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Trebco Computer Systems Latest Website Link (11-25-09)
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Trebco Computer Systems Latest Website Link (11-25-09)


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The latest thing in personal computer is the netbook (the small laptop like device that is small enough to carry but powerful enough to get your work done). …

The latest thing in personal computer is the netbook (the small laptop like device that is small enough to carry but powerful enough to get your work done).

We had a recent situation where a teen aged girl
tried to steal our software. She decided to take advantage of our founder's kindness and generosity. He trusted her, (she said she needed help with her homework) and he gave her the software and she said she would bring the money, but, she took off without paying for the software.

It has caused a delay for other customers, and caused for the cost of our products to go up because of new security features that had to be added. We ask, why are people like that ? We can not develop technology for others and not have any gain for our
years of effort. Many people will have to be paid, for their efforts, including our founder who is a working man also.

Our complete line of products run on all netbooks running "MS Windows 7", "MS Windows Vista", MS Windows XP and below. You will be surprised at how fast our software runs on netbook computers. Our software is a complete network of programs that your competitors do not have.

You will have a distinct advantage over individuals who are not prepared to see someone with all the answers before they can get online.

Our network is fast and you can use it with or without internet access. Our tutors and references run either on your computer or via a CD-ROM for the version that runs on a disc.

Our founder had this software many years ago, and used it in meetings. He looked like he had all the answers, while the other engineers scrambled to try to see why he was also prepared.

Our founder got promoted on every job he had. He finished projects in days that it took the other engineers to finish in weeks. He had the Trebco Computer Systems, Trebco Personal Intranet, our top of the line product and they didn't.

Until recently, our founder had decided to not release his technology to the public. Only he and his family and friends had access to our ground breaking technology.

Our kids and family members excelled at school and at work while others were not prepared. Still today, we are amazed at how unprepared people that we compete with are. You will have a decided, distinct adavntage over your competitors.

Our software can be used by the whole family. The software can be used from grade school to grad school. Our software can be used by adult students, adults, fathers and mothers who have not been in school for a while and want to learn while they are teaching their children, homeschoolers, GED students, pre school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and graduate school students.

We Hope That You Will Take Time To Use Our Software With A Pencil and Paper For Those Tutors That Require More In Depth Thought.

Our Software Has Been Tested Extensively With Students, Homeschooler's, Business, Engineers, Scientists, Medical Personnel and By Various Professionals.

We Have Spent Countless Hours Allowing For Our Software Testers To Help Us Design One Of The Best Software Packages On The Market.

We Have Seeen Students Get Better Grades By Using Our Educational Tutors.

We Encourage For You To Help Us Spread The Word About Our Unique Trebco Software Package Suites.

Our Software Is Very Popular Among Students Who Want To Get Ahead In Their Studies By Taking Our Extensive Educational Tutors, Professor Quizby's Quizzes, and by UsingThe Trebco Homeschooler's Kit.

We No Longer Show Our Software For Free, Like We Used To Do. We Eventually Had To Earn A Return On Our Extensive Investment In Our Products, Services and Technology.

You Will Spend Many Hours Enjoying Our Trivia Programs, Looking Up Facts, Formulas or Making Complex Calculations.
You can use our software to help teach and train your children, or to learn a new skill, or to look up facts, or to teach yourself how to cook by our many recipes, or take one of

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