Newsroom org models (iapa)


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Newsroom org models (iapa)

  1. 1. Newsroom organizational models Randy Covington Director, WAN-IFRA Newsplex at the University of South Carolina
  2. 2. Newsrooms will be different WAN-IFRA Newsplex at the University of South Carolina Newsplex Europe Darmstadt, Germany
  3. 3. Roles training in convergent journalism • El Tiempo • Grupo Ferre Rangel • Financial Times • Daily Nation
  4. 4. Newsrooms will be different International Rhone-Alpes Medias Lyon, France Newsplex Asia Singapore
  5. 5. Newsrooms will be different Edipresse Lausanne, Switzerland
  6. 6. Newsrooms will be different RIA Novosti Moscow
  7. 7. Newsrooms will be different Al Jazeera Doha
  8. 8. Three organizational models: •The Tampa Tribune •The Nordjyske Medier •Daily Telegraph
  9. 9. Nordjyske Medier Aalborg, Denmark
  10. 10. Daily newspaper – 6 local editions – circulation 72.000 Daily free – circulation 25.000 24-hour local TV news channel (cable) Local “news windows” in TV networks 2 radio stations 15 weekly papers Internet portals Complements to Nordjyske medier
  11. 11. 12 © 2008 IFRA Nordjyske Medier Aalborg, Denmark •Editorial staff of 248 •Five “media conductors” •Editors for each medium “refine” the content •Editorial departments serve all media
  12. 12. TV RADIO PRINT ONLINE Business Life style Sports Community Aalborg Hjørring osv. Superdesk: media editors Editorial managers as Media Conductors Multi-media content groups Matrix Organisation Complements to Nordjyske medier
  13. 13. Superdesk
  14. 14. Daily Telegraph, London
  15. 15. Daily Telegraph, London •24-hour digital, multi media newsroom •67,000 square feet •460 journalists •Daily circulation 576,000
  16. 16. Daily Telegraph, London •Story components integrated from start •Ownership •Three job titles Reporter Editor Producer
  17. 17. Daily Telegraph eliminates platform chiefs Print Online Mobile Crime Politics Business Sports Health Feature
  18. 18. USA Today creates content rings
  19. 19. Desk editors gain authority Crime Politics Business Sports Health Feature Print Online Mobile
  20. 20. The vision at Forbes
  21. 21. The Washington Post
  22. 22. The Washington Post
  23. 23. The Washington Post
  24. 24. The Washington Post
  25. 25. Jobs will be different
  26. 26. New Roles for the Integrated Newsroom •Newsflow editor: Story •Multiskilled journalist: Content •Story builder: Experience •Documentalist: Context
  27. 27. New Tasks for the Integrated Newsroom •Social media •Audience engagement •Programmers/technology professionals •User experience •Data and analytics •Revenue/premium information
  28. 28. What else? •Traffic conductor •Editorial events coordinator •Crowd in-take coordinator •Community journalism educator •Transparency & integrity coordinator •Chief of crowd creativity •Editorial quantifier Anette Novak World Editors Forum
  29. 29. Newsrooms will be different Elephtheros Typos, Athens
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