Starting a Recording Studio Business
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Starting a Recording Studio Business



The recording studio business is amazing. Here is a great starting point for you to begin planning your recording studio's success. Think through each question carefully!

The recording studio business is amazing. Here is a great starting point for you to begin planning your recording studio's success. Think through each question carefully!



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Starting a Recording Studio Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Starting a Recording Studio Business
  • 2. Getting StartedLets look at the basics. If you want to start a recordingstudio, there are only a few major things you need to know.We will cover all of it in this short presentation.
  • 3. Why Start This Business?● First, you should have an idea of why you want to start this business.● Why do you want to own a recording studio?● What makes that appealing to you?
  • 4. Reasons● There are a lot of different reasons.● Some people want the money, some want the "rock star" job.● And a lot of people just love music, love recording, and love working with bands.● Maybe its a combination of those things.
  • 5. Write Down Your Reason● Whatever your reason for starting a recording studio, you need to write that reason down.● Put it on a sticky note and stick it to your computer or your fridge.● This reason will be your "guiding purpose" during the entire process.● When you get frustrated about something in your business, you can look at that reason - and remember why you are doing it.
  • 6. Strengths and Weaknesses Next, determine what your strengths and weaknesses are.   Not just for you, but for your studio, too.
  • 7. Look at Your Equipment● If you dont have any equipment at all, you actually have an advantage here.● You can start with a clean slate.● Maybe you have a make-shift setup that you pieced together over the years.● Thats ok, too.
  • 8. What Can Your Studio Really Offer?● Take a good look at the total package your studio has to offer.● What can you do for band?● Basic demos, only 4-track mixes, a full blown 12 song album?● Whatever it is, be honest with yourself.
  • 9. Bands Have Different Needs● Bands have different needs, and if you have a low-level studio that can only cut rough demos... you can still find clients!● Its not difficult.● Just understand exactly what you have to offer in the market.
  • 10. Now that you have a purpose to guideyou, and you know what you and yourstudio are capable of, its time to thinkabout marketing.
  • 11. Who Are Your Clients?● This is really all about reaching potential clients.● Who are your potential clients?● Think about it.● What kind of bands or artists will be looking for a studio like yours?
  • 12. Where Are Your Clients?● Once you know WHO your clients are, you have to figure out WHERE to find them.● If you need high school bands that need a quick demo, then you need to reach high school bands.● You can talk to kids in your neighborhood, and ask if they know any bands.● Or you can sponsor a local talent show - this technique has worked well for me in the past.
  • 13. Marketing At A GlanceJust find your potential clients, aim a laserbeam right at them, and go for it. Let them know about your studio.
  • 14. Thats It!● Thats really all there is to it.● Those are the basic necessities for starting a recording studio business anywhere.● Sure, there are details to fill in.● But thats the overall outline of the business.
  • 15. I hope this presentation has helpedyou think about how you can besuccessful running a recording studioof your own.
  • 16. Want to start a recording studiobusiness and succeed right away? Heres how to start a recordingstudio that makes amazing profits bythis weekend.
  • 17.