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UtiliGuard Presentation

  1. 1. UtiliGuard Power Quality System Presented by:
  2. 2. Utiliguard® is a full product line of Power Quality Systems that protect valuable electrical systems from the effects of damaging surges and harmful harmonic distortion.UtiliGuard is certified by:
  3. 3. The Triple Guarantee:• 20% Energy Savings Guarantee If you do not receive a minimum 20% electric savings for business over the first two years, DFS will pay you the difference between the anticipated and actual savings.• $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty Should your connected equipment become damaged, DFS will repair or replace up to $100,000 per UtiliGuard® unit installed on each panel, per event.• Lifetime System Warranty If the UtiliGuard® ever fails, for any reason, DFS will exchange it free of charge.
  4. 4. We Accomplish This 3 Ways: 1)  Surge  Suppression 2)  Heat  Reduc5on 3)  Eliminate  Harmonic  Distor5on        and  Corona  Discharge
  5. 5. Surge Suppression:- A surge is a temporary raise in voltage Most people think of surges as coming from- Voltage = PRESSURE outside the business, like lightning storms. But anything that disturbs the flow ofIncreased pressure will lead to: electricity can cause a surge. In fact, up to 90• Increased heat percent of surges and power quality problems• Increased maintenance come from inside your business.• Raise electrical/operating expenses• Shortened equipment life A typical business can generate• Risk of damage to all equipment over 400,000 surges a day! The UtiliGuard System provides: • THE LOWEST CLAMPING RATE - Clamps surges at 130 volts • THE FASTEST CLAMPING SPEED - Stops surges in 85 trillionths of a second
  6. 6. Heat Reduction: Equipment  Life Equipment  Temperature 140 For  every  10  degrees  Heat in Degrees 120 cooler  a  motor  runs,   100 it’s  life  is  doubled. 80 60 10  Years 20  Years 40  Years 80  Years Equipment Life U"liGuard’s  circuit  board  uses   cooling  technology  pioneered  by   NASA.    This  technology,  along  with   others  used  in  the  most  powerful   super-­‐conductors,  sets  U"liGuard®   apart  as  a  leader  in  its  industry.
  7. 7. Harmonic Distortion:Harmonic  Distor"on  is  a  distor"on  of  the  sine  wave  of  an  electrical  current.    Problems  caused  by  harmonics  include  overloaded  circuits  and  higher  system  losses  that  can  lead  to  premature  equipment  failure  in  u"lity  and  customer  systems.Harmonic  Distor"on  causes  heat  buildup  in  a  wiring  system,  increasing  the  wire’s  resistance,    causing  a  requirement  for  more  energy  to  do  the  same  work. Without  U"liGuard  –  HOT With  U"liGuard  –  COOL
  8. 8. UTILIGARD®S ULTIMATE BENEFITS• Saves Money on your electrical bill, downtime, and maintenance costs, month after month, year after year. Return on investment is usually less than 2 years.• Protects Your valuable electronic and electrical equipment from the hazards of near lightning—up to 59,000 volts. Protects equipment from absorbing and dissipating destructive voltage transients, including Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).• Responds With phenomenal speed when potentially destructive transient voltage surges strike—even when your equipment is switched off.• Returns To a normal passive state after the transient voltage surge has been diverted, ready to respond to the next surge. UtiliGuard® can react and divert transients and recover to stop the next transient before most of our competitors can even see a transient!• Reduces & Eliminates Your cost of operating electrical equipment and the costs of "downtime" and maintenance by as much as 80%. Eliminates long term deteriorating effects of frequent surges of voltage transients on electrical and electronic equipment.• Extends The normal life of electrical appliances, motors, computers, light bulbs, radio equipment, air conditioners, and shop machinery—virtually everything using electricity.• Requires No maintenance or field serviceable parts with the unit.
  9. 9. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THIS? You already are! With our creative lease purchase program you not only pay for this with your savings, but also put money back in your pocket. You realize a positive cash flow while paying for your product! •  Cash •  Purchase/Lease  Finance •  High  ROI  of  25-­‐50% •  Payback  in  12-­‐36  months •  Referral  Fee  Program
  10. 10. Questions?