www.bestupccode.com18886384613Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On AmazonBuy UPC codes instantly and make your products...
Amazon has thousands of different products listed under different categories. When youneed to add a product, make sure you...
Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On Amazon
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Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On Amazon


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Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On Amazon

Buy UPC codes instantly and make your products live for sale on Amazon!

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  • Since this service doesn't exist anymore here is another one you can use to get affordable UPC and EAN codes with instant delivery: www.ean-upc-codes.com
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Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On Amazon

  1. 1. www.bestupccode.com18886384613Purchase UPC Codes For Your Products On AmazonBuy UPC codes instantly and make your products live for sale on Amazon!Looking forward to merchandise your products online? Is amazon.com your choice? Wantyour products to be available for sale? If you are the manufacturer of the products for sale,then you need UPC codes to make the products displayed under specific categories in thewebsite for sale. If you wish to sell a product that exists on amazon and you are not themanufacturer of the products, then you do not require any UPC code for listing your productfor sale online on amazon.If you wish to know about listing your product on amazon, check out the 3 step process andfollow simple instructions as follows1. To sell products on amazon.com, you need to have a pro-merchant seller account.When you are a standard seller signing up at amazon, you have to upgrade youraccount. The features of Amazon do not allow standard sellers to create uniqueproducts under the categories listed in the database. When you are a pro-merchantseller you can create your own products in the listings and categorize them. To be apro-merchant you need to pay approximately $40 every month.2. When your pro-merchant seller account is ready for you to make your productsavailable on sale in your unique names, you have to purchase a UPC code package.Keep in mind that you need to get individual UPC code for each and every color, size,style, shape and other attributes of the product. For any product you sell, you needto have this unique code for the products. For instance, if you have a red short forsale as in the demonstration video, you need to have a different UPC code for redshirts and also for each size be it small, medium or large red shirt. You need to clearin this aspect that you need to have an individual UPC Code for each and every color,size or any other attributes of the products for sale. For instant, if you have aproduct available in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes, you need to have 25 UPCcodes for the products to be on sale.3. When you have received your UPC and EAN codes, you have to take a decision onwhich code you are going to allocate for each product in the category. You then needto provide input of UPC code in UPC section at the time adding products in the listingon amazon. Following are 3 example screenshots to help you in the process in aconvenient way.Screenshot 1: Log in to you pro-merchant seller account on amazon. Once you enter intoyour account page, click on Inventory > Add a Product. This takes you to the page thatfollows. When you reach this page, click on the "create a new product" button.IMAGE:Add a product:
  2. 2. Amazon has thousands of different products listed under different categories. When youneed to add a product, make sure you check if the product is already listed on Amazon. Youcan search the catalog for the product you need to include so that you could save sometime.If the product doesn’t exist in the catalog, you can proceed with creating a new product.Screenshot 2: As you click on the "create a new product" button you enter a page whereyou need to select a proper category for the product you need to sell at amazon. Choose thebest category suiting the product and keep in mind that it should reach people in the rightway. After deciding the category choose the specific category and proceed.IMAGE:Create a new product: CategorizeBefore you start creating the details page of the product, you need to categorize theproduct.When you search for the product’s category and the product already exists on amazon clickthe “Find it on Amazon” button.Following this, you need to browse for the product’s category as product categories getlisted.Screenshot 3: After you choose the product category that best suits the product you aregoing to sell on amazon, you will enter a new page that looks similar to the screenshotbelow. Youll have specific attributes for the product such as flavor, color, size and manymore. The category ththas been chosen below is “fruits juices” and hence you get possibleattributes listed down. For different product, you have different attributes listed similar tothis. To finish the complete process of listing your product, you need to fill out all detailsbelow and enter any unused UPC codes purchased for the products from Amazon into theUPC Field which is listed as shown belowYou are done now! You can now start listing more and more product items as you wish tosell. Keep in mind that you can use the UPC codes purchase and when you need to addsome products, you need to follow the same procedures again in getting codes andcategorizing the product. You also need to keep in mind that any UPC code once entered fora product is stored I the database and it cannot be reused to assign for any other productfor sale on amazon.USEFUL TIP: It takes up to 24 hours to list a product on live in on amazon into therespective account. So, do not delete the listing thinking that you are not getting in. Youcan wait for maximum 24 hours as this is done for sure within that time. In case, you deletethe product listing before the product becomes live for sale in the system through youraccount, the UPC code that you get and use for the particular product type turns out to becompletely useless. And, you need to get a different UPC code again to sell the product.Once you finish the procedures, kindly wait. It takes only 5 minutes to list products on livefor sale, but in rare cases, it can extend up to maximum of 24 hours.