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Ancient egypt
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Ancient egypt


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. ANCIENT EGYPT RELIGION! By: Megan M. and Emma H. (mmccarthy4 and ehanderson)
    • 2.
      • 3 Interesting Gods
      • Seshat was the god of writing and measurement.
      • Nut was the sky god. They believe that nut was a canopy over earth.
      • Ra was the sun god. Ra was the most important to the Egyptians.
    • 3. Bastet! (the cat)
      • Bastet was the name of the cat god.
      • Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats because they would kill mice in there houses and other places. By doing this the mice did not eat the grain, Ancient Egyptians ate.
      • Bastet was responsible for joy, music, dancing, health, and healing.
      • She can be traced back to 3200 BC.
      • Bastet was the daughter of Ra.
      • Killing a cat would get you punished to death.
    • 4. Bastet pictures.
    • 5. Pharaohs
      • They were the most powerful people in ancient Egypt.
      • They were political and religious leadership.
      • They performed rituals and built temples to honor gods.
      • Many pharaohs went to war when their land was threatened or when they wanted to control other lands.
      • If the won a battle the people had to offer him there most valuable and finest goods.
    • 6. Pictures of pharaohs and their land
    • 7. The After Life
      • Egyptians believed onces they died they were birthed again. That is what their tradinonal funeral practices were about.
      • They believed that each person had three souls: Ka, Ba, Akh.
      • When a person died priest recited prayers and after the body was washed and purified in a shelter called Ibu. The body was then taken and organs were removed. Next it was packed with salt in containers. It is then stored for 40 days. Once 40 days passed the body was got wrapped in bandages ad stuffed with jewelry in the layers. That was the put in a coffin.
    • 8. Pictures of Mummies
    • 9. Thank You for Watching!
      • Please send us your feedback! We would love to hear about what you want to learn about ancient Egypt religion so we can add to your page or lengthen what we have already. Thanks again!
      • Smiles,
      • Megan and Emma
      • (mmccarthy4 and ehanderson)