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  • 1. Evan Brownrigg & Cliff Conquer
  • 2. Tobacco is believed to be a sacred herb and is  used in ceremonies, offerings to spirits and even for healing purposes  Western Society: tobacco is used in an abusive manner to obtain the desired affects tobacco can have on your brain  effects include calmness, alertness and a feeling of „a boosted mind
  • 3. Tobacco Tobacco is believed to have killed 5.4  million people last year  approximately 100 million in the 20th century  approximately 100 million in the 20th century
  • 4. Impacts Ontario alone has over 1,000 farmers  involved in the farming of tobacco  7,000 people jobs depend on the production of tobacco  Providing approx 500 million dollars to the country
  • 5. Impacts Cont‟d... This comes with the cost lives and  insurmountable healthcare problems and bills  Canadian youth alone smoke 6,000,000 cigarettes a day.  Tobacco use is becoming more frowned upon.
  • 6. India vs canada Technology: (Canada) cigarettes are mass produced  and machine rolled in a large factory‟s. This machinery is polluting the air with harmful toxins. Then transported by boat, plane, train and truck  (more pollution) Consumer un wraps pack (who knows what they do  with the clear plastic wrapper) Then butt is thrown onto ground after cigarette is  done. (India) the hookah is their main source of tobacco  consumption. No left over tobacco and hookah is reusable  Hand made, glass blown, non factory build ( true  India hookahs)
  • 7. Canada vs India Agriculture (Canada) farming of tobacco is  only done during one half of the year, due to its harsh climate, and there are only 1000 thousand tobacco farmers in Canada. Since Canada has so many agricultural  resources tobacco farmers aren't all that common, and for the most part frowned upon. (India) farms are ran annually due to their  climate. India is in the top five tobacco exporters in the entire world. Tobacco farming is a huge industry in India 
  • 8. Canada vs India Culture (Canada) publicity and society  have a huge impact on targeting and maintaining tobacco users. It‟s more of a “cool factor” when looking to belong to the Canadian lifestyle.  (India) the use of the hookah is a spiritual connecter to the Indian god .  The age limit to smoke tobacco is 16 years old, however most religious Indonesian‟s allow everyone to smoke from the hookah giving they are accompanied by and adult.
  • 9. Tobacco and Recreation Tobacco has numerous effects on  recreation Smoking tobacco causes extensive  damage to your lungs Limiting ability to participate in aerobic  activities This leads to more health problems  Tobacco can also lead to the loss of  appetite Tobacco also leads to premature death 