U.S. Embassy Islamabad - Social Media Session 1


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Social media training by Tim Receveur at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad.

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  • Does anyone know how many users around the world are on Facebook?
  • Technology is changing both journalism and media consumption, politics andHow governments engage with their citizens and citizens of other countries
  • How many are familiar with social media? Use it for work?How many are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia?
  • Publics are less dependent on traditional media24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation – What is the only one increasing circulation?(Wall Street Journal up 0.5% from the previous year)
  • Information, mobile, and social media are only growing - Who has a cell phone? Who is on social mediaLike governments, many news organizations have moved the conversation necessary?, to making them a driving force for reporting on events and distributing information
  • No where is the increasing trend towards social media penetration more apparent then here in Pakistan109 million cell phones - 3G comingWith the addition of faster Internet and smart phones in the coming years, the importance and penetration of social media will only increase
  • Because most of the human race is under 30 years old35% of Pakistans population in <14 years oldThe importance and penetration of social media will only increase
  • How many trust a TV ad? How many trust your friend?
  • New products or service
  • Different audiences on Facebook and TwitterCan dissect every follower on Twitter if you have the time
  • Governments are struggling to adapt, adopt, co-opt, or disable the technologies that enable these changes.
  • Posting videos, photos, status updates, instant chatAny idea how many from Pakistan?5.9 million Pakistanis - 1 million new users in last 6 months
  • #9 most visited site in PakistanHow many on Twitter? - How many have ever tweeted?On of the most famous tweets ever came from PakistanHandout on the basics of Twitter
  • New interface, inline video
  • #3 most visited site in Pakistan7 million users in PakistanHow many have watched? - Has anyone uploaded a video?Charlie bit my finger most popular – 400 million views
  • 490 million unique users who visit every month
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc&feature=player_embedded
  • Anyone use Wikipedia? Who considers it a social media site? Jimmy Wales - SOPA#8 most visited site in WikipediaEncyclopedia Brittanica
  • A library staple going out of printThe app version is much lighter and much more useful to those on the go
  • Before we go any further I want to give you a couple disclaimers
  • Changing how we hire#10 most visited site in Pakistan
  • Governments are struggling to adapt, adopt, co-opt, or disable the technologies that enable these changes.Some examples of how we are using social media
  • 29,000 to almost 90,000 – tripled our baseline
  • Retweets, replies, favorites, follows
  • 21,000 to nearly 70,000 – more than tripled
  • Over 100,000 views on photos from Lahore – post a few at a time
  • Raise awareness – bring in more applications
  • Post on Best of luck to Saving Face documentaryLearn about your fans – post on rebuilding roads
  • ExponentialAdd a few photos each day - some were peeved, but they reached over 100,000
  • It’s not impossible to get to the U.S.Exponentially expand reach by Kids tagging themselves
  • Search results now list by Tweets and now by people
  • FP – Earthquake spies
  • Governments are struggling to adapt, adopt, co-opt, or disable the technologies that enable these changes.
  • So
  • Stats on country traffic, top platforms, breakdown by countries
  • Stats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - PenetrationTop brands in FacebookNext up getting into specific tools
  • Facebook Insights
  • Most important – Facebook insightsMeasureable – age, sex, city, countries, languagesFebruary 6-12 1 in 3 Pakistanis reached
  • Pulls in all of your followersScientific
  • Islamabad – Does it look familiar?Visually fly around and look at tweets by countries, regions, citiesGeo-location not all there yet
  • Introductions - HonorStarted at the State Department 12 years ago – e-mail and the web were just getting startedLots more face-to-face, but thanks to technology and social media we can do much more and reach many more people
  • U.S. Embassy Islamabad - Social Media Session 1

    1. 1. Social Media & Pakistan U.S. Embassy Islamabad March 27, 2012 S
    2. 2. How Many ofYou Are UsingSocial Media?
    3. 3. Traditional Media in DeclineS Books, newspaper, music, TV networks 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation
    4. 4. Information Explosion
    5. 5. Overview of Social Media in PakistanS TV, Radio, and Newspapers Still RuleS 22 million with InternetS Facebook – 6.2 millionS Twitter – 3 millionS YouTube – 7 millionS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogspot, LinkedIn all in Pakistan’s top 10 most visited sites.
    6. 6. What is social media?S Social media is a collection of web-based or mobile technologies that turn communication into an interactive dialogue or multilogueS Content is easily sharedS Peer/friend recommendationsS Consumers also become producers
    7. 7. Topics TodayS Reasons to use Social Media?S Overview of Some of the Most Popular Social Media ToolsS Measurement and Analysis Tools
    8. 8. Important Uses for Social MediaS Increase awareness of your brandS Increase fan-generated advocacy for your brand. Fan- generated advocacy usually has greater credibility, resonance.S Increase fan-generated defense of your brand.S Enhance Customer Service (facilitating customer needs through proactive and reactive communications)
    9. 9. Important Uses for Social MediaS Get messages out to a broad audienceS Monitor and report on critical topics related to your brandS Great tools to measure the engagement – understand who your audience is
    10. 10. PopularSocial Media Platforms
    11. 11. Facebook 850 MillionIf Facebook were a country, itwould be the third mostpopulated in the world behindChina and India#1 or #2 most visited site inPakistan
    12. 12. TwitterS “What are you doing?” in 140 charactersS Audience: 200+ millionS #9 most visited site in PakistanS Good to see what is happening, spot trends, call for feedback
    13. 13. YouTubeS Video-sharing social media site - Upload, view, and share videos. 7 million users in Pakistan - #3 Site in PakistanS 4 billion videos viewed per dayS Over 1 trillion plays in 2011
    14. 14. 201148
    15. 15. WikipediaS Crowd-sourced encyclopediaS Articles added by users – edited by usersS 80% non-English - 283 languagesS SOPAS #8 in Pakistan
    16. 16. Encyclopedia Britannica
    17. 17. FlickrS Image and video-sharing social networkS 6 billion photosS Audience: 80 million unique visitors
    18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA &U.S. Embassy
    19. 19. U.S. Embassy Best PracticesS Images and videos ruleS Best content engages users and tells them how your services interact with their livesS People connect to people, not numbersS Quotes and testimonials
    20. 20. U.S. Embassy Facebook
    21. 21. Interactions
    22. 22. YouTube
    23. 23. Photo Galleries
    24. 24. Exchange Programs
    25. 25. Commenting
    26. 26. Sharing
    27. 27. Why do people share?S 94% interesting contentS 84% humorS 66% personal connectionS 32% offered incentivesAd age 2012
    28. 28. Tagging
    29. 29. Finding Relevant People
    30. 30. Follow Discussions
    31. 31. Spot Trends Before the News
    32. 32. Some Social Media Best PracticesS Give out business cards with all social media sites on them at every event.S Social media bookmarks in every e-mail signatureS Twitter out all press releasesS 8-10pm is peak time in Pakistan on social mediaS Pose questions on social media. Call to action…do something
    33. 33. UsefulMeasurement Tools
    34. 34. It’s Important to MeasureS Measure future successS Website – why do they come, how long do they stayS Facebook – Likes, Reach, Shares, City and Demographic BreakdownS Twitter – Followers, Mentions, Retweets, Message ReachS YouTube – Plays, Comments
    35. 35. Alexa.comhttp://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/PK
    36. 36. Socialbakers.com
    37. 37. Facebook Insights
    38. 38. Facebook Insights
    39. 39. Social Bro
    40. 40. Tweetreach.com
    41. 41. Trendsmap
    42. 42. ConclusionS Social Media is growing rapidly in PakistanS Social Media platformsS Remember, understand your objectives first and find a tool to support themS Analysis and measurement are critically important