Insights to plan your next TET Holiday Marketing Campaigns


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TET Holiday time is the most meaningful and important holiday for Vietnamese people.

Is also often the most important branding and marketing commercial opportunity for brands in Vietnam to raise awareness, connect on a more emotional level with their audience and drive sales.

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Insights to plan your next TET Holiday Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. Market research top-line Jan. 2013THEME:HCMC HANOI DANANGCONSUMER’SSHOPPINGHABITFORTETHOLIDAY*Tet is known as Lunar New Year. This is the most meaningful holidays to the Vietnamese.
  2. 2. About:Viettrack is a monthly consumer research report of FTA Research & Consultant, aims to deliveropinions, evaluations and perceptions of consumers about various topics including economicsituation, new trends, products & services etc.We do hope that Viettrack could help producers and marketers feel the breath of consumers,from which find out the most appropriate way to satisfy the consumers’ needs which isincreasingly sophisticated.Viettrack is done according to ISO 20252:2006, the international quality standard in marketresearch and ESOMAR code of conduct.Viettrack – Jan. 2012:Sampling size : N=300;HCM = HN = DN = 100Gender: Female who is a decision maker for family Tet’s shoppingEconomic class: ABCDAge: 20 - 45
  4. 4. 8988827262322Opportunity for all members inthe family to get togetherTraditional holidaysRelaxing period and havemore time for family/ friendsMost special occasion of theyearLong holidaysIdeal time for travellingIs the same as everyday8791847860179293896976356898173685143TOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100HCM HN ĐN%The meanings of Tet• In general, Tet is an opportunity for all members in the family to get together. There is not muchdifference between these areas.Base on all respondents
  5. 5. Perception about Tet has been changed comparing to thelast 10 years.655570 69354530 31UnchangedChangedTOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100DNHNCHANGESHCMC• Most of Da Nang consumers think that there are many differences on Tet Holidays between 2-3 years recently and 10years ago, especially, Hanoi & Da Nang due to there is a part of influence of the appearance has been continuouslydeveloping in recent years.• The main differences that consumers recognize: “No longer warm/ happy atmosphere as before”, “Variety products andwidely available” , therefore, "Traditional activities to prepare for Tet almost gone”.%Changes Overall HCMC HN DN(base on respondent who said thatthere are differences)N=15 N=55 N=70 N=69No longer warm/ happy asmostphereas before32.5% 30.9% 17.1% 49.3%Variety products and widely available 29.9% 38.2% 14.3% 39.1%Traditional activities to prepare forTet almost gone20.1% 5.5% 14.3% 37.7%No longer family gathering as before 17.5% 20.0% 17.1% 15.9%No longer for firework 13.4% 14.5% 2.9% 23.2%More decoration along roads andmore events10.3% 9.1% 12.9% 8.7%More expensive price 9.8% 32.7% 1.4%Animated asmostphere 6.7% 5.5% 14.3%More entertainment center openingon Tet6.7% 18.6%More crowded and animated on road 5.2% 14.3%
  6. 6. 837966653927Square glutinous rice cakeGolden apricotPeach blossomWater melonSwallowNew Years tree956298503728858667644931689034823023TOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100HCMC HN DN%Base on all respondentsSymbols strongly related to Tet• The traditional image "golden apricot / peach blossom, square glutinous rice cake" is considered the symbol of Tet.• In addition, there is quite different between 3 areas North, Middle and South . HCMC consumers are familiar withgolden apricot and water melon while peach blossom and square glutinous rice cake are more popular in Hanoi thanother 2 areas. However, square glutinous rice cake is not that popular in HCMC comparing to Hanoi and Da Nang. Thisis the product of each region to create features and symbols of 2 areas.
  7. 7. Tet’s activities
  8. 8. 99989794888030252210Confectionary/ JamBeveragesClothesFoodGiftHome decoration productHousehold electronic/appliancesJewelryHome furnitureMobile phone10010098100758640273014Product usually buy before TetTOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100HN DNHCMC98981008390612841241299979310010092217125%Base on all respondents• Most of products are often purchased before the Tet that are served consumers’ needs on this occasion. These aremainly: confectionary/ jam, beverages, clothes, food and gift• In addition, consumers also purchase decoration products for their house before Tet because this is a biggest occasionthat all members in the family will get together and decorate their house.
  9. 9. Shopping period before TetTOTAL HN DNHCMC15 18 173444 478 7 4 4 35863524854 5264 695262 6652251827182 127 233731 29451 1 3 1 1 6 3 2 3BeverageBiscuit Gift BeverageBiscuit Gift BeverageBiscuit Gift BeverageBiscuit GiftMore than 6 weeksbefore Tet5 - 6 weeks beforeTet3 - 4 weeks beforeTet1 - 2 weeks beforeTetLess than 1 weekbefore tet%N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75Base on respondents who buy beverage/ biscuit/ candy/ Jam, etc. for Tet• Consumers in big cities have a plan to purchase beverages, confectionary/ jam and gift around 1-2 weeks beforeTet. Because this is the occasion that consumers focus on shopping and doing some activities for welcoming Tetholidays.• However, HCMC consumers usually have earlier plan for Tet shopping comparing to Hanoi & Da Nang.
  10. 10. 82573227211814552295522SupermarketMid - Big scale groceryWet market (inside)MetroWet market (outside)Small scale groceryConvenience storeUsually buy Buy most often8043391335914531814210• In terms of shopping channels before Tet for beverage, consumers mainly spend their money at supermarket and mid– big scale grocery. It seems this is one of the place that have variety products, good quality, attractive promotionprogram and fixed price.• In addition, HCMC consumers also buy in Wet market (inside) while Da Nang consumers usually purchase in Metro.TOTAL HN DNHCMC6970128122516563034429757445915211257179124N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%Base on respondents who buy beverage/ biscuit/ candy/ Jam, etc. for TetTet’s shopping location - beverage
  11. 11. 744639252417114421185732SupermarketMid - Big scale groceryWet market (inside)MetroWet market (outside)Small scale groceryConvenience storeUsually buy Buy most often6127626507531841119TOTAL HN DNHCMC6357101172117473531739756455616221153209124N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%Base on respondents who buy beverage/ biscuit/ candy/ Jam, etc. for TetTet’s shopping location – sweet/ candy/ jam• Regarding to shopping location before Tet for products such as sweet/ candy/ jam, consumers spend theirmoney at supermarket.• However, HCMC consumers usually buy at wet market, especially inside the market.
  12. 12. 80492521161512582084252SupermarketMid - Big scale groceryWet market (inside)MetroWet market (outside)Small scale groceryConvenience storeUsually buy Buy most often7939102662412581646• In the sense of shopping channel before Tet for gift, consumers spend their money across 2 main channels:supermarket & mid/ big scale grocery .Tet’s gift shopping locationTOTAL HN DNHCMC71581061851655314503954861362717561121951N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%Base on respondents who buy beverage/ biscuit/ candy/ Jam, etc. for Tet
  13. 13. 91736336322331317558151253115Family/ friendTV commercialRecommend from sellersNewspaper and magazineInternetOutdoor advertising (poster, signboard)RadioBrochurePOSMNo source of informationReference most reference868060472816485847229542218Source of information for Tet’s shoppingTOTAL HN DNHCMC8949612426144911665111422697916938414012235631214722N=300 N=100 N=100 N=100• Almost all consumers always refer to recommend from family/ friend because to them this is the most reliable sourceof information.• It seems to be that Hanoi consumers do not pay much attention on TV commercial comparing to HCM & Da Nangconsumers.%Base on all respondent
  14. 14. 86827152245033191027536467656046512825231684767670543646195747471624644432212108HamperBeverageFoodCandyJamSquare glutinous rice…FruitFresh flowerFake flowerJelweryNo giftShopping products for Tet’s giftTOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100HCMC HN DN%Base on all respondents• These products that consumers usually purchase as gifts on Tet are ranked as follows: hamper, beverage, food, etc.Consumers in Da Nang do not prefer the hampers as much as consumers in Hanoi & HCMC.
  15. 15. 9491735573503856448766789375431841128799552923285079898568595540363320CSDBeerwhite/ red wineWhisky/ CognacTeaRaw coffeeInstant coffeeMilkBirds NestTOTALN=222 N=82 N=76 N=64HCMC HN DNCommon beverages for Tet’s gift• Beer and CSD are 2 main beverages that consumers purchase as gifts on Tet because the frequency of using theseproducts on Tet is higher than usual.• There are some differences between these areas:• HCMC: consumers buy instant coffee as gifts more than consumers in HN & DN.• HN: consumers prefer wine and tea than HCMC and Da Nang.%Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  16. 16. 77647867585336272239212230226188933173657345616453282836182620181816109322111High quality productSpecial pack for TetAffordable priceFamous/ reliable brandValue for moneyPremium packWide availabilityGood advertisingUnique productAttractive promotionRecommended from sellersA lot of advertisingImportant the most important8556873584727733404927391191717245413333TOTAL HCMC HN DN60715933476850262523102017391114212221N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%Important factors when choosing gifts for TetBase on respondents who buy gift for Tet• “High quality product” is one of the factor that consumers pay a lot of attention on Tet holidays because in Vietnammarket at the moment is taking an overload of fake product and unstable quality product. Thus, the important factors forchoosing the gifts on Tet are ranked as follows: high quality product, special pack for Tet & affordable price.• Consumers in Da Nang mainly focus on price and brand more than consumers in HCMC & Hanoi.
  17. 17. 10039915491199101100392371973114102MyselfMy dad/ momMy brothers/ sistersMy husbandMy childrenMy grandpa/ grandmaTOTAL HCM HN ĐNN=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%Whom buy the gifts on Tet• Most of consumers buy the gifts forTet by themselves.Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  18. 18. 8873434828442744918350485032223136449625653221486Whom receive the gifts on Tet81695251453221154My dad/ momMy grandpa/ grandmaMy brothers/ sistersMy relativeMy bossMy client/ partnerMy friend/ colleagueMy loverMy family-in-lawTOTAL HCMC HN DNN=265 N=90 N=100 N=75%• Consumers mainly purchase the gifts for their families on Tet (parents, grandparent, brother/ sister, etc. ), there is nosignificant difference between these areas.Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  19. 19. 797269689277756483887633444408672779078876162716745183363126983776253527474482854531021077876757474726967666057342826192TeaBiscuit/ CookiesCandyCoffeeJamwhite/ red wineDry fruitChocolate (Socola)NutsBeerCSDBirds NestWhisky/ CognacCigaretteMilkFresh fruitTOTALN=265 N=90 N=100 N=75HCMC HN DNA perfect hampers• A perfect hamper toward consumers need to have some main items such as: tea, biscuit, candy, café, jam, etc.• There are some differences between these areas:• HCMC: consumers prefer biscuit more than consumers in HN & DN.• HN: consumers prefer café more than HCMC and DN• ĐN: Jam is more popular than Hanoi & HCMC%Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  20. 20. 1006757281714181018114715138333111HeinekenTiger333Ha Noi beerRed LarueCarlsbergGreen LarueGambrinusZorokSapporoLike Like the most987766141630164123191122TOTAL HN ĐNHCM100644164223182350142226298606913561561172415487211191%Preferred beer brand inside hamper• Most of consumers prefer famous beer brands such as Heineken, Tiger, 333 inside the hamper.• However, it is because of different taste of different areas, therefore, Hanoi beer is more attractive in Hanoiwhile Larue is the most popular in Da Nang comparing to the other 2 areas.N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  21. 21. 898554382832142291146267543211CocacolaPepsi7UPFantaSpriteMirindaOranginaBig colaChuong DuongBidricoLike Like the most93925637262913241917403671232321TOTAL HN ĐNHCM8576434216311016235922431108989653545362027816371912121251N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75• Coca-cola, Pepsi và 7Up are always the TOM CSD brand that most of consumers would like to have in thehamper.• Moreover, brands such as Fanta, Mirinda & Sprite are more popular in Da Nang comparing to Hanoi & HCMC.%Preferred CSD brand inside hamperBase on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  22. 22. 6254372022163132519820321411444432222DanisaOreoRitzKorentoArsenalWhite CastleStoryDkBritishOrirentalGoodiesTigerLike Like the most7661404616278214226431112273812TOTAL HN ĐNHCM6841252434833220174173713648162131237614832252832354021161220169415351N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75• Biscuit is also popular that most of consumers want to have inside the hamper. These brands are ranked as follow:Danisa, Oreo, Ritz, etc.• Moreover, consumers in HCMC & Hanoi prefer brand Danisa more than that of Da Nang. As apposed, Oreo is morepopular in Da Nang comparing to Hanoi & HCMC.%Preferred biscuit brand inside hamperBase on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  23. 23. 604637373315184015139541Red/ white wineWhiskyRumVodkaBrandyVietnam wineGinLike Like the most58332913122439121421TOTAL HN ĐNHCM55454147432019411614145716961405245233240171111841N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75• Most of consumers choose wine such as red/white wine or whisky/ Cognac for their perfect hamper.%Preferred type of wine inside hamperBase on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  24. 24. 9085732927131324129156510G7 (Trung Nguyen)NescafeVinacafeMaccoffeeMoment (Vinamilk)AmericafeCafe VietBKcoffee (Bikacafe)Eagle ExpressLike Like the most8780761916962324426181911TOTAL HN ĐNHCM9085682425173146311543195917649441611313111161N=265 N=90 N=100 N=75Preferred coffee brand inside hamper• Trung Nguyen café, Nescafe và Vinacafe are long standing and famous brand in Vietnam market. Thus, they aredefinitely will be the first choice for a hamper. There are no significant different between locations.• However, due to the different taste and smell of each areas, Maccoffee is more popular in Da Nang comparing toHanoi & HCMC%Base on respondents who buy gift for Tet
  25. 25. 8083645964474420164822133678879676160544132262322201971Greetings to grand parentsVisit friends house/…Comeback to hometownStay homneEat/ drink at homeWatch TV/ film at homeGo to coffee shopVisit bosses house for…Go to shopping mall/…Go to entertainment…Go to cinemaVisit clients/ partners…Travel domesticPlay gameOverseas travelling9073798167645539372720101129380594248522537242116271142TOTALN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100HCM HN ĐN %Base on all respondentsActivities during Tet holidays• The main activities on Tet are greetings to grandparents, come to friends’ house and comeback the hometown.• HCMC: consumers often go to the restaurants, go to the entertainment center: Dam Sen Park, Suoi Tien…,domestic travelling more than consumers in HN & DN because there are a lot of restaurants & entertainmentcenters in HCMC. In addition, we can find that the consumers in HCMC spend more money than consumers in HN& DN.• Hanoi: consumers visit the boss’ house for greetings more than consumers in HCMC & DN. Seems that this is acustom of Hanoi people in Tet holidays.
  26. 26. Expenditure for Tet243521166052666316 13 1321I will spend lessfor this year Tetcompare to lastyear Tet.I will spend anequivalentamount for thisyear Tetcompare to lastyear Tet.I will spend morefor this year Tetcompare to lastyear Tet.Overall HCM HN ĐN15 16 17 1912 12 16 1735 35 33 3340 40 31 3212 12 12 1116 169 812 11 13 129 913 1312 12 11 11 10 1015 1514 14 14 14 13 12 16 15LastyearThisyearLastyearThisyearLastyearThisyearLastyearThisyearOtherSpend forpartySpend fortravellingSpend for giftsSpend forfamilyshoppingSpend for selfshoppingOverall HCM HN ĐNExpenditure this year Tet VS last year TetExpenditure this year VS last yearN=300 N=100 N=100 N=100N=300 N=100 N=100 N=100%%Base on all respondents• Most of consumers are planning to spend an equivalentamount for this year Tet compare that of last year andmostly on family shopping.• However, it seems to be that the consumers in HCMC arewilling to pay more for this Tet. As apposed, Da Nangconsumer are willing to spend less comparing the other 2areas.
  27. 27. Salary & Bonus446035 38513756595 393Lower salarycompare withlast yearEquivalentsalary comparewith last yearHigher salarycompare withlast yearOverall HCMC HN DNSalary314423 23564965561361220Lower bonuscompare withlast yearEquivalentbonus comparewith last yearHigher bonuscompare withlast yearOverall HCMC HN DNTet bonus salary• The salary and bonus this year is staying unchanged comparing to that of last year. Salary of HCMCareas seem to be higher than salary last year while almost all salary in Hanoi and Da Nang is remainthe same.• It seems to be that consumers in Da Nang areas not usually get bonus salary for Tet comparing toHCMC and Hanoi.%%Base on all respondents who are employee and have salaryN=205 N=65 N=77 N=63 N=179 N=63 N=52 N=64
  28. 28. Thank you