Grooming & etiquette men


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Grooming is the process of making yourself look neat, attractive and presentable.
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Grooming & etiquette men

  1. 1. Welcome to G r o o m in g & E t iq u e t t e
  2. 2. What is Grooming & Etiquette ? Grooming is the process of making yourself look neat, attractive and presentable. In simple words the things which you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant. Etiquette is about building the confidence to be comfortable with yourself so that others may be comfortable with you as well. Appearance Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance Whether this is real or imaginary the most important fact is that your appearance influences the opinions of everyone around you. Your Professionalism, intelligence and the trust people form in you is depends on your
  3. 3. Importance of Grooming & Etiquette The teachings from Etiquette and Grooming Courses are very valuable throughout life whether in Social or Business atmospheres and help you gain respect.  In the Business atmosphere it is extremely important to have knowledge of Grooming and Etiquette skills because you deal with people of different cultures on a regular basis and should always aim to make the best first impressions, lasting impressions or you risk losing potential opportunities for yourself
  4. 4. Importance of Grooming & Etiquette Given a choice between two equally talented individuals, corporations will choose the candidate with greater interpersonal & social grace skills to represent it. Who we are shows in how we behave and how we appear to others. Etiquette and protocol do count in the corporate world, as no matter how brilliant an employee may be, his or her lack of social grace can make a bad first impression on clients & business
  5. 5. Importance of Grooming & Etiquette Studies have shown that more than 60% of what is believed about us is based upon visual messages. Your inability to handle yourself as is expected could be expensive- no one will tell you the real reason you didnt get that ideal job, the promotion, or the social engagement. Others equate bad manners with incompetence and a lack of breeding. Ill manners can be devastating leading to a major loss of respect, credibility, loss of reputation, and job
  6. 6. Grooming Tips for
  7. 7. Grooming Tips for Boys A mans professional appearance needs to support his professional accomplishments. If your business attire is distracting because it is too attractive, drab, or colorful, your business contacts may focus on how you look, not on your business skills. Sense of style. Clothes that fit well, and which are clean, neatly ironed and smell good are very important. Do not wear very tight clothing or jeans. Wear formal trousers. Do not wear very loud colours with sparkles. Wear comfortable clothes. Choose staple colours from: navy blue, charcoal gray, black, khaki, white,
  8. 8. Grooming Tips for Boys Fabric tips:  Stay away from velvet, vinyl, spandex, shiny, furry, slinky materials. Those fabrics recommended that do not wrinkle easily.  Purchase fabrics that have a small percentage of lycra that adds comfort and resists creases. Suggested fabrics are polyester, wool (suits), cotton shirts  When purchasing a suit, twist the fabric of the sleeves and hold it in place for 10 seconds, if it wrinkles then think twice about the
  9. 9. Grooming Tips for Boys Close shave. Shave regularly to look your best. If you sport a beard or a moustache or a French beard, then make sure it is trimmed neatly and has no stray hairs sticking out in multiple directions. People who do not trim their beards can use fixing gels to look immaculate or perfect. Hair for men – Do not keep long hair. Your hair should not look rough, oil them properly. Get in the shower. The basic step to staying clean and smelling good is
  10. 10.  Keep your hands clean - Hands play a make-or-break role in business meetings because of the importance of a handshake. Cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them. Dont bite your nails or cuticles. Wash your hands frequently and especially after a meal because smelly and sweaty hands are the biggest turn off. Also use a bit of hand lotion on them to prevent your hands resembling tough
  11. 11. Grooming Tips for Boys Shiny shoes. Men are judged by their shoes. If you are wearing formal shoes, make sure they’re not scuffed and dirty. They should be polished and shiny. Avoid wearing sandals to the work place. Avoid tattered shoes at all costs! Always wear socks and make sure they are high enough to cover skin when sitting down. You should be able to walk comfortably in your shoes i.e. heels should not be too high. Your Shoes should not make noise. NEVER wear open toe shoes!
  12. 12. Grooming Tips for Boys Use of Scents & Perfumes - Sweat is inevitable, but can be beaten. Keep a check on whether you are smelling and reapply cologne or deodorant. Also wear an undershirt if you tend to sweat a lot. Use foot powder on your feet to keep your shoes and feet from smelling
  13. 13. Grooming Tips for Boys Accessories for men – Glasses: The look should be small and stylish. Do not wear glasses when talking to your seniors. Watches - Buy one with a leather or metal band Pen – Invest in a good pen and always keep it in the pocket of your shirt. The quality of your pen speak a lot about your appearance. Rings – Wear 1 or maximum 2 rings . Hand Bands – Don’t wear too many threads or bands in your hands . Cheap Hand bands should be
  14. 14. Grooming Tips for Boys Teeth – Care for your teeth. You should not have pan or gutka stained teeth. Use mouth freshener. Eyes – Sleep well. Your eyes should not look excessive red. Your face should look fresh and alert
  15. 15. Etiquette Tips How to make yourself likeable and pleasant to work with Dont be a whiner who is always complaining and miserable with his/ her lot in life. Never use words like cant and wont, nor phrases like Im busy and thats not my job. Do not criticize anyone -- thats not your job. And if you get criticized, be professional about it. Do not take it personally. Keep personal conversations down to a minimum and keep out of earshot of
  16. 16. Etiquette Tips It is shabby to look through peoples computers, emails or letters -- and dont ever make the mistake of sneaking into peoples personal property like handbags or wallets. Be responsible for your own property and valuables. If you lose your expensive items, everybody else becomes a suspect and nobody likes being one! Never borrow anything from someones desk without permission and when you do always return it in good condition. Do not misuse office property. Keep your workplace orderly. Do not infringe on other peoples
  17. 17. Etiquette Tips Be friendly with colleagues of the opposite sex but know where to draw the line. Dont get involved needlessly in any situation which could lead to embarrassment and could potentially damage not only your reputation, but that of the organisation as well. Do not get indulge in office gossip or discuss delicate topics (religion, politics, money etc). Do not fidget or make unnecessary sounds which can be distracting to your co-workers. Maintain stringent standards of personal hygiene. Do clean up after yourself when you use the restrooms so the next person using it does not have to scrunch up his/ her nose!
  18. 18. Etiquette Tips Do not convert your desktop into a place of worship. Since you might be working with people who follow different faiths, it might be better to display a vase of flowers instead. Use office privileges like sick leave etc thoughtfully so that you dont burden your co-workers with extra work. Be punctual. If you are late, apologise briefly but sincerely. Those who wish to leave early should ask their seniors permission
  19. 19. Etiquette Tips When discussions are underway it is good business etiquette to allow more senior figures to contribute first. Never interrupt anyone -- even if you disagree strongly. Note what has been said and return to it later with the chairs permission. When speaking, be brief and ensure that what you say is relevant. A secure and efficient worker never grudges anothers success. Envy and jealousy among co- workers ruins the working environment for
  20. 20. Etiquette Tips How to behave with your colleagues: Greet everyone you encounter cheerfully and with a smile on your way into the office. On your way out, remember to thank the receptionist / office boys etc. Good employees and colleagues dont forget their manners. Remember please and thank you. Always show your appreciation with a smile. Do not talk loudly when you talk over the phone or to your colleagues. Talk in a soft and clear
  21. 21. Etiquette Tips Take instructions with grace and give instructions gracefully. Be polite. Always be considerate. The last person to leave the office should not have to switch off all the lights, air conditioners and computers. When you are going to get yourself a cup of tea, coffee or a cold beverage, offer to bring one for your co-workers as
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