Aspects Of Gourmet Italian Cooking


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Aspects Of Gourmet Italian Cooking

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  2. 2. Aspects Of Gourmet Italian Cooking Gourmet Italian cooking may seem to be something that is completely unapproachable, but by following a few simple steps you can make Italian dishes that will wow your friends and will satisfy your family. I have cooked for many years and at first I thought that gourmet Italian cooking was something that was completely impossible. What I found was that actually gourmet Italian cooking can be simple if you plan your dishes properly.
  3. 3. Gourmet Italian Cooking Simplified The first thing you need to understand is what it means to be “gourmet Italian cooking.” Most people assume that this is some kind of fancy way of preparing spaghetti but that is not the case. Gourmet does not necessarily mean fancy or prepared with some complicated and impossible technique.
  4. 4. Gourmet Italian Cooking Gourmet Italian cooking at its roots means that you only use the freshest and finest ingredients. Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and hand rolled pasta are all components of true gourmet Italian cooking. By paying attention to your ingredients and taking the time to learn how to prepare the food properly you can truly take the gourmet to your home kitchen.
  5. 5. Freshest Form And Transforms It Into A Delicious Meal When most people think of cooking, they think that you are simply taking foods and combining them in a way that is pleasing to your family and yourself. This is only part of it. Most people who cook at home use many products that are premade and manufactured. Pasta sauce, pasta, and even the meats you use generally are premade or manufactured in some way. True gourmet Italian cooking takes food from its purest, rawest, freshest form and transforms it into a delicious meal.
  6. 6. Simple The Spaghetti Take for example simple the spaghetti. While not truly gourmet Italian cooking, it provides a good example of the differences between regularly cooked food and gourmet cooked food. Starting with the sauce, in regular cooking you would take a jar and dump it in a pot, heating until ready serve. Simple yes, but also bland and uninventive. A gourmet approach to the sauce is to have a garden in the back with Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic and oregano.
  7. 7. Gourmet Ingredients The gourmet would take these ingredients and make them into a homemade sauce (preferably a large amount for use later so the process does not have to be repeated again and again). The same can be applied to the noodles; the regular method would mean dumping a box into a pan, cooking till ready than serve. The gourmet Italian cooking method would involve making the pasta from flour, rolling it out, cutting, cooking and serving.
  8. 8. Learn To Become A Gourmet As you can see the differences between gourmet Italian cooking and regular cooking are in the preparation. If you are patient enough, you too can learn to become a gourmet.
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