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Content writing slideshare


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What all about content writing

What all about content writing

Published in: Marketing, Education, Business

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  • 1. • • • • • • Difficult words Tricky sentences Usage of “we” Copied sentences Content without paragraph Convincing too much
  • 2. I am excellent writer but I failed to reach the audience, Why?
  • 3. Audience give importance reading only unique contents. If contents are too boring means it has less importance for users to read. Powerful contents are more readable than ordinary contents. Contents already written somewhere else and users already read it before and if the same contents are repeated, audience avoid reading them. Most of the websites have contents that matches 1000’s of competitors websites and similar word expressions. Try it avoid copying contents from others. Explain what you have in your mind that you had experience before and convert them into contents. Audience give interest reading these contents. The more valuable information audience start growing reading your contents. Readers always prefer fresh and unique information. Write for audience of common people but not for particular person. Content is power and no special education are required. If the contents are too difficult to understand, only 30% of readers may read the content preferably of technical part. If these contents are converted to simple informative so that layman can read and understand, common people find it interesting and useful.
  • 4. Who requires content writers? Every organization or employers need writers. If they won’t, they are failing to express their business; products, services, and demo. It plays a major role in business strategy. Attractive titles and descriptions on main page of websites, hardcopy ads on newspapers and books attract readers to move further. Writing about the products with titles unrelated to description, and description unrelated to contents really get frustrated for readers. Be creative while writing. Contents without titles, descriptions, and paragraph are not eye attractive. Writing like a story is just like telling a story to baby to sleep. Go step by step and make sure every sentences are active and informative. Research well what customers want and how to reach them through attractive content. Contents with images make even more readable. Images should be relevant to contents. You can provide external url but keep in mind that url should be present at end of the content but not at the beginning and middle of the content. Write company name at beginning and at ending. At the beginning make the font size medium and at ending make it smaller. Title should be large to attract viewers. Viewers give importance to title and small descriptions not your company name.