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More and more we are receiving requests for copies of our slides. We have chosen to post them to Slideshare in effort to make them available to anyone. These are the slides used in our educational presentations. If you would like to host a presentation or learn more, please call 901.347.8623 or email us at

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Rebuild Government Presentation Slides

  1. 1. A Community Coalition
  2. 2. Why Rebuild Government Now? Over a 10 year period: • Shelby County lost 47,674 individuals and $1.9 billion in income • Shelby County lost 20,000 households and $1.2 billion in income to MSA* counties • Memphis MSA has lost 2,530 households and $162 million in income to Nashville – Less than 50 households moved to Memphis. • Of the 363 MSAs, we rank #318 in in-migration; Nashville was #10 *Metropolitan Statistical Area. Information attained from the IRS.
  3. 3. A Comparison with Nashville New Jobs Net New Milken List of # of Population Growth Income Best-performing Government (2000-2008) (200 largest cities) (1998-2007) Cities Employees # # # # 38 46 15 22 6,579 Nashville metro + $2.3 billion Davidson Population up County 18.2% # # # # 41 117 134 144 14,792 Memphis metro - $434.9 million Shelby County/ Population up Memphis 6.7%
  4. 4. A Comparison of Tax Rates Nashville, who chose a Metro Government in the 1960’s, delivers services at a combined metro rate for the same cost as Shelby County provides service to the county. City County Cumulative Memphis 3.19 4.02 7.21 Nashville 3.56 .57 4.13 Chattanooga 1.93 2.77 4.70 Knoxville 2.46 2.36 4.82 Information taken from the cities’ official websites.
  5. 5. A History of Tax Rates Nashville, who chose a Metro Government in the 1960’s, delivers services at a combined metro rate for the same cost as Shelby County provides service to the county. $8 $7 $6 $5 $4 $3 $2 1988 1990 1992* 1994 1996 1998* 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010* Tax rates are applied per every $100 of your appraised property value. *Reappraisal year.
  6. 6. A Comparison with Nashville There is a better, faster, cheaper way to deliver government, and it’s by making it smaller and more efficient. Spent Spent Spent Per Year Per Year Per Year For I.T. For Lawyers For H.R. Memphis/ $ $ $ Shelby County 31 million 19 million 12 million $ $ $ Nashville 14.5 million 5 million 4.3 million Information taken from the cities’ official websites.
  7. 7. Taxing–If You Live in the County... General Services By state law, there has to be at Millington General Services Tax District least 2 taxing districts created when forming a Metropolitan Government. There will be a “General Services” Arlington taxing district–which can be paralleled to Shelby County. Lakeland Bartlett Urban Services Tax District Germantown Collierville
  8. 8. Taxing–If You Live in the City... Urban Services Millington General Services What used to be within the city lim- Tax District its of Memphis will now be called the “Urban Services” taxing district. If you live in the Urban Services Arlington taxing district, you will pay this tax Lakeland in addition to the General Services Bartlett tax. If you live in a suburban city, you will pay your suburban city tax and the General Service tax–similar to how you pay taxes now. Urban Services Tax District Germantown Collierville
  9. 9. Government Structure Government structures affected by a Metro Government Shelby County Government Metro Memphis / Shelby County Memphis City Government Government structures NOT affected by a Metro Government Arlington Germantown Shelby County Schools Bartlett Lakeland Memphis City Schools Collierville Millington By state law, a metropolitan government must be initiated by the largest municipality and the county government.
  10. 10. Benefits for the Shelby County/Suburban Cities • Stronger protections against tax hikes • Stronger legal protections against the schools being merged • Voice and vote over the entire Metro area–the county will get to vote on the Mayor, Council and MLGW • More efficient use of tax dollars • As a larger geographical area, the chance to bring more federal tax dollars back home for much-needed community and service improvements
  11. 11. Benefits for Memphis • No more wasting tax dollars on a duplication • Neighborhood-based districts closer to voters and more accountable • One economic face and plan to attract industry and jobs • More federal funds for community improvements • Stronger protections against tax hikes • Reposition Memphis/Shelby County nationally
  12. 12. Memphis–Then, Now & the Future Governments typically have 3 ways to increase their tax revenues: 1. Create a better place to live. By creating a more efficient and accountable government, you create a community which brings more industry, jobs Future Memphis Annexation Millington and people to the area, growing the tax base. Arlington 2. Annexation. Metro Government failed in Nashville in 1958. Aggressive annexation occurred from 1959-1960. Bartlett Lakeland In 1961, the citizens of Nashville decided that a Metro Government was a better choice. Memphis Then 1891 Future Memphis Annexation 3. Raise Taxes. Governments can continue to hike taxes to raise the money they need. Memphis Thru 1950 Memphis Now 2005+ Germantown Collierville Future Memphis Annexation We want to create a better place to live.
  13. 13. Potential Savings Memphis & Shelby County Government Currently Has... More than More than 200 8,000 *Jacksonville, FL and the Memphis & Shelby County Metropolitan Charter Commission recommends eliminating Duplicated Government jobs through attrition/retirement so Managers Employees Than that the local workforce will not be negatively impacted. Nashville* With Additional Potential Savings Such As... Nonpartisan More Elections Improved & Improved More Efficient & More Federal Funds Will Save For Community $1,000,000 Police & Fire Efficient Departments 911 System & Service Every Four Improvements Years
  14. 14. The Vote The state of Tennessee has a dual-referendum vote for a Metro Government. Meaning that on November 2, 2010, here will be a referendum on the ballot in the city of Memphis and another outside the city, in the county. Both on the same day. Only if it passes in both places will the Metro Government go into effect. Shelby County Millington Arlington 2010 Lakeland Bartlett Memphis Germantown Collierville
  15. 15. What Happens If I Vote “Yes?” November 2, 2010 • Metro Government passed – transition phase begins. November 3, 2010 • Ethics code becomes effective and the Transition Ethics Commission shall be appointed and funded during transition. • Thirty days after certification of the election, a Metro Transition Commission shall be established. • 3 year tax freeze to ensure the new government looks to cut costs from its first days. October 2011 • Non-partisan elections will be held for Metro Mayor & Metro Council. January 2012 • New charter to take effect. • New Mayor and Council take office. The first terms of the Metro Mayor and Council shall be six year terms to align Metro elections with county election in 2018. One consecutive four year term is available to the Metro Mayor and Council thereafter. • The Metro Clerk, Register, Trustee, Sheriff and Assessor shall assume the positions of the Metropolitan Government Constitutional Officers.
  16. 16. The Effects / Public Perception 70% Approval Rating for the New Government Nashville In a survey conducted two years after the merger 79% Approval Rating for the New Government Jacksonville One year after the merger, 64% of the public held the consolidated government in a positive light. Two years later, that figure increased to 79%. 100’s of cities who are considering a Metro Government have visited Louisville Louisville in the past few years to learn about their successes
  17. 17. The Effects / Crime Crime Reduced by 7% Nashville While national average increased by 5% Created the MetroSafe Emergency Placed More Officers on the Street Louisville Communications System A $71 million single network to link police, fire, EMS Two police departments combined under a new management structure placed more officers on and other first responders throughout Metro area the street, enabled them to offer better benefits and hire better talent
  18. 18. The Effects Jacksonville Louisville • Smallest City to Land a NFL Franchise • Improved City Credit Rating Achieved the second highest city credit • Hosted a Super Bowl rating behind San Diego • Ranked as one of the • MetroCall “Hottest Cities in America” Developed an information service via phone, e-mail for business expansions and relocations for 10 years and live chat that connects callers to live operators running in an Expansion Management Magazine poll 24/7. Averages about 5,000 calls weekly • $2.2 billion Better Jacksonville Plan • Innovations in Planning Program -Gave citizens a stronger voice in planning and development -Improves citizen access to hearings and review meetings -Requires developers to meet with adjoining property owners and neighborhood groups before filing plans
  19. 19. The Effects Nashville • Ranked #1 50 Hottest Cities for Relocation & Expansion by Expansion Magazine 2005 & 2006 • Ranked one of the fastest growing privately held company areas in America by Inc. Magazine 2006 • Ranked #16 Top Sports Town by Sporting News 2007 • Ranked #14 Best Cities for Jobs by Forbes 2008 • Ranked #8 as Metro Areas of 200 cities by Market Watch 2008 • Ranked #13 of 350 counties Best Places to Begin a Career by Forbes 2009 • Top 10 Greatest Low-Tax Places to retire by U.S. News & World News 2009
  20. 20. Our Vision & Values Rebuild Government is a coalition of non-profits, grassroots groups & businesses that have come together to make sure that the citizens in this community have the best future possible. Just like you, we want to make sure that our new government: • Wages war on crime • Activates jobs growth • Eliminates duplication and waste • Brings the hammer down on unethical behavior • Believes that education decisions should remain with the two elected school boards • Values responsiveness and accountability to its citizens
  21. 21. A Community Coalition We organized Rebuild Government to make sure the new charter being written by the Memphis and Shelby County Charter Commission is what the citizens of this community want. We are concerned about our community’s problems and we are convinced that talking about improving our government is the right conversation at the right time. The Charter Commission begins with a blank slate, and that’s why we are engaging in a countywide conversation about what a new government could be – how it could increase efficiency and end duplication; how it could jump start our economy; how it could make our neighborhoods safer; how it could save money; how it could eliminate red tape and bureaucracy, and most of all, how a new government could work for everybody in every part of our community. For more information or to host one of Rebuild Government’s small group meetings, please contact us: (901) 347-8623