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S7 facebook graph search

  1. 1. 2/20/2014 version 2.5 Facebook Graph Search Search, Extract, Build Presented by: Todd B Davis, Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer, ADP
  2. 2. Notes and Resources http://tinyurl.com/k6rqtt3 2
  3. 3. Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer todd.b.davis@adp.com Office: 206-402-4092 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/thecandidategenerator Twitter: thecandidategen Website: www.thecandidategenerator.com Personal email: todd@thecandidategenerator.com • Over 4 years at ADP as a Senior Technical Recruiter and currently as a Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer • Steering Committee Member, Sourcing 7 (S7+) • Has worked previously for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and others 3
  4. 4. Fish Where the Fish Are Number of monthly unique visitors to LinkedIn- 187 million 2/16/14 Number of new LinkedIn members per second: 2 2/16/14 http://expandedramblings.com/ 4 Total number of monthly active Facebook users- 1.23 billion users Percent of all Facebook users who log on in any given day-48%
  5. 5. The Future Glen Cathey’s "The Current and Future State of Sourcing“ presentation from the Talent42 conference in June 2013 had Facebook as one of the up and coming resources for candidates. http://www.slideshare.net/Talent42/cathey 5
  6. 6. Which One Should I Use? If we do the same search on LinkedIn as Facebook let’s look at the results. This is unscientific but may provide some insight regarding what is to be found in both. I will be looking for a Software Engineer at Google in Seattle, WA. I will be using LinkedIn Recruiter, my regular LinkedIn account and of course searching Facebook. Some things to consider, Facebook uses Natural Language Search verses LinkedIn which offers a Basic, Advanced and Boolean searches. Facebook Search - Software Engineers at Google in Seattle, Washington LinkedIn Recruiter- 749 results LinkedIn Basic- 749 results Facebook- Fewer than 100 What does that tell us? • Facebook stuck to the Software Engineer title in the search only including SR or Senior • LinkedIn Recruiter included titles such as Software Development Manager at Amazon Web Services, Staff Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer/Software Engineer and Software Development Engineer in Test • Lets try this on Facebook -Software Development Managers at Google, Staff Members Software Engineers work with at Google Answer: Both 6
  7. 7. Boolean Search and Natural Language Search Boolean Search - system of algebraic notation used to represent logical proposition (AND, OR, NOT) Natural Language Search - Simply targeted answers to user questions, search how we speak 7
  8. 8. Approach 8
  9. 9. Sample Natural Language Queries - Facebook Graph Search Who live inSoftware Engineers at Amazon.com who live in Seattle, Washington Who likePeople who like Java (software platform) Microsoft employees who like Google Chrome Facebook employees who like Google Plus People inPeople in photos taken at Google Who workVideos of Account Executives who work at PayPal Program Managers who work at eBay TaggedPeople tagged in photos taken at Microsoft Checked inPeople who checked in at eBay Other searchesComment , Taken at, People who, Photos of, Videos of, *Graph Search now includes status updates and posts 9
  10. 10. Sample Natural Language Queries - Facebook Graph SearchDiversity Software Engineers that are men interested in men from United States Software Engineers that are women interested in women from United States People who like Gayglers Employees of Microsoft who like National Society of Black Engineers Software Engineers who like National Society of Black Engineers Software Engineers who like Society of Women Engineers and who live in United States People who like National Society of Hispanic MBAs Software Engineers who like NSBE Software Engineers who like Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 10
  11. 11. Sample Natural Language Queries - Facebook Graph Search- Other Searches Sales Representatives that live in San Francisco, California and who graduated in 2013 Account Executives that live in San Francisco, California and who graduated in 2013 Sales Reps who work at Enterprise rental People who work at Enterprise rental and who live in San Francisco, California Management Trainees at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Sales Reps at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Senior Account Executives that work at CareerBuilder People who work at Enterprise Holdings in San Francisco, California People who work at McDonald's in Seattle, Washington People who work at Starbucks and who are 43 years old People who like Snapchat and that work at Nordstrom Another great way to source is from groups, like the Java Developers group which has 14K members. 11
  12. 12. Putting it Together-Tools, Search, Extract and Build Sample Search We will be searching for Software Engineers and the hiring manager has asked us to pull them from Google. Software Engineers who currently work at Google Results: More than 1,000 but we can revise the search results using the Refine this Search to the right. Facebook offered a search tip- Tip: Your results include current employees of Google who have been Software Engineer at any time. You may want to limit your search to Software Engineer at Google. 12
  13. 13. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Extract Using Memonic I will build my pipeline of talent from Facebook. By holding down the Ctrl button on my keyboard, I will highlight the leads I want to clip. 13
  14. 14. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Extract Once you have selected the leads you want, click the Memonic button you installed (the Squirrel icon) in the upper right hand corner of Firefox. 14
  15. 15. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Extract/Build Select Clip Content 15
  16. 16. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Extract/Build Click Save and then View 16
  17. 17. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Extract/Build Once you click View it takes you to you your Memonic account where you can view your clipped leads. 17
  18. 18. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Build As you can see the leads you clipped are now available to work. You want to first Organize your list by creating Tags, Folders and Groups. You should determine if you want to keep the leads as links or convert to text. You can also add notes, add tags, create groups. Memonic has the ability to share your list via Email, Facebook, Twitter or grab a Link. Tip- Be sure to set your folder as either Private, Friends or Public 18
  19. 19. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build Build If you need to move the leads to Microsoft Excel simply click the Actions button at the bottom of the page and select Copy to Word. Also you can Select print if you prefer to have a hard copy. Tip: You could use the printed copy as a call list. 19
  20. 20. Putting it Together-Search, Extract and Build How the data looks in an Excel spreadsheet. Tip- Installing the mobile Memonic app (ios and Android allows you to view your folders and list on your mobile device. ) 20
  21. 21. Next Level- Additional Actions The leads in Memonic are web based when viewing your dashboard and that means we can use additional Firefox Add-Ons to research the people on your list. Firefox Ad Ons • LinkedIn • Social Friend Finder (SFF) • Duck Duck Go • Google Maps (get company numbers and call) *more 21
  22. 22. Contacting Leads You can contact the leads you selected from Facebook but sending them a message which will go to their Other Folder, basically messages that have been filtered out of the regular mailbox. For $1.00 (I have sent them as cheap as 35 cents) you can send a direct message to the candidate. You also have an option to attach files. Some people have a follow option. Sounds very much like a LinkedIn Pro account to me. Haydn Shaughnessy (Forbes) 22 http://www.forbes.com/sites/haydnshaughnessy/2013/04/08/facebook-extends-charging-and-that-is-good/
  23. 23. Contacting Leads Other ways to contact candidates include using the LinkedIn Firefox Add-On and if you have a LinkedIn account contacting them that way or use the Google Maps Firefox Add-On and get the company phone number and call in directly or use the Social Friend Search Firefox Add-On to search all social networks for your lead. 23
  24. 24. Questions? The thoughts, ideas, etc in this presentation are my own and do not necessarily represent ADP’s positions, strategies, or opinions. ADP doesn’t contact candidates (as a policy or sourcing process) using the $1.00 option currently and that is solely my idea and concept. 2 Timothy 4:17 24
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