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Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
Pets of anceint egypt!
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Pets of anceint egypt!


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this is about the pets of anceint egypt!

this is about the pets of anceint egypt!

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. PETS OF ANCEINT EGYPT! By me Nile!!!!!!!
  • 2. The Egyptians had many kinds of birds like….
    • Falcons! They were important because of their religious significance. I mean that’s cool. Falcons today don’t have any religious significance do they? NO! There was a hawkfalcon god that the Egyptians worshiped.
  • 3. The Egyptians also had….
    • Geese! They were probably very popular with nobles. They say that they were the bird version of a watchdog! Meaning it honked a lot. Geese these days honk a lot but they’re not watch dogs!
  • 4. The Egyptians also had turtle doves!
  • 5. The Egyptians had some unusual animals like……
    • Gazelles! In the information I got it says that the gazelles slept by your feet by the fire! Today they don’t sleep by your bed they probably sleep in a pen!
  • 6. The Egyptians had unusual pets like……
    • Lions! The lions were probably only for royalty! I mean today lions aren't pets they are wild animals!
  • 7. They also had…
    • Monkeys! The Egyptians kept their monkeys on a leash. I mean today we don’t keep them on a leash. I don’t think we even keep them as pets!
  • 8. And finally for the unusual pets of Ancient Egyptians are….
    • MONGEESE! These tiny little cute guys went on hunting trips with the Egyptians according to my source. Today they don’t hunt with Egyptians; wait… not with humans at all!
  • 9. The Egyptians had household pets too like….
    • The dog! The Egyptians would have liked the dog for a bff aka Best Friend Forever! I know I would. And dogs made good hunting partners. Well today they still hunt with people and are good BFFs!
  • 10. And finally they had…..
    • CATS! They were very popular with the Egyptians! They were used for religious purposes and had a connection with the cat god Ra. I know, poor kitties! They sacrificed them, I know sad. 
  • 11. Here’s a list of Egyptian animal gods
    • Deity Animal
    • Ptah Bull
    • Toth Baboon
    • Amun Ram
    • HorusRa FalconHawk
    • Anubis JackalDog
    • Sobek Crocodile
    • Hathor Cow
    • Sekhmet Lion
  • 12. THE END!
    • Whatdaya think? Is it good? Is it awesome? Wait I know ‘cause I made it! I’M SO HAPPY I FINSHED! 