5 benefits of recruiting software for small businesses


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In the information age, businesses utilize technology and software applications in order to maximize their efficiency and accuracy.

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5 benefits of recruiting software for small businesses

  1. 1. 5 Benefits of Recruiting Software for Small Businesses Recruiterbox.com February 2013
  2. 2. Leveraging Your ToolsIn the information age, businesses utilize technology andsoftware applications in order to maximize their efficiencyand accuracy. Small businesses can especially benefitfrom the usage of our recruiting software as it often timestakes an entire HR department to manage the hiringprocess.Let’s find out exactly why recruiting software can serve youwell.
  3. 3. Easy CollaborationIn small businesses each department isclosely related and effected by eachother. This is why it is important that alldepartments contribute to hiring theright candidates.Recruiting software can help trackand maintain a candidates progressand can be used collaborativelybetween departments to share noteson the prospective hires.
  4. 4. Efficient PostingsWhen dealing with job boards, everyone is competing withone another. Applicants are competing with otherapplicants, and employers are competing amongst eachother for the best candidates. This terrain makes it hard to stand out and makes it seem as though your post is just one amongst thousands of other postings. While job boards are great, it’s easy to get drowned out. Recruiting software can help you create a company-unique website for hiring. Custom work flows, application, and web design can be utilized.
  5. 5. All-Hours Access Having access to your recruiting software whether onsite or offsite can give you the flexibility you need in order to stay on top of things. With unlimited accessibility you canrespond to, and contact candidates as quickly as possible.This goes for you and the other members of your team.There’s nothing like having a sense of security in the fact thatyou can always access your systems.
  6. 6. Better ApplicationsPresentation is often times half the battle. If you presentyour job posting in a professional, organized, and attractiveway you will have a higher chance of attracting highquality candidates.With recruiting software you’llhave the capability of creatingpostings through templates andcustomization that are proven tobe effective in attracting greatapplicants.This is especially true of executivelevel openings.
  7. 7. More Applicants Using free job boards are certainly a place you’ll want to explore. However, keep in mind that a lot of high quality professionals often use the bigger name job sites. More often than not recruitingsoftware companies will partner with these big job siteswhich will give you access and greater visibility on theselarger platforms.In the end, this will increase the number of high qualityapplicants that come your way.
  8. 8. Consider the ProsThese are but a few of the benefits that you may find fromworking with recruiting software. There are tons of pros toconsider, and many more that you’ll find when workingwithin the applications.There will be big benefits aswell as smaller ones but when itcomes to business, “time ismoney” and so every secondcounts. You’ll want to use yourtime wisely by utilizing theproper tools that can help youdo just that.
  9. 9. Contact UsRecruiterbox is the secret to successful recruiting.Receive and manage job applications effortlesslywith their innovative tracking software that makes finding, and hiring, the perfect candidates easy! Visit us today at http://recruiterbox.com/