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  1. 1. Car Pollution & Hybrid Cars Andrew Chennette & Kaitlin Pearse Pamela Heise RCR 1413 Section 020 Thursday, March 26, 2009
  2. 2. Car Pollution • Everyone Pollutes! The most innocent act we can commit • Gases include : Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Dioxide • Kills people, animals, plants and just all around the ENVIRONMENT! • City News Article
  3. 3. Car Pollution vs China • China has suffered the most from car pollution in the world • The had 400,000 pre-mature deaths blamed on car pollution / air pollution • 10,000 deaths a year (not including pre mature deaths) • There are more sicknesses from pollution in China rather then there are car accidents in China ........... WOW!
  4. 4. These two pictures, taken in Beijing before and after rain, clearly showing the serious impact of air pollution in an automobile city
  5. 5. Recreation vs Car pollution • It hurts outdoor activities/programs, due to unhealthy gases in the air • We pollute the air by driving or bussing to recreation centers • So if nothing is done soon, there won’t be no more outdoor activities because it will be unhealthy
  6. 6. Ways that we can help • Limit vehicle usage • Car Pooling • Smaller Cars • Limit one car per household
  7. 7. Some ways the Government can Help • Increase Public Transit - diversify options and limit access to existing roads • In cities, build more walking paths, bicycle routes and roads for small electric vehicles • Reward car-pools and car-sharing plans • Base car license fees on fuel consumption in the previous year. Use exponential fee rate increase for high fuel consumption individuals.
  8. 8. - The world is becoming very lazy and really doesn’t care about the environment - We guarantee the average person would drive to the corner store, rather than take the 5 minute walk - We just need to think about the future and what we’re doing to the earth. So one big way we can help the environment is.......
  9. 9. Hybrid Cars • Over the past few years we have been hearing and learning a lot about Hybrid cars and how much they benefit our environment and our wallets at the pump. • As Ford and GMC are closing down factories due to a shortage in sales, Toyota who is known for making Hybrid cars just had their best year in sales ever. • Within one year (2004-2005) Hybrid sales have increased 141%
  10. 10. How Hybrids Save You Money
  11. 11. The Benefits • Saves you money • Very Environmentally Friendly • A step in the right direction for saving our environment • Becoming more popular because gas prices are so high these days • Benefits include reducing emissions and improving mileage while within one year regular vehicles produce 1/3 of all the greenhouse gasses
  12. 12. Hybrid Cars how they work •Runs on gas and electric power •The gasoline engine turns a generator, and the generator can either charge the batteries or power an electric motor that drives the transmission. •This means, the gasoline engine never directly powers the vehicle. •This is a series hybrid
  13. 13. Quiz Time 1. What are two gases that are involved with Car Pollution 2. What are hybrid cars run on 3. What is one way we can help prevent Car Pollution 4. What car brand just had its best years of sales 5. Next you want to go to the corner store, are you going to drive
  14. 14. How Did You Do?
  15. 15. So in Conclusion….. • Car pollution is a big reason why we are killing our environment, killing people and basically killing the earth • So we ask you to do the little things that you can to save the planet
  16. 16. The End