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  • It helps my students to understand grammar items easily.
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Question Tag

  1. 1. QUESTION TAG POSITIVE NEGATIVE Command / Request Verb1/be + object/compl, + quest tag Sentence, + to be + not + Quest. tag Sentence, + to be + Subject ? Quest. tag Don’t + Verb1/be + object/compl, + quest Quest. tag Subject ? tag He will play tennis, won’t he ? He won’t play tennis, will he ? Stop over there, will you ? He is a good swimmer isn’t he He isn’t a good swimmer is he Close the door, please, won’t you ? She likes cooking doesn’t she ? She doesn’t like cooking does she ? Have a sit, won’t you ? I am still here aren’t I ? I am not still here am I ? Help me, please, would you ? We take another way, don’t we ? We don’t take another way, do we ? Let them go, will you ? The students have finished it, haven’t they ? The students haven’t finished it, have they ? Let us take a rest, would you ? Everybody made a mistake, didn’t they ? Everybody didn’t made a mistake, did they ? Let’s take a rest, shall we ? This is my book, isn’t it ? This isn’t my book, is it ? Let’s go swimming, shall we ? Something is wrong with you, isn’t it ? Something isn’t wrong with you, is it ? Have another tea, won’t you ? The lady can sew a dress, can’t she ? The lady can’t sew a dress, can she ? Don’t tell them about it, won’t you ? There was a book on the table, There wasn’t a book on the table, Don’t talk too loudly, will you ? Don’t bother me, would you ? Kalimat di atas merupakan bentuk kalimat Tanya yang pola kalimatnya menggunakan kata Tanya di akhir kalimat. Question tag biasanya digunakan untuk membenarkan atau menyangkal si penanya. Jawaban untuk question tag Yes, + Subject + to be (untuk membenarkan) No, + Subject + to be + not (untuk menyangkal) © Aidia Propitious 1
  2. 2. 1. All the nails are useless, …? 7. Mother won’t buy me a dress, …? a. Don’t’ they a. Will she b. Aren’t they b. doesn’t she c. Are they c. won’t she d. Do they d. did she 2. Budi’s a soldier, … he? 8. We have nothing to do right now, …? a. Hasn’t a. haven’t we b. Is b. have we c. Isn’t c. don’t we d. Has d. do we 3. Riska didn’t stay here, …? 9. She’s reading in the library? a. Did she a. isn’t she b. Didn’t she b. hasn’t she c. Doesn’t she c. does she d. Does she d. doesn’t she 4. There aren’t any student in the classroom, …? 10. Your name is Paul, …? a. Aren’t they a. Do you? b. Are they b. aren’t you? c. Are there c. didn’t you d. Aren’t there d. are you 11. The ladies seldom play tennis, …? 5. Father bought nothing for me, …? a. Do they a. Did he b. don’t they b. Didn’t he c. do the ladies c. Doesn’t he d. does she d. Does he 12. …, can they? 6. He’s never flown to Manila, … he? a. Nobody can stop us a. Hasn’t b. Everybody can stop us b. Is c. You can’t stop us c. Isn’t d. The teacher can’t stop us d. Has © Aidia Propitious 2
  3. 3. 13. He’s sent the letter to Mary, …? 18. Mrs. Hartono was abroad last week, …? a. Isn’t he a. Was he b. Is he b. Wasn’t he c. Has he c. Wasn’t she d. Hasn’t he d. Was she 14. The maid hasn’t prepared the meal yet, … she? 19. They are talking about spending holidays, …? a. Hasn’t a. Aren’t they b. Is b. Were they c. Isn’t c. Didn’t they d. Has d. Are they 15. Prepare your self before the test, …? 20. Your uncle won’t come tonight, …? a. Don’t you a. Will he b. Shall we b. Would he c. Won’t you c. Will she d. Will yourself d. Would she 16. Let’s have a dinner at restaurant, …? 21. The children must ask their father permission, …? a. Won’t you a. Do they b. Shall we b. Don’t the children c. Won’t you c. Mustn’t they d. Will yourself d. Mustn’t they e. Mustn’t the children 17. Mary and I didn’t attend the meeting, …? a. Did I 22. She’s waiting for the next train, …? b. Did she a. Has she c. Did they b. Isn’t she d. Did we c. Doesn’t she d. Can she © Aidia Propitious 3