to play a gamewhen a bottle of Mirinda is scanned. (iPhone and Android)
  • 31. Augmented reality on Facebook.
  • 32. Social app introducing the three new Mirinda flavors.
  • 33. Application on Android tablets to be used for on-groundactivations. It captures video which then gets submitted ascontest entry on the Facebook page.
  • 34. Adidas Cricket
  • 35. Adidas Cricket Content objective: User Engagement  Adidas Cricket had 24,144 fans in Sept. 2010  Adidas Cricket today has 1,133,177 fans in a span of 7 months.  Currently, this page is the 2nd biggest sports brand page in India  Red Digital has created a Fantasy Cricket game platform for Adidas Cricket on the fan page.  Adidas previewed its annual sale on the fan page before the stores  Adidas Cricket TVCs now premieres on the fan page before being launched on television  The page boasts of custom downloads from Adidas  Applications developed for user engagement and entertainment
  • 36. Adidas Cricket An independent study conducted by AC Nielsen & McKinsey put Adidas as the most spoken about sports brand during the first 3 weeks of the cricket world cup 2011.
  • 37.’s Fantasy Cricket applicationcustomized and run on Facebook
  • 38. Created and implemented an auction Application, that allows fans to bid andwin on Adidas memorabilia
  • 39. To celebrate the harmony of Adidas and cricket, a user generated contentapplication was created, appropriately named – Immortal Words
  • 40. A collage application for the World Cup 2011 where we urged fans to uploadtheir favorite pictures, from which a collage will be created and signed bySachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag
  • 41. Currently developing a Match Winning Prediction Application for IPL4
  • 42. BMW
  • 43. BMW Objective: Create a buzz at Auto Expo BMW has become the no. 1 luxury car company in India beating Mercedes. BMW wanted to create a buzz about their presence at Auto Expo beating arch rivals Audi. We created Midas for BMW. Midas is an online-offline bridge that helps visitors at events to stay connected with their Facebook friends.
  • 44. Visitors get Midas cards and line-up at kiosks to enable theirFacebook profiles on those cards. They can also register cardswith promoters walking around the pavilion. Tap your card and let your friends know which car you like OR Get your photo clicked and upload to your Facebook profile at the tap of your card, real-time.
  • 45. • Over 10,200 registered users• Over 18,500 photos uploaded• Over 34,000 unique pieces of content created• Over 3.3 million impression
  • 46. Lufthansa
  • 47. Lufthansa Objective: Activation to generate buzz about the Lufthansa A380 Lufthansa launched an on-ground activation programme to generate buzz about its acquisition of the Airbus A380, the biggest passenger airliner in the world. Red Digital created a unique game for Lufthansa that they would in the activity requiring users to:  Call an IVR number  Connect their phone numbers to the game  Use their phones as a controller for the game  Maneuver the Airbus A380 and park it in its hangar 3 cities, 5 malls spanning over 3 months
  • 48. DanoneDanette Smoothie & Stay Fittum Fit
  • 49. Danone Content Strategy: Increase awareness about the brand on social media Two brands with different positioning and target audiences on social media. Stay Fittum Fit is the Danone Yogurt page concentrating on fitness and healthy eating Danette Smoothie is youth targeted about about cool or as the brand calls it… smooth! Danette Smoothie has over 7,600 fans while Stay Fittum Fit has a little under 700 fans. Applications for the page have been designed keeping intact the brand identity and messaging.
  • 50. A social body mass calculator for the Stay Fittum Fit page.An online dietician to help fans looking for answers tohealth related questions.
  • 51. An application challenging the “smoothness” of a fan forthe Danette Smoothie page!
  • 52. EsselWorld & Water Kingdom
  • 53. EsselWorld Content Strategy: Increase park visits + awareness of events and new rides Was initially being managed by a garage agency which got the page name and url branded wrongly (both are permanent once selected). With our contacts at Facebook we had the name and url changed. Currently at over 32,000 fans Ticket booking application to soon go live on Facebook Currently being used at the hub of EsselWorld’s college promotion Fun-O-Logy
  • 54. Godrej
  • 55. Godrej - Powerplay Content Strategy: Fan Acquisition + Brand promotion Powering the entire backend for Godrej’s loyalty program, Powerplay Providing complete social media management with content and creative direction on social media:  Direct communication with audiences on Facebook  Customer service on twitter Giving the participants access to register for the program through Facebook, taking the contest to the people rather than getting people to the contest Effective use of Facebook marketing to enhance reach and audience of the promotion through IPL 4• Over 70,000 people on the page presently
  • 56. Application to allow fans to register on Facebook
  • 57. Godrej - Powerplay Unique app to identify the most loyal fans on the page
  • 58. Khandani Rajdhani
  • 59. Khandani Rajdhani Content strategy: Brand Awareness + Increasing footfalls 10,000 fans in the first month of operations A showcase of pictures on Facebook of the delicious food that Rajdhani offers Driving the audience from Facebook to Rajdhani outlets Successfully running campaigns to establish Rajdhani Thali as the best Thali restaurant in India
  • 60. Khandani Rajdhani Simple viral contests around occasions
  • 61. Khandani Rajdhani Customer engagement to increase footfalls
  • 62. Monginis
  • 63. Monginis Content Strategy: Increase online sales 10,700 fans in the first month of operations. Currently at 37,200 fans Integrating an e-commerce solution for the Monginis fan page allowing fans to order and gift their favorite cakes online to their friends. We are using Monginis on twitter like a customer service tool. The widest deployment of Foursquare India has seen till date. Over 450 location already registered. 450 more locations in the pipeline.  Will allow each Monginis outlet to run local offers
  • 64. Monginis EcommerceScreenshots of the e-commerce platform for Monginis
  • 65. Monginis Birthday calendar application that picks your friend’s birthdays and reminds you. Even prompts you to gift them a cake.
  • 66. Unified Florist
  • 67. Unified Florists Content Strategy: Increase online sales + User Engagement  Launched Unified Florists “Geo-targeted” digital presence on Facebook  Development of a completely customized e-commerce platform for selling flowers  The e-commerce platform boasts of:  Smart search functionality  Apart from flowers there are chocolates, cakes, etc. for sale  Complete payment solution on Facebook  Built-in holiday list for occasion discounts completely automated  Currently delivering offline all across India and in the region of Philippines and United States of America
  • 68. Screenshots of our e-commerce platform
  • 69. Edu-Associates
  • 70. Edu-Associates Content Strategy: Brand Awareness + Strategic fan acquisition Launching Edu-Associate’s social presence on Facebook India’s first job portal for teachers on Facebook Recruiter application:  Where teachers can upload their resumes and Universities can search through them.  Targeting to create a database of teachers & Universities online Endeavour to positioning the fan page as a place for the betterment of education in India
  • 71. World Series Hockey
  • 72. World Series Hockey Content Strategy: Increase awareness about the tournament and the sport An franchise based hockey tournament launched by Nimbus with official accreditation from IHF and HI Page aims to create a buzz about the franchises, team owners, the tournament and the sport itself Present strategy revolves around education about the game and its players.
  • 73. Football Fest 2011
  • 74. Football Fest 2011 Content Strategy: Increase awareness about the tournament + sell tickets  A tournament launched by Celebrity Management group in Kolkata.  Will see Argentina and Venezuela play an official at the Salt Lake Stadium for the first time in India.  The page will act as a vehicle to build support for Football in India once the game is over  The game is being broadcasted live on ESPN
  • 75. Pulse Mall (Pune)
  • 76. Pulse Mall (Pune) Content Strategy: Build a base of shoppers who frequent the mall  A unique concept to stay away from the fierce competition of malls in the area.  Targeting the local community of Pune  Base of over 3000 people only from the Pune area who get early access to discounts, offers, schemes and contests in the mall.  Soon to introduce Foursquare local offers at store level
  • 77. California University Silicon Valley
  • 78. California University Silicon Valley Content Strategy: Build interest among students for admissions  Prospective students will get an opportunity to know more about the university from the people who matter  Alumni will be able to connect with new and prospective student and help them qualify to the admission  The page will talk about the teaching methodology, student profile, campus, lifestyle, events, etc.  Setup programs on the page to identify deserving candidates and provide them grants and scholarships
  • 79. Building a powerful online community relies on the ability to create an emotional connect with individuals andthoughtfully draw them into becoming a powerful and loyal marketing tool which drives others to the experience.
  • 80.