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This Software Is Turning Heads !! ...

This Software Is Turning Heads !!

We Have Seen Students With Bad Grades or Unacceptable Grades Improve By Using Our Software.

We Have Included all of The Programs That One Would Like to See In A New Software Program.

We Have Added Extensive Tutors In Our Mathematics Loop That If A Person Tried Every Program In The Loop, A Person Would Actually Go From Basic Math (+,-,x, /) thru College Level Calculus & Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, and Multivariate Calculus.

You Will Be surprised At How Many Programs Are Included. We Purposely Did Not Include All of The Software Features, Because We Did Not Want Our Competitors to Get A Heads Up !!!

Our Software Also Includes Tutors about The Life of Jesus Christ, The Parables of Jesus Christ, The Miracles of Jesus, The Law (Torah), The Prophets of God, The Kings of Judah and Israel, Bible References,

Includes tutors for math, fractions, compund fractions, long division, fraction to decimals, decimals to fractions, decimals, science, history, geography, calculus, advanced math, algebra, trig, geometry, analytic geometry, college algebra,

differential calculus, integral calculus, and much, much, more !!!!

You can test your knowledge of mathematics. Do you still know fractions, how to integrate a function, how to factor an algebraic expression, find the Inverse of a Matrix or how

We designed our software in a network so that you can surf our TWWWeb. If you are used to searching for information, then you will find our Software System very easy to use.

We use catchy icons and hyperlinked text throughout our software that all you do is to point and click to access the program that you want. Any text that you see will have a hyperlink to a program in a related category.

You will find this a useful and very interesting part of our software products. Here Are More Of Our Program Features : Step by Step Worked Out Problems, Extensive Mathematics Tutors, Extensive Educational Tutors For Students

You Can Instantly Find Info In Our Trebco Personal Intranet System By : By Alphabetical Order, By Categorical Index, By Trebco Topical Index By Trebco Encyclopedia Index, By Program Complexity, By Program Group\Category Module

Use Our Unique Trebco Personal Intranet 7-D Software Program Interface. By Indexing Up Through The Program, By Indexing Down Through The Program By Indexing To The Right In The Program, By Indexing To The Left In The Program By Clicking On The Yellow Program Text,By Clicking On Icons or Icon Groups By Clicking On A Topical Subject Matter.

You Can Learn Using Our Software By Being A Homeschooler, A Regular Student or Professional : Our Unique Trebco Homeschooler's Kit Will Allow For Our System Users To Test Themselves By Taking Quizzes and Tutors In Many Topic Areas Such As : Learn How To Add (+) (Basic Math Skills Builder

-Learn How To Subtract (-) (Basic Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Multiply (x) (Basic Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Divde (\) (Basic Math Skills Builder) -Learn To Do Long Division (\) (Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Add Fractions (Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Subtract Fractions (Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Multiply Fractions (Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Divde Fractions (Math Skills Builder) -Learn How To Make Fractional Parts (Skill Builder) -Learn Decimal to Fractional Parts (Math Skill Builder) -Learn Fractional Parts to Decimals (Math Skill Builder)

-Learn How To Factor A Function (Algebra) -Learn How To Expand A Function By FOIL (Algebra) -Learn How To Work With Exponents (Algebra) -Learn How To Work With Radicals (Algebra) -Learn How To Work With Square\Cube Roots (Algebra) -Learn How To Work With Squares\Cubes (Algebra) -Learn How To Plot A Function (Algebra)

Our Pre-School\Early Learner Educational Tutors Includes (Flashcards, Quizzes and Tutors): Alphabets, Numbers, Counting, Learn Basic Math Skills, Learn How To Add Numbers, Subtract N



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