Try These 10 Easy & Delicious Soup Recipes


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More than likely, you'd like to make soup on your own. Whether you're a novice or veteran cook, try these 10 easy & delicious soup recipes.

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Try These 10 Easy & Delicious Soup Recipes

  1. 1. Try These 10 Easy &Delicious SoupRecipes
  2. 2. Hearty Italian Chicken And Vegetable SoupThis chicken soup is packed with zesty rich flavors and lots of good for youvegetables. By enhancing prepared low-sodium broth with lots of herbs andlemon and fresh chicken you get a soup that tastes like you simmered it all daylong.Click here to view recipe: >> Hearty Italian Chicken And Vegetable Soup
  3. 3. Spicy Chicken Thai SoupThis Thai-inspired soup is full of chunks of tender chicken andmushrooms, and is rich and spicy with the addition of coconut milk, red currypaste, ginger, and garlic.Click here to view recipe: >> Spicy Chicken Thai Soup
  4. 4. Avocado-Buttermilk Soup With Crab SaladThis simple, no-cook soup is garnished with delicious orange-infusedcrabmeat. A vibrant, green-hued bowlful set before a hungry diner will notlast long.Click here to view recipe: >> Avocado-Buttermilk Soup With Crab Salad
  5. 5. Chicken Noodle SoupWide noodles, chunky pieces of skin-on breast meat, and a garnish of fresh dilland sweet caramelized leeks update this classic comfort food.Click here to view recipe: >> Chicken Noodle Soup
  6. 6. Wild Rice Turkey Soup RecipeYour family will love this soup. If you want a less rich soup with fewer calories,substitute milk for the half-and-half.Click here to view recipe: >> Wild Rice Turkey Soup Recipe
  7. 7. Yucatán-Style Chicken, Lime, And Orzo SoupWhether hot or cold, hearty or light, or a main course or starter, a deliciousbowl of soup is as comforting as it is versatile.Click here to view recipe: >> Yucatán-Style Chicken, Lime, And Orzo Soup
  8. 8. Best Cream Of Broccoli SoupThis recipe is thick and flavorful. Simply delicious, and quick to make. Thisrecipe has a prep time of 30 minutes, a cook time of 20 minutes and serves 4to 6.Click here to view recipe: >> Best Cream Of Broccoli Soup
  9. 9. Tortellini And Spinach SoupFrozen tortellini and canned chicken broth speed the preparation of this soup.This soup is a meal in itself, just add a green salad and soft breadsticks anddinner is on! This is also even heartier with chunks of leftover chicken tossedin.Click here to view recipe: >> Tortellini And Spinach Soup
  10. 10. Chicken Soup With Tofu And Bok ChoySteaming hot and flavorful chicken soup doesn’t have to take hours to prepareif you begin with commercial chicken stock. Add soy sauce and mirin(Japanese rice wine) to create an Asian-inspired bowl.Click here to view recipe: >> Chicken Soup With Tofu And Bok Choy
  11. 11. Light French Onion SoupTraditional French onion soup is often made with fatty, salty beef broth. Thislow-sodium version cuts back on butter but is still full of flavor thanks to adash of soy sauce and onions, which also pack a hearty dose of vitamin C.Click here to view recipe: >> Light French Onion Soup