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Ocean view drive

  1. 1. OCEAN VIEW DRIVE By Bobby Peterson It was a beautiful day on Cape Cod. Wellfleet had sunny, clearblue skies with a beautiful ocean breeze. My adopted moms Barbaraand Betsy said to get into our 2003 baby blue Dodge Caravan. Betsy is5 foot 4 inches tall and very athletic. She is the executive director ofthe Boys and Girls Club of Chicopee. Barbara is 5 foot 6 inches talland traditionally built. I hopped in the minivan where my two foster brothers were,Elijah and Everett. Elijah is 5 foot 6 inches tall, athletic, 13 years oldand has the same amount of melanin in his skin as Nik Smith. Everettis 5 foot 3 inches, 12 years old and has more melanin in his skin thanElijah and Nik Smith. He is skinny. My mom Betsy put my golden retriever Sarah and my miniatureschnauzer Riley in the back of the minivan. We were going to thebeach. Sarah has short legs and a long body. Not like a daschund but alittle shorter than an average golden retriever. Riley is a rare color forhis breed. He is all white and has a short body and longish legs. He ismuch smaller than a standard schnauzer. We went up and down a couple of streets and made it to OceanView Drive. We turned left and went down Ocean View Drive. Theview is amazing! We went all the way down the street until it turnedinto Gross Street and then pulled into the Newcomb Hallow parkinglot.
  2. 2. I jumped out of the car and raced down to the beach. I took myshoes off to feel the sand. It was soft and fluffy and puffy. Elijah andEverett asked if I wanted to play this weird game where you chase thewaves and have them chase you. I didn’t want to be mean so I played.It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Anyways, My moms came downthe path on the sand dune with Sarah and Riley. They put down ablanket and read their books. Nerds. It was quite warm for April, but the water was freezing.Obviously I had to be the only one to fall into the ocean. Sarah founda puddle, and soon got bored and went to go into the ocean when Itripped over her and fell flat on my face. A large wave rushed on topof me and got me soaking wet. I was aggravated at first then soon gotover it and laughed hysterically. I almost peed my pants! Soon enough it was time to go to a different beach calledMaguires Beach. And once again I jumped out of the car and randown to the beach. At this point, it was low tide and there wereseveral sand bars: one outsized one and a couple of diminutive ones.It was fun to go so far out, at least fifty feet off the shore. Sarah had a blast running so far out into the water to all thesand bars. Riley, not so much. He hates the water. He likes to curl ina ball and sleep or mark his territory on the sand dunes. My momsenjoyed watching me get knocked down by my dog in the water. Idon’t think Sarah had more fun at the water in her life! Sarah loves tojust be obnoxious. Like tipping people over in the water and runningin circle waiting to receive food she knows she wont get like grapesand such that are bad for dogs. She did exactly this but with moreenthusiasm then she has ever done while she have lived with us. I am
  3. 3. glad I had begged my mom to buy Sarah. Then we ate lunch at the beach. After that, we each did our ownthing. Elijah chased the waves like we did before, Everett madesandcastles and I searched for interesting things like cool seashellsand sponges and other things. I even found a spine of a small shark!It was so fun! I love to spend the day at the beach! Then, it was 5:00 p.m. and it was time to leave. We went homeand took showers and by 5:45 p.m. we were in the car driving to MacsShake seafood restaurant. Macs shack is next to the Wellfleet pier.The pier goes into the bay. It is totally redesigned. They put in a newrock wall and cleaned up the whole bay. It looks really nice. Anyways,when we got there, we got our orders taken. I ordered clam strips, andFrench fries. It was so good! Then when we were done, we went to the Macs Shack ice creamshop, which was right next to the restaurant and got ice cream. I gotcookies and cream in a sugar cone tipped over into a bowl with a littlebit of hot fudge and whipped cream. It is the best ice cream on theCape. Then at 9:00 p.m. we took a drive down Ocean view drive. Theone street I love the most on Cape Cod because it’s the place where Ido so many fun things and the view was amazing! It is one of myfavorite places I have ever been in my life. I LOVE CAPE COD! ------ Bobby Peterson