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GNIN Presentation

GNIN Presentation

Published in Health & Medicine , Business
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  • 1. The Tissue & Wet Wipes Specialists Quality You Can Trust Printed on 100% Bamboo Paper Confidential
  • 2. Confidential Who Are We?  Publicly - held US Company (GNIN)  A Leader In Sustainable Eco Green Products  Member of the Green Energy Council  Focused on sustainably innovative products for today’s consumers  Experienced Team – We are experts in our categories  Bringing unique category solutions to grow sales & profits  Licensed Suppliers – Global leaders  American Hygienics Corp (Wipes)  ITG Paper (Tissue)  Both suppliers certified by Major Regulatory Agencies
  • 3. Footprint  Three Distribution Centers  Yard and DC at Pomona, CA  DC in Ontario, CA  DC in St Louis, MO  Two Offices:  HQ office in Cape Coral, FL  Office in Ontario Mills, CA  Over 400 people in support and staff  Wipes Manufacturing Facility  Four Tissue Manufacturing Facilities  Contract with JB Hunt Containers / Trucking  CMA Container Shipping  CH Robinson – EDI partner
  • 4. $21.7B Tissue Paper US Market • Approx. $17.2 billion at retail(1), an additional $4.5 billion in away from home sales. • Approx. 7.9 million tons of tissue paper consumed each year ‒ At-home (retail) = 70% of total shipments; Away-from-home (commercial/industrial) = remaining 30% ‒ Demand for at-home primarily influenced by population growth while away-from-home is influenced by population growth and employment • Across both at-home and away-from-home segments, bath tissue and paper towels represent the majority of shipments At-Home Key Drivers • Population growth 5.5MM mt 5.4MM mt 2% Bath Tissue • Household formation Paper Towels • New Products 8% 7% 48% 7.9MM mt Est Market Size 8.0MM MT Facial Tissue Napkins 35% Other 30% Key Drivers Away-From-Home • Population growth 2.4MM mt 70% • Employment 1% 18% Bath Tissue 33% At home AFH 6% • New Products Paper Towels • Dispenser Developments Facial Tissue Napkins Other Source: RISI, The Nielsen Company (1) Based on RISI market size estimates, 2010 and Nielsen trends, 2012 42%
  • 5. $5 Billion Diapers US Market
  • 6. $3B Wet Wipes US Market
  • 7. Total US Market Wet Wipes $3B Diapers $5B Tissue $21.7B Based on RISI 2009 information, 2012 estimates 7
  • 8. Five Strategic Focus Areas 1 Develop Excellence in Bamboo “Tree - Free Products”: Win by designing new segmented consumer experiences that we can help retailers deliver via our trademarked Sensational Bamboo and Clearly Herbal brand or their retailer brands. 2 Develop Excellence in Building Eco-Friendly Brands Win by exploiting our segment knowledge, relationships, and “Age of Consequences” insight. 3 Grow our current Virgin Fiber Brands: Be the antithesis of big company approach to key retailers. 4 5 Master the Competitive Advantage of Flexible ,Distribution and Logistics: How to support the customer strategies via flexible capabilities (product menu) ultimately located near key distribution centers. Hire, train and Nurture a World Class Team Win by bringing in a small hungry group of the best, game changing people/suppliers/outsourced capability and giving them the tools and leadership to succeed.
  • 9. GHI Is The Answer GHI Product Line Offers Retailers: Tree-Free Bamboo Product Range Improved Margins Increased Quality Efficient and Reliable Supply Chain World Class manufacturing facilities Flexible packaging options GHI gives you the competitive advantage
  • 10.
  • 11. Company Background • Established in 2001 and one of the largest private label manufacturers of wet wipes in Asia • The largest manufacturer of bamboo-based wet wipes in world • First “Class 100,000 ISO 8 Clean Room” in world • Internationally certified: ISO 9001:2008, BRC-CP • Nordic Swan, cGMP and GMP • Member of the World Private Label Manufacturers Association • Multi-national brands & retail customers on all continents (3M®, Carrefour®, Tesco®, Walmart®, Goodyear® etc.) • Exporting to over 45 countries • R&D facility with laboratory for micro-biological/bio-burden testing • Extensive converting capabilities Confidential
  • 12. Quality Management System American Hygienics Corporation Address: No.6, Lane 3129, Shenzhuan Highway, Sheshan town, Songjiang
  • 13. Water Purification Process Mixing tanks Source Water Primary Filter (10 µm) UV Light Ultra Filtration Reverse Osmosis Electro UV Deionization Light Unit : Sampling Points ORP Meter PH Meter Conductivity Meter Tested according to USP32 purified water standard: -Organics < 0,5 ppm TOC -Conductivity < 1,3 µs/cm at 25 ° C * -Bacteria < 100 cfu/ml * Conductivity is a function of temperature, conform the USP table.
  • 14. Total vs. Utilized Capacity Monthly figures / Units 20%
  • 15. Converting Capabilities Any kind of wet wipe in any kind of packing format Canisters and tubs Softpacks & Fliptops Singles Wrapping Various Formats “Quick-turnaround” concept ensures that the time between conceptualizing and delivering your product is minimized.
  • 16. Converting Capabilities The most extensive range of converting capabilities in the world! Customizing your wet wipes encompasses three dimensions: 1. Liquid formulation: Our wet wipes can be impregnated with nearly any kind of liquid. Depending on your preferences we can use water based formulations, gels, lotions, highly viscous liquids etc. 2. Tissue selection: Every aspect of the tissue such as shape, softness, toughness, absorbability, degradability etc. can be tailored to suit your preferences. 3. Packaging solution: Tubs, round and oval canisters, soft packs, small travel packs, individually wrapped wipes etc.
  • 17. Environmental Commitment AHC is the largest manufacturer of bamboo-based wet wipes in the world! Bamboo wipes Bamboo vs. Conventional Wipes Polyester/Polypropylene Viscose + + Slightly Lower Cost + Good Absorbability + Highly Renewable + Replenishable (easily grows 1 ft/day) + 100% Biodegradable + Pesticide-Free Growth - Poorer Absorbability - Petroleum Based - 60-70 Years lifecycle on hardwood - Not Biodegradable - Depletes Resources Permanently or Pollutes
  • 18. Major Private Label Partners
  • 19. ITG Paper Company LTD
  • 20. ITG Company Background Confidential • Largest bamboo paper supplier in the world • Products: bath tissue, facial tissue, hand towel, and napkin • Exported to North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America Capacity: 120,000 Metric Tons / Month = 16 million cases
  • 21. FSC Certification - Tissue
  • 22. FSC Certification - Tissue
  • 23. ISO 9001:2008 Certification - Tissue
  • 24. ISO 9001:2008 Certification - Tissue
  • 25. ISO 14001:2004 Certification - Tissue
  • 26. Introducing “TREE-FREE” Paper The New Game Changer! Printed on 100% Bamboo Paper Confidential
  • 27. Bamboo The Versatile, Eco-Utopian Grass
  • 28. Bamboo The Versatile, Eco-Utopian Grass
  • 29. Bamboo The Versatile, Eco-Utopian Grass
  • 30. Bamboo The Versatile, Eco-Utopian Grass
  • 31. Bamboo – Per Metric Ton Savings  17 Trees spared  7,000 Gallons water saved  4,200 Kilowatt/hours less electricity used  3.3 Cubic Yards landfill gained  20 Pounds Co2 emission reduction  One Metric Ton is equal to roughly 160 cases of bath tissue  USA Tissue market is approximately 8M metric tons
  • 32. Bamboo Facts  Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases 30-35% more oxygen than a similarly-sized group of hardwood trees  Bamboo is a grass that does not require heavy chemical treatment to flourish  Grows to full maturity very quickly  Can grow as much as one foot per day  One of the fastest growing plants on the planet  Extremely hardy – thrives in flood conditions or in drought conditions  When harvested the root system stays in place  Eliminates erosion – roots hold ground in place  Keeps twice as much water in the watershed  Grows again and again from the ever-strengthening root system  The bamboo plant is never killed just cut – Bamboo is a grass
  • 33. Recycled Paper – Is It Eco-Friendly?  Recycled content tree pulp contains BPA’s  BPA’s come from glossy papers and certain inks and dyes  BPA’s can contaminate ground water  The paper recycling process involves huge quantities of water and detergents / bleaches to turn the pulp white  Contaminated washing water cannot be reconstituted to potable water  Recycled paper saves trees and landfill space  Bamboo is the “Perfect Answer” to paper – no harmful effects to the environment in anyway
  • 34. Introducing Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes “Probably the Best Baby Wipe in the World!” Specially Formulated with the Finest Selective Natural Ingredients Confidential
  • 35. The Art of Our Wipes Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes has been inspired by parents for their loved ones and care for the Environment Specially Sourced Natural Plant Extracts for an unmatched Herbal Solution base  Only the finest herbs gathered from around the world  All our herbs have natural healing properties  Specially formulated to warrant purity, efficacy and freshness  Special Natural Liquid Blending Process ™  Delivers the ideal herbal efficacy  Blending speed, order of blend, customized blending paddles, temperatures  Controls the time and blending sequence of natural ingredients
  • 36. Clearly Herbal Ingredients “10 Elements to Superiority”  Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller   Highest quality/purity Aloe Vera in the world  Anti-inflammatory and soothing on skin rashes, burns, stings, cuts and bruises Vitamin enriched with A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E  Infusion of the finest quality Green Tea Extract from Japan   Only “First Harvest” Green Tea is used in Clearly Herbal wipes  Best quality, most potent and longest freshness tea comes from first harvest Processed immediately to reduce oxidation  Green tea helps the health and quantity of collagen, naturally maintaining a firm and elastic skin for babies and adults alike  Highest quality Tea Tree Oil from Australia (New South Wales)  Melaleuca Alternifolia 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil  Excellent natural remedy for hundreds of bacterial/fungal skin ailments and irritants
  • 37. Clearly Herbal Ingredients “10 Elements to Superiority”  Specially selected Chamomile from Germany  One of the best natural oils in the world  Carefully cut at the peak of its harvest season and extracted immediately  Chamomile contains Azulene which helps reduce redness and cleanse pores of impurities  Reduces irritations caused by ammonia which is produced in urine  Highest quality Lavender from France  Grown in carefully nurtured soil, well-drained, high alkaline and chalky  This agriculture method creates the best quality lavender  Our pure lavender oil has an aroma-therapeutic calming effect and aids in relaxation  Perfume-free will not sting  Special Liquid Formulation Treatment™  Every wipe is treated with SLFT  Ensures every wipes maintains its purity against bio-burden build-up  Our SLFT formula does not use alcohol, parabens, optical brighteners or artificial fragrances
  • 38. Clearly Herbal Ingredients “10 Elements to Superiority”  The best quality surfactants  Coconut Oil (Cocamidopropyl Betaine)  Retains oil in skin  Helps formulation spread evenly – reduces surface tension in liquids  Moisturizes and cleans the skin  Glycerol  Helps relieve itchy, dry skin associated with psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema  Used as an alternative to soap  Emollient and moisturizing action; rehydrates dry skin by retaining moisture  Creates a barrier from the drying effects of other cleansing agents
  • 39. Clearly Herbal Ingredients “10 Elements to Superiority”  Most advanced medical grade water purification system and process in industry (Ion-exchange Treated)  Removes bacteria, chemicals and impurities  Purifies and De-Ionises  Treats negative Ion charges in water  Protects wipes liquid from future bacteria growth  Pure Quality Control System™  Ensures every wipe contains a homogenous balance of our lotion formula  Applied individually to each wipe to warrant a “perfect” saturation
  • 40. Packaging™ - “The Silver Lining”  Specially Designed Silver Lining Bag  Provides protection against temperature variations effects      on wipes Helps in reducing cross contamination associated with continuous hand contact/usage Keeps extra moisture in wipe Keeps ingredients fresh and active Keeps aroma locked into wipe Increases life and retains wipe quality
  • 41. Clearly Herbal Certifications  GMP Certified and Accredited     Compliant with all FDA and EU regulations Establishes and ensures strong quality management systems Certifies quality and process of raw materials Establishes and certifies robust operating procedures  Detecting, investigating and mitigation of all quality deviations  Mandates maintaining reliable testing laboratories  BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification      Global standard for consumer products Highest quality management systems Effective control of environment Certified “Category 1” – highest level possible Audited by 3rd party certification bodies
  • 42. Clearly Herbal Certifications  ISO 9001 Certification  International Quality Management stand system  Awarded due to demonstrating an effective quality management system that satisfies the rigors of independent, external annual audits  EPA Certified  Certifies product materials, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics meet or exceed EPA standards
  • 43. The Tissue & Wet Wipes Specialists