RBM - Samovar Room A Social Media Case Study1


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A Social Media Case Study by RED Brand Media.

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RBM - Samovar Room A Social Media Case Study1

  1. 1. Samovar Room Name of Restaurant/Bar is too small. This site should be Website is not dynamic brought up to web and viewer has no reason 2.0 standards. to keep coming back. Finding a niche: What makes this No "Like" button for web site different from other Facebook, No restaurant web sites in Toronto? Twitter feed stream. © 2010 Samovar Room | Design by Bobbiefied http://www.samovarroom.com/[05/06/10 6:15:37 PM]
  2. 2. SamovarRoom (SamovarRoom) on Twitter The Breakdown: By RED Brand Media: www.red-brand-media.com Have an account? Sign in Get short, timely messages from SamovarRoom. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @SamovarRoom. Let me in › Get updates via SMS by texting follow SamovarRoom to 21212 in the Canada Codes for other countries Name SamovarRoom SamovarRoom Location 51A Winchester, Followers to Following Toronto Canada ratio too low. Web http://www.samova... Bio TOʼs Best Bar for Vodka Caviar Absinthe Champagne This is a picture of a Samovar, so what Beer & Food. does that mean to the audience? 596 261 19 Hey #Toronto. How about Following too many. following followers listed watching the game with us at Tweets 221 #Samovarroom? 2 for 1 appetizers Favorites til 8pm! Join US How many Followers tweet about your brand? Following 1:01 PM Jun 2nd via web Good. A relevant hashtag. How many people @chowhoundgta thank you for the FF see your Tweets, 12:57 PM Jun 2nd via web and then Retweet? WE WILL BE OPENING AT 10AM AND SHOWING ALL THE GAMES FOR THE WORLD CUP! LARGE GROUPS ARE WELCOME! EMAIL US. http://fb.me/BQzq7Hnt 12:38 PM Jun 2nd via Facebook Potential Followers will check out the quality of RSVP http://fb.me/yfIfSz4J those Following you. View all… 9:16 AM May 27th via Facebook RSS feed of join us for our new summer menu and sunday brunch SamovarRoom's tweets 3:50 PM May 26th via mobile web Link to the brunch menu. join us for our new menu for the summer 3:49 PM May 26th via mobile web We hope you have a fantastic long weekend! Dont Drink & Drive! 11:46 AM May 21st via web RT @SarahBHood: Thx! RT @tastingtoronto food #ff @foodie411 @tourdedufflet @eatlivtravwrite @DineTO http://twitter.com/samovarroom[05/06/10 6:46:44 PM]
  3. 3. SamovarRoom (SamovarRoom) on Twitter @TorontoEats @Gremolata @blogTO @Che ... 11:43 AM May 21st via web HOT EVENT! http://fb.me/AxikXZtU 11:41 AM May 21st via Facebook http://fb.me/AQjkf0LN 11:39 AM May 21st via Facebook Long weekeend Toronto! Join us for our Sleeman Sponsored event today 5-8pm. 2 for 1 pints. nothing like a cold beer! 11:04 AM May 21st via web Congrats! Hope to see you at Samovarroom this weekend! An ineffective Tweet. #Party 9:03 AM May 20th via web gift certificates for our new house infused vodka tasting! first 4 people to DM me get them!! A niche in a very competitive Toronto bar 8:47 AM May 20th via web town. Now have a link to explain more about it. wishing everyone a great week. Now make someone smile, life is too short! 6:19 AM May 19th via mobile web This Friday....NOTORIOUS http://fb.me/uVm58G7b 2:56 PM May 18th via Facebook EVENT >> http://schnap.it/zsczcg MARTINI SATURDAY. AMAZING #PARTY! DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY TORONTO This could have 10:48 AM May 15th via schmap.it been a much more effective Tweet. Something Different tonight at #Samovarroom. check out: http://tinyurl.com/274maw3 8:37 AM May 14th via web CLICK 4 DETAILS -> http://schmap.it/5YlD7U <- SPREAD THE WORD! Use the 140 10:20 PM May 13th via schmap.it character limit to explain what this is. RSVP HERE >>> http://schmap.it/5YlD7U <<< PLEASE RT 1:20 PM May 13th via schmap.it Happy Hour 5-8 Today. Have you tried out amazing Calamari? 10:54 AM May 13th via web Who is this for? Use @ more © 2010 Twitter About Us Contact Blog Status Goodies API Business Help Jobs Terms Privacy http://twitter.com/samovarroom[05/06/10 6:46:44 PM]
  4. 4. The Breakdown by RED Brand Media: www.red-brand-media.com (11m) SAMOVAR http://www.facebook.com/Samovarroom Samovar Room Logo, or long shot of room should be here, along with a drink, and food picture - resized. 11 1 Search Bookmarks Home Prole Account Log Landing on "Wall" is a no-no. SAMOVAR WE WILL BE OPENING AT 10AM AND SHOWING ALL THE GAMES FOR THE WORLD CUP! LARGE GROUPS ARE WELCOME! EMAIL US. on Wednesday No "Welcome page" with FB Wall Info Photos Discussions Reviews Boxes mark-up language. No Twitter tab. Create an Ad Write something... Internet Marketing Cert. Add to My Page's Favorites Attach: Share Suggest to Friends Subscribe via SMS SAMOVAR + Others SAMOVAR Just Others Remove from My Page's Favorites SAMOVAR WE WILL BE OPENING AT 10AM AND SHOWING ALL THE GAMES FOR THE WORLD CUP! LARGE GROUPS ARE WELCOME! EMAIL US. Learn Social Media, SEO, Samovar is a real hide out where Wednesday at 3:38pm " Comment " Like SEM, PPC, Email Marketing you come to chill out to funky & More. Earn a Master sounds and to sample excellent Certicate in Internet drinks that are the real star of SAMOVAR RSVP Marketing- 100% Online. the show. The interior is cozy, Free Info SOMETHING DIFFERENT SATURDAYS - OPEN BAR 10PM -12AM plush and ideal for lounging. Location: SAMOVAR ROOM Like Follow us on Twitter: Time: 10:00PM Saturday, May 29th http://twitter.com/Samovar Room Survey 1000s by Now link to website Phone Information for email. Location: 51A WINCHESTER May 27 at 12:16pm " Comment " Like " Share Toronto, ON, M4X 1A8 Phone: SAMOVAR HOT EVENT! Updated infrequently. Easily design analytics- driven phone surveys & 416 925-4555 toll free hotlines with The SLEEMAN NOTORIOUS PARTY Sponsored By SLEEMANS CallFire for 5c/min. Tues - Thurs: Location: SAMOVAR Located at 51 Winchester Street Toronto ( 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Wincheaster and Parliment ) Like Time: 5:00PM Friday, May 21st Fri: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am Purse Parties Sat: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm May 21 at 2:41pm " Comment " Like " Share 3 Friends Like This Designer fashion SAMOVAR a!ordable prices, Receive free Handbags for having CHIS LONG WEEKEND KEEK! a party! Location: Samovar Like Time: 10:00PM Sunday, May 23rd Mykel Rumen John More Ads Blackcat Dimitrov Malevris Hall 595 People Like This May 21 at 2:39pm " Comment " Like " Share John D Yvonne A Rantz All SAMOVAR This Friday....NOTORIOUS FultsJr Q Lea Eudo La Ken Morgat Zouche Gilberg Photos 2 of 4 albums See All May 18 at 5:56pm " Comment " Like " Share People who "like" Samovar SAMOVAR ok Soccer fans....Who is your pick to win. YES WE WILL BE and who will receive updates. SHOWING THE GAMES! MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW SOON! We will open early if the city allows! The screens are up! Samovar Room: Your World Cup Now easily convert most into Headquarters ! You know we LOVE Soccer! Chat (O!ine) loyal customers who will promote your brand. 1 of 3 05/06/10 7:29 PM
  5. 5. (11m) SAMOVAR http://www.facebook.com/Samovarroom Wall Photos Oacebook F010 Ynglish (!S) About Advertising Developers 'areers Merms _ Oind Oriends ,rivacy 0obile `elp ' &'()*+#)*#,,-.*/-00%$*1#2/*(-*3$'24*#(*16*#.+.*38$'29 !pdated about :-$,3*&8;*<*=-((-+/*>;*<*(-$-2(-,'1%.0-+ F weeks ago ht.ly 'ity hall is considering letting bars serve alcohol an hour earlier this June, all thanks to time Aones and soccer. 7orld 'up matches in South Africa will NEW YEARS More photo's and 0ay 1F at 1FG5Ipm ! 'omment ! Jike ! Share EVE 2009 'reated about video's needed. Sandman Sandy likes this. 5 months ago 7rite a comment... 4 of 6 fan photos See All SAMOVAR see you friday !?@ABCDEF*GDHHAIAEB JocationG SA0OLA5 5OO0 MimeG 5G00,0 Oriday, 0ay 14th 0ay 1F at IGF5am ! 'omment ! Jike ! Share F people like this. R'24/ 7rite a comment... 3 of 4I links See All SO0YM`IWG DIOOY5YWM SAMOVAR PRIVATE PARTY TONIGHT SAMOVAR....WE HAVE A GREAT PARTY SAM!5DAbS U O,YW BA5 10,0 U1FA0 TOMORROW WITH Jamal 'DJ Jamal' Brereton 12:16pm May 27 0ay 7 at IG56pm ! 'omment ! Jike Mhe SJYY0AW WOMO5IO!S BuleA Bule likes this. ,A5Mb Sponsored By SJYY0AWS 2:41pm May 21 7rite a comment... '`IS JOWG 7YYcYWD cYYcd 2:39pm May 21 SAMOVAR RUSSIAN WINDEX I8+%2*G'+'($-!J*!#+-K#$*I--+L*B-$-2(- travel.ca.msn.com A new wave of mixologists share their latest recipes !nlike 'reate a ,age for 0y Business 5eport ,age !"#$% 0ay F at 3G1Fpm ! 'omment ! Jike ! Share 0aria 0agomboUDimitrova likes this. 7rite a comment... SAMOVAR =I>E&C*AMAIN*!>EGON!*16*P*2 'OWMIWYWMAJ $13 for one $F4 for Mwo Basket of Oresh Bake Breads [ Butter... 0ay F at 10GF4am ! 'omment ! Jike ! Share SAMOVAR WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS SUNDAY? JOIN US FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH 10 - 2 PM April FI at 1FG43pm ! 'omment ! Jike SAMOVAR DRAUGHT BEER NOW AVAILABLE SAMOVAR . JOIN US THURSDAY & FRIDAY BETWEEN 5-8PM FOR DRAUGHT BEER SAMPLING & COMPLIMENTARY APPETIZERS April 1I at 4GFIpm ! 'omment ! Jike ! Share Chat (Ofine) 2 of 3 05/06/10 7:29 PM
  6. 6. (11m) &A()*AR http/00www.faceboo9.com0&amovarroom SAMOVAR HONEY DRIPPIN' W/ DJ MISTY ROCK N ROLL....what are you doing? Honey Drippin' at Samovar Location: 51A Winchester St. (o! Parliament) Time: 9:00PM Saturday, March 20th March 12 at 1:22pm " Comment " Like " Share SAMOVAR its ZUBROWKA..... ZUBROWKA VODKA TASTING ITS GREEN TOO! Location: SAMOVAR ROOM Time: 8:00PM Thursday, March 18th March 10 at 9:05am " Comment " Like " Share RECENT ACTIVITY SAMOVAR edited their Hours and Culinary Team. Older Posts The Breakdown by RED Brand Media: www.red-brand-media.com Chat (Ofine) < of < =>0=?01= @/AB C(
  7. 7. Samovar Room Deal of the Day | Groupon Toronto The Breakdown by RED Brand Media: www.red-brand-media.com hide Email Me Toronto's Daily Deal Enter your email address… Subscribe Or Follow Us Elsewhere Visit More Cities Get Daily Groupon Alerts Refer Friends, Get C$10 Daily Deals on the Best in Total dollars saved $237,712,849 Toronto Total Groupons bought 5,746,256 Today’s Deal Recent Deals How Groupon Works Discussion Connect Sign in Enter your email address… Sign up for our daily email so you never miss another Groupon! Subscribe Share This: Like Discuss the Deal Hi Meg G: The problem you are having is a... more $25 for $50 Worth of Drinks and Cuisine Join the discussion! 8 comments at Samovar Room No Longer Enjoy Groupon with Friends C$25 Available Tell your friends about Groupon, plan activities and share recommendations. Value Discount You Save Connect C$50 50% C$25 Tamara DeCraemer-McCalla has connected to Groupon. This deal ended at: 11:59PM 06/03/2010 Give the Gift of Groupon! Available to print or email. 182 bought The Fine Print Highlights The deal is on! Expires in 1 year Vodka and other alcohol Tipped at 7:43AM with 15 bought Limit 1 per person, may buy 4 Caviar available Get Your Business On Groupon! additional as gifts. Limit 1 per table, Local and fresh ingredients Learn More about how 2 for tables of 6 or more. Tax and Evocative décor Groupon can help bring tons gratuity not included. No cash back. of customers to your door Exceeded Reservation required. Not valid with expectations. other offers. See the rules that apply to all deals. Funny, engaging! Ivan the Terrible chose his moniker after "Ivan the Eyebrowed" and "Ivan the Stamp The Company Collector" were rejected during a vodka-fueled brainstorming session. See what vodka will do for your own historical legacy with today's Groupon: for $25, you get $50 worth Samovar Room of sips and eats at Samovar Room, located in Cabbagetown. website Niche area. 51A Winchester St. Toronto, Ontario M4X 1A8 Samovar Room melds vodka and voluptuousness to give patrons an upscale, Russian- (416) 925-4555 influenced night on the town. Ignite imbibing with an item from Samovar Room's drink Map it! menu, such as a vodka-infused lychee martini ($9) or the Sparkling Pear ($11), made from pear vodka and sparkling pear juice. For guests seeking further forays into Samovar's other niche area is "house-infused vodka's". Not explained here. http://www.groupon.com/...p;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_source=newsletter&amp;c=read_more&amp;addx=groupon.nb2@gishpuppy.com[05/06/10 4:24:51 PM]
  8. 8. Samovar Room Deal of the Day | Groupon Toronto distilled derring-do, Samovar Room offers vodka tastings, with three standard vodkas ($32) or three premium vodkas ($42) available. Both options are served with Russian bread and pickles as well as smoked salmon. Samovar Room's edibles extend beyond vodka-accompanying sidekicks, however, with a full dinner menu using local and seasonal ingredients. Split steamed mussels ($12) with the doctor to your Zhivago, or opt for a roasted boneless chicken ($17) with vegetables and fries. Caviar is also available (prices vary). With an expansive mahogany bar dating back to 1935, moody lighting, and rich hardwood floors, Samovar Room's ambience brings to mind the speakeasies of yesteryear—not surprising when you consider that Al Capone is said to have frequented the building during breaks from being one of baseball's most beloved players. Rush into Samovar Room for upscale drinks and dining. Error. Babe Ruth & This Groupon is not valid with Samovar Room’s happy hour. Al Capone mixed up. Reviews Samovar Room received positive notice from Toronto Life and blogTO: The long bar dominates one side of the room, while small tables Need more dot the bench that runs the length of the opposite wall. Unlike Rasputin and Pravda, where cozy groupings of chairs and tables reasons to come inspire intimate, conspiratorial chats, Samovar is more of a dance back to Samovar club, with live DJs and hired dancers keeping the energy level Room after this high, and drinks like absinthe keeping the inhibitions low. – Groupon Jessica McGann, blogTO campaign. Thankfully, the decor is less Yakov Smirnoff and more an homage to the Soviet era. Clips of old Russian cartoons are projected on the wall, a copy of War and Peace sits on the coat check counter, and two collages of propaganda posters adorn the sides of a small stage at the end of the bar. Not so subtle are the fur hats and officer’s caps worn by the staff. – Karon Liu, Toronto Life Popular Russian Stamps A samovar is a type of water heater that was so widely used in Russia that an image of a samovar was featured in a series of Russian stamps in the late 1980s. What other Russian images proved popular enough to get their own stamps? Creative question. Laika, the first dog in space, fighting Buzz Aldrin on the moon Superman getting defenestrated by Stalin Demetri Kolgev, the second grizzly bear elected to the Duma MC Hammer Where do you find Erroneous map depicting Russia in the shape of an electric guitar the answer? Contact Us Company Learn More Fun Stuff Follow Us http://www.groupon.com/...p;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_source=newsletter&amp;c=read_more&amp;addx=groupon.nb2@gishpuppy.com[05/06/10 4:24:51 PM]
  9. 9. Samovar Room Deal of the Day | Groupon Toronto About FAQ Suggest a Business Twitter Contact Us Groupon for Businesses Groupon Schwag Facebook Jobs Press Developers / API Subscribe to Daily Email Terms, Privacy, Returns, Etc. Affiliate Program Blog Meetup © 2010 Groupon, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.groupon.com/...p;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_source=newsletter&amp;c=read_more&amp;addx=groupon.nb2@gishpuppy.com[05/06/10 4:24:51 PM]