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Fax is read at least once
Fax is read at least once
Fax is read at least once
Fax is read at least once
Fax is read at least once
Fax is read at least once
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Fax is read at least once


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Service Type: Fax promotion in your name. …

Service Type: Fax promotion in your name.
Singapore D/B: ~ 158000 contacts.
Asia D/B: ~600000 valid contacts.
Category listing: Wide range of categories listing.
To Build New Customers: No Cold Call only fax.

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  • 1. FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE<br />Advertise your Company production & activity.<br />Business Database information for fax email or Snail mail with selection possibility. R210710<br />Dear Person-In-Charge,<br />The Best Tool for a Cost-Effective and Targeted Marketing Campaign.<br /> <br />Increase your sales, create product and service awareness….<br />Improve the effectiveness of your marketing….<br />Reduce the expenses on your marketing fund….<br />There is ONLY 1 way FOR you TO reach SELECTED Categories / Activity of potential customer.<br />LAMARSTONE ® Marketing Services<br /> <br />Approximately, ~ 600,000 valid contacts in ASIA Categories / Activity as per following: <br /> <br />ABRASIVES AND RELATED COMPONENTS FOR THE PROCESS OF MARBLE AND STONE ; AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE ; ARCHITECTS; APPAREL, GARMENTS & ACCESSORIES ; AUTOMOTIVE, PARTS & COMPONENTS ; BEVERAGES ; BUILDING CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS & HARDWARE ; BUILDING CONTRACTORS ; CHEMICALS, MINERALS & ALLOYS ; COMPUTER HARDWARE ; COMPUTER SOFTWARE ; CONSUMER & INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ; DEFENCE PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT ; DESIGNERS ; ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC PARTS AND COMPONENTS ; FASHION ACCESSORIES & TEXTILES ; FOOTWEAR ; FURNITURE ; GIFTS, SOUVENIRS AND JEWELLERY ; GLOVES ; HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS ; MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT ; MEDICAL PRODUCTS ; PACKAGING & CONTAINERS ; MARBLE GRANITE STONE AND RELATED ACTIVITY PRODUCER; PALM OIL PRODUCTS ; PLASTIC PRODUCTS ; PREPARED FOOD ; PHARMACEUTICALS, TOILETRIES AND COSMETICS ; QUANTITY SURVEYORS;  RUBBER PRODUCTS ; SEMI PRECIOUS STONE PRODUCER : STATIONERY ; TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT & PARTS TELECOMMUNICATION ; TEXTILES, YARNS & OTHER RELATED MATERIALS ; TOYS AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT ; WOOD PRODUCTS ; etcetera, a wide range of  Categories Listing. <br />Sorted by industry, location, name, Contact information including phone and fax numbers, addresses and e-mail.<br /> <br />The D/B daily well maintained.<br /> <br />Just send us via email or fax:<br />1) Description target of Categories / Activity Listing. We will examine number of record available in our D/B.<br />2) Your text and design setting in Microsoft Word or similar format.<br />We will do the rest for you, ON A REASONABLE PRICE PROVIDING DOCUMENTATION FOR SUCCESSFUL FAX SEND OUT. <br />Why FAX Marketing?<br />Email gets junked by spam-filter!        <br />You prefer to spend less money, the service is provided also via email or snail mail.Advertisement on newspapers and TV is expensive and often missed by your customers.  <br />EVERY   FAX   IS   READ   AT   LEAST   ONCE.<br />1) Cost effective.<br />2) Reaches a large audience instantly.<br />3) Creates new interest in your products/services.<br />4) Drives quality traffic to your website.<br />5) Environment friendly - it saves paper and ink.<br />6) Supports other marketing strategies simultaneously.<br />7) Get ahead of your business competitors<br />8) No Cold Call to Build New Customers <br />We sort the information and listings in any way you wish, from selected Categories / Activity, whether by postal code, Geographic region or by Industry? <br /> <br />Your company will be informed on the quantity of data available for each Categories / Activity selected, with the quotation inclusive of terms, for the fax, email or snail mail shot. <br />Propagation / documentation shot will be done by us in your name. <br />Email will be done using one of your email name and address.<br /> <br />For information, please e-mail us @<br />EVERY   FAX   IS   READ   AT   LEAST   ONCE.<br />It is the perfect tool for any organization that is trying to reach out in Singapore with business opportunities and ideas.<br />a) Your bid US$ 8.98 is a Down Payment for the examination of above Categories / Activity listed referring to the utilization of our Business Database.<br /> <br />b) Your Company prepare material for the fax or email marketing, submit to us for consideration and study <br />There are 3 solutions:<br />a) Fax                                 suggested by us “ EVERY FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONE”.<br />b) Email                              “ GETS JUNKED BY SPAM-FILTER! “<br />c) Singapore Postal Service, Snail mail on A4 size one side or both side colour printed paper. <br /> <br />In your question, or request of information Please include your Contact Details, Company Name, Address, and Tel. Inclusive of Person to Contact. We will revert back the soon as possible.<br /> <br />Once the fax, email, snail mail is successful, your Company will be contacted directly.<br /> <br />Visiting Singapore! <br />Assistance will be provided on a moderate cost based on the job specification finalised and approved.<br /> <br />In the fax transmission will not appear any reference to LMDS as fax number etc.Just give us you document will fax it and you will get the result.<br />Once again note:LMDS charge only for successful faxes and provide a report for the unsuccessful.<br />Best regards Andrea (Mr.) Maoro <br />La Mar Diamant (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd  Singapore ACRA reg.197402044N<br />Managing Director  <br />Computer division Web Application <br />SALES/PROMOTION/CATALOGUE ON USB Flash Drive We offer on a convenient price effective promotion of your products in selected country or worldwide.<br />Singapore is + 8 h. GMT / UTC   office hours 10:30 to 17:30 7/365 <br />Skype   a.g.maoro<br />MSN voice contact: ma_lamarstone<br /> HYPERLINK "" or copy in your browser the above blue http:// hyperlink there are the co-ordinate for your information.<br />We are an eBay Italian store retailer of unique item based in Singapore, serving Asia and the rest of the World. <br /><br /> <br />In today fast-paced marketplace, successful companies rely on agile business processes and collaborative work environments to stay ahead of the competition.<br />Best regards <br />Andrea (mr) Maoro<br /><br />The last audio video presentation referring this Case it is f.o.c open it: @<br /> HYPERLINK ""<br />Click or copy in your browser the http:// hyperlink,<br />Synopses<br />H:ALPHAINFORMEBAY STORYUP FOR SALECost-Effective and Targeted Marketing CampaignFAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE.docx<br />PDF:<br />FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE.pdf<br />BARAONDA<br /><br />EBAY<br /><br />LAMARSTONE<br /><br />Cost-Effective and Targeted Marketing Campaign<br /> HYPERLINK ""<br />Location in eBay<br /><br />Listed in category: <br /> * Specialty Services ><br /> * Advice & Instruction ><br /> * Business & Computer<br />Current one Item specifics<br />Service Type: Fax promotion in your name.<br />Type: EVERY FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE. <br />Singapore D/B: ~ 158000 contacts.<br />Asia D/B: ~600000 valid contacts.<br />Category listing: Wide range of categories listing. <br />DOCUMENTATION charges: FOR SUCCESSFUL FAX SEND OUT.<br />To Build New Customers:  No Cold Call only fax.<br />