My Trip to Disney


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My Trip to Disney

  1. 1. My trip to Disney (2010)By Max Walker In August 2010, my mom, my dad, my younger brother, and I drovedown to Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, truthfully. We go toDisney because we really like it there. It is much more than just a vacationspot. It was a long, boring, one and a half day trip to get there, but we go toDisney at least once every two years, so we are used to the ride. Well, sortof. I was very excited to get to Disney and to see my two little cousins, too,even though they only live in Westhampton. I was excited to see them inDisney and see what they thought about it. That trip, my grandma, aunt,uncle, and two cousins all went. And us of course. And we stopped at somegreat places, like South of the Border, a Mexican themed place right after thenorth border of South Carolina. We ate dinner the first day at Cracker Barrel. I got pancakes withblueberry sauce. They were delicious! We stopped at a hotel right after wewent to Cracker Barrel. I’m pretty sure we were in South Carolina. Weswam in the pool there. I forget what hotel it was, but it was just one of theaverage ones. It was a pretty good hotel. Average, but good. Then, when we got to Florida, we drove to Orlando. When we got toOrlando, we drove to Disney. When we were heading to the gates, we allcounted down. Then when we went through the gates, we all yelled“Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!” It was very exiting! Then we drove to the hotel. The hotel was called Kidani Village, andwas themed African. A lot of it looked like it was made of pure wood. It wasa very beautiful, nice, and fun hotel. Outside, there was a pool, a hot tub, a
  2. 2. restaurant, and animals out back. Inside, there was a restaurant, a gift shop,an arcade, and a community hall with Wiis and PS3. We went into the lobby, and then my aunt, uncle, grandma, and twocousins arrived. One of my cousins was four when he went on the trip, buthe is five now, and his name is Owen. My other cousin was one when wewhen on the trip, and is two now. Her name is Lily. I was very excited!While my mom was checking in, we went to see the animals outside thehotel. There were zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and more. It was cool. Then wewatched TV in the hotel lobby. It was a Disney cartoon. Well, duh!Eventually, we went to our room. It was a really nice two-bedroom. The onewe were in had two bedrooms, three bathrooms including one with awhirlpool tub, radios that played IPods, three TVs, a fold-out couch in theliving room and a place to cook and store food. Kidani Village wasdefinitely not an average hotel. It was an extraordinary hotel! Later that day, we went to the Downtown Disney marketplace, a placeat Disney with a lot of shops. We went to the LEGO store. I got two LEGOsets. Next we met up with my aunt, uncle, grandma, and two cousins. Thenwe all went to Earl of Sandwich, a sandwich restaurant. I got a meatballgrinder. It was good. Afterward, we went to Once Upon A Toy, a toy andgame shop. Outside, there is a big model of Buzz Lightyear and anothermodel. Inside, the shop is full of toys and games. I didn’t buy anything fromthat shop that trip. Then we went back to the hotel. The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom. We took the car to theparking lot, and then took the monorail the rest of the way. When we gotthere, we walked down Main Street USA to Adventureland. It wasn’t open
  3. 3. yet, but we had to wait for my aunt, uncle, grandma, and cousins anyway.When they got there, we waited a little longer for Adventureland to open.When it finally opened, we went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Youride in boats through a bunch of scenes from the movie. I was really excitedfor my first ride of the trip. Also, it was Owen’s second time in Disney, andthe last time he had gone was when he was two, so he doesn’t remembermuch of it. It has a drop in it. Owen got scared on the drop. From that pointon, he usually asked “Is there a drop?” before every ride. A little later we went to Chef Mickey’s, a buffet in a hotel called theContemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom. It was delicious. We went atbreakfast time, so it was all breakfast food. They had all sorts of stuff, likebacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, Mickey waffles, pancakes, sausages, and otherthings. Also, it was a character breakfast, so a bunch of the Disneycharacters went around all the tables. There was also a time when all thepeople spun their napkins around. Ahhhh… good times.There are many parks in Disney. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, AnimalKingdom, Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach, are allof them. Each one has their own special things. Epcot is about the future,and different countries’ cultures, whereas Hollywood Studios is aboutHollywood and Movies. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are bothwater parks. Animal Kingdom is about animals and the wild, and the MagicKingdom is a mix of different things. I recommend all of the parks. They areall great! My personal favorites are Epcot and The Magic Kingdom. Both ofthem have a lot of cool rides and restaurants, and stuff I just like!
  4. 4. We did much more stuff in the Magic Kingdom, and went to the other parks,except for the water parks, but I can’t put all of that in this. So this is the endof this memoir.