Battlefield airmen operating system19 apr


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Slide deck for BAOS dynamic workspace

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Battlefield airmen operating system19 apr

  1. 1. Battlefield Airmen Operating SystemConnecting Battlefield Airmen in a social information environment:• A Cyber Weapon System: Methodology of the Past (Doctrinal) Technology of the Today (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures) Neutralize threats of Tomorrow (Leverage Technology)• Organizational Amnesia: •Someone in my organization knows the answer •Find the needle in the „hay-stack‟• Analyze the process: •Get an hour back in your day thru the power of IBM •Stop throwing the needle into another „hay-stack‟• Dynamically Collaborate in the “best practices” modern industry has to offer
  2. 2. Battlefield Airmen Operating System The SolutionA Mobile Application Suite designed for rapid response to globalevents:• This OS is an application framework designed to allow users to rapidly project Combat Air Power: • External Ignorance • We don‟t know what we don‟t know • We don‟t know what questions to ask • Some one out there knows the answers • Internal Amnesia Full Spectrum Collaboration • We don‟t know what we know already• Summary of “Big Data”: Move from search to discovery
  3. 3. Battlefield Airmen Operating System The Threat• In the past organized revolutions took years to materialize, and may have potentially flickered out without gaining momentum. Now, ideations can play out in a matter of minutes or days.• Natural and financial disasters or politically motivated movements are more likely to spawn high velocity social dynamics that result in unpredictable disasters which will surely lead to a global response from todays already tasked force. The PAC responds• In the past twelve months, social networks have demonstrated that they provide a spring board for nearly instant mobilization of people to tremendous results.
  4. 4. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Value Proposition  The world has seen the power of social media environments like Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, Blogs, You Tube and Flickr. It has also seen the adoption of over 1 Billion mobile apps at mind blowing speeds.  Our potential adversaries in asymmetric engagements use all kinds of open media as a simple/cost effective C4 hub capability.Internal Collaborativeenvironments are more  In many cases this open media iseffective than external timelier in reporting critical events thannetworks…. due to the the news sources and national securityability of focused reporting structures.powerful EnterpriseContent Management  The Value of Facebook: is not theand Analytic tools. People or Content rather it‟s the ability to analyze the content.
  5. 5. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Intelligence Gathering • Even the most effective intelligence collection management processes in which humans set collection priorities will always be pitifully slow in their ability to react to network actions. • The USAF can harness the power of external social tools in parallel to an internal social space which allows the enterprise to reduce operational cost thru the leveraging of smart technology. • Summary: Internal velocity must equal external velocity…We need to develop tools and techniques to help our workforce negotiate betterbusiness deals; and ensure our workforce has the skills, training, education andexperience to produce results for the Air Force and for the taxpayers. Michael B. Donley Secretary of the Air Force
  6. 6. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Build an “App for that”Assessment and response to a cyber network requires a paradigm forviewing the battlespace. The BAOS is an accelerated framework designed for  rapid assembly of applications.  The weapon system must manipulate the data from the social network in many unique ways. This causes multiple intelligence gathering disciplines to be fussed together. Collapse Structures  Multi-Int / A framework designed to view pedigree apps in a Thematic, Temporal and Geospatial representationStrategic/Tactical Analysis Natural Disaster Preparedness Obvious /Non-Obvious Relationships
  7. 7. Battlefield Airmen Operating System IBM‟s “SIE” application frame- work is: 1. A reduction in operational costs 2. Flexible with agnostic plug-in capabilities (current & legacy) Forms 3. Agile and highly adaptable to meet specific mission applications/needs 4. A scalable framework for the enterprise 5. Built on open standards, unprecedented computing power and advanced analytics
  8. 8. Battlefield Airmen Operating System The IBM Collaborative Workspace is built on a social collaboration and discovery accelerator framework that is highly extensible to support customizable applications regardless if located on SIPR for US, BICES for NATO or NIPR for other alliances. The BAOS is: • Ready to ingest “AFKN” in order to make the existing networks and data bases more relevant and accessible to the enterprise •Ready to meet short term KM, collaboration and situational awareness •Designed to be the framework that enables extension of the enterprise into the cloud •A data and operating system agnostic framework ready to deploy on any platform (Including JSTARS) The BAOS will: •Protect sources and methods with hidden communities and file restricting the dissemination of sensitive information to the right people at the right time •Readily equipped with new and accurate data to support crucial decision making
  9. 9. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Organizational PedigreeRapidly assemble "an app for that" using embedded Portlet and Widget factories in orderto respond to emerging threats or requirements.Rapidly build cyber weapon systems to provide the common operational environmentthrough the rapid assembly of “apps” for command, control, combat support, combatservice support, intelligence and business functions.The framework, can rest on any operating platform as a service providing an enterprise-wide Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, allowing consolidated Distributed DataCenters (DDCs) to serve as the repositories of all USAF data and integrate NationalMission Forces and Theater Forces networks with appropriate controls. Tactics, Techniques,Procedures
  10. 10. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Ingesting: Data Bases, Sensors, Feeds and Sources AnonymouslyScraped Social Media Feeds Anonymously OSINT / PACINT Feeds SourceRepositories & Databases
  11. 11. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Work Flow and Processes Human (HITL) Process Highly efficient human Management realizationEnterprise Social Sensor Spectrum Mash Up Organization Organic, related & Hub of easily extended grid of consumable A virtual (FOB) and data base and feedsDynamic Work Space sensor where internal management collaboration exists Analytics Digital Authoring Orchestrated Document discovery for system production realization A Recursive Model
  12. 12. Battlefield Airmen Operating System Doctrine governs the way in which the DoD conducts business. If the members of an enterprise are to use a system…then one would expect that system to be a framework that rests on that same doctrinal methodology. Collaboration: Effective joint operations require close coordination, cooperation, and information sharing among multiple organizations. The most common technique for promoting this collaboration is the identification or formation of centers, groups, bureaus, cells, offices, elements, boards, working groups, and planning teams and other enduring or temporary cross- functional staff organizations that manage specific processes and accomplish tasks in support of mission accomplishment.