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Business Marketing

  1. 1. Every organization are hungry for business strategy but they fail to develop and maintain the business ecosystem due to lack of market research and competitors. It is mandatory to have their own business cycle so that it doesn’t looses its activity or miss the direction or follow wrong path. There are many ways to attract clients and customers. But the tips for attracting them should be smoothly processed and targeted. Marketing have some drawbacks, and be careful not to identify yourself heavily, or what I say is “over marketing” Marketing is divided in two parts 1. Online - Digital Marketing 2. Offline - Tele-calling and field marketing. No specialized qualifications are required nor reputed institutes. It is the technique involved to attract through various ways; tone of voice, body language, physical appearance, creative communication etc. If you go for searching candidates considering only reputed institutes and marks sheet record ,then your wasting your time rejecting right candidates.
  2. 2. People avoid or feel frustrated by these type of offline marketing when repeated several times • Road Banners • Street pamphlets • Field marketing • Door to door marketing • Field demonstration
  3. 3. People find interesting reading or attending following offline marketing • Business card • Industrial Exhibitions • Newspaper Ads • Ads on Magazines • Article Ads – hardcopy newspapers & magazines
  4. 4. For IT companies, digital marketing is the most preferred marketing activities followed by offline marketing. Though digital marketing takes too long time or less clients attraction, it remains professional forever. Digital Marketing Types • Website and Blogs • Social Media Networking • Social Media Marketing • Search Engine Marketing • Email Marketing
  5. 5. Social media networking is connection of potential users just like chain reaction through contents, images, videos etc as followers, subscribers, likes etc. This is purely organic way of attracting clients and customers ,and free of cost. Social media marketing is marketing products in the form of Ads (pay per click) within social media sites. Examples are LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads etc. Ads can be seen by registered users on social sites and when click on Ad, amounts get debited, and credits information about the products or services through ads for users. This is inorganic way of reaching people of internet users. Search engine marketing is different from social media marketing. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing have their own algorithms of marketing clients business, and social media sites does differently. Search engines including their result page and also other blogs, websites, emails, and even social sites to place their client Ads. Email marketing is bulk mailing of contents and images in the form of simple text or html contents to users within personal email ids. Social media users are growing rapidly when compared to search engines. People use search engines to find out the information only but they can access social sites directly without using search engines. Even social sites like YouTube, Slideshare, twitter have powerful search box where users find lot of information within these sites. Information posted on social sites get indexed on search engines and therefore both are linked to one another organically.
  6. 6. Advantages of Social Media Networking over Social Media Marketing Social Media Networking • Organic Marketing (Natural) Social Media Marketing • Inorganic Marketing (Paid) • Involves creativity • No creativity • Consumes lot of time to get followers • Short time • Targeted internet users • Reaches unwanted users • Social friendly • Users get frustrated by those Ads • Positive reputation (comments) • Positive & negative reputation • Targeted followers • untargeted followers The only drawback of social media networking is that it takes lot of time to reach audience and get followers but it is considered to be more targeted and social friendly. Paid Ads on social sites also works better but it repeatedly appears on users site when clicked once that makes them frustrated.
  7. 7. Beware of Social Media Paid Ads • Some social media sites will show false report. • The way they market online is not targeted. • Facebook “like” the page is not 100% true. • Most of the profiles on FB are porn and fake profiles that destroys your reputation if they “like” your page. • Dummy users click on Ads which is of no use for them. • Some social sites make users to click Ads purposely using some tricks. • Repeated Ads will appear on users page for several days unnecessarily when clicked once.
  8. 8. Display Ads and Links You can also place the Ads on various social sites, blogs, and local sites for better visibility. Some professional bloggers have lot of traffic and permit Ads on their blogs. Depending upon the traffic, they fix some rate periodically. This is the natural way of placing Ads on other blogs and websites. There is no trick involved here nor pay per clicks, and is considered to be more targeted and ROI. Best Blogs for Ads Best social media sites for link post 1. Blogspot 1. Facebook 2. WordPress 2. Twitter
  9. 9. Business Tree Social Media Marketing Social Media Networking Search Engine Marketing Email Marketing Websites and Blogs Market Research and Data Mining Telecalling References
  10. 10. Group 1 Group 2 Website Admin and SEO Digital Marketer Market Research Analyst Telesales Group 3 Business Development Executive Business Development Manager